Grubman says timetable for relocation applications could be accelerated


NFL executive V.P. Eric Grubman has become a popular man lately in San Diego, St. Louis, and Oakland.  He eventually could be hanged in effigy in two of those cities.

Until then, folks in each of those three cities will hang on Grubman’s every word.  And he spoke plenty of words in San Diego on Tuesday that made the relocation of one or two teams to Los Angeles seem more likely, not less.

For starters, Grubman indicated that the next window for filing an application for relocation (which runs from January 1 to February 15) will be accelerated, via Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego.  Which makes sense; the smarter approach would be to tighten the period dramatically, forcing teams to file applications after the regular season ends and before the postseason begins, minimizing the distraction that comes from an effort to move one or more teams.

(Things will get much more interesting if the Rams, Raiders, or Chargers qualify to host games in the postseason.)

Regardless of who it is, it looks more and more like the time is coming for one or two teams to return to L.A.

“The momentum has been generated, and it continues to build,” Grubman said.

And Grubman, who made the trip to San Diego to discuss plans for building a new stadium there, was candid regarding the local NFL team’s efforts to satisfy league rules regarding relocation.  Via Gehlken, Grubman pointed out that a team must simply “engage in a good faith effort” before changing addresses.

“It doesn’t need to exhaust all possibilities,” Grubman said.

Grubman added that the Chargers have engaged in a good-faith effort to stay in San Diego.  Which makes sense, given that the Chargers have tried for 14 years to get a new stadium locally.

So while the powers-that-be in San Diego finally have rolled out of bed, they hit the snooze button for far too long.  And as the saying goes, if you snooze, you don’t win.  Or something.

16 responses to “Grubman says timetable for relocation applications could be accelerated

  1. It’s all a bluff to get billioniare wellfare. After fooling MN tax payers, the NFL is doubling down. They are going to get 2 or 3 cities to hand over billions at once.

  2. I can’t wait for L.A. to get another team!…that they’ll hold onto for about 10 years before re-locating to Oklahoma City.

  3. They’re not moving any team to LA before they milk (extort) every possible dime from the taxpayers they can for every team that wants a new stadium in their current market.

    How many years has this (threat of moving to LA) been used as the ultimate leverage against teams’ current cities to pony up billions of public dollars to help billionaires get richer? Probably since 1995.

    The wildcard in this is Stan Kroenke, who may just up and move his team to LA and secure funding himself.

  4. LA has shown in the past that they won’t support an NFL team anymore than Oakland, San Diego or St Louis does so why even move back there?
    LA has very few Charger fans how are the Chargers gonna sell more tickets there than in SD? Makes no sense at all.

  5. Of the 3 teams, the Rams are the most likely to relocate in Los Angeles. Carroll Rosenbloom will finally rest in peace when the Rams come home. As for the Raiders and Chargers. I see the Chargers moving to Los Angeles, and the Raiders staying in Oakland.

  6. The Chargers aren’t going anywhere. The Carson plan is way to behind and Stan Kroenke wants LA to himself and has the means to do without the either SD or Oak.

  7. Cardinals should have stayed in St. Louis, Rams could have moved to Arizona, then Chargers and Oakland could have done this California dance without throwing so much of the NFL landscape out of whack.

    This is just the latest in a pretty sorry row of falling dominoes, thanks to the avarice and ego of a few foolish NFL team owners.

  8. What a lucky stroke of fortune that they should expedite this requirement in time for the Rams to move…which they were going to do anyway. I mean, what were the odds?


  9. The League clearly wants the Chargers to move, as a reward for their “patience” in the face of San Diego’s unwillingness to waste public funds on an NFL stadium that would provide zero economic benefit to San Diego.

  10. If the League actually cared about getting the LA situation right, the answer to all of this would be simple: Rams move back to L.A. Everybody else stays where they are. L.A. gets its historic team in a state-of-the-art facility and generates massive profits.

    But that would interfere with the extortion racket. Here’s how the situation looks in NFL Bizarro-world:

    * San Diego and Oakland aren’t willing to redirect tax dollars to massively lucrative private businesses with little or no economic impact – they must be punished!

    * Meanwhile the Governor of Missouri and his cronies are trying hard to figure out a way to incur half a billion dollars of public debt and funnel that cash directly to the NFL — without letting the public or legislature vote on any of it. Missouri must be rewarded for such a responsible approach!

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