Intended or not, Browns are unpredictable as draft approaches

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The Browns have two selections in the first 19 picks in the draft.  And with the draft 17 days away, no one knows what the Browns will do.  While that’s a good thing on the surface, it underscores the deeper issues that are hampering the franchise.

No one outside the building knows who’s calling the shots.  From coach Mike Pettine to G.M. Ray Farmer to team president to Alec Scheiner to owner Jimmy Haslam (and maybe to the homeless guy who lobbied for Johnny Manziel), any, some, or all of them may have a voice.  Ultimately, Haslam makes the call; even when he acts like he isn’t, any billionaire boss who makes his preferences known to his employees necessarily is calling the shots, if those employees hope to remain his employees.

Regardless of who’ll be making the decisions on draft day, the Browns are believed to be in play to trade up for quarterback Marcus Mariota, with the primary hot spot being Washington at No. 5.  The question becomes what it will take to move seven spots.  The Browns can package the 12th and 19th picks, but that may not be enough, given what Washington sacrificed three years ago to move from No. 6 to No. 2 to get Robert Griffin III.

The Browns, in their perpetual quest for a franchise quarterback, tried to get Griffin, too, with former team CEO Mike Holmgren complaining loudly when Washington pulled off the trade.

This year, Washington is a factor again.  In theory, the Rams could be as well, if they decide they want to try to move up from No. 10 to get Mariota.  And if the Rams are in the bidding for Mariota, it suddenly will become difficult for anyone to close the deal, since it would be very hard for Washington to take a scaled-down package from St. Louis for a five-spot drop after giving St. Louis so much for a four-position climb in 2012.

Regardless, expect the unexpected from the Browns.  Largely because no one quite knows what to expect from them anymore.

39 responses to “Intended or not, Browns are unpredictable as draft approaches

  1. No one knows what the Browns are going to do because the Browns don’t know what the Browns are going to do.

  2. Unpredictable? We don’t know what the Browns will do?

    Of course we know what the Browns will do. They’ve been doing it since they’ve re-entered the NFL.

    They’ll screw up. I pity the fans, they deserve better. At least they have LeBron, I suppose…

  3. Please tell me why it’s important that any of us know the answer to any of these questions. If we don’t know what the Browns are going to do….IT MEANS THEY’RE DOING THEIR JOBS!

  4. Everyone knew that the Redskins overpayed when they traded for RG3. We knew the day it happened. According to the Trade Value Chart that NFL teams reportedly use they overpayed by about 270 points…or the last pick in the 2nd round.

    If the Browns traded 12 and 19 for the 5th, they would be overpaying by 375 points. Regardless of the chart, I personally think the Redskins would be crazy to not accept that offer.

  5. Articles full of often preposterous speculation written in a way that portrays the Cleveland Browns in a negative manner however, are entirely predictable.

  6. In this article we have two glaring examples of why the Browns – or ANY team – shouldn’t spend big to move up in the draft.

    First, the Browns have a potentially-wasted (no pun intended) first round QB from last year in Manziel. No, they did not spend big to move up for him, but he’s a perfect example of 1) a foolish pick forced on the team by a meddling owner, and 2) the crapshoot that draftpicks are (especially QBs).

    Second, we have Washington, who spent 3 first rounders on RGIII, and now is rumored to be looking to move up again for a QB already.

    It’s bad business. It’s a gamble. It’s far too expensive. For those who don’t remember, many “experts” said Ryan Leaf was a better prospect than Peyton Manning when they came out and we all know how that turned out.

    There are no sure things.

    I really hope Mariota goes to the Bucs so that the Browns don’t do anything stupid.

  7. they are going to trade those 2 firsts to the eagles for Bradford but only if they can extend him

  8. Most people don’t know what any team is going to do, not just the Browns. Brilliant analysis

  9. Prior to many key injuries last year, the Browns showed a tough, physical team. Maybe your team got beat by them. There were seven which included the writer’s Steelers and that should have been twice. Hate all you want because this team will be better this year. The disfunction talk is manufactured. Period.

  10. Just draft Randy Gregory and Green-Beckham what could go wrong?.. But in all seriousness the Browns, and Ray Farmer in particular, reviving bashing in regards to the draft for no reason. Last year Farmer bounced up and down the board grabbing the guys he wanted and coming out with an extra 1st rounder from Buffalo. Everyone was raving about how great he did as a first time GM in a draft. Then Gilbert and Manziel have the year they did and sports analyst protect themselves with a “Told ya so.” The same ones chopping his pedistal are the ones who put him on it. That’s sports media today. I expect good things from Farmer as outside the first round, including UFA, hit nailed it. Hang in there Browns fans

  11. The browns have been on Point with their first round QB selections, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, and Johnny Manzeil. I am curious to see who they add to that great list this year!

