Report: Bears met with Marcus Mariota


Most of the speculation at quarterback for the Bears this offseason has revolved around whether they’ll stick with Jay Cutler as their starter, something that appears to be the likeliest way for things to go as long as Jimmy Clausen is their alternative.

The draft could bring another option into the mix and the team is reportedly doing their homework on one of the top prospects in this year’s class. During an appearance on ESPN 1000 in Chicago, Adam Schefter of ESPN reported that Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota visited the Bears a little more than a week ago.

The Bears currently hold the seventh overall selection in the first round, which might be too low to have a shot at picking Mariota come April 30. A trade would carry a steep price for a team with a lot of needs to fill around the roster, although it could be a more realistic possibility if the Bears can deal a player rather than simply a collection of draft picks.

Cutler would likely be near the top of the list of pieces they’d dangle in exchange for a chance to grab Mariota, but previous attempts to dangle him as trade bait haven’t created much interest around the league in getting a deal done. Perhaps that changes once teams get closer to the start of the draft, but Cutler’s salary and recent history make acquiring him a tough sell for teams that have a shot at picking Mariota.

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  1. Nooooooo the bears need to keep Cutler forever! It’s a free two wins each year for the Packers!

  2. Get the 2nd pick from the Titans for Mariota and throw in hometown boy Cutler and a few 7th rounder’s for the next decade. That joke of a franchise will do anything stupid to beat last years record of 2-14…..

  3. Actually it is possible to get Marcus Mariota IF Bear actually fooled Titans to take Cutler and couple of picks for 2nd pick in this Draft…

    I really don’t want this to happen, but it can happen.
    I mean, why wouldn’t Titan want a proven veteran QB that is cheap in trade and they get 7th pick this year.

  4. Not a fan of Mariota. The Bears need a lot of help and getting a QB that probably wont fit the system will just put them behind a couple more years. Don’t make the mistake and draft him, it will be just as bad as the Cutler extension. Keep building up that horrible defense.

  5. Bidding war with Cleveland.. Cleveland has the better pieces to make the trade… If a trade happens, I’d suspect Cleveland would Give up their 1sts .. Tennesse has time to find a new QB in the enxt two drafts if Mettenberger doesn’t develop, they don’t need Cutler, we know what Cutler is (and sure as day isn’t a franchise QB anymore)

  6. brenenostler says:
    Apr 10, 2015 2:36 PM
    Good luck finding a trade partner. Why in the world would any QB needy teams choose Cutler over Mariota?


    Because you know what you’re going to get with Cutler. Sure, he’s expensive and not exactly the best leader. And he does get out there and sling it around a bit. And he has a surly attitude. And he’s expensive. But he has NFL experience and a cannon for an arm.

    Mariota? You might get the face of your franchise for the next ten years, or you might get the next big bust.

  7. This definitely adds fuel to the Titans rumors. In Cutler you get a solid QB for 2 years at a decent price around $15M a year and the 7th pick which you could add a WR or a someone on Defense.

    If the Titans are not sold on Mariota and are high on say Bryce Petty you do he deal and in two years Petty is your guy.

    I wouldn’t do the trade if I were the Titans but could see why if they did.

  8. brenenostler says:
    Apr 10, 2015 2:36 PM
    Good luck finding a trade partner. Why in the world would any QB needy teams choose Cutler over Mariota?

    Because Mariota has not even proven that he can take a snap from Center?
    Because Mariota looks a lot like a system QB that will only fit in with the Eagle until the rest of the league adjusts and Chip Kelly is booted?

    If the Bears were able to draft Mariota you trade him to Philly for as many picks as you can bleed them for.
    The only player I can see the Bears trading up for would be Leonard Williams and even then you do not give up the store to get him.
    Maybe if they had franchised Cutler like they should have done you go for a QB in the first round but that ship has sailed.
    Build the defense right now.

  9. The Bears are contemplating Clausen as the starting QB instead of Cutler…….and yet people think that the Titans would give up the #2 pick for him……..I want some of what those guys are smoking!

