Rex Ryan responds to Jace Amaro, Rex Ryan style


For the final two years of his tenure with the Jets, coach Rex Ryan didn’t allow himself to be himself. Now in Buffalo with a clean slate, Rex is Rex again.

The latest example comes from an interview with Jenny Vrentas of, where Rex responds to recent comments from Jets tight end Jace Amaro about the final year of the Ryan regime.

Said Amaro: “Guys just weren’t accountable last year as much as they could be. I think that’s the biggest thing, he’s making sure everyone’s gonna be 100 percent in or he’s not going to be on the team.”

Said Rex of Amaro: “He’s full of sh-t, and I’ll remind him of that when we play him.  Look, we weren’t perfect, and I never said we were going to be perfect. But that’s a f–king b.s. comment.  But, hey, he’s happy that he’s got a different coach in place. W e’ll see how happy he is when I play against him.”

Ryan also confirmed that, once the Jets fired G.M. Mike Tannenbaum and hired John Idzik, Ryan knew the bell eventually would be tolling for him.

“They were trying to pull away from me,” Ryan said. “Like it was my fault, somehow, that people identified the Jets with me, and that was a bad thing and not a good thing.  I was just being who I was.  From that point on I knew I wasn’t going to be long for that job.”

The Jets dispute Ryan’s belief, but it was obvious to anyone paying attention that Rex was walking on eggshells for the last two years.  He’s now planning to stomp on anyone who gets in his way, and that’s the Rex Ryan that not only can lead a team to great places but also can make the NFL a lot more fun to follow.

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  1. I am a Seahawks fan but I love the way Ryan will say it like it is. So what if he thinks his team will win it all every year, what coach doesn’t think that. As a player I don’t want a coach who doesn’t think my team will win it.

  2. hahahaha so happy as a Jets fan. Bills get ready for a classless coach who doesn’t know how to evaluate offensive talent for his life

  3. “He’s now planning to stomp on anyone who gets in his way, and that’s the Rex Ryan that not only can lead a team to great places but also can make the NFL a lot more fun to follow.”
    Really. So why didn’t it happen with the jets, and why did the jets get rid of him if he’s so great.

  4. Geno Smith missed team meetings and received no punishment for it. Obviously Jace noticed that and said what he said.

    No need to have a fit there Rex.

  5. Why is he talking like he’s a veteran. Bro you couldn’t catch a cold last, your own teammates didn’t believe in you…. Phinsup tho

  6. The proof is in the pudding. When Rex was fired no team came calling. The Bears even went out of their way to deny any interest and the Falcons thumbed their nose at Rex. The truth is he’s not head-coach quality and the only reason the Bills took him is that the new owners, nice though they may be, are neophytes in the NFL and did not really realize just what a joke Rex has been in the league. I really believe Ralph Wilson would never have hired the ‘Mouth that Roared’. now the Bills are stick with the Pompous One and like his blowhard father, the Bills will never see the SB. let alone win it. .

  7. This is another example of why Ryan is not head coach material. What coaches do you respect who engage in this sort of stuff? Amaro speaks the truth, and it’s a good thing Bowles is setting the bar for better team discipline. Get everyone to buy into it–this “team first” attitude can have a positive effect and can be a part of developing a winning culture.

  8. There are only 32 head coaching jobs in the NFL. Why would a coach not hold himself accountable and insinuate it was the management? That is the bleep bleep bleep part of it coach Ryan.

  9. Rex Rollercoaster starts fun, fast, lots of post game fun, winning with the previous coach’s players.

    Then when he picks the players, less fun, less wins, still fun post game highlights

  10. All the Ryans are big blowhards who can be very good Coordinators, but really not Head Coaching material.

  11. The Bills have needed this for a long time.
    Robert Woods has brought this kind of swagger, but beyond that, it’s been a quiet, humble team.

    That hasn’t worked.

    I respect Marrone for getting us to a winning season, but this is the type of attitude needed to take it to the next level.

    Rex did not have this quality or personnel on the Jets.
    Let’s go Buffalo!!

  12. You can tell someone is telling the truth about someone by the way the person who they’re talking about reacts to the comment.

    This is the man who never wins after bye weeks.
    He took the team out partying at Dave and Busters in 2013 the night before a game at Buffalo.
    Calvin Pryor was late to many team meetings and never received discipline.
    Geno Smith skipped a meeting as well and still started the game vs SD.
    The 2011 Santonio Holmes debacle.

