PFT mock draft 2015

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This first (possibly only) PFT mock draft for 2015 does not factor in trades, although trades can (and probably will) happen.

Comment, discuss, complain, whatever in the comments below.

This mock draft was compiled with the direct assistance of someone who gets paid plenty of money to scout players for an NFL team.  So, basically, if you think it stinks, blame him.

Speaking of things that stink, the bottom two thirds of the first round isn’t exactly stellar.  The PFT consultant had an easy time filling out the top 10, but a hard time with the next 22.  There just aren’t 32 first-round talents in 2015, even though there continue to be 32 spots.

1.  Buccaneers:  QB Jameis Winston, Florida State.

2.  Titans:  DT Leonard Williams, USC.

3.  Jaguars:  LB Dante Fowler Jr., Florida.

4.  Raiders:  WR Amari Cooper, Alabama.

5.  Washington:  LB Vic Beasley, Clemson.

6.  Jets:  QB Marcus Mariota, Oregon.

7.  Bears:  WR Kevin White, West Virginia.

8.  Falcons:  OT La’El Collins, Louisiana State.

9.  Giants:  DT Malcom Brown, Texas.

10.  Rams:  WR DeVante Parker, Louisville.

11.  Vikings:  OT Brandon Scherff, Iowa.

12.  Browns:  S Landon Collins, Alabama.

13.  Saints:  LB Alvin “Bud” Dupree, Kentucky.

14.  Dolphins:  OT D.J. Humphries, Florida.

15.  49ers:  DE Mario Edwards, Florida State.

16.  Texans:  CB Trae Waynes, Michigan State.

17.  Chagers:  RT Ereck Flowers, Miami.

18.  Chiefs:  CB Kevin Johnson, Wake Forest.

19.  Browns:  OL Cameron Erving, Florida State.

20.  Eagles:  DE Randy Gregory, Nebraska.

21.  Bengals:  OT Andrus Peat, Stanford.

22.  Steelers:  OT Donovan Smith, Penn State.

23.  Lions:  DT Danny Shelton, Washington.

24.  Cardinals:  RB Todd Gurley, Georgia.

25.  Panthers:  WR Jalen Strong, Arizona State.

26.  Ravens:  WR Breshad Perriman, Central Florida.

27.  Cowboys:  RB Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin.

28.  Broncos:  DT Jordan Phillips, Oklahoma.

29.  Colts:  LB Shane Ray, Missouri.

30.  Packers:  WR Nelson Agholor, USC.

31.  Saints:  WR Dorial Green-Beckham, Oklahoma.

32.  Patriots:  CB Marcus Peters, Washington.

165 responses to “PFT mock draft 2015

  1. What the hell are you thinking? You really think the Jaguars would take/////

    Actually, this is the most realistic one that you have done to date…

  2. DGB at 31?

    I’m wondering if he falls that far maybe he should fall further.

    Some solid picks in there, will you do a “trade” draft as a comparison?

  3. The Eagles have no need at DE. On the other hand they have glaring holes at WR, Safety & OL. Might wanna revise that pick.

  4. There is absolutely ZERO CHANCE the Packers would select a WR in the first round, what a JOKE!! Their biggest needs and the athletes they would most likely look at for first two draft picks would fit DEFENSE, since they don’t have any compensatory picks until 6th round, expect the Packers to go defensive for first four rounds–ILB, secondary and D-line specifically. To expect a WR pick in first round is out of this world since they have 6-7 already on the roster and Ahgolar won’t help this team this season.

  5. The Minnesota Vikings will draft Devante Parker.

    And trade back into the first round for Trae Waynes.

    We will then have the best roster in the NFL from back to front.

    No one is stopping the Minnesota Vikings next year.

    No one.



    The Minnesota Vikings franchise.

  6. This is actually a surprisingly good mock. Only pick I don’t think would happen is Edwards to 49ers that early, but on draft day you never know. Kudos for finally doing a decent mock.

