Jason Campbell leans toward retirement


Ten years ago, Washington made quarterback Jason Campbell a first round draft pick.  He’s closing in on calling it a career.

Per a league source, Campbell has rejected multiple opportunities to sign a contract for 2015, with the Ravens and Bengals among the franchises to which Campbell said “thanks” and then “no thanks.”

After five years in D.C., Campbell became supplanted by Donovan McNabb, resulting in a trade to the Raiders.  Campbell 2010 and 2011 with the Raiders, 2012 with the Bears, 2013 with the Browns, and 2014 with the Bengals.

Campbell started 52 games in Washington before becoming the full-time starter in Oakland in 2010.  A collarbone injury ended his season after six starts in 2011, opening the door for a trade for Carson Palmer.  He started one game for the Bears in 2012 and eight for the Browns in 2013.

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  1. It’s really a shame he got injured in Oakland when he did. That Raiders team looked playoff bound before they traded for Palmer. Best of luck to JC!

  2. Really feel bad for the guy. He never ran the same system three years straight. In Washington he was the scapegoat when people forget he was learning new systems on the fly. I thought he was gonna be good for the Skins then the McNabb trade screwed us all. Oakland he did ok but not good. I think he needed a team to believe in him and OC/offensive system that was stable. I’ll always remember Campbell because us Skin fans ran him out of town kinda like we’re doing with a certain QB now. Its tough to be a fan sometimes.

  3. This is a guy who really got a raw deal, IMO. In a better situation early in his career he could’ve been a star.

  4. 10 years ago a Washington reporter broke the news that the Redskin were planning on drafting Jason Campbell in the first round. This was several days before the draft and the team was really ticked off about the leak. The fact that Jason lasted until the Redskin’s pick later in the first round even though every other team knew he was going to be taken there should have told the Redskin a lot.

  5. Good luck on your new endeavors JC. You played good for us (Raiders) before you got injured & Hue Jackson made a power move by bringing in Carson ‘Pick City’ Palmer. You never seemed to catch a break anywhere, but you were a good QB and a stand up dude.

  6. The physical retirement will now join the mental retirement that left a while back.

  7. Just an absolute shame he broke that collar bone.

    He was 4-2 and he certainly wasn’t lighting the world on fire but the team was in rhythm. McFadden and Bush got 1500+ yards, DHB got 975 yards, Moore got 700+ and that’s with Palmer coming in cold after 6 games.

    I get what McKenzie did and is doing with gutting the contracts but getting rid of Hue still stings. He was all Raider. Just wish he didn’t make that power play when Al died.

  8. I’m confident that I have s higher football IQ than this guy. He was painful to watch.

  9. Why on Earth would you retire when someone is prepared to pay you $2 million a year for the next 3 to 4 years just to work out, go to meetings, and stand on the sidelines for a few months a year?

  10. Always thought he got shafted quite a bit in his career. It’s like we never got to see his full potential because he was on some pretty unstable franchises.

  11. Honestly I’m not sure what to think about Campbell – although I’m leaning towards that, like so many young QBs, he was ruined by being brought onto a horribly dysfunctional, perennial trainwreck of a team. If guys like he and Derek Carr has started off with teams that were bad but at least had competent ways of operating, would they be the elite leading QBs of today? It’s very possible.

  12. He had a good little stint in Oakland but his throwing motion is slow and predictable and probably never would’ve developed into an elite arm.

  13. Adding insult to injury. How does McNabb get the “Campbell” soup commercial??!!

  14. There a certain franchises that just kill QBs. Teams like the Redskins, Browns, Jets, Raiders, Bucs, those are some of the last places you want to go if you’re a QB coming out of college.

  15. My Cleveland Browns should have kept him
    instead of drafting Johnny Feen. He has repore with the WRs we had even Josh Gordon he made pat shurmur look like a decent HC

  16. When I think of Jason it’s leading his Auburn team to an undefeated season and then having to watch OU get blasted by USC in the national championship game. Things just never quite worked out for him the way they could have or should have. Hope he has an outstanding career doing whatever is next.