    People associated you poorly with the Jets because of your outlandish statements about winning super bowls and Demario Davis being the next Ray Lewis, and Woody and the rest of the team wanted to escape the shadow casted from the clown tent you put over us from 2011-2014.

    By the way, Rex when you try to prove to Amaro on the field about this I hope prior to it you suddenly learned how to develop a QB, because without a franchise QB you’re not throwing on that secondary.

  13. See, the thing is, if Rex himself didn’t make so many boneheaded moves over the year, he wouldn’t have had GMs micromanaging him

    He basically killed Sanchez’s career by taking a Junior QB with confidence issues and then guaranteeing before the NY media that Sanchez would do what no QB had done since before Man walked on the Moon.

    That’s just one of a few dozen examples of bad head coaching, no matter how anyone tries to defend him

    He’s just not good for the NFL – entertaining, yes – but so are the Globetrotters and I don’t expect their coach – or the coach of the Jets equivalent – the Washington Generals – to be coaching the Pros

  14. Rex is right. I am a diehard Jets fan. The team that will be on the field this year, talent wise……is far better than any team Rex was able to coach.

    Sad to see Rex go…..yes he was a blowhard….but he made 2 AFCCG’s with Mark Sanchez at QB…..not many coaches would be able to do that.

  15. Rex Ryan telling someone they are full of excrement is like a pot calling the kettle black. Ryan is a windbag and full of himself and he will be that way no matter where he coaches.

  16. He is a 26-38 in his last four years with the Jets and had the 21st or worse ranked defense in four straight years.. He gets a lot of PR for being mediocre he is living of two AFC championship games.. yikes.

  17. To use an analogy that most have seen before, Ryan reminds me of that kid that comes to the court/field fully decked in sports gear, but is a useless player.

  18. “When I play against him.”

    Oh, really, Rex? Are you going to be suiting up and taking the field? That blurs the line between a coach talking and a dumb fan talking.

  19. The Bills will be just as bad as the Jets were under Ryan the last 3 seasons and then, finally, people will realize that the guy simply isn’t NFL Head Coach material.

  20. From a Jets fans perspective… It’s nice to see Rex back to his old self. And for the record… Of course the organization will never admit to it, but we all know that he was a lame duck coach the entire time Idzik was the GM. This division just got a whole lot more interesting.

  21. Uh, they identified the Jets with you because of your huge, never stopped running mouth.

    And now you act like all your wild guarantees of winning the Super Bowl and everything else you claimed the Jets would do had nothing to do with that?

    You’re a total joke and I actually feel sorry for Bills fans that they’ll be stuck listening to you for the next couple years till the Bills fire you.

    And of course there was very little accountability in your locker room, that’s why the players were so happy to get such an inept coach back that last year.

  22. Sexy Rexy says “we’ll see how happy he is when I play against him.”

    Really? Because I’m pretty sure you’re not actually playing in the games Rex.

  23. This clown has a career coaching record of 46–50–0.

    His last four years were 8-8, 6-10, 8-8, 4-12

    Can we stop with this foolishness that he is a “winner” or that he “knows how to win” and is going to “stomp” on anyone?

  24. Rex is a solid coach, listening to tomlinson talk about him won me over. during a pregame vs the pats, tomlinson said in order to hype everyone up Rex said “alright guys, follow me out to the middle of the field, I’m gonna punch belicheck in the face”. According to LT that got everyone ready and they proceeded to win the game. Obviously Rex wasn’t serious but he just has a way to get players ready to play for him. I loved it And I can’t wait to see what he does with a talented buffalo roster.

  25. O Rex, Rex, Rex…you need a QB and offensive line to even start your trash talk. As an EAGLES fan we loved your daddy, but he talked more then he won also. You’re fun though !!!

  26. Yeah, I’m sure he is Rex. No way under your watch would people be at the movies when they should be at a meeting and the. Start that Sunday…oh wait.

    Well at least your team didn’t go to Dave and Busters the night before a divison game coming off a bye week and lose…oh wait, well at least Bills fans are familiar with that one.

    But that wasn’t Rex’s fault. That wasn’t anyone’s. Because he never holds anyone accountable.

  27. Good god. I’m embarrassed to read his quotes. They weren’t perfect? According to him, they were going to the Super Bowl every year! Can’t wait to start laughing at Rex 2.0.

  28. I actually believe Amaro. You are not known as a “Players Coach” unless you run a loose house. Amaro probably expected a tight ship in the NFL but noticed something different….like his starting QB being unable to tell time and going to the movies instead of meetings.

