Browns sign tight end Rob Housler to one-year deal

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Whoever ends up throwing passes for the Browns this year — and who are we kidding, they will be legion — will have a new target.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, former Cardinals tight end Rob Housler has agreed to a one-year deal with the Browns.

The Browns desperately needed someone to catch passes from the position after losing Jordan Cameron in free agency to Miami.

Housler showed promise for the Cards, catching 45 passes in 2012 and 39 in 2013. But he wasn’t a factor last year, with just nine receptions.

He should get more targets with the Browns, once they figure out who’s doing the targeting.

25 responses to “Browns sign tight end Rob Housler to one-year deal

  1. No QB=no production. Robbie Housler is a horriuble blocker, but is a talented, speedy receiver down the seems. Problem is, he drops too many passes and is afraid of contact. Sorry Cleveland, no one else wanted him for a reason.

  2. Somewhere in Texas Brian Hoyer just gave a big sigh of relief that he’s no longer a Brown.

  3. Good luck with that …Your in for a real treat watching this guy drop balls, injure himself getting out of his car and his phantom blocks ….he is just what the Browns deserve

  4. Brows are just assuring themselves the 1st pick in the 2016 NFL Draft . Then they can get their QB , Cardale Jones from THE Ohio State Buckeyes .

  5. Dolphins should have been trying to bring this kid back to South Florida. The Jordan Cameron era might not last as long as the Dustin Keller era.

  6. For the past years we heard how Housler was going to make a “difference”. Only thing that got in the way. The guy cannot stay healthy.

  7. Nice pickup for the browns, one less position of need to have to gill with their ample upcoming draft picks. It will all come together nicely once they get this whole franchise qb thing worked out.

  8. Housler has a body of a TE and the speed of a WR. The problem is he cant catch and he cant block. This guy could be a matchup nightmare if he could just catch the dang ball. But he has a hard time even catching the easy ones, maybe he needs glasses. He would be wide open in the endzone and put his hands up to catch it and go right through his hands and the ball bonks right off his facemask.

    Going to the Browns is a downgrade for him, so good luck with that signing.

  9. If There Is One Thing I Can Say About The Team I Follow, They Are Never Desperate. Sometimes They Should Be(This Isn’t One Of Those Times By The Way), But They Never Are. Remember Last Year When Everyone Freaked About Wr? Until The Meltdown At Qb(Past Of Which Is Directly Related To Mack Going Down), They Did Just Fine With A Pack Of No Names, Never Was, And Has Beens.

  10. This guy will have more missed blocks and dropped passes than receptions.

    I think the Browns have finally stumbled onto a plan to finally get a franchise quarterback…

    Tank the 2015 season entirely and hope no other team out-sucks them thus being awarded the overall #1 pick in the 2016 draft.

    The only problem with this plan is that they will still be the Browns and they will still draft the wrong guy.

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