Schedule release likely coming next week

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With the draft only 17 days away and in light of the NFL’s habit of releasing the regular-season schedule before the draft, the window for releasing the 2015 regular-season schedule is getting fairly narrow.

The current thinking, per a source with knowledge of the situation, is that the sheet will be removed from the schedule on Tuesday, April 21, Wednesday, April 22, or Thursday, April 23.

Wednesday seems to be the least likely, given that ESPN currently has a Major League Baseball game scheduled for that night.  (Then again, the NFL schedule-release show likely would draw more eyeballs.)

We already know the “who” and the “where” for each of the 256 regular-season games; we just don’t know the “when.”  And we still don’t know specifically when we’ll know the “when.”  But April 21, 22, and 23 are the current hot spots.

23 responses to “Schedule release likely coming next week

  1. KEEP STRINGING IT ALONG GOODELL!!! Used to be at the first of April & used to be able to count on it!!! NFL is becoming the joke that Cuban says it will be!!!

  2. Can’t wait to see who the Super Bowl Champs will defending their title against!!!
    Go Pats!!!

  3. The only question is which team will the NFL screw with scheduling and which “darling” owner will get the best possible schedule regarding rest time after Monday/Thursday games, strength of opponent, cold weather venues, divisional rivalries etc.

  4. scoops1 says:
    Apr 13, 2015 9:53 AM
    Jets vs Pats Thursday opener!!!


    No way. It’s gonna be Bills vs. Pats or Steelers vs. Pats.

  5. scoops1 says: Apr 13, 2015 9:53 AM

    Jets vs Pats Thursday opener!!!
    That’s assuming the NFL uses common sense to schedule games.

    Four years ago, opening Sunday was September 11, the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Jets had a rotational home game against the Giants in 2011. Common sense said Jets/Giants, MetLife, NBC Sunday night – Statue of Liberty and the WTC light beams as a backdrop.

    What happened: Jets home game, MetLife, NBC SNF, Statue of Liberty and the WTC lights as backdrops – they got all that right. The opponent? Dallas Cowboys.

  6. Since Dallas gets every game nationally televised, I know that’s on national TV game for the Panthers. I hope the games with Seattle and Indy are national as well. Would love to see Luck get outplayed by Cam on national TV.

    I would also love to have just one year where we don’t have a game in Florida in September, but since we go there twice, I’m sure at least one, and more likely both, will be early.

  7. The Thursday night kickoff game is guaranteed to be widely watched. I think squandering the Steelers game when this game will have huge playoff implications whenever it is played. Why not save it for November?

    Opening night, all teams are 0-0. Perfect chance to schedule Bills or Jets. The Jets in particular have re-tooled (Revis, Cromartie, Skrine, Marshall, etc…). And they may make an even bigger splash and land either Mariota or Winston.

    Any game that brings back football will be compelling.

  8. Frazier28/7 says:
    Apr 13, 2015 10:14 AM

    week 17 vikings at packers.

    Good idea to rest your starters at home before your Super Bowl run.

  9. Hoping that the NFL schedules the Ravens trips to Oakland and Santa Clara on back-to-back weekends, allowing the Ravens to stay in the Bay Area, thereby avoiding two grueling transcontinental flights. This has been requested by the Ravens.

    If the NFL holds to its pattern of screwing the Ravens (e.g. not playing the 2013 opener on TNF because of the bogus Yom Kipper conflict), this request will be denied.

  10. Opening game is going to be New England at Denver. The Peyton Manning’s always get to host the Super Bowl champs. Oh wait, that only happens to the Ravens.

  11. Even worse too many games in London screwing at least 3 home town fans from which ever teams IDIOT Goodell decides to sent to a country that really don’t care about American football anyway.

  12. What’s with Ray farmer being suspended 4 games, and the Browns having a preseason TV game. Makes me wonder what the Browns have on Roger. And the BYE week, seems like some teams always have there’s early on, and some very good ones have there BYE later on, just asking. Bill

  13. “No way. It’s gonna be Bills vs. Pats or Steelers vs. Pats.”

    It won’t be bills or jets. What is the likelihood NBC is giving Buffalo a Sunday night game? Not very likely even despite a 9-7 record. For one, who is the qb? NBC is not going to give the bills a SNF. And when I mean SNF I mean a primetime game on NBC, the pats season opener go toward their allotted originally scheduled three games on the network all season until flexing. The pats are definitely playing Denver on NBC because they Brady and Manning is a bi-annual NBC affair. They have these other games to choose from:

    NE will probably play Indy on NBC at some point during the season as well over Philadelphia. Losing Foles, McCoy, and Maclin is a bad thing in network execs eyes and they are not subjecting Mariotta, Bradford, or Sanchez to three NBC games or a game against Brady. I think eagles may have had a good shot before those things happened so it’s probably going to be Pittsburgh and Philadelphia will have to settle for a late Fox game of the week. Most likely week 12 as thats when the last two meetings were played.

  14. “Knowing Goodell, with Bell out 3 games, Steelers schedule will be at New England, home to Balt then at Seattle”


    Pittsburgh has to play on the road weeks 1 and 4(unless a MNF week 4). Ravens also have to play on the road weeks 1 and 4(unless a week 4 MNF) but ravens played at home three of four week last year and 2012 so they are due for a three road game start in four weeks. So Pittsburgh hosting ravens week 2 is inlikely and steelers don’t usually play ravens at home week 2. Yes, there is a pattern with that stuff. And ravens cannot even play Monday night week 1 and that would have them go on the road the first two weeks. Seattle yes thats a possibility if Pittsburgh wants to have three road games in four weeks or a bye week week 4.

  15. Actually, only 253 games have been undermined…The Dates and times for the three London games have already been announced. I bet every Thursday game except the opener at New England will be a divisional game.

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