  29. I think they pulled away from Rex because he only won 2 games last year. I think it’s funny that Rex is mad at the Jets. They stayed with him way too long.

  30. Not sure I like him or ever liked him, but Rex sure does make the NFL interesting. Guess I can say the same for Belichick and they are so, so different. Some divisions are so dull I can’t even name half the coaches. But when Rex and Bill are leading your opponents… you always have to keep an eye on them.

  31. Rex will talk trash now that he has a developed roster like the one he ruined in NY. He will ruin this one also.

  32. Rex is a loudmouthed loser who has never – EVER – backed up his bragging. Three Super Bowl-winning guarantees – and he never even made it to the game ONCE (much less won it). That alone destroyed any scrap of credibility he may have once had – except with the media, who love him to death. I am so sick of the media propping up this moron just because he gives good sound bites. Wake up, idiots. Rex Ryan = the bragging loser you knew in high school who never amounted to anything. All talk – no results.

  33. Good ol’ Sexy Rexy sounding like he did before. It’s gonna’ be fun listening to him again. Sounds like he’s already winning games in April. The same ol’ Rex. He’s good to listen to and . . . . . Hey? Did I say he’s sounding like the same ol’ Sexy Rexy?

  34. Can you see a top coach like Bill Belichick responding with cuss words to the likes of Jace Amaro? Rex’s hypersensitivity to criticism surfaced again.

  35. Considering he didn’t have a QB, a quality O-line, quality RBs or WRs, I thought Rex Ryan did an admirable job with the Jets. He’s taking over a much more talented roster in Buffalo and I won’t be surprised if the Bills win that division within the next couple of years.

  36. Amazing. Never has someone who’s accomplished so little garnered so much attention and has had a higher opinion of himself/herself.

    Oh wait. Johnny Manziel.

    Oh wait. Kim Kardashian.

    Yep. Rex is in great company.

  37. While we of course do not know what went on behind the scenes last year, history has shown that Rex’s teams have been, if anything, not accountable.

  38. I think there’s some truth to that. Rex is more of your friend than your coach and I don’t think he likes to dole out punishment when it’s due, but as a Jets fan, it’s water under the bridge. One of the first things I said when the Jets hired T-Bowles was that the Jets would now have the discipline they lacked.
    Rex knew he was on the way out and with the incredible lack of talent and tough schedule last year, there was no way to win games. The same mistakes were made over and over and watching every post-game conference with Rex was like listening to a broken record. I blame Idzick and Woody mostly.
    Once you lose hope, you lose hope and that’s just what it was.
    2015 is a new year, a fresh start and the Bills better watch out. We still have some talent to get but the team of 2014 is way far out in the distance.
    Let’s also not forget that so far, the way that Rex has played out in Buffalo is the broken record of how he played out in NYJ. He’s saying the exact same things.

  39. Bills fan and I loved him in New Jersey and now I love him in New York. Welcome back Rex, even though we destroyed your team twice last year. Let’s see what you can do with an actual NFL team with a terrible qb ala 2009-10 NYJ.

  40. cmon guys. everybody knows that the jets dysfunction starts at the top with woody. been a pats fan a long time and one thing ive always noticed. woody always seems to care more about creating a buzz to fill seats, whilst not doing much to improve the product on the field. he has rarely spent any money in Free agency, but once he dumps rex he drops 125 million to save egg on his face. good luck with your secondary jets, since the afc beast is now a running game division, and i dont need to remind anyone what a terrible tackler cromartie is, we all remember shonn greene lol or him running the other way from tim tebow. if your corners cant tackle, theyre a waste of money.

  41. No dog in this fight, but Amaro is definitely a classless punk and I hope Rex’s boys crush him. Rex is better than Bowles, guarantee that.

  42. Amaro did not talk smack…he stated the truth. On the other hand Rex has had, lets say less than good QB play his whole tenure with the Jets, that makes it very hard to win – period.

  43. “…and when I’m coaching Millard Fillmore High School football in three years we’ll see how happy Amaro is about that! Hah! I win the off-season again!”

  44. Rex: “I’m going to get my lapband removed and go to chipotle!”

    Comments saying Rex sucks because of how bad the Jets roster is are hilarious, thank the clown Idzik.

    Was a Falcons fan but have known better than the retard GM Dimitroff for multiple seasons that the highschool caliber level OL and DL doomed the team.

    Wanted them to hire Rex instead of Mike Smith and this offseason, but when Blank didn’t can the worthless GM no way Rex would take the job after being sunk by a worthless GM at his last stop.

