Daryl Washington plans to apply for reinstatement soon


The Cardinals aren’t making plans for the 2015 season that include having linebacker Daryl Washington in the lineup, but there’s a chance that they will be able to fit him into their plans at some point.

Washington was suspended for at least a year last spring after multiple violations of the league’s substance abuse policy, which makes an application for reinstatement a necessary step if he’s going to resume his playing career. Washington’s agent Jordan Woy told Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic that his client plans to file that application “within the next week or so.”

Even if Washington is reinstated, the team won’t be assured of having him available for the start of the 2015 season. Washington will likely face league discipline under the personal conduct policy as a result of a guilty plea on aggravated assault charges last year. Those charges involved the mother of Washington’s child and the domestic violence aspect of the crime make him a prime candidate for his third suspension in as many years.

Washington was building a reputation as one of the league’s best inside linebackers before his troubles, which include a four-game ban in 2013. He’s still 28 and would have a future in the league if his skills haven’t eroded too much, although that remains a big hypothetical as long as Washington is barred from playing.

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  1. Listen, when I was 18 I beat the hell out of a guy at a bar, put him in a coma, and took drugs, and fornicated, all that, But after I did my time, I got a job in my field and still earn a living to this day, 30 plus year later. So my point is let this young man earn what he can, He is a hell of a player, who made some dumb choices, like us all. When he plays again it will in Red and he will be a game changer..

  2. He might deserve a second chance (have not seen the details of the charges) but your assertion that felonies and jail time are normal, adolescent “dumb choices” is ridiculous.

  3. Sounds like this dude wouldn’t be able to hold down a job at the local McDonald’s why should he get a third chance? or is a fourth chance? There are too many other guys that deserve a chance to play that this guy needs to go bye-bye.

  4. As a close friend of the organization I would like to just say that Daryl Washington can really put the pedal to the metal during games. Away from the gridiron he may need to get some outside counselling (if he has not already).

    A lot of times in the NFL, players react to situations the way they know best, the way they’ve been taught to deal with adversity. Some players have less-than-fortunate pasts, and react to situations as they would in that time.

    I am not saying give Daryl the benefit of the doubt, but all I’m saying is that he needs to adjust his life a little(and hopefully he has with his time off)

    All the best! Happy Friday!

  5. Huge difference between beating a guy in a bar and beating a woman in the parking lot of the apartment she lives in. Also- you said you did your time, he hasn’t yet. He’s only served his suspensions for the multiple weed violations- he hasn’t had a league punishment for beating his baby-mama.

    All this coming from a huge Cardinal’s fan. We would have cut him a year ago if his salary wasn’t guaranteed and would have had dead money on the books for 2-3 years.

  6. the drug thing was he missed testing, not that he tested postive. the domistic happened almost two years ago so he should come under the old rules.

  7. horsepedler,

    No His suspension was for failing tests, NOT for missed tests> he has FAILED tests 3 times.

    He even admitted failing them when he “apologized” to the team after.

  8. Washington is a Cardinal and will be when reinstated period. For thos who don’t like it or think he should be out the NFL that’s to bad cause it’s already been made in AZ frog office.

  9. Football hero, human zero. The Cardinals will move on from this cat. He’s a heckuva football player, but has left the franchise in a bind for not one, not two, but now a third season as he will most certainly be suspended for domestic violence.

    The Cardinals will await the league’s decision before making a move but my guess is he has played his last game as a Cardinal. And, as a fan since 1970, I would be in favor of letting him go.

  10. He is the most talented LB on the Cardinals since the ’90’s. Wish him success on and off the field.

  11. horsepedlr says:
    Apr 10, 2015 4:44 PM
    the drug thing was he missed testing, not that he tested postive. the domistic happened almost two years ago so he should come under the old rules.
    You don’t miss a test unless you know it is going to be positive anyway because missed test = positive test. He just didn’t feel like the hassle of going down there to provide a tainted sample.

  12. However good a player Washington is, if he’s a loose cannon running around beating people up I’d expect –I would demand– the Arizona Cardinals to drop him.

    The fact they haven’t suggests there is more to what happened than the violence Washington is being punished for here.

    But if not, I wouldn’t think twice — he’s done.

  13. Wow, it’s hard to believe he’s already 28, and most of his career is honestly behind him. So many great years wasted by being a dumb schmuck.

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