Report: Le’Veon Bell gets three-game ban


The Steelers will begin the 2015 season without their top running back.

The NFL has suspended Le’Veon Bell for three games without pay for violating its substance-abuse policy, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported.

Bell has appealed the ruling, ESPN reported. The tailback has also been docked a fourth game check by the league, per Schefter.

If the suspension holds, Bell can take part in preseason games and training camp before serving his ban away from the club.

Bell’s suspension stems from a DUI charge last summer. He was sentenced to probation, and the charge, along with a marijuana possession count, can be removed from his record if he completes 15 months of service. His former Steelers teammate, LeGarrette Blount, has garnered a one-game suspension for the incident.

Bell faced up to a four-game ban, as PFT noted last month.  It’s an aspect of the substance-abuse policy that didn’t change when the policy was renegotiated in September, given that Bell’s DUI arose from marijuana use.

Losing Bell for any stretch is a major blow to the Steelers’ offense. The 23-year-old running back emerged as one of the game’s star dual threats at the position in 2014, racking up more than 2,000 rushing-receiving yards.

Ex-Panthers running back DeAngelo Williams figures to have a bigger role with Bell out of the Pittsburgh lineup to begin next season.

67 responses to “Report: Le’Veon Bell gets three-game ban

  1. It’s too bad this mediocre talent has to follow it up with stupid decisions.

    He won’t last 5 years in the NFL.

    The steelers won’t make the playoffs for any of those years.


  2. Ridiculous. Should be two games.
    On a side note if you want to talk about football and basketball can we all please just agree now that Sparty is the most dominate school in all of the land? #3 and #5 in football the last two years and ANOTHER final four this year. Tom Izzo’s 7th. Jealous people will give this a thumbs down.
    Sparty on! Bell is so much better than Bernard that it isn’t even close. Sorry Bengals.

  3. NFL comes down easy on every other team but the Steelers. Doesn’t matter. Steelers win Super Bowls. They cannot be stopped. Onto #7!

  4. Now this is out of the way we all know it’s Deangelo Williams job and have known that since he was signed… Not a big deal… Now we have a fresh Le Veon Bell for week 4… It’s all good!

  5. Will probably end up being a 2 game suspension & 3 game checks or stay 3 game suspension & no 4 th check…
    Driving high is worse then riding high that’s the difference between the 2 before all the sqeeler fans complain about Patriots getting favoritism fro the commish

  6. When has smoking weed actually helped an athletes performance? Short of snowboarding, it doesn’t. Dumb rule, but even more idiotic to break it when you know the punishment.

  7. Goodell screws up *repeatedly*; never faces any kind of real accountability, despite his hollow claims to accept “full responsibility” (LOL); and constantly begs for understanding and forgiveness.

    And yet this chronic hyper-production mistake and lie factory known as Goodell who pleads for understanding — is the one who constantly drops the heavy hammer on everything else that moves.

    Anybody feeling a little nauseous right now, or am I the only one?

  8. Can’t wait for all the “blame Goodell” clowns to come out. Only person at fault here is Bell himself. Assign blame where it belongs.

  9. Starting the season 0-3. The NFL will likely have the Steelers open against either the Pats or Ravens, with the other scheduled in the 1st 3 weeks.

    No way Bell’s appeal will result in a reduction.

  10. Did Bell get 2 for the DUI, and then him and Blount both got 1 game for the dope? Is that the rational for the difference in suspensions?

  11. That’s what happens when they catch you ridin dirty. hahahaha. Well, in this case he was drivin dirty. Look at it this way, 4 less games for him to get hurt.

  12. Just one more way LGB screwed over the Steelers. Didn’t play hard so he could get cut last year, and tainted Bell off the field as well.

    Well played. A Patriots Sleeper Agent. I almost wouldn’t put it past Belichek to have planned that from the time they cut LGB to begin with.

  13. 3 games? lol
    He should have punched the girl that was on the car. It would have been 2 games.

  14. He should have been suspended last year.

    That being said, I still think it is priceless that he was caught toking doobies with a guy named “Blount”.

  15. Hope the Browns get the Stillers early again. Nobody fears Deangelo. Nobody… I’d be shocked if you didn’t draft one though.