  10. I would love this to happen! Prefer if he just fell to Bears at 7 and he could sit for at least a few games behind Smokin Jay. Don’t forget that Gase was QB coach and Fox was head coach when Denver had Tebow. It’s not like this staff can’t change the offense to fit Mariota’s skills. And Mariota is a much more talented thrower of the football than Tebow. Make it happen Pace!

    Not like every edge rusher picked in the top 10 is a stud either. Gohlston, Jordan, etc.

  11. All these teams need to stop….. MM is going to fall to 12 where he will be traded for Bradford and some othe rlate round compensation…. The Eagles and Kelly will get their guy and all it will end up costing is Foles a 2nd next year and whatever late round pick they have to throw in for the Browns…… Chip Kelly will have made fools of all you media types when he grabs MM and STILL has his first round pick this year which he will use to grab the best WR on the board to replace Maclin…. Kelly will some how win both Coach and GM of the year…

  12. blackunicornbeastmode says:
    Apr 10, 2015 3:10 PM
    Don’t forget that Gase was QB coach and Fox was head coach when Denver had Tebow.
    Don’t forget also that the Chicago D of 2015 is not even on the same planet as the Broncos D of 2011. The entire Denver philosophy that year was hold the other team under 15 points and then hope for a minor miracle. Chicago will not have that luxury .

  13. Amazing that Cutler was a pro-bowl qb in Denver under Shanahan and went to crap (allegedly) as soon as he was traded to Chicago.
    a few rankings for him in 2014:

    completion %: #8-66% (Rodgers #9, Luck #23)
    Int: tied for #1 with Rivers(18) Brees(17) Luck(16)
    Yards: #13 (Romo #14)
    tds: #10 (Flacco #12)
    Yds/game: #14 (Flacco #17 Romo #18
    Sacks: #8(38) Wilson #6(42) Rivers #10(36)
    attempts: #12 (Rivers #11 Flacco #13)

    Just saying. He is not as bad as the media portrays him to be because he does not suck up to them’

  14. I would lose complete faith in the new regime at Halas Hall if they actually pulled the trigger on this.

  15. Geez, Cutler has attitude issues already and this of-season they’ve dangled him in trades, and now are interviewing his replacement? I’m sure he’s going to be a real ray of sunshine around Halas Hall now.

  16. kvnhlstd says:
    Apr 10, 2015 2:27 PM

    Oh Boy, if the Bears get this kid… the Vikes go back to fourth in North QB rankings.


    That is the funniest thing I have heard in a long time! You do realize April Fools Day has already passed, right?? The Bears could trade for Aaron Rogers and they would still be end in 4th place!

  17. @jimbo75025

    And let’s not forget that mighty Broncos D was 32nd in the league in 2010 before Fox got there. The Bears were 30th last year and already have a completely revamped front 7 and Antrell Rolle in the back end. Fox has a track record of getting very good talent on D later in the draft as well. Hardy was a 6th rounder, Chris Harris was UDFA, etc.

    Not to mention Vic Fangio still coordinated a top 5 D last year with the Niners back ups. Mel Tucker is now a college assistant because he had no clue how to put his players in position to succeed on D. There is more talent on the Bears roster then they are getting credit for because of how bad their coaches scheme was last year.

    If they take Mariota the rest of the draft should be D with maybe an o-lineman and/or WR thrown in there. This franchise has never had a good QB. I would take one every year they can and as early as they can until they get a good one. It’s the only way they catch Aaron Rodgers and the mediocre D that he plays with.

  18. Reading is a skill UpNorthVikesFan, and you obviously don’t comprehend….the Quote notes QB Rankings, not Team finish…DOH, another brain dead Vikes fan.

  19. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Why wouldn’t they meet with the kid. Cutler has likely worn out his welcome in Chicago- John Fox has said as much recently in his interviews. The Titans (for some reason) seem(ed) interested in getting Cutler there.

