Dolphins visiting with potential first-round cornerbacks

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The Dolphins have made a couple of moves at cornerback this offseason by cutting Cortland Finnegan and signing Brice McCain and they may be making further alterations to the position group in the draft.

Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald reports that the team has set up meetings with several early-round options at corner. Michigan State’s Trae Waynes, LSU’s Jalen Collins, Wake Forest’s Kevin Johnson and Utah’s Eric Rowe are all on the team’s list of pre-draft visits.

All four players pop up in the first round of various mock drafts with Waynes and Johnson tending to be the first two corners off the board among prognosticators. The Dolphins have Brent Grimes locked in at one corner along with McCain and third-year players Will Davis and Jamar Taylor. Coach Joe Philbin indicated time is ripe for the two 2013 draft picks to establish themselves.

“This is year three,” Philbin said. “Neither one played any meaningful time their first year. Last year both of them contributed somewhat and both ended up on injured reserve. They should have enough experience. You know the drill. You’ve been around. You’ve been in the system. Coverages haven’t changed a lot. It’s an important year for them.”

With needs on the offensive line and wide receiver also on Miami’s list, they aren’t going to be locked into taking a corner in the first round. If they find one they like, though, Taylor and Davis haven’t done enough to stand in their way of addressing the position.

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  1. I’ve followed the Dolphins for many years , and one thing I’m fairly certain of is that neither Jamar Taylor nor Will Davis is a starting caliber corner in the National Football League , other than maybe in nickel or dime packages.
    Because those players were drafted in the second and third rounds , respectively , we as fans want to believe they will develop into starters.
    At this point , I wouldn’t bet on it. Most Dolphins fans want to see a WR selected in round one , but our top need is almost certainly at CB.

  2. craniator

    You must’ve missed the bills game this pass season when Jamar Taylor played amazing. Will also played good VS the pats, they’re just young players still learning and both getting hurt two straight years isn’t helping them but a lot of fans and obviously the Dolphins believe in them….. Will is a ball hawk but again he’s young and was out of position a lot vs the bills and basically got benched after that. I think both guys will Improve this year and contribute on D. IMO

  3. I think its just silly for Miami to draft a WR early in this draft. CB, OG, LB, RB should all be ahead of WR for the Phins in this draft. Already have 3 play makers that catch the ball.

  4. @ Head: you mean the game in which Buffalo kept throwing slant passes to Sammy Watkins all afternoon , and the Dolphins couldn’t stop it ? The game in which we got blown out by double digits ?

  5. I have to agree with Craniator…

    Neither Taylor nor Davis are Starters. Taylor has the skills but lacks experience because he is always hurt. Trae Waynes is a solid starter from day 1. The bottom line is if Devante Parker is off the board at 14 we take the best CB or OLineman or Trade back. Reaching for WR Strong or Perriman or the MLB’s is a waste in my opinion.

  6. You do notice the Dolphins and bills play twice a year right…… Will played bad week 2 vs the bills. Watkins was covered by grimes btw. I’m talking about Jamar Taylor on TNF he played good

  7. Both those corners were not great in their 2nd yr. But both were very good and hardly played as rookies. There close but with Grimes age Tre Waynes with Sue and these two guys the years ahead could be awesome. If Waynes is there @ 14 there is no better pick.

  8. Taylor looked decent last year. Read plays well and came up to make some good tackles. He needs to gain confidence and durability and he will be a solid starter. He doesn’t have to be great and he is plenty good enough. Davis has some upside but is behind the curve. I don’t think CB as that dire a need. The CBs in the draft are not game changers and there are plenty of decent kids for later rounds. Get a playmaker receiver and bolster the o-line and MLB early

  9. Is there some kind of rule that says every cornerback has to have fake rasta hair extensions now?

  10. He did play better in the second game ; I saw a really nice play he made where he tripped up their running back behind the line of scrimmage on third and short and forced a punt.
    Even if he eventually ends up being a decent player , at some point , it no longer matters why you couldn’t get on the field – all that matters is that you couldn’t get on the field. The coaching staff chose to go with a one legged Cortland Finnegan the last two games of 2014 , even though Taylor was healthy at the time. These are both guys who were drafted by the previous regime , and in two seasons they’ve proven nothing other than that can’t stay healthy. Of course one them might still pan out , but with Brent Grimes turning 32 this Summer , no matter how you look at it , I cannot envision any scenario in which corner is not the number one need on this team. That doesn’t mean they’re going to draft one in the first round , but they will be bringing in some corners , and taking at least one fairly high in the draft.

  11. As a lifetime Boise resident and BSU fan, and Miami Dolphin fan, I have seen literally every game of Jamar Taylor’s career. This kid can play at a high level, if healthy. But…I still see him, ideally, as a slot corner. He simply lacks the elite size to cover large, outside receivers on a regular basis. Inside, he could be a play-maker.

    Miami would improve at two positions–outside, and at slot–if they get a true #2 opposite Grimes and put Taylor inside. Waynes is an easy call, but Kevin Johnson has that potential as well as Collins.

    This is one Dolphins rumor I suspect is not a smokescreen. The question is whether they look to move up for Waynes…or down for Johnson or Collins.

    Rowe doesn’t grade as a first rounder…

  12. I hate the draft. So many expectations and so little success. Miami’s best players always come through free agency. It’s disheartening. There are so many needs, who do you take first? CB, OG, WR, MLB. Inexperience at DT means that might need to be addressed as well.

  13. The Dolphins need a NFL head coach more than any draft pick. How does Philbin keep his job?

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