Michael Bennett says he never asked Seahawks for a trade

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When Michael Bennett opens his mouth, interesting things usually flow forth.

He hasn’t done that in some time, however, leaving plenty for him to address today.

The Seahawks defensive end turned up on 710 ESPN in Seattle, and said, among other things, that he never asked for a trade, as was reported in March.

“Man, like I said, they made rumors about Jesus, they’ll make rumors about anybody,” Bennett said, via Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times.

Asked specifically whether he asked for a trade (as was reported by Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram), Bennett replied: “I never asked for it. I didn’t come to them asking for a trade. I’m still trying to figure out how a guy from Dallas make up a story about me, I’m living in Seattle, I’m like how does that happen? I’m in Hawaii surfing, got the kids surfing in the ocean and they are talking about something else.”

Of course, the contractual element of the reported displeasure with the Seahawks wasn’t addressed (710 is the team’s radio flagship station).

“Everything is good,” Bennett said. “I mean, we’ve been talking. I don’t know what the problem is there. Still trying to figure out what happened.”

“For me, I wouldn’t read it because whatever they say about me is a lie.”

Of course, the things unsaid leave room for interpretation. To say “we’ve been talking” makes it clear there’s something to be talked about.

But Bennett at least had the opportunity to get his side out there, which he hasn’t for some time.

24 responses to “Michael Bennett says he never asked Seahawks for a trade

  1. Niners816…just give it up already. Your Niners are completely irrelevant at this point. Unforunate too. That SEA/SF rivarly was just heating up. Now all we get is to watch the Hawks embarrass your team twice a season. Can’t wait!

  2. Bennett knows this is the best possible place to earn additional championships… Seattle is in a superbowl window right now and Bennett is getting paid so why go anywhere?

  3. Did he talk about jumping offsides at the end of the Super Bowl and costing his team the only chance left Thay had to win the game? What a clown, him and his buddy’s Sherman and Baldwin have got to be the most un likable players in the NFL.

  4. Most important defensive players on the Seahawk’s:
    #1 Earl Thomas
    #2 Bobby Wagner
    #3 Kam Chancellor
    #4 Richard Sherman
    #5 Michael Bennett

    In addition, there are only 13 defensive ends and 5 defensive tackles in the entire NFL that make more money than Bennett who is a hybrid defensive end/lineman and plays in both positions depending on the situation.

    Bennett’s 7 sacks last season tied him for 36th in the league, and his 38 combined tackles aren’t even worth looking at the rankings to find.

    I like Michael Bennett a ton, but he doesn’t have any problems with the contract he signed just a year ago. This entire thing was a fabrication by Drew Rosenhaus to try and drive up the price on Hardy.

    If we are being honest Bennett is paid more than he earned based on last season’s performance so he has no reason to have an issue with it.

  5. As a Tampa fan, I believe Bennett is worth every last red cent. He’s got a nonstop motor, is a beast against the run, and can disrupt a blocking scheme from any spot on the line. As a former UDFA, he always plays with a chip on his shoulder and you can never have enough of those guys IMO. Still can’t believe the Glazers blocked Dominik and Schiano from retaining him. There’s a reason my team has been so pathetic for so long….

  6. No lie there, he didn’t ask the Seahawks to be traded and slick avoided the question of wanting to be traded, which was brought to his agent. Blame media for reporting your intentions, cmon now that is absurd. Get over the Graham thing already! Show some character!

  7. He may be “talking” with management but it certainly does not sound like they are on the same page ( see quote regarding Graham).

  8. I can understand why y’all whine and cry and hope the Hawks have problems…

    We’re the best franchise in the NFL and have been since PC took over an old team.

    The only way we don’t go back to the SB will be injuries.

    Like the Swallows of Capistrano.

  9. ….Did he just compare himself to Jesus?…..

    His point was if people will make up rumors about Jesus they’ll make up rumors about anybody. No harm in that

  10. Rosenhaus floated a rumor to several people in the Dallas area, who then told the reporter. The reporter can then claim he has “more than one source” and Rosenhaus stirs up trouble that he hopes will result in another contract and more money for him. It was obvious, but by all means, continue believing the tripe they shovel down your throats.

  11. This is a man that knows his scripture- he is referring to when the Pharisees called Jesus a “glutton and winebibber” because he did not fast as much as them and ate with tax collectors.

  12. Love MB. What you see and hear is what you get. He called Jimmy Graham soft because he wasn’t called on to block in the Saints scheme. That’s his opinion, and we’ll see how much that changes as Graham adapts to the Seahawks offensive scheme.

    If Graham gives a half ass effort in his blocking assignments, I’m sure he’ll get an earful. As he should.

    However, if he’s good for 10 TD’s or so in the Red Zone, I’m also sure it will be considered a worthwhile tradeoff.

    At any rate, with the very real threat Graham presents to any defense, I’m sure it will only add to a more balanced and dangerous Seahawks offense. No stuffing the box to stop Beast Mode.

    Should be another interesting year.

    Go Hawks!

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