  7. WRONG!!!!!!!!!!! with the 2nd overall pick the Tennessee titan select…. Marcus Mariota QB Oregon………….. another tainted draft coming soon! keep winning visiting teams keep winning

  8. The Browns had two safeties in the Pro Bowl – Gipson was out hurt and D. Whitner. So of course you have them draft a safety.

  9. Stop acting like you’re above a mock draft. They’re fun little things to do that start a discussion because we’re all bored while we wait for the real draft in 3 weeks.

  10. The Eagles have many needs but defensive end is waaaay down the list.
    The Eagles need defensive backs and wide receivers and offensive line help and linebacker s and special team help and this means that Kelly, Chip will draft a quarterback.
    Makes sense to me.

  11. Pats will take FSU DT Eddie Goldman if he is there at 32. But he probably won’t be. If Danny Shelton lasts until 23, I’d be surprised as well.

  12. I like this mock for the sole reason that it has the Cowboys taking Melvin Gordon.

    I have never felt more sure about anything than I do about the Cowboys NOT passing up Todd Gurley or Melvin Gordon. If neither are available at #27, then of course they’ll select a player on defense, but a team that gave its top runningback over 400 carries in 2014 (including playoffs) is NOT going to pass on talents like Gordon/Gurley.

    Five years ago, and every year before that, both Gordon and Gurley are top 10 picks.

  13. Me and 2 friends have been doing a first round mock draft contest for years, and 5-6 correct wins it every year. Very difficult with all of the trades. This one is pretty good except for Edwards to San Fran, the pen state tackle, and the packers aren’t taking a wr.

  14. If Waynes or DuPree are available when the Vikings pick at eleven, one of them will be the pick…..guaranteed. Outside chance of Parker, but with the Wallace trade, I don’t think they go receiver in first….

  15. Wow, Shane Ray at 29? It’s like he got all the way to 29 and was like “oh crap, I forgot him” and just threw him there instead of starting over.

  16. What drug are you taking to think Ted Thompson would take a WR in the FIRST round?
    Even if it were a position of need Ted Thompson is semi famous for getting great wide receivers in later rounds! He’s NEVER nor will he EVER take a WR in the first round! Anybody that knows anything about Ted Thompson draft style knows this.
    Worthless mock draft, like all of them.

  17. minneanderthals says:
    Apr 12, 2015 9:05 PM
    No way the packers go receiver in the first round


    Seriously, even the bleacher report is more accurate that this

  18. I actually think this is a pretty reasonable and realistic mock draft. If Philly ended up with Randy Gregory as an OLB, who months ago was projected as high as #2, they should be pretty happy.

  19. And too many people commenting on this keep saying MY TEAM’S NEEDS, but too many forget that in the first round most teams draft for best available talent that fits their team’s scheme before needs.

  20. I’m sorry, but you would have to be SERIOUSLY delusional to think the Steelers would pick an unknown offensive lineman from Penn State with their #1 selection, especially with one of the better young O-lines in the NFL?!
    Have you paid any attention to their all but certain intent to take a DB or OLB first?! Hopefully Landon Collins is there when the Steelers pick and they take him immediately!

  21. As a Bengals fan, I like this mock and every mock that has the team getting Andrus Peat.

    The AFC north is won in the trenches and with Jeremy Hill and the current o-line (which is good) you can’t go wrong by adding more beef up front……and it’s not like “the red Nerf gun” is going to outduel most QBs in the league (except for Jets, Bills, Clowns, Cardinals (because if he’s not hurt Palmer is a choke-artist), Eagles, Bucs, Bears (depending on which Jays show vs which bandy (bad Andy)), Texans, Titans, and Redskins)—and that wouldn’t be outdueling that would be making less errors

  22. ” Great mock draft. The Bears pissing away the 7th on an over rated Kevin White when their defense SUCKS is insane. If Ryan Pace selects White, he needs to be fired on the spot

  23. I would love to know whom your so called “scout” works for? By the way he fake drafted, I’m guessing the Browns. Missed on every pick damn near! Hang it up Florio you had the right idea a week or two ago when you supposedly considered not doing a mock! In all honesty though Thanks because no matter how good OR bad the mock, they are all entertaining!

