Vikings corner Jabari Price pleads guilty to careless driving

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We had a long run without any NFL players being arrested at the end of last year, but it concluded shortly after the end of the Vikings’ season.

That’s when cornerback Jabari Price was arrested on a suspicion of DWI charge in Minnesota on December 29. Price resolved the case in court this week by pleading guilty to a lesser charge.

Price’s lawyer told the Minneapolis Star-Tribune that Price pleaded guilty to careless driving and agreed to 30 days of electronic home monitoring that will allow him to go to work with the Vikings while serving out the sentence. Price has also enrolled in a substance abuse education program and paid a $300 fine to settle the case.

Price, who played mostly on special teams in 14 games as a rookie, will avoid jail as long as he abides by the terms of his plea deal, but could still be disciplined by the league under the personal conduct policy.

40 responses to “Vikings corner Jabari Price pleads guilty to careless driving

  1. Special teams and a reserve role? Let’s find out if this is a case where the Vikings show how players deserve a second chance or if this is an opportunity for the club to show how “tough” they are on players that violate the personal conduct policy.

  2. just read this article on another site
    IDK why these kids would ruin their lives before it even really started?

    that a fast way to find yourself unemployed.

  3. contra74 says:
    Apr 10, 2015 3:19 PM

    When will McCarthy be found guilty of careless coaching?

    When the Vikes actually earn something more then a moral victory….


  4. I always thought that getting arrested was part of the “right of passage” into the Viking fraternity. He may be eligible to start now.

  5. Like almost all posters on this site, I love the NFL and hate the individual players who play the sport. I root for the jersey color. Bring on the draft!

  6. When the Vikes actually earn something more then a moral victory….


    Thats kinda like saying…we got outplayed and outwitted in the NFCC, but we just waived Brad Jones…so all is great for a Super Bowl win next year..

  7. Oh Dear, not DWI!!!
    Well, we’d all better berate him and make his life hell, as is the SOP for the NFL and its fans these days.

  8. I like Jabari Price, but seriously, how in the heck did a guy blow a .13 in Hennepin county and get it reduced to a careless???

    They showed no such mercy upon me, I admitted my mistake and feel genuine remorse, and paid the harsh penalties for it as a result; but you are basically telling Jabari “Its ok, you get one free DWI” He won’t learn his lesson.

  9. I don’t know if most people understand that the NFL clubs all offer ride services to their players to avoid DUI. It’s completely confidential and free so there should be no excuse for not partaking of the program.

    But you can easily understand why he was drinking, finishing near the bottom of the NFC North year after year would contribute to anyone picking up a bottle to kill the pain. Its not like there are any high expectations to begin with, I think Vegas has the Viking’s odds of winning the next Superbowl somewhere between the odds of the Twins winning the World Series and having Jesus Christ himself pull up to your front door in a 1971 Ford Pinto.

  10. Doesn’t surprise me that he got off easy seeing that such low character people such as Randy Moss and Adrian Peterson are regarded as heroes in that state.

  11. Another Vikings criminal getting into trouble? Shocking! This team has had so many criminals on it over the last decade that it is hard to keep track.

  12. I don’t understand why he was still in Minnesota at 3:18 on December 29th. He was southbound on Interstate 35 so he was probably on his way to the airport to get out of the area as soon as possible on the first flight of the morning.

    3 more losing seasons like the last one until he gets to be a free agent. Sorry kid, you were drafted.

    That is the sad part of the draft. Some pretty good athletes will have to play for some bad teams before they earn free agency.

  13. The 2015 Minnesota Vikings – a criminal friendly franchise still searching for a franchise quarterback. 5-11 is a best bet win/loss record this year. I’m still taking the under.

  14. For “whatjusthappened”

    Finishing near the bottom year after year…. I hate to break it to you, but it has not been year after year for him…. He was drafted in 2014. I am a proud Vikings fan and can take some flack. However – In the future, if you want to try and make fun of the Vikings or their players; please at least read the article. Might help you get your facts right.

  15. lenflfan99 says:

    For “whatjusthappened”

    Finishing near the bottom year after year…. I hate to break it to you, but it has not been year after year for him
    So advised but playing for the Vikings is like dog years so Mr. Price’s tenure in Minneapolis really feels like 7 years so my post still applies.

  16. 43rd arrest since 2000 at least the purple trolls can say they lead the division in something, matter of fact they have bragging rights in the NFL. You have to be so proud.

  17. 43 arrests is still less than the number of years my Vikings have accomplished nothing!!

  18. The funniest thing about all this is the Vikings fans.

    Pity them, friends, for they have zero football knowledge and Kanye West’s unjustifiable ego.

  19. What happened
    But you can easily understand why he was drinking, finishing near the bottom of the NFC North year after year


    The Vikings have the sixth-highest regular-season winning percentage in modern NFL history, ahead of teams like the Ravens, Packers, Patriots and Colts. Throw in 13 Hall of Famers and they fare pretty well for a franchise that hasn’t won a Super Bowl

    Source CBS Sports

    No one is surprised by Queen Bay trolls misinformation on this site. They also like to say the Vikings will end up in the basement. Even though their franchise has been there more often than the Vikings have.

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