Raiders, Dolphins, Ravens showing interest Michael Crabtree

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Former 49ers wide receiver Michael Crabtree has been our top-ranked available free agent for weeks. Three teams have emerged as the favorites to land him.

The Raiders, Dolphins and Ravens have shown the most interest in signing Crabtree, reports Matt Maiocco of That matches what PFT has heard. We’ve also heard that the Raiders currently appear to be the favorites.

The Ravens will get more interested if Crabtree is still available on May 13. That’s the last day that free agent signings count toward the compensatory pick formula, and the Ravens are the kings of compensatory picks.

Crabtree will take his time about finding the right team. He showed as a rookie that he wouldn’t sign until he got the offer he wanted, staging one of the longest rookie holdouts in NFL history before finally signing a contract in October. Crabtree has a history of waiting to get a deal done.

Whenever the wait ends, it looks like it will wind up with Crabtree in Oakland, Miami or Baltimore.

70 responses to “Raiders, Dolphins, Ravens showing interest Michael Crabtree

  1. crabtree is a good #2 ,so for the right price he would be a great addition to almost any team.

  2. Richard Sherman is still snickering! You gotta bring something to the table that people need if you want a job – Mr Sorry receiver.

  3. Never was a Crabtree fan and def. never lived up to the hype, would be a decent #3 I suppose.

  4. Guys stop hating before the injury he played well
    Foot injuries are tricky sometimes it takes a while to get full skills back
    No1 ever said he was a speed wr
    He is a possession wr makes plays as well needs a good Qb not a running Qb

    Ravens would be best spot for him out of those 3 teams

  5. “He showed as a rookie that he wouldn’t sign until he got the offer he wanted, staging one of the longest rookie holdouts in NFL history before finally signing a contract in October”

    Yeah, not so sure about that. He waited quite a while to sign in 2009, but it still wasn’t close to the deal he wanted. We are watching history repeat itself.

  6. Not the biggest fan Of Crabtree, but let’s not forget that the quarterback for San Francisco is not that good. Ask Vernon davis, Boldin and stevie Johnson. Kaepernick has not gotten it done ever since there’s been a full year of tape on him. I hope he takes a step forward this year but he hasn’t shown that he’s that great and you can’t judge Crabtree by this

  7. Crabtree isn’t even that good. Hold out in anticipation of a mediocre career? Too funny.

    Every team in the NFL should hold out on HIM until October to offer him a contract, but that isn’t likely to happen; there’s too many sucker GMs in the NFL.

  8. I remember being impressed with him in college. He hasn’t translated to the NFL and his attitude says 1500 yards receiving instead of the 800-1000 reality. I wouldn’t break the bank for him but he’s a decent 3rd option.

  9. Crab would not leave the glitz and glamour of the Niners to go to trash of Oaktown. Nice tarp Raiders! Dirt infield, 3-13, half empty stadium with Niners on their schedule? Miami? Sorry Raiders

  10. He had kaupernick at qb if he had someone throwing him the ball like Brady or Brees he already be signed. Even veron Davis be an elite TE if Brady was his qb.

  11. Let him go back to Santa Clara. I’m good with Rod Streater, James Jones, Amari Cooper, Andre Holmes, Brice Butler and 2nd WR we pick in this years draft. If we trade back or Wiliams or Fowler fall to us at 4, I’ll take 2 WR later in a deep WR draft. No thanks on Mr. Crabs.

  12. If the NFL really want to entertain us, he should get signed by Seattle, and get the locker next to Richard Sherman.

  13. A fourth team… my flag team (Sweep the Leg) is interested in Crabtree. He can stay in shape and we need depth at WR. So it would be a win/win for both parties.

  14. Lol sign with Seattle then Bennett wont be the only player saying his teammate is weak, no but seriously this guy is stuck on himself better find a team with a good QB to make you look good.

  15. Coin.
    That’s all Crabtree and his agent care about.
    It’s hurt his reputation ever since his first holdout in ’09, and this delay in signing with a team in free agency is just making it worse for him.
    Better sign before the draft or they will be stunned at how far his value plummets even more.

  16. Hope it’s in May because if Ozzie signs him we won’t be drafting a WR. Get a number 1, then Crabtree can be the 3rd or 4th option, not the 2nd.

  17. So Miami gets rid of two semi productive receivers (Marshall & Wallace) because of their diva attitudes and now they are considering signing a mediocre receiver with just as big an attitude???

