Victor Cruz: My knee is better, but there’s a long way to go

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Giants receiver Victor Cruz says he’s not close to all the way back from the torn patellar tendon that ended his 2014 season.

“I’ve started to do some things and I’m starting to feel my knee getting better and responding better, but I understand there’s a long way to go and a process and I don’t wanna rush anything,” Cruz told

Cruz said he has to actively remind himself to slow down and go on the pace that his knee needs to heal, even if mentally he’d like to push himself harder.

“It definitely is one of the most difficult things I’ve had to go through in my life,” Cruz said. “Still currently going through it. It’s not easy to come back from something like this and to work every day. I guess I’m in the parts right now when it’s more [physical]. Physically getting it stronger, getting the muscle back. Literally when you have surgery on your knee, the muscles atrophy and just go [away]. Your muscles just go [away]. So physically is definitely the hardest part right now. I think the mental aspect was early and then it’ll be late. ‘Early’ meaning when it first happened, thinking you probably won’t be able to even run again; and ‘late’ when you are able to run and jump and mentally being able to connect to your knee, saying that you can do all these things and not being afraid to do it. I think that’s both sides of it.”

Cruz has said he’s unsure whether he’ll be ready for Week One. He’s wisely taking it slow.

23 responses to “Victor Cruz: My knee is better, but there’s a long way to go

  1. Best of luck, Cruz. Don’t rush back before you have trust in your knee to work properly so you can be full go, or you’ll be right back on IR with another injury from compensating.

  2. I remember an article a month ago talking about his recovery. I had the same injury, he isn’t playing week one. He’s going on PUP, missing the first 6 games. This injury is far, far worse than an ACL, trust me. From the way he sounds he knows it is not going to be easy. I wish him luck from a Cowboys fan.

  3. Good thing he got his big contract before the injury. Although most of the money was backloaded so don’t be surprised if the Giants look to re-work the deal.

    2013: Base salary: $630,000
    2014: Base salary: $3,999,000
    2015: Base salary: $6,150,000
    2016: Base salary: $7,900,000
    2017: Base salary: $7,400,000
    2018: Base salary: $8,400,000
    *$15.625 million is guaranteed.

    Seems like he got screwed a little bit compared to the other big WR contracts signed in recent years.

  4. I remember an article a month ago talking about his recovery. I had the same injury, he isn’t playing week one.

    Don’t compare your injury to that of a professional football player please. Their recovery time is always MUCH shorter that the average person.

    See Peterson, Adrian.

    Good luck, Cruz.

  5. I don’t know why everyone is hating on Cruz. He may have struggled as the out and out number 1 receiver, but there’s no denying he’s a great slot receiver. Adding an improved Eli with another year of the new offense under his belt and a healthy OBJ, there’s no reason he can’t be as productive as he was in the past.

  6. The way the rules are set up now…..If Odell stays healthy, Cruz comes back and stays healthy and one of White/Cooper fall to #9……the Giants offense could be nearly impossible to stop.

    yeah, yeah, yeah…..Eli and interceptions. Good try. That was two years ago. He went for 30/14 last year in the first year of a new offense with a crummy line, bad RB and 1/2 the WR stable he’ll have in 2015. With the weapons he should have this year (incl. Vereen), he’s primed for a monster year.

  7. Devante Parker would thrive in McAdoos offense too. Odell was going in the mid teens, early 20s this time last year.

  8. Its harsh, but when I saw Cruz go down my only thought was “thank god I picked up OBJ”. Woop woop!

  9. @justintuckrule

    I agree with what you said other than “bad RB”. Rashad Jennings was not a bad RB. He was rushing very well until he got hurt.

  10. @damadhatter – when I said bad RB, I was generally referring to Andre Williams who started most of the year after Jennings went down early.

  11. @justintuckrule

    If the Giants take White or Cooper at 9, you can almost guarantee Cruz gets cut. He aint getting paid $40 mil to probably be the third best receiver on the team.

  12. @dtm10 – Even if they took White AND Cooper, Cruz isn’t getting cut. He just received a big signing bonus and the dead money wouldn’t justify him getting cut. It’s a passing league and offensive weapons is the new “can’t have enough pass rushers.”

    If the Giants put all 3 of them out there with Vereen out of the backfield and a blossoming Donnell at TE….the NFL might just have to give some power back to defenses in 2016.

  13. He’s done. He’ll come back half of what he was. It’s unfortunately another Steve Smith situation.

  14. zack2482 says he had the same surgery as Cruz. I’m sure that sucked big time for you and I’m sorry you had to deal with that. But it’s not even the same. NFL players have world class doctors and trainers and work at re-conditioning their injuries as much as is medically acceptable. To compare your recovery time to his is …flawed logic. That is, unless you had world class doctors too. I don’t know. Maybe you’re rich like Cruz is. But, then again, you are a PFT reader, so probably not.

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