  24. Eagles have lots of needs, pass rusher is not one of them. Pass rusher who failed a drug test at the combine definitely not one of them. I understand BPA but Gregory getting drafted by Kelly will not happen.

  25. Florio. What are you thinking. The steelers need help on defense. They’re thin st linebacker and have zilch at cornerback. Damn. That’s crazy.

  26. Could not believe a Steeler fan did not pass along a laugh about them drafting an OT in first, or any early round. OL is unlikely in first 4 or 5 picks.

  27. Good Mock, can def. see the Bears going White or Cooper at 7 whichever one the Raiders don’t select.

    I think Dorial Green-Beckham is going to be the stud of the draft and doesn’t make it out of the teens.

  28. The first 10 picks look pretty good. I think that’s what should happen and makes the most sense. BUT, it’s the NFL Draft, and a lot of things that make sense to me don’t end up happening.

  29. Frankly it’s as good a guess as any…how someone makes a living doing these guessing games is beyond me, especially with his BAD HAIR!

  30. 30. Packers: WR Nelson Agholor, USC.


    Gentleman this brings me to my next point.. don’t smoke crack.

  31. If Shane Ray is there for the Cardinals at 24 there is no way they pass on him for Gurley. They run up, take Ray, and get on the phone to finalize that AP trade for a second rounder with Minn.

  32. No way in hell the Broncos don’t draft an O, or D Lineman! DT!? Are you kidding me Florio?!

  33. Right, Florio–you hope the Dolphins take an OT no one ever heard of so you can as usual rip them…Mikey, neither Cam Cameron, Nick Saban, nor Jeff Ireland is their coach or GM anymore, and you’re just gonna have to get used to the fact that the Dolphins aren’t dysfunctional anymore, get me?

    And they need WRs more than OTs (if it was guard I’d likely agree with you, but they do not need an OT right now, and who the heck is Humphries anyway?)

    Finally, with you picking the Jets and Mariota is proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are what I’ve been saying all along: you are a closet Jets fan! That’s the biggest reason you hate the Dolphins!

  34. That Steelers pick is proof that PFT goes by “popular belief” instead of fact. 0% chance they go LT. This idea that the Steelers still have O line issues is old news. They don’t. It’s a strength now. Beachum was a top 5 LT last year according to PFF, which obviously isn’t the end-all-be-all, but it’s a tool. And it’s extremely likely he gets an extention this offseason.

    They sprint to the podium if Ray is there…

  35. Mock drafts are like A-holes, everyone’s got one and most of them stink. This one extra smelly with dingleberrys.

  36. The Dolphins taking an OT when they already have Brandon Albert (who should be healthy by September) and they drafted an OT in the first last year? I think Waynes is probably more likely there

  37. ” The PFT consultant had an easy time filling out the top 10, but a hard time with the next 22.”

    So why the hell is he paid “plenty of money to scout players for an NFL team?”

  38. Surprised the Packers arent drafting a new head coach or defensive coordinator in the first round.

  39. Vikings will trade up to get a QB in the first round since we missed so badly (again) last year!!

  40. Steelers taking an OT in the 1st round? Are U serious? They HAVE to take a pass rusher or a corner. That defense is in such horrible shape, that there is no other choice.

  41. and with the second pick the Titans trade with Philadelphia for Sam Bradford, De’Marco Murray, and the 20th pick.

    I’m not a fan of either team and I hate Chip Kelly. but just like I told ya last year that DeSean Jackson wouldn’t be the last millionaire to defect from the S.S. Chipster, I’m telling you now. This is going down.

  42. Censored by PFT again. So lets try this another way. EXTREMELY slim chance that the Falcons don’t take an edge rusher as its the highest priority on the board. This “scout” must be a Saints fan. Atlanta takes an edge rusher with the #8 pick.