    Can’t blame him. Buffalo’s roster is sick. If they can fall into a real QB like Rivers via trade or hit on a steal QB in the draft they are a legit contender.

    Did anyone see how terrible that offense was with Kyle Orton last year? That defense was dominant.

  45. Rex can win with his style of football if he has the players to fit the scheme. In 09 and 10 he had great O-Lines with average runners and a rookie QB. D went from 16th to 1st immediately and second wasn’t close. I mean, you had a team run for 300 yards on consecutive weeks and lose the first when the Sanchise throws 5 picks. Elias Sports Bureau calling.

  46. Well Rex, aside from Parcells you left the jets like every other jets head coach that coached them for more than a year

    (with a losing record)

    And unfortunately only Ewbank and Walton lost more games than you.

  47. I know it’s only mid-april and talk is cheap…
    Still…I wish I could be raisin crows…so I can sell them to all the guys in PFT…because they will be eating a lot of them…

    Yes..I know…Rex and his big mouth…bla bla bla..the Jets..bla bla bla…never been to a SB bla bla bla no QB bla bla bla…

    Make sure to come back guys when the Bills are marching towards a playoff berth..

  48. He is a 26-38 in his last four years with the Jets and had the 21st or worse ranked defense in four straight years.. He gets a lot of PR for being mediocre he is living of two AFC championship games.. yikes.

    Total yards per game hardly equals defensive ranking now does it? If your offense is terrible, then your defense is on the field more and more yards are put up against them. That is a complete BS indicator of defense. Your ’21st or worse’ ranked defense was top 13 in YARDS PER PLAY in every year you just said 21st or worse. Even that isn’t the best indicator, but it’s a lot better than total yards which just means your defense is on the field a lot.

  49. No class at all but Bills fans love him because he keeps them in the news.

    That’s what happens when you’re team is a perennial loser, you crave the attention and settle for “almost making the playoffs.”

  50. Let Rex be Rex. Just have to add a “I” in front of the Sanchez tattoo to make it Cassel

  51. Most Jet fans have long known that while his defensive schemes were often brilliant, Rex always had some serious shortcomings as a HC. What Amaro said is certainly not news to them. Heck, I seem to recall very similar comments made by Greg McElroy soon after HIS rookie season several years back.

  52. The guy is a lousy game day coach, 46-50 record has an Ego like his dad thinks he’s better than he actually is . Bliss will be a typical Ryan team good to great a Defense that gives up more points than it actually should, an offense that scores about 17ppg. Won’t be good enough to win 11 games a year.

  53. Bills fan and I’ve always liked Rex. He certainly does not mince his words or give nuanced and guarded responses. Much respect to any man who speaks his mind.

  54. This sounds like a complete overreaction by Ryan. This is a sure sign of truth related to Amaro’s statement. Furthermore, I disagree that this marks the return of the old Ryan. This seems like an insecure version of Rex which more closely approximates the Rex of the recent past.

    What happened to the bravado……false or otherwise…….

  55. It was obvious to anyone who knows football that after 2 straight AFCCG….Gang Green’s owner and GM gutted the talent from the roster. Disgruntled Jets fans like to point to the last 4 years where they finished 8-8, 6-10, 8-8, and 4-12 and “blame” Rex. Yet every expert in the country had them finishing with no more than 4 or 5 wins those years based on their talent level. Talk about over achieving! Amaro is a joke and should try to actually accomplish something in the NFL before running his mouth and talking crap.

  56. funny how quickly Fans forget how little talent Rex had to work with after those AFC Championship runs – and bad offensive evaluator? that wasn’t his department that was Idzik & Tannabaum, he was just the coach

  57. Idzik gave Rex a lousy team last year. Sat on 20+ million. Say what you want about Rex’s big mouth but he got dealt a bad hand before last year ever started.

  58. I’d love to talk trash & get paid like Rex, criticize him all you want, but unlike those talking as much junk as Rex does, don’t get paid like Rex does.

  59. Rex your full of hot air. You didn’t get the offensive personnel situation fixed. You had two years. You couldn’t hit the side of a barn with a good offensive player. Even so Many of those games were winnable so don’t start whining about your situation with the Jets now. A lack of game time leadership on your part was a big part of the problem. Standing on the sideline and shaking your head in disgust doesn’t qualify as exceptional leadership. I’m left with that image of you in my mind you did it so often rather than coaching your guys up or making competent clock decisions. Lack of discipline with the players was a major piece of the fiasco! Your can’t be buddy buddy with the players and lead them at the same time. Grow up. Stop your victimhood. Winning is what matters not your blowhard statements.

