Mike Mayock: Randy Gregory is ultimate boom or bust prospect


NFL Media draft observer Mike Mayock drew some attention on Wednesday when he revealed that he now rates Marcus Mariota ahead of Jameis Winston on his list of the top quarterbacks available in the draft this year.

That runs counter to general consensus and the widespread belief that the Buccaneers will make Winston the first overall pick in the draft on April 30. It’s not the only change to Mayock’s rankings that differ from popular opinion.

Mayock also moved Randy Gregory up to No. 2 on his rankings of the best edge rushers in the class, behind only Dante Fowler of Florida and up from No. 4 in previous rankings. That comes despite Gregory’s admission of a failed drug test at the combine, which Mayock knows is likely to make him slide down draft boards that aren’t virtual. Mayock said he bumped Gregory up anyway because he’s still an “undeniable” Top-10 talent who will have something to prove after his expected tumble to late in the first round “or even into the second round.”

Even with that assessment, though, Mayock admits there’s a chance Gregory could wash out completely.

“I look at this kid as the ultimate boom or bust,” Mayock said. “Three years from now, he’s either going to be in the Pro Bowl or he’s going to be out of the league.”

The optimistic side of that outlook and the eternal desire for good pass rushers make it likely that someone will roll the dice on Gregory before the first round is out.

21 responses to “Mike Mayock: Randy Gregory is ultimate boom or bust prospect

  1. I’ve watched a great deal of tape on all of the OLB/DE players for this years draft. Gregory is by far the most complete of them all. Particularly in how sound he is fundamentally against both run and pass. He was not asked to straight pass rush in the Nebraska system, but when he was he got to the quarterback with ease. Michigan game is a great example of just his pass rush skills and versatility. They played him all over the field and he lived in the backfield. I think only Vic Beasley challenges gregory in skill level vs the pass, but is nowhere near gregory in run defense and football IQ. Lastly, if gregory asd another 20 pounds to his frame, even more upside is there in an nfl weight and conditioning program.

  2. This guy is basically a skinny rail and despite the weed he can’t gain weight. I predict more bust then boom….

    At the same time this could be an Ozzie Newsome special at pick 26

  3. It really depends on which NFL team drafts him. If its the Vikings with a locker room full of criminals, its likely he is out of the league in 3 years. If he goes to a stable team with real leaders in the locker room, he could be an All Pro.

  4. I really like Mayock and think he puts a lot of time in to make his own rankings. But if he really thinks there is a chance that a pick could be out of the league in three years, then he can’t possibly be the No. 2 rated edge rusher in the draft.

  5. My lasting memory of Gregory is him trash talking Sam Arneson in the closing moments of the Wisconsin-Nebraska game and Arneson’s response was to point to the scoreboard.

  6. Sooooooo he’s either gonna be good or he’s going to suck. But he’s the second best edge rusher in the draft?

  7. I am thinking Dion Jordan and Aaron Maybin…. These are NFL quality players that if drafted in mid rounds would have time to develop into decent players, but the top end of round 1 brands them with superstar expectations and they always fall short. At least Dion Jordan did put on 30 pounds and we know he can play, but 2 Drug Suspensions? His brain needs the development!

  8. Don’t know why anyone thinks highly of Manock’s “draft analysis skills”.

    He talks up so many busts just like every other “draft analyst”

  9. Sorry, but if you fail a drug test (that you know will be taken) at the most important event (dates known) that you may ever attend with regards to your potential professional future…..you are an idiot.


  10. I would not gamble on this guy in the early part of round one. It’s not the smoking marijuana that I think is so bad, it’s the stupidity of doing it while already knowing when and where he would be tested. If he did this when one of his biggest days of his football career was right around the corner, what will he do once the money is in the bank?

  11. In a 3-4 he could have a decent to good career but in a 4-3 I think he will struggle because of his small frame, I don’t see him being much of a edge setter in the run game

  12. I don’t know how people are comparing him to Dion Jordan or Aaron Maybin. Randy’s tape is far better than either of these two. He has far better polish than either had coming out of the draft and easily fits in the OLB position w his 6’5 stature and 36′ reach. His red flags are obviously the drug test and then whether he can move his playing wait from 230 to 260. The skill is all there.

  13. Mayock is one of those guys on TV where viewers ultimately think to themselves (or aloud) “how the hell did he get this job”?

  14. And Mayock is the declining draft analyst.

    This drug problem pass rusher should be pushed down to round 3 because drug abuse/issue players like Mario Mannigham (failed marijuana test in 2008 combine) and tyrann Matthieu have been humbled appropriately as 3rd round picks because they were told that they haven’t made it yet, a thing the 1st rounders have a problem with.

    Plus, he talks about all these attributes for QBs and then contradicts himself by going with Mariota.

    Is Mayock credible anymore??? Not lately.

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