  43. If they can, the Jags will trade down from #3. If they have to pick #3, I think that either Beasley as Gus Bradley’s LEO or Cooper as #1 WR.

  44. You really should have a short explanation for each pick so we can see your thought process… As it is it just looks like a list of terrible picks.

  45. It’s tough to see the Dolphins passing on Waynes if he’s available at #14. Also heard John Harbaugh talking up Ray last week on NFLN so if he slips to the Ravens it’s tough to see them passing on him.

  46. Houston needs help at LB far more than they do D backs, and that’s even if Clowney plays. Cushing isn’t what he used to be, Mercilus never has been what they hoped he could be, and after that they’ve got nit.
    Waynes may be the best defensive player left on the board when they pick, so that could justify it. Or maybe they should take a chance on the pot head if he’s still on the board.

  47. I’m glad to see you get the bit about Ted Thompson and wide receivers. He’s proven many times that WR is the only position he can competently draft, so he just keeps drafting them. He isn’t going to draft one in the first round, but your nod to his fondness for WRs is appreciated.

  48. I would find it hard to believe that Miami would pass on CB Trae Waynes to address the o-line… but then again what do I know?…

  49. A rare, sane mock that doesn’t show the Chargers sending Philip Rivers to the Titans.

    Just for that, I give the entire mock a thumbs up.

  50. I loooooove Randy Gregory, but the Eagles definitely have more pressing needs at CB, S, and WR. Praying they grab an athletic monster like Byron Jones.

  51. There is no way the Steelers take OT Donovan Smith mid-first round when everyone has a 2nd round score (at best) on him and the Steelers have much higher immediate needs.

  52. No way are the Steelers taking an OL in the first round. Maybe in later rounds, but not the first. Too many glaring needs at OLB and DB.

  53. I would be SO happy if Gregory falls to 20 because of the pot thing…. That kid is going to be a beast… alas… he will be a beast elsewhere …. Oh and you need to change MM to 12 because that is where he will be picked on draft day in a trade witht he eagles… I still think the eagles keep # 20 but i have them taking the best player at WR, 3-4 DE, or CB……. I Think they trade Cox hence the need for a 3-4 end… The big kid from Oregon would fit really well here in Cox’s spot

  54. Drives me nuts when mock drafts have Packers taking a WR in the 1st round.

    And of all the years Floria decides to do it this year after they resigned Cobb and drafted three WRs last year including a high pick on Adams.

  55. No way the JETS make that pick IMO. Im done with them if they do. At some point you have to stop making that mistake. Next year is QB heavy no reason at all to make a rash pick for anther project QB

  56. the Iowa guard or Waynes sounds right for the Vikings.

    And to think Ted Thompson would draft a WR in round one is pretty crazy. they have Rodgers at QB, he could probably turn Troy Williamson into a pro bowler. the packers will take the best available defensive player and probably add a WR in the later rounds like always that’ll probably end up on the Vikings practice squad in 2 years.

  57. Green-Becka at 29….don’t think so… there is always a staff who is convinced they can turn problem players around 12-20 more like it.

  58. I Wonder if one of those teams at the bottom of the draft wouldn’t take the #1-rated TE Maxx Williams.

  59. Mario Edwards isnt a first rounder much less at 16 and Gordon goes 10 picks earlier. You got the first four right…

  60. ” The PFT consultant had an easy time filling out the top 10, but a hard time with the next 22. There just aren’t 32 first-round talents in 2015, even though there continue to be 32 spots.”

    Then why do the Bills keep getting hammered for trading away an 1st round pick last year when there isnt 1st round talent where they would be picking? You never hear about that.

  61. No way in heck the steelers take donovan smith. He is a 3rd or 4th rd talent. He needed to stay in school another yr.
    They wouldnt pass on shane ray if he was there. Or marcus peters for that fact.
    You and your scout need to get out of the mock draft buisness. Horrible mock

  62. A lot of draft experts in here, I wonder why none of them is working for an NFL franchise? HMMMM???

  63. especially the GB fans. “No way they are drafting a WR” Well what if Amari Cooper or Kevin White falls to them?

