Roman says all four quarterbacks will get first-team reps

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Last year, then-Jets coach Rex Ryan said there would be an open competition between Geno Smith and Mike Vick at quarterback.  And then Vick blew the whole thing up by saying it wouldn’t be an even distribution of first-team reps and the Jets eventually (and reluctantly) agreed.

This year, Ryan has suggested that a four-way chase for the starting quarterback job will happen in Buffalo.  Offensive coordinator Greg Roman has backed up the boss, telling reporters on Monday that all four quarterbacks will get first-team reps, at some point.

“I think all four are doing a very nice job in our meetings and in communicating, as we are in a teaching phase,” Roman said of Matt Cassel, EJ Manuel, Tyrod Taylor, and Jeff Tuel.  “They’re all going to have ample opportunity to get out there and practice.  When we start evaluating then we’ll start to play around with things a little bit, who’s with the first team the one day, and the next day, and so forth.  Everyone will have a chance to work with the first team and everybody’s going to have ample opportunity to put their best foot forward.  And then we’ll have a good feel for it as we go.”

It’s hard to imagine Tuel winning the job, but Taylor (signed from the Ravens) is the only quarterback on the roster Ryan has openly praised.  Some think the Bills will use a specialty package with Taylor, something Ryan tried at times with the Jets.

Whoever the quarterback is, the challenge will be to distribute the ball to an impressive collection of skill-position players who may get frustrated by not getting the ball in their hands.  Roman has an idea for keeping that from happening.

“Just get two balls,” Roman said.  “Change the rules.”

Then Roman said what many have said — that team success should keep any individuals from grousing.

“That stat we are about is winning,” Roman said.  “Everybody understands that in a team sport, sometimes you’re doing the dirty work and sometimes you’re getting the glory, but if it all ends up in helping the team win then everybody benefits, and it’s pretty obvious.  However, I think you have to have guys, character guys, and I believe we have those guys.  So, it’s a great problem, if you want to look at it that way.”

A great problem is still a problem.  And if the Bills don’t win, it could become a great big problem.  But at least they’d have three other quarterbacks to consider, if they have to bench the first guy to start.

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  1. The fewer reps the more likely I think that Cassel ends up the starter. The younger QBs need more reps not less to learn and do well.

    Cassel already has enough experience that he should pick up the system very quickly.

  2. Cassel is actually a decent QB. Not great, but a small step above last year’s Kyle Orton.

    Taylor hasn’t had a shot in the league yet but he’s managed to stick as a backup for this long and seems likely to build a niche for himself in that role until he gets his chance.

    Tuel likewise hasn’t had a lot of opportunity but as an undrafted free agent who keeps managing to stick as a backup, who knows? Maybe he’s developing into a competent player who will also build a career for himself in the league.

    As for Manuel, the competition for the position will show everyone what he’s made of. He’ll step up and be the best of the lot or he won’t. I suspect that before very long it will become a two-man competition between Cassel and Manuel or Cassel and Taylor.

  3. EJ needs to throw the ball downfield and quit being scared. U hear me EJ, shed the training wheels or enjoy the millions u have already made. U will be done.

  4. I like he 2 balls suggestion – reminds me of pinball with multiple balls in play (does anyone remember pinball?)

    Just be sure both balls are properly inflated….

  5. As a Virginia tech fan I’ve seen just about every snap Tyrod Taylor has played, I think he has the decision making ability and accuracy to be a decent QB in this league. Not saying he’s gonna be a star but I wouldn’t count him out as just a gadget guy before his first crack at a starting role.

  6. Roman is an accomplished OC that will maximize the abilities of all the candidates ( except Tuel)

    If he cant get it one of them to perform at least at a Andy Dalton level, it is time to look for a new batch of Qb’s and try again

  7. I believe the team already knows who they will start week 1 and that is Cassel… Manuel will likely see the field, but only if Cassel damages his opportunity in the first couple of weeks. Taylor will also see the field, but only on special plays. Tuel will likely be cut which is unfortunate because he does have the tools to become a decent QB, he just needs time to develop. IMO, It should be Manuel starting, with Cassel ready in case he doesn’t get the job done… Taylor would be used as a split back with plenty of opportunities to throw the ball and Tuel would be my third/emergency QB.

  8. You know what John Madden says “if you have two QBs, that means you really have zero QBs”. I can’t wait to hear what Madden has to say about four QBs. He’d probably advise the coach to update his resume. I’d say the Jets are getting ready to draft a QB.

  9. Interesting perspective for those that mentioned Kyle Orton. Look up his stats from his last full year as a starter in Denver. He had almost INDENTICAL stats to those that Joe flaccid had in the rat nest before Ozzie signed him to a super star contract.

    Makes you wonder why Orton never got no love in comparison

  10. Greg freakin Roman everyone! Give em a hand! Brilliant, just brilliant. 2 balls? Epic offensive strategy there, “Coach”! I can’t STAND Greg Roman. Incompetent SOB.

    I think Cassel is the starter and the Bills KNOW that. This is a situation where they don’t want to announce it too early because they know that will not inspire consumer confidence.

  11. they will be running the ball 80 percent of the time so who needs a starting qb

  12. If Cassel doesn’t lock up this job the first day in pads he should retire.

  13. Cassel is actually a decent QB. Not great, but a small step above last year’s Kyle Orton.

    They’re similar in many categories but any edge goes to Orton. He’s got more TDs, fewer interceptions, more yards per game and has won more games.