    For as bad as Cutler is at times, he is still better than half the starting QB’s in the league. Think about it- Who is the QB for the Jets, Cardinals, Texans, Titans, the Eagles, the Bucs, the Bills, etc…

  20. blackunicornbeastmode says:
    Apr 10, 2015 3:10 PM
    I would love this to happen! Prefer if he just fell to Bears at 7 and he could sit for at least a few games behind Smokin Jay. Don’t forget that Gase was QB coach and Fox was head coach when Denver had Tebow. It’s not like this staff can’t change the offense to fit Mariota’s skills. And Mariota is a much more talented thrower of the football than Tebow. Make it happen Pace!

    Not like every edge rusher picked in the top 10 is a stud either. Gohlston, Jordan, etc.

    No… no…. no….
    Cutler makes big money and regardless of what people think of him he is a better QB than what most teams drag out onto the field every Sunday.
    They are not going to sit him down to be a back up to a gimmick inflated rookie QB.
    Mariota is one of the top two QBs in the draft because it is a weak class for QBs and somebody has to be the tallest midget in the room.
    When you have to point out that your guy is a better passer than Tim Tebow then you may want to think twice about even posting that.
    The Bears need defense.

    By the way…. Eddie Goldman and Jordan Phillips (not Gohlston and Jordan) are not edge rushers.
    They are Defensive Tackles and and no one is going to draft either one in the top 10 picks.

  21. I could care less, I will support what ever QB is starting in a Bear’s uniform. If Gase wants to groom this kid, fine. Bears are in rebuild mode. Cutler generates a ton of negativity for the team and Pace is clearly stirring the Bears in a positive direction.

    This move is most likely Pace keeping the teams options open and available.

    There is a whole new defense (which is impressive before the draft.) Marshall was the focal point of the offense, when it should have been Matt Forte. Cutler turns the ball over a lot with Trestman’s terrible play calling and Emery signed a bunch of past their prime’s or not worth it to monster contracts.

    At this point, I’m open to whatever can change the vibe of the team because last year was probably the worst I have ever felt in 3 decades.

  22. @philtration

    Wasn’t talking about Eddie Goldman or Jordan Phillips. Vernon Gohlston and Deion Jordan were 2 can’t miss top 10 picks at edge rusher and have produced nothing at this point. Not always a sure thing when you take an edge rusher either.

    QB is the most important position, and Jay Cutler gets booed on his first incompletion thrown at Soldier Field. He has lost the fan base and was a MAJOR reason our offense struggled in 2014. I would take Mariota, then target a WR or OLB in early Rd 2. Like Agholor or Eli Harold, whom I think both will be good pro’s. I also don’t understand the Mariota haters. Fumbling issues early in his career is my only concern with him. Extremely talented, hard working, and most important a LEADER BY EXAMPLE, not his mouth. It’s what grown men in the NFL respect.

  23. The Bears are looking for the next big thing at quarterback when they should be focusing on keeping the one they currently have upright. The Bears hadn’t exactly made the O-line a priority until somewhat recently and it shows.

  24. I think Pace and Fox realize that Cutler is not the future for either of these guys to succeed. I just wonder what Cutler thinks of all this?

  25. Who cares about the fan base loving or hating Cutler?
    They loved Jim McMahon and he was one of the most overrated QBs of all time.
    Do your job and win football games.
    All of that other cutesy pie stuff is for the meatball fans.

    Since coming to the Bears their W-L record is better when Cutler plays than when he does not.
    He is the best QB they have right now and there was not one single free agent QB worth siging to replace him.
    The team stunk it up because they gave up the 2nd most paints in the NFL last season.
    It is real easy to sit back and wait for the pass when you are up by 4 TDs in the 2nd quater.

  26. can we just get to the draft already im tired of all this rookie talk can we just get on with it so I can win the lotto and get out of florida

  27. @philtration

    You must love mediocrity. Jay is 44-38 as a Bears starter. He had some very good defenses early on as a Bear as well. What is more telling is he is 1-10 against the Packers with 21 ints. How can Bears win the division spotting GB 2 games every year cause Cutler starts nervous twitching at the thought of keeping up with Rodgers.

    Cutler’s record at Vandy 9-26. Mariota at Oregon 36-5.

