Odell Beckham, Victor Cruz planning dual end zone celebrations

Getty Images

There are plenty of Giants fans hoping to see wide receiver Victor Cruz get back to salsa dancing in the end zone after last year’s torn patellar tendon knocked him out of action, but Cruz still has plenty of rehab work to do before he’ll be cleared for a full return to action.

The injury might not be the only thing standing in the way of his trademark post-touchdown dance session, however. Cruz said that he and fellow wideout Odell Beckham have spent some time discussing a scoring celebration that would involve both men. Cruz said that it was Beckham’s idea and noted that the two men would have to take care with their choreography so that they don’t upset noted dance enthusiast Tom Coughlin, who would likely prefer the two men shake hands and get on with the game.

“It’s gotta be something we can’t get flagged for, because I’m not trying to have Coach Coughlin kill us for something,” Cruz said, via the New York Daily News. “But it’ll be something kind of creative, so we’ll see. It’ll be good … We’re still wrapping our heads around it, but it’ll be fun.”

Previously unseen shades of crimson may cross Coughlin’s face if his receivers’ attempt turn a football game into a dance recital does result in a penalty, so they should probably take extra care on that front. With Cruz deeming himself 60-70 percent of the way back from his injury, there’s still time for planning for touchdowns before he’ll have to worry about scoring any of them.