  60. Rex’s style occasionally gets him a big, and unexpected, win over a better team. But I prefer a coach who is consistently a winner. I’m betting he has a couple bright spots this season, but that his approach wears out Bills fans within a few seasons, just as it did Jets fans.

  61. As a Panthers fan, I had to endure 9 years of “it is what it is,” “he’s got a knee” and “known quantity” with John Fox. Follow that up with Ron Rivera, who is only marginally better personality-wise, and you get a fan that wants to see every minute of every Rex Ryan presser. Go get ’em, Rex!

  62. Great. The classless blow-hard is back! The question is, who was making QB decisions in NYC? If Rex wanted to draft Sanchez or Geno, I’d say he was a big part of the problem….

  63. I am guessing that this one comment will give many Bills fans pause. He came in got the custom truck wore the blue suit with the red tie. Great, all in in Buffalo, right? Then he signs some players, Ok qb rotation, big defense, Richie Incognito (wait, who?), building a bully. Ok Rex settle down it’s not even the draft yet.

    Now this and all I can think (if I were a Bills fan) is, “Uh, oh.” Now the wreckage of the Jets becomes clear. That is what’s coming Buffalo. Sorry…

    He is nothing if not entertaining.

  64. “Sad to see Rex go…..yes he was a blowhard….but he made 2 AFCCG’s with Mark Sanchez at QB…..not many coaches would be able to do that.”


    How is that reflected in the history books?

  65. I am a long time jets fan,I liked Rex for his entertainment value,as far as a coach mediocre at best,clock management issues every year,too many penelties,at crucial times in games,not a very smart game manager of team,and thank god won’t have to hear him endorse a Q.B coming off a brutal,nightmare game of 5 int.3lost fumbles

  66. I look forward to the excuses this year when Buffalo finishes out of the playoffs again. I’m sure it will be the front office’s fault, or bad officiating, or some “tough breaks”, nothing to do with Rex of course.

  67. ameradian1 says:
    Apr 14, 2015 9:50 PM
    “The proof is in the pudding. When Rex was fired no team came calling. The Bears even went out of their way to deny any interest and the Falcons thumbed their nose at Rex. ”

    Do you not realize Rex was the first coach hired this off-season?

  68. Love all the haters. The Bills D is gonna be nasty, thats why the Bills hired him. Anyone blaming Rex for the Jets offensive woes needs to go back and check the rosters he was given to work with. The talent level the last 2 seasons was average at best. Roman has a similar philosophy to Ryan which is why the Rex brought him in.The Bills have weapons to stretch the field and 2 pretty versatile RBs. The O- line needs to rebound and I think they will. Marrones overly conservative style put a ton of pressure on them last season,not to mention they were starting a rookie at RT(who may be one of the biggest steals of the 2014 draft). The Bills were the number 2 rushing offense in 2013 I think you’ll see the offensive line improve by leaps and bounds under Roman. Teams are going to have a tough time stuffing the box with Watkins, Harvin and Woods on the outside and Clay between the hashes. If the offense can improve just a little from last season and the defense plays like they have been the Bills will win those close games they need. I’m not saying Super Bowl but as a long time Bills fan hopefully Rex can put it together and get us to the playoffs!! GO BILLS!!

  69. Inherited a team wins. Builds his own team loses.

    There’s your proof Rex isn’t all that good when it comes to football, however when it comes to a circus act he wins the Big Red Shoes trophie

  70. As a Pats fan I really do enjoy Rex Ryan–he’s great for the NFL. Glad to see him with Buffalo, he has a chance to make them very competitive.

    Glad he’s back and in the division as you know it’s going to be fun in our division going up against him twice every year. Very entertaining and competitive division.

  71. As a phin fan I just know our division may be the hardest in the nfl this year. Its going down to the wire every game. Proof? Even my Boi earthwake knows this now that’s. Class he never throws anyone under the bus or point fingers just state facts or give a classy opinion. Its going to be interesting and anyone who thinks they are blowing anyone in the afc beast out are either nieve or ignorant to actual football even still u got to give him credit for a) being entertaining b)amping his players up………. even if it doesn’t translate into many wins!.. ziiiiiiing sorry had to do it I am a phins fan. See even I ain’t wake lmao

  72. “People associated you poorly with the Jets because of your outlandish statements about winning super bowls and