Dan Quinn says the Falcons “nailed it” in free agency

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The Falcons opened free agency with two quick signings of linebackers, Brooks Reed and Justin Durant. In more than a month since then, Atlanta has done little else, signing only low-cost players from the bargain bin.

But Falcons coach Dan Quinn says that the depth the Falcons have added in free agency — players including tackle Michael Person, tight end Jacob Tamme, defensive end Adrian Clayborn and linebacker O’Brien Schofield — is exactly what the team needed.

“The free agency part is an important to continue to add overall guys to our team,” Quinn said, via the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “It was collectively guys we could add to the club. . . . What we were really trying to say is can we add speed. Can we add toughness in terms of adding to the team that we already had. That was the real factor going into it. How many more guys can we add and it was our job as coaches, how would these guys fit on our team? I thought in that way, we nailed it.”

The Falcons had enough cap space that they could have made a big splash with a big-name signing, but they chose to go in another direction. That approach doesn’t generate a lot of headlines, but it’s a strategic approach that the Falcons think will pay off.

39 responses to “Dan Quinn says the Falcons “nailed it” in free agency

  1. How much more does he make than last year? What do you expect him to say? Funny thing huh a guy trying to earn as much money possible.. Let’s mock him… More or less

  2. Fast forward 3 years >>>

    ” Dan Quinn was overrated, so I nailed him. Let me introduce our new coach ….”
    Mr. Blank

  3. had enough cap space.. could have made a big splash.. chose to go in another direction..

    See Oakland Raiders 2014 FA “direction” results.

  4. The Falcon’s nailing technique will not be ascertained until the 2015 season is fully constructed in January 2016.

  5. Better to sign a bunch of bargains who can fit your system insteAd of paying big for one or two top guys who can bust and won’t fit with what you’re trying to do.
    Even though they had a lousy season, let’s not pretend they’re a terrible football team. They still have a franchise qb and receiver.

  6. Adding depth instead of making a “big splash” via free agency seems like the “smart” approach, like the anti-Dan Snyder approach (which is why it seems so smart, I guess).

    But it only takes you so far.

    It’s what the Eagles did after hiring Chip Kelly: they signed James Casey, Cary Williams, and Bradley Fletcher. All were viewed as cost-effective, “smart” signings at the time. But none of those guys contributed much, and the last two could be stupefyingly bad.

    None of them are on the roster anymore.

  7. There is a reason the Falcons aren’t spending money on big time free agents the past couple of years. Mr. Blank has that new stadium going up and have put a halt on spending. That’s why we have all that money just sitting there with no big time players.
    Watch how much money we have after the draft and when the season start.

  8. Everybody is Super Bowl material in April. What did you say about the team last April, Dan? Did you admit they were a bunch of losers that were going to let the Panthers steal the NFC South title with a losing record?

  9. He should be the head coach for the Vikings, they are forever bragging about personnel decisions in April and May and not playing any meaningful games in November and December.

  10. I’m sorry but a 6-10 team where the Head Coach was fired has ALOT of talent needs or they wouldn’t be 6-10. A team like the Seahawks or Patriots can rightfully say that they are good at most positions and need depth yet even they were both more active in FA than the Falcons.
    I hope for the Falcon’s fans sakes that they have a great draft or it will be another 6-10 season this year.

  11. Smart teams use free agency to add depth and fills a few needs with solid players before the draft, than uses the draft to address their major needs or just the best available player. The Falcons used the smart approach in free agency and if they have a good draft I would say that they had a successful off season.

  12. Well Quinn is from Sea. And this is how the Seahawks, Steelers, Cards, Ravens, 49’ers, Rams all operate in FA, You find all your big time skill players in the draft. Then when they hit FA you let most of them go. And turn to the next man up on who’s on a smart rookie deal.

    You let teams like Cleveland and Miami do what they do best. Which is overpay players in FA and watch them under perform for a different Coach after getting $et for Life$.

    Sounds like the Falcons have finally caught on. You don’t want to generally make a big splash in FA. That usually means you just got suckered into overpaying just to lure a name to your team.

  13. dcapettini says:
    Apr 12, 2015 4:15 PM
    Everybody is Super Bowl material in April. What did you say about the team last April, Dan? Did you admit they were a bunch of losers that were going to let the Panthers steal the NFC South title with a losing record?

    8 6

    Well, seeing how he was the Seahawks defensive coordinator last April, I’m tending to doubt whether he made predictions to how well Atlanta did in free agency.

    The fact that you are a clueless troll, that just took the time to post something so spectacularly wrong is scary. The fact that 8 other TROLLS actually thumbed up your post…. is mindblowing. Hence the media gets away with stirring up anything they want. Nobody thinks for THEMSELF.

  14. Everyone is so critical of the falcons right now which is very typical after the last few seasons they have had. Give Quinn a chance and see what the man can do before bashing him. Give him a couple of seasons to change this teams direction after all he was the best defensive coordinator in the game the last 2 seasons. Offensively, the falcons can pass with anyone but they do need to get the running game going with Freeman this year.

  15. fordmandalay says:
    Apr 12, 2015 4:16 PM
    And that’s what no ambition and low expectations will do for you.

    People on here are hilarious.

    Don’t sign big name free agents to huge contracts- Your offseason is a failure because you didn’t do enough.

    Sign big name free agents to huge contracts- Your offseason is a failure because you tried too hard to win free agency.

    Sign big name free agents to huge contracts- You’re trying to buy a championship.

    Don’t sign big name free agents to huge contracts- You have no ambition and low expectations.

    And you wonder why teams/coaches/players don’t care what you think.

  16. He’s got a dream job. Saints have imploded, Panthers are a perpetual nightmare and then there’s the Bucs. Quinn D + Matt Ryan = division titles one after the other starting in year 2.

  17. In 15 years as Patriots head coach, Belichick has never said the phrase “we nailed it”. Nor has he ever personally patted himself on the back. To do so before proving it on the field is Rex Ryanesque.

  18. It’s a simple recipe for Atlanta.

    Provide bodies to keep Matt Ryan upright and sign/draft edge rushers to keep the opposing QB on his backside.

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