    Back in 2011 Orton actually replaced Cassel in KC late in the year after being traded from Denver. If Kyle doesn’t run off to be Dallas’ backup they would have went head-to-head during camp with Orton likely having an edge.

  14. having 4 quarterbacks is like having 4 jobs. in theory you should be better off for it, but the reality is you are way worse off.

  15. From what I’ve seen, I’d give the job to Cassel unless one of the others takes it away.

  16. It’s Taylor’s job. But they need to get Watkins healthy and a few more receiving options for any QB to have a real chance at succeeding

  17. hjb99992013 says:
    Apr 13, 2015 6:32 PM
    Roman is an accomplished OC that will maximize the abilities of all the candidates ( except Tuel)

    If he cant get it one of them to perform at least at a Andy Dalton level, it is time to look for a new batch of Qb’s and try again

    5 6
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    Yeah, you know…. cause he “maximized” Kaep didn’t he?

  18. What a shame.
    Great defense, some really good football weapons on offense.
    I don’t see any of those four doing even an average job, and that will lead to another 0.500 record, give or take a game.

  19. Thing to remember: this is not the CFL, which is pass happy with only 3 downs to play with.
    In a list updated to and including the 2014 season, minimum 40.000 passing yards, the top 2 QB’s in the list are both CFL players (Anthony Calvillo and Damon Allen, brother of Marcus Allen, and who threw for over 70.000 yards in his career).
    in the CFL, if you don’t have a competent QB that can air the ball 35/45 times a game, you’re toast.
    That is not the case with the Bills.

  20. Watermelon1, you mean like Robert woods? Or how about Percy Harvin? Or the best receiving backs in the league in Shady McCoy and Fred Jackson. Not to mention Charles Clay. Plus enough depth in Chris Hogan, and Marquise Goodwin to make any coordinator drool… point is, offensive weapons the Bills got.

    Now all they need to make the playoffs is for one qb to not suck. Not even excel, just not suck.

  21. 3 of 4 are better than ever (still young) and 1 of 4 had a strong year replacing Tom Brady when injured and in following that with a Pro Bowl year in Kansas City. Last year, he won the starting job over Teddy Bridgewater and after being sidelined by injury, who’s to say he didn’t contribute to Bridgewater’s success.
    is where
    Like Aaron Rodgers and Tom Brady, he sat and learned before playing; learned from Brady and Belichick.

    EJ Manuel’s intro to the league was different; rookie coach and inexplicably, no replacement for Kevin Kolb when he had a career-ending training camp concussion. He missed two weeks of training camp and was still opening day starter with fellow rookie Jeff Tuel behind him. His second injury meant the panic button and the best they could do was bring in Thad Lewis with one game of experience. Even more difficult for Tuel and Manuel was the poor play of the interior line; this is where “happy feet” and failure to go through with your progressions isn’t partly, but wholly blamed on the QB by the casual fan even when pocket protection is routinely breaking down. Enter experienced Kyle Orton who took his sacks and made the most of those times when he had time to throw.

    Manuel has a better chance of succeeding than ever before whether or not he beats out Cassel for the opening day start. Tyrod Taylor is an interesting addition and Tuel’s shot at a roster spot depends on a Cassel injury or giving up on Manuel, doubtful possibilities.

    I think the Bills will be in the playoffs and can make a deep run if the power running game and improved interior line play create one on one opportunities for Watkins, Woods, Clay, and Harvin. The likes of Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson won Super Bowls with less.

  22. Taylor was rated the 65th best QB. That means that 3 teams had 3 QBs better than him.He showed absolutely nothing in his 4 years in Baltimore. He even stunk in the preseason. How this guy convinced Buffalo to give him all that money is beyond me. He isn’t even worth veterans minimum.

  23. With the complex offensives these days good QBs are hard to come by. There are only so many Brady’s Mannings or Lucks. Let’s all be honest here. 1/3 of NFL teams would LOVE to have a better QB

    Wish Manuel and Cassel the best. Taylor certainly be inserted for. Gadget play but when the defense sees him in there they all have just about every gadget play down pat by now
    Look at the wildcat. Had defenses scratching their heads, until they figured it out and shut it down. But if you remember. SF did throw in a gadget every now and then but they did not take Kaep out

  24. joetoronto says:Apr 13, 2015 7:15 PM

    In other words, they all stink.
    Maybe, but Manuel had a better rookie year than Carr….don’t believe me look it up. Carr will be a bust just like his big brother David. The Raiders belong in the CFL so you could go see them locally.

  25. “I think all four are doing a very nice job in our meetings and in communicating, as we are in a teaching phase,” Roman said.”

    Wait a second. Does this mean they have been meeting with these 4 QBs and discussing/teaching football?

    That’s against the rules as far as I know.

    Where’s the Ginger Hammer? Still working on that JFK assassination report?

  26. Cassel made the pro bowl in Kansas City. He did well when Brady tore his ACL. Put a good team around Cassel and the Bills could make the playoffs….most likely as a wild card.

  27. What should scare Buffalo fans is that Cassel hasn’t demonstrated he can be a consistent starter anywhere he has played and he will likely be their #1 when the season starts.

  28. Love the trash talk about these 4 QB’s.

    Love how the haters conveniently forget EJ started last year 2-2, and the below average QB play of Kyle Orton got them to 9 wins- ONE game out of the playoffs, second in the division.

    And don’t twist this into anything other than a correction to the baseless comments above, Buffalo fans won’t be happy until they’re in the middle of a playoff run- But it’s pure ignorance to pretend there is a lack of clear progress on this team.

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