  16. While I certainly am a member of the 420 club, if someone told me that I Can make millions as long as I don’t smoke you can bet the farm that I wouldn’t touch it ever again. Some people just don’t see how fortunate they really are.

  17. Since the Steelers are above reproach and always do the right things, they will be cutting him right? Aren’t the Steeler fans always saying how their team doesn’t contain any people who get intro trouble?

  18. NFL has zero consistency. 3 games plus a 4th pay for dope/dui while initially Rice got 2/3 for playing punchout with his wife.

    How about the NFL simply tie suspensions to the class of crime (Felony, Minor) and such. They are making this as complicated as the catch and tuck rule.

  19. This is another reason why ROY Lacy was a better choice. Bell is an idiot and will not last long in the league.

  20. He put innocent lives at risk driving under the influence. Smoke at home or have someone else who isn’t impaired drive. Is it really that hard? No regard for other innocent human beings only himself.

    By the way 0 playoff wins since tebow destroyed the Steelers in the playoffs years ago

  21. Hope the lesson was learned. Next man up. On the plus side, he should be fresher for the playoffs.

    The offense is not the issue, the defense is still the major area of concern.

  22. Is Bell really tarnishing the shield if his stain falls directly on top of Goodell’s?

  23. The suspension isn’t for the weed, it’s for the DUI. You know, where you drive impaired putting other people’s lives at risk.

  24. Funny, when Blount got his punishment the other day for the same thing there were numerous people claiming that smoking weed was somehow “cheating”.

    Yet not one of them has commented here that Bell was “cheating” because he smoked some weed.

    That’s called a double standard by the way.

  25. Proof once again that hypocritical fans will slam another teams indiscretions while blindly defending their own.

  26. Smoking pot I could care less about, being under the influence of ANYTHING while driving? No, I’m not ok with that, throw the book at him.

    And yes, this being larger than Rices’ 2 game suspension is a joke, because Rice should have had a bigger suspension.

  27. This is a DUI, it should be a 2-3 game ban. Just because the NFL wasn’t doing enough in the past doesn’t mean they should continue just to be consistent. Start now with this more strict punishment and remain consistent with it in the future.

  28. rob471773 says:
    Apr 9, 2015 10:11 AM

    Where would you draft Le’Veon Bell in a fantasy football draft knowing that he won’t play until week 4?

    2 years ago I drafted him in a late round. last year he was my first pick.

    This year…..I guess it depends where I end up picking and how many people are in the league. might still take him 1st round again. he’s points in the bank when he plays. last year he had over 40 points in one game in my league.

    As a Pats fan, I must say, he is a lot of fun to watch.

  29. megatronownsyou says:
    Apr 9, 2015 9:56 AM

    …Bell is so much better than Bernard that it isn’t even close. Sorry Bengals.

    Sure but:

    1) Hill is just as good as Bell
    2) Hill and Barnard blow away Bell and Williams
    3) The first 3 weeks (for now Bell still has time to screw up more) Bernard will be on the field, while Bell will be at home or in an opium den.

    Sorry Steelers, now literally the Steelers are sorry

  30. The suspension was 1 game for possession, 1 game for dui and 1 game for dui under the influence of illegal substances. Plain and simple and as per the rules. Does not change the fact that this guy is a stud on the field and is probably the best all around back in the Nfl right now. His suspension will surely hurt no matter who they play in those games which will probably be pats, Ravens and an Nfc west opponent. Even with Bell, they would not win all 3 games.

  31. “NFL comes down easy on every other team but the Steelers.”

    You must be forgetting how lenient the NFL was in allowing the Steelers the extra time to get their ownership with gambling operations problems straightened out.

  32. Lets see two guys in the same car with the same pot, one gets one game and the other three. Who ever said God-del and his boys are one side, consistent in all their punishments.

  33. melikefootball says:
    Apr 9, 2015 2:41 PM
    Lets see two guys in the same car with the same pot, one gets one game and the other three. Who ever said God-del and his boys are one side, consistent in all their punishments.
    Only one (Bell) was driving and got a DUI. Not hard figure out.

  34. realdealsteel says:

    Three games for a drug the nation wants legalized. And then fined a fouth game check too?? That’s a little excessive
    He was DRIVING high. What don’t you get about that? Alcohol is legal, but you can’t drink and drive. Whether or not mj is legal makes no difference here.

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