    Continue the youth movement Miami and draft a WR. If Tannehill cannot mentor and develop a WR in his 4th season then he does not deserve to be a $100 million dollar QB.

  18. Personally I don’t think he’s better than our starting 3 of James jones, rod streater and Brice butler/Andre Holmes. But these guys tend to do really well in contract years (except last year lol) . Do your hw Reggie, one bad apple is all it takes.

  19. He’s revis without the ability. He’d be a great #3 wr or low end #2 if you have a legit #1.

    I’m a raiders fan and i want him, bc our other options stink, but i have no allusions about him being anything but potential that he still hasn’t shown since college

  20. Crabtree already turned down more than the Ravens are willing to pay so I dont see how the Ravens are interested. I doubt Crabtree will sign with anyone other than the highest bidder because he clearly has no interest in winning. The Raiders are the obvious choice. I guess if Crabtree was interested in going to a winner he would take less to go to the Ravens, but he wont so why waste space reporting the Ravens have interest because they are really just blowing smoke.

  21. Think Crabtree is reading the comments today?

    Wonder what he thinks he’s worth after reading just about every commenter telling him, ‘We really don’t need or want you, why don’t you go to X?’

  22. Nothing wrong with him waiting till he gets the right deal, and arm chair QB’s critiscing his approach. Clearly he has some leverage with 3 teams competing for his signature. Now conversely when it blows up in his face he has himself to blame. However, its his/agent decision to wait it out.

  23. joetoronto says:Apr 13, 2015 12:36 PM

    I hope the Raiders stay away from this idiot.
    Doesn’t matter anyways, they don’t have a good enough QB to get him the ball. Carr is going to be a bust just like his older brother. Raiders belong in the CFL.

  24. Torrey Smith and his $8million/yr salary to San Francisco


    Michael Crabtree, at a salary 1/4th the price Smith was signed for and a 3rd round draft pick…hmmm

    Ravens > 49ers

  25. Crabtree is a legend in his own mind.

    Contrary to this article, Crabtree does not have great hands unless he decides to become a hand model. Every time Crabs goes across the middle, he alligator-arms everything.

    I was hoping that he’d get picked up by Seattle, but they’re too smart for that.

  26. The Raiders are the worst-run organization in the league. The Dolphins are dysfunctional and will probably make a coaching change next offseason. The Ravens are always in the playoffs and are as well-run as any team in the NFL.

    Easy decision.

  27. Ravens make it happen 3 year deal 2 years guaranteed….one year to prove himself and one more year just in case he’s great! He can be a solid number 2 and can learn a lot from Smitty

  28. bluenose1965 says: Apr 13, 2015 3:20 PM

    I think Crabtree is waiting to see who drafts Jameis Winston.


    Crabtree & crab legs.

  29. bluenose1965 says: Apr 13, 2015 3:20 PM

    I think Crabtree is waiting to see who drafts Jameis Winston.


    Crabtree & crab legs.

    Touché 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  30. Hahahahaha this guy is mediocre. I wonder if he has still has the team of yes men vultures buzzing around him or if they flew away when they realized how bad he is and therefore has no money.

    If the Ravens were stupid enough to sign him (they’re not), he would sue the NFL after Steve Smith “bullies” him for being so sorry.

  31. I think Raiders make the most sense for him. He clearly just wants to be paid, and they have the most cap space.

    Miami offered him about 3 mil and he refused. I doubt they offer him any more than that, this isn’t the Jeff Ireland show anymore.

  32. Vet minimum, one year deal with Ozzie on May 13th, to be on a SB contender. Otherwise, let him head to the Sunbelt with either of the losing teams.

  33. You are all so clueless! The Dolphins offered him $3M and he wanted more! Why are you writing about Vet Min.? No team is going to sign him until after the Draft and more over the cutoff date May 12th for Compensatory Picks.

    He is a starting talent even though he is a diva and some team is going to sign him. I just don’t see any team spending $7M+ for a 2 year before the Draft. The only signings now are depth players. My 2 cents.

    -Signed a Fan of the Dysfunctional Dolphins that can still beat your team.

  34. I have no problem signing Crabtree on a 13 million three year deal as long as their is no bonus etc…..I would be willing to go 3mill, 4.5mill, and 6 mill, as long as their is a clean cut if at the end of any season if need be, with no $ going to dead space. If he does not play well, cut him.

  35. Why anyone would sign this guy for more than the league minimum is beyond me. He’s a poor man’s Freddie Mitchell, without the work ethic

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