Darren Sharper removed from his college’s Hall of Fame


Disgraced former NFL player Darren Sharper has been removed from the Hall of Fame at his alma mater, William & Mary, after pleading guilty to being a serial rapist.

“After a period of thoughtful deliberation, the decision has been made to remove Darren Sharper from the William & Mary Athletics Hall of Fame,” Athletic Director Terry Driscoll said in a statement. “We view induction into this group as the highest individual honor for a former William & Mary athlete, and criteria for selection include both athletic excellence and citizenship. In light of Darren’s recent guilty plea, we decided his removal was the right course of action.”

Shortly after Sharper was identified as a suspect in several rape cases, a debate emerged about whether he should be declared ineligible for the Pro Football Hall of Fame. But the reality is that Sharper, while a good player, wouldn’t be a Pro Football Hall of Famer even if he were a model citizen. That makes Sharper’s eligibility a debate the Pro Football Hall of Fame doesn’t need to have.

The William & Mary Hall of Fame, however, was faced with the debate and forced to conclude that Sharper is a man the school does not want to be associated with.

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  1. tokyosandblaster says:
    Apr 13, 2015 6:04 PM
    He’s still celebrated in Minnesota, where this kind of thing is not only expected, but is welcomed with enthusiastic applause.
    We had a intelligence driven comment section until this guy showed up.

  2. Wisconsin Badgers NCAA Basketball championship Choke.

    The Green Bay Packers Epic Choke in the NFC Championship game.

    Choking is hereditary in Wisconsin.

  3. I wonder if Sharper did what many alumni do and gave money to his alma mater through the years…and I wonder if said alma mater, in their “thoughtful deliberation” to remove Sharper from their Hall of Fame (the proper move in my opinion) also returned any donations he may have also made to them(another proper move in my opinion)…

  4. Peter King has stated numerous times that when it comes time to debate Sharper that he will have no issue discussing his worthiness. “The Hall of Fame strictly relates to an athletes on field performance and doesn’t take into consideration any off field issues”

    He hasn’t said whether he believes he will make it in but there’s at least 1 voter that will consider him when he becomes eligible.

  5. thepftpoet says:
    Apr 13, 2015 6:12 PM

    Wisconsin Badgers NCAA Basketball championship Choke.

    The Green Bay Packers Epic Choke in the NFC Championship game.

    Choking is hereditary in Wisconsin.

    13 and counting chump!!!

  6. Why does this site censor comments that are not in lock-step with the opinions presented in the articles? I realize I have a minority opinion here but you don’t win a debate by refusing to acknowledge the other side of the issue.

    What Sharper did was reprehensible but the honors he received earlier in his life were earned and have not changed. Removing him from the school’s HoF seems like PC garbage to me. Trying to hide history never works out very well and the premise of condoning the behavior by not stripping awards is absurd. As I asked earlier, are they going to rescind any degrees he earned as well?

    It is their program and they can administer it how they see fit. However, since removing Sharper’s honors based on behavior after his time there, aren’t they (by their own logic) now condoning all the actions of others that have not had any honors removed? I just think it is PC gone amok again because they don’t want to be perceived as supporting a serial rapist–but only a loon would believe that in the first place.

  7. I’m not sure I’m quite a fan of this Orwellian attempt to make Darren Sharper an unperson. Dude could have been a convicted serial killer and that still wouldn’t have changed the fact that he was an amazing player and arguably the best football player to ever emerge from that school. Like, if say Jerry Rice became convicted for the same crimes as Sharper, do we suddenly retroactively pretend he wasn’t arguably the best player to bless the gridiron? Remove him from the Hall? It’s quite easy to separate judging a player’s on-field achievements from whatever flaws they have in their personal lives. Peter King is a hack for a litany of reasons because he’s right on this particular issue.

    Also, how can you authoritatively say Sharper wouldn’t be a Hall of Famer anyway? Dude was a 6 time All Pro and is 7th all time in career INTs, just 1 behind Ed Reed. He has a more compelling candidacy than Troy Polamalu.

  8. As a Vikings fan, I fully expect ribbing, and smack talk, from time to time, from some fans, more than others. However, this subject is NOT that time.
    Women have been violated & likely scarred for life.
    Nothing funny here….nothing to joke about
    This is NOT something to joke about. I wouldnt wish this upon anyone.
    There is not a team in the NFL that has not had some sort of bonehead, pull some truly horrific stuff. No one should be tossing stones, as we all live in glass houses.
    I am saddened that my team, as well as the Saints, and Packers have to be associated with this sort of person, and his activities.
    My hope is that those hurt by this animal, can move past this painful chapter, in their lives.
    I know God is with these victims.
    God Bless

  9. I don’t care how good he played football, even at a HOF level. What he did was a disgrace to humanity and it goes with the territory. People hate what he did. They are disgusted by it. Its all punishment for what he’s done. It just doesn’t matter. He tarnished his own career. The school is just obliging him. I you can do the time don’t do the crime. Do you really think the only time he did this is the ones he has been caught for? I say suffer sucker. HOF not.

  10. I wonder how the HOF will vote for him.

    The only way he can’t get in without us speculating is if he doesn’t make the final 15.

    There’s an initial list of at least 100. Who the hell will pay attention to a top 100+ list when the final 15 and the enshrinees matter more?

  11. Sharper actually hurt people, but according to some here 10 DWI’s where nobody got hurt is somehow worse….

  12. Hall of Fame is ment to be what you did on the field not off the field. You can’t try and hide history the school was once tied to him… just like his history of being a player here being in the NFL ect none of that changes what changes is he is a criminal now.

  13. I cannot see how anyone can support this animal for the HOF. It is called the Hall of “FAME”. Fame as in honor and glory. This creature deserves NO HONOR NOR GLORY. His actions after his playing days were over have tarnished his reputation beyond repair. PERIOD.

  14. Did the NFL remove OJ from the Hall of Fame? They had multiple chances to do so, but he is still there. Why? Because the Hall of Fame in ANY sport is for what a person did ON THE FIELD!

    Considering what Sharper did (and he should be hung by his gonads) vs what OJ did (or technically was accused of, lost in civil court and now sits in Nevada prison) and in my mind, OJ is the worse of the two.

    Sharper may not make the NFL Hall of Fame, but it shouldn’t because of what he is going to prison for!!!

  15. King likes to play the technicality that the HOF is only concerned with production on a football field. The easy way to handle this is to play the other technicality whereby Sharper’s name is never put on any list for consideration.

  16. The three biggest reasons the Saints won the Super Bowl in 2009:

    1. Peyton Manning
    2. Brett Favre
    2. (A) officiating of the nfc championship game
    3. Darren Sharper

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