Jameis Winston visiting the Titans today, working with Rams later

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Just as chatter begins to build that he might not be the first overall pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, Jameis Winston is meeting with the team picking second.

According to Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, Winston is in Nashville today to work out for the Titans, and will have a private workout with the Rams in Tallahassee Saturday.

It would be interesting to know whether Tennessee’s apparent reservations about Marcus Mariota (the kind that would cause them to cast their lot with Zach Mettenberger) would be the same if Winston were on the board.

While it’s reasonable to have football concerns about either of them (Winston throws a lot of picks, Mariota hasn’t played in a pro-style offense), Winston would certainly bring the kind of excitement the Titans haven’t had in some time.

That’s not always a good thing, but when you’re bad and boring, the possibility of only being one of those has to be tempting, until you can cross both off the list.

9 responses to “Jameis Winston visiting the Titans today, working with Rams later

  1. There is something happening here.
    What is, is pretty clear.
    I think its time you stop, Jamies, whats that sound?
    Everyone’s boards your tumbling down.

  2. “Winston would certainly bring the kind of excitement the Titans haven’t had in some time.”

    Are you serious, Darin? I know of only one Titans fan in my Nashville circle who wants the team to draft Winston and that dude’s a Florida State fan. Others of us are not just repulsed by the notion, some of us go so far as to say we might consider taking a long break from pulling for the team if they choose him as the FACE of our franchise. The FACE. Keep in mind, it was just a few years ago we went through the whole Vince Young debacle. Vince, at least, was a nice guy who respected people (including women) and didn’t break the law.

  3. Mariota goes 1 and the Rams trade up for Jameis using Nick foles , #10 overall pick , and the Eagles 2nd round pick?? I could see it

  4. We alreadyhave one QB on the roster accused of sexual assualt, we don’t need another.


    Met plead quilty, but not to rape. He grabbed a waitresses butt in a bar, which he shouldn’t do of course. But it’s not even close to the same thing as Winston.

  5. The VY situation 2.0. Spoiled, emotionally immature, morally bankrupt, narcissistic young man who takes no responsibility for his own actions and shortcomings because he’s been fed his own hype since Pop Warner days. No thanks.

  6. Funny, both Mett and Lewan have received convictions while Winston was acquitted…Yet, I don’t see nearly as much venom towards these two guys, why? And let’s not forget Mett’s alleged failed drug test…But we should turn the keys to the franchise over to this guy?

  7. And this is why Nashville will never have a Super Bowl winner. Too many idiots speculating about things they have no clue about. Marriott will be there for u don’t worry. Winston will go first. Mettenberger is a joke. If u pass on Mariota u will continue to suck. If u take Mariota u will improve. Stick to football and stop thinking you are law enforcement or some kind of serial rapist profile unit.

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