  12. Only three things are certain in life: death, taxes and the Browns screwing up the draft.

  13. Future picks are typically valued at the midpoint in any particular round.

    So the Washington/St. Louis trade stacks up as follows:


    6th pick – 1,600
    39th pick – 510
    Future #1 – 1,000
    Future #1 – 1,000

    Total – 4,100

    St. Louis – 2nd Pick – 2,600

    Conclusion: Washington WAY OVERPAID.

  14. huskersrock1 says:
    Apr 13, 2015 12:35 PM
    I understand the miss on Brady Quinn, but drafting Weeden and Manzeil in the first round is unforgivable.
    Quinn screwed himself by holding out. Perhaps had he signed earlier and gone through activities, his career follows a different trajectory.

    Then again, maybe he still sucks.

  15. Who knows if they know what they are doing. Hopefully, they will Build today for tomorrow. Lets face it, the brownies aren’t taking their “new logo” and new unies to the super bowl this year…
    Beef up the d line and grab a top tier WR in the first round and a o-line stud in the 2nd this year. Then pick up a talented QB in the draft next year.

  16. Somebody please lock Alec Scheiner and Jimmy Haslam in a closet somewhere until the draft is over.

  17. Hopefully the Redskins pull off the trade with the Cleveland team, they have a lot of needs.

  18. Lets get one thing straight, no ones trading a first round pick, let alone 2, for bradford. He’s worth a 3rd or 4th at best.

  19. Teams that have an owner who believe they know how to choose players a losing teams. It happened to Bob Kraft when he overruled Parcells but he learned it is not a road to success. Leave the job to the pros and just pay the bills.

  20. This from the same place that has the Browns taking a Safety @ #12 when they have two returning Pro-Bowl Safeties on the team and two DT tackles not returning.


  21. urbusted2 said:

    “The disfunction talk is manufactured. Period.”

    I’d believe you if Manziel had turned into a functional QB. With your boy coming out of rehab instead, well… that’s a harder sell.

    I’ve seen good moves by the Browns… unloading Trent in a trade was a very good one (although not drafting him in the first place would have been even better). I’d just like to see MORE of those kind of moves… especially front office actions resulting in say, making the playoffs, before I believe that the dysfunction talk is a media myth.

    It looks pretty real from where I sit.

  22. jimmy;

    if you think you got the right guy (Farmer) then let him do his job and have final say in the pick. If your not sure you got the right guy…. call bill belichek and tell him you will let him co- manage the browns at the same time he runs the Pats…. he would be up for the challenge…

  23. Well maybe their draft as a whole maybe unpredictable, but day one isn’t too hard to tell, they have had 18 1st round picks since returning to the league,.

    Joe Thomas, Haden have been amazing. They have had 2 or 3 other solid picks. The majority of them have done pourly like Weeden, Richardson, Couch, and Quinn.

    So chances are both of their 1st round picks won’t be amazing. I just hope for Cleveland fans they come away with 2 solid players with upside. They could use a great draft.

  24. I like the idea of locking Haslam & Scheiner out of the draft room. Let the professionals do their job.

    The Browns are so unpredictable because the “players” doing the drafting change every other year. You can’t get a fix on what they’re going to do.

    How about we let Joe Thomas & Alex Mack do the drafting???

  25. Quit worrying about a qb out of reach and go back to the basics. Do what you were feared for back in the day. Draft Gurley and some stud lineman and go back in time to the Jim Brown days or even the 80’s w Kevin Mack and Earnest Byner. The run will se you free again Cleveland. Even my Cowboys finally realized that!

  26. casualmalexlfan says:
    Apr 13, 2015 12:05 PM
    Articles full of often preposterous speculation written in a way that portrays the Cleveland Browns in a negative manner however, are entirely predictable.
    Perfect! Thank you sir.

  27. This shows the multiple value of getting it right, of getting that franchise QB. 1) you get the ABILITY of a good QB, 2) you get the LONGEVITY that allows you to build an offense around a QB’s talents, and 3) you SAVE all those future draft picks to build your team. starting QBs are predominately 1st rounders (I think 20 of 32 in 2014). 5 more were second rounders. And many of those 7 remaining teams misfired on 1st round draft picks like Locker and Bradford. How many picks did the Patriots save when Brady showed his greatness? What about Indy and Manning? Even the Cowboys and Romo?

    Since 1999 the Browns has drafted QBs in the first round four times! And 8 total QBs in the first 4 rounds!

    Since 1998 the Raiders have selected a QB in the first three rounds five times.

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