    If all you care about is winning games Cutler is not your man. Unless you are talking about his high school glory days. A meathead is somebody that backs a guy and talks about his strong arm and potential and his content to play the same shmuck “cause we already paid him.”

    You are right there is nobody better in free agency, but I would take a few QB’s over Cutler in this draft. And Mariota is by far on the top of that list. Anybody but Cutler should be a major Bears focus. Would not sell the farm for him, but if they can, they should grab him.

  28. Mary has a week arm, cant throw into tight windows, cant read a defense, has no concept of taking a snap under center and has never turned his back on a defense and required his target.

    I’ll take Cutler any day over a another running cant throw QB

  29. Nah-nah-nah. John Fox had Peyton Manning and still couldn’t get a Super Bowl win (snicker!). And Lord help my dear Marcus Mariota, if he is drafted by Whisenhunt in Tennessee — like Tom Cable, former HC/Raiders, Whisenhunt has a liking for benching QBs. No-no, Marcus. Better to hold out for Andy Reid/Chiefs or San Diego, if Chip Kelly realizes he’s overplayed his hand.

  30. “Oh Boy, if the Bears get this kid… the Vikes go back to fourth in North QB rankings.”

    The Vikings are already there.

  31. Let’s see:

    You have the veteran who an exceptional skillset, and has had proven he can put out solid years with a few moments of quarterbacking brilliance, but is quick to throw in the towel and become lethargic over the season when things go south. Extremely unpopular with fanbase and media, but couldn’t care less what they think.

    Then you have the incoming rookie who is very athletic and has that “over my dead body” mentality that is found in many great quarterbacks, but there are questions over how well his abilities can translate to the NFL effectively, and if he even fits with the Bears in the first place. Would be far from the first promising young QB to have an awesome college career and flop in the pros. Fan will love him because he’s not Jay Cutler. Also the less expensive option by far

    Decisions decisions.

  32. Keep cutler 1 more year,trade down get a decent 1rounder stock pile picks get Bryce petty 2 nd round. Get depth at positions. Cutler was solid thru 2 weeks. Last year.

  33. oh how much deeper can the Bears hole get than to trade away so many picks for one player when they have 5 to 8 holes to fill.

  34. Listen Bears fans QB’s who have come out of the spread have NOT been a success in the NFL, they have been terrible failures. One of the better ones Tim Tebow lasted only a short time. The most successful QB from the spread of all time is Donovan McNabb, of all time. RG3 had one good year, other than that there is nothing but failures to talk about. Mariota did not look good on his pro day. Mariota would have to unlearn a decade of bad habits. Mariota has never taken a snap from center, dropped back and had to read progressions, you know the thing that NFL QB’s do. He throws to his first read or runs. Mariota would be a wasted draft pick. This is a crappy QB class. Don’t do it. I agree with the poster who says we are in position to draft a blue chip edge rusher, finally. Lets do it.

  35. As much as I love the Bears, I’m not too excited that the Bears would pull off some type of Herschel Walker trade, gutting the team of valuable draft slots. The defense is horrible, and the offense? Well I’ll call it Offensive. It stinks. Trade Cutler and Forte to TN and start the rebuild all over again. Cutler has had FIVE OC’S in 5 years. He had his chances to win and he didn’t do it. Trestman wasn’t the right choice to be their coach. Get it right Fox.

  36. Cutler is a small problem compared to their pass rush (or lack thereof) and secondary issues.

    A powerback to match with Forte would also help.

  37. Bears fan wake up and smell the coffee. Culter is not a valued asset. Actually the Bears don’t have any valued assets on this roster.

  38. Bears fans, please temper your expectations of Mariota. I know the grass looks greener, but let’s be realistic for a minute. This is a kid that has a lot of question marks around him. Yes he is talented and has a high ceiling, but he is not likely to be a starter in his rookie season. I don’t think it would be wise to waste a 7th overall pick on a guy who is not gonna start in his rookie season. Better to take a guy like Bryce petty in the second or third round and develop him behind Cutler. The bears need a Brandon Marshall replacement more than a QB and they should be looking at Amari Cooper or Kevin white in the first round.

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