  64. Lol…no way in hell Dallas burns a 1st rounder on Gordon…much more likely they trade down into the mid-to-upper 2nd rounder and take a shot at Mike Davis. That OL plus Davis would force defenses to load up on beef and create awesome mismatches @ WR.

  65. So it is the same thing every year. Sportswriters will remind us over and over again that NFL teams take a best player available approach to the draft regardless of position/team need. Then after the draft is done they grade each team by how they addressed their perceived team needs. Just once I would love to see a post draft grade examining if the player a certain team selected was the best player on the board at the time of their pick!

  66. I didn’t know that PFT, these commenters and the entire Mock Draft community were psychic. LOL.

    I don’t the my Chiefs taking Kevin Johnson with all the other talent still available at their pick, but what do I know.

  67. Baltimore will not take Perriman before DGB.

    don’t be so sure of yourself. DGB has a history of violence with women

  68. Browns should take a receiver at 12.

    And thank you for not having them trade up for Mariota. Of course, people are now starting to say the Winston to Tampa noise is just a smokescreen (for whatever reason) and they’re actually taking Mariota.

    Which would be awesome.

    Why the team with the first pick needs to try to fool anyone is beyond me, unless they intend to trade out of the 1 spot.

  69. Why on earth would the Bears draft a wide receiver when they need so much help on Defense.

  70. Why do so many have the Bears going Kevin White? It not happening, they’re going Defense. Fox’s first 2 stops, his first picks were Julius Peppers & Von Miller, Bears need to improve the D. Sure they traded Marahall but the team is high on Wilson.

  71. As unsexy as the Vikings pick of an OL at #11 would be, it’s probably the best move they can make going forward. If they want Bridgewater around for the entire season, they’re going to have to do a better job protecting him this year. Scherff can play guard or tackle, and would be an immediate starter and huge upgrade.

    While I would love to see Waynes or Parker as a Viking, that is only likely to happen if they trade Adrian Peterson, get a high draft pick in return, and use that pick to select their next starting left guard. That OL must be addressed for the Vikings to improve their record this year, and you can’t do that on day three of the draft.

  72. actually like what i’m seeing here for the browns…now only if the new Uni’s fell in line…………………………………

  73. I don’t see the Redskins staying in their spot. They will either trade up with the Tennessee team or down with someone like the Cleveland team. Down and getting more picks would be the preference.

  74. Your lips to God’s ears…… Lions fans would be thrilled if Shelton fell to 23. At least this one would be happy to have him in Detroit.

  75. Pats regularly picking at the bottom of the 1st round & still kickin butt…& they currently have 5 picks in the top 101…. Nice!!!
    Looking forward to seeing what Bill does!!
    Go Pats!!!

  76. I don’t believe the Bears will go offense at #9.

    #1. Their defense was horrid last year.
    #2. Their new coach is a defense oriented coach
    #3. They’re switching to 3-4.

    That means radical personnel change on the defensive side of the ball.

    They either trade down to get more picks.

    Or they go defense front seven.

    They can wait for a WR until day 2. or 3.

  77. Rarely if ever do I agree with PFT but the Ravens would be very happy to get Breshard Perriman at 26. However, if Shane Ray really drops to 29, no way Ozzie lets him sit so he will be gone at 26 if he is there, if not, glad to have Perriman.

  78. Yeah. The packers are going to pick a player with off the field issues, in a position of strength for the team, when better players are still available. Because that’s always what Ted Thompson does…..have you even watched an NFL game?

  79. There is no way the Bears take a WR at #7!!! Mr. Pace is not that stupid, WR is the deepest position in this draft and there’s no need to blow a Top 10 pick on one when you can still get quality in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th rounds. Look, I know the Bears traded Brandon Marshall…big deal, they still have Jeffrey, Bennett and Forte…the proverbial talent cupboard 3/4 full on offense but it’s completely bare on defense and that’s where he needs to focus his energy in this draft!!! I think the Bears need to target Vic Beasley, Shane Ray, Danny Shelton or Randy Gregory at #7 (obviously Dante Fowler if inexplicably falls down to them). You don’t make a team strength stronger and ignore the weakest position…you make the weakest position stronger so your team as a whole gets better.