  17. Pretty shocked he wasn’t interested in Ravens backup. He’s pretty much guaranteed the 2nd spot, and Flacco is due to get an injury…

    He’s already lived in the area, so he knows his way around. And they have made the playoffs 6 of last 7 years?

  18. It’s really a shame he got injured in Oakland when he did. That Raiders team looked playoff bound before they traded for Palmer. Best of luck to JC!
    It wasnt the trade so much, it was how badly the Bengals shafted the Raiders for what they gave up for CP. Tremendously dumb idea and yet you wonder why Hugh Jackson got fired?? (“greatest trade in the history of football.”)

  19. By most accounts a good guy and good teammate. I’d take a couple million to go to meetings, practice, work out, and watch football from the sidelines all season. You have to really be DONE inside to retire.

  20. “My Cleveland Browns should have kept him
    instead of drafting Johnny Feen. He has repore with the WRs we had even Josh Gordon he made pat shurmur look like a decent HC”

    He played about 3 good games and 5 horrific ones with the Browns. And Chudzinski was the coach that season, not Shurmur.

  21. molson48187 says:
    Apr 11, 2015 1:44 AM
    You know you’re getting older when players your age start retiring after fairly long careers.

    LOL- cry me a river. Guys my age retired after long careers 15 years ago.

  22. An average arm with good accuracy but the slowest release ever, that injury he had with The Raiders changed the franchise the way You would never guess, what Could have been, that Raider team was tough.

  23. I always respected Jason Campbell. The moment I found out Joe Gibbs held his natural talent, intelligence and instincts in high regard, I knew he had serious untapped potential. Like David Carr’s, Campbell’s was never fully developed.

  24. Kind of funny how he and Alex Smith were viewed differently when they had the same circumstances to begin their careers. When both got stable coaching, they were both competent, if not great NFL starters, about the best you can ask for if you don’t get one of the upper tier guys. Unfortunately for him, his injury in 2011 blew up his last chance while Alex Smith continued to thrive under Harbaugh before getting supplanted, and then he landed with another QB guru who built his team around him. Just a cautionary tale of how revolving coaching doors can ruin careers.

  25. He is thinking about retirement, but he will most likely check down to just taking a year off.

  26. While many will not miss Jason here in Washington, I will. To this date his jersey is the last Redskins jersey I purchased. He didn’t play lights out week in and week out, but I’ll take a good person over a good player 10/10 times. As frustrating as it was to see him hold on to the ball to long so many times, he never bashed or blamed anyone else, and he played tough. Sure I would’ve rather had Aaron Rodgers over Carlos and Jason in that draft, but I’m sure my beloved and blessed by God Redskins would’ve driven Aaron to an early retirement in no time. I hope Jason enjoys the next phase of his life be it with football or without. If I’m not mistaken he married Ms. DC, so his life has been more fulfilling then 99% of his haters I’m sure. Oh and I believe he won a college title too. May God bless Jason Campbell and of course continue to bless the Washington Redskins. Sorry the skins couldn’t help you get to canton JC but you were always cool with me. Now after you sign those retirement forms, don’t hang on to the pen so long.

  27. It’s a shame that JC didn’t get to play in the 2005 and 2007 playoffs for the Sklns I do think we could have gotten to the NFC championship those years with him at QB he was better then Mark Brunell and Todd Collins.

  28. always respected JC, but never has a real o-line in front of him, a class act that never had a fair shot, best wishes from a REDSKINS fan . . .

  29. I’ll never forget that game in Denver when he blew up the donkey secondary, & run DMC was unstoppable….He was on track to take my Raiders to the Super Bowl before that injury…best of luck which ever way you decide to go, Jason

  30. I wasn’t really excited when he first came to Oakland, but he had that team heading in the right direction before that injury. It’s a shame that happened, which invoked the Palmer trade, and set the Raiders back in draft oppertunity’s. By all means a good guy, decent QB, just a lot of bad breaks. Sure wish he had the chance to fully shine. I wish him well in everything he does after football.

  31. campbell a backup in cincy but funny how bengals palmer to oakland deal worked out for the bengals

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