  80. 30. Packers: WR Nelson Agholor, USC.

    Are you kidding me? A WR to Green Bay at 30? Is Matt Millen drafting for the Packers this year? If the Packers draft anything not defensive related with this pick you know that Thompson has been kidnapped and someone else is making the pick.

  81. Find it hard to believe that the Rams would pass on Schreff and that’s even if they DO re-sign Barksdale. Too many holes on that O-line to pass on the best O-lineman in the draft.

  82. After speaking to a person with NFL experience and scouting experience smart teams will draft the best player available. Reason – the draft is always a crap shoot, so you draft the best athlete available and use trades and FA to fill your needs.

  83. Ravens are on the clock at #26 and Peters, DGB, and Gordon are still on the board and they pick a WR from Central Florida? Yeah, OK.

  84. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Apr 12, 2015 9:33 PM

    One things for sure, the Cheats and Fish will draft another first round bust each to continue the trend of being the two worst drafting AFCE teams.
    Sure, you win the draft, meanwhile NE will continue the long time trend of dominating not only the AFCE but the NFL in general.

  85. “loubearkane says:
    Apr 12, 2015 9:54 PM
    Good Mock, can def. see the Bears going White or Cooper at 7 whichever one the Raiders don’t select.

    I think Dorial Green-Beckham is going to be the stud of the draft and doesn’t make it out of the teens.”

    If you think that Dorial Green-Beckham is going to be the stud of the draft, then you should have him rated higher than Cooper or White.

  86. EReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Apr 12, 2015 9:33 PM

    One things for sure, the Cheats and Fish will draft another first round bust each to continue the trend of being the two worst drafting AFCE teams.
    Every NE first round pick since 2001 became a starter for the team. Have to go back to 1999 when the Katzenmoyer pick busted.

  87. Colts take Shaq Thompson if he is still there. Take that to Vegas and buy yourself a new house!

  88. I’m an NFC North guy. On those picks:
    Bears – maybe.
    Vikings – no.
    Lions – maybe.
    Packers – no.

  89. CB Kevin Johnson of Wake Forrest to KC at 18? Are you insane? Have you lost your mind? There is absolutely no chance – zero – of that coming to pass.

    What a waste of a mock.

  90. Eagles taking randy Gregory? You realize we need a free safety and can use another corner ?

    We. How is the off season program going for you so far? Oh wait you are not on the team. hysterical.

  91. What possible reason would the Browns even consider Landon Collins in the first round let alone at 12.

    Our Secondary is probably the only thing the browns don’t need to consider in the first round.

    By far the worst pick I’ve seen for the browns in any mock draft this year

  92. Can you imagine if Gregory fell to the Broncos or Seahawks? That would be pure temptational torture for him around every corner.

  93. Bengals didn’t pay Clint Bowling to play guard. He and Whit imo will switch position. Everyone is mocking Peat to the Bengals but there are only 16 players with first round grades anyway. Sanu Marvin Jones AJ and the three other wide receivers who are not starting material are all free agents. I think wide receivers Perriman Dorsett or Devin Smith are far more likely picks. Perriman’s hands are question marks. They did sign the speed guy from Oakland as an insurance policy. Hue wants SPEED. What they lost when Hawkins left.

  94. I think someone just went to fanspeak and copied their FS big board 7 round draft thats what it looks like when i do same draft and use fs big board over cbs big board

  95. Mock drafts are a lot of fun but too often wrong BUT, this time I hope you are right and Atlanta takes an OT. Wow, that would be a switch, Atlanta taking what it needs the most, an solid offensive lineman. Let’s hope the new head coach can get his head out of his defensive mode and think of where his points come from…and protecting Matty has been neglected far too long in favor of “guns”. Get a great line in front of Ryan and even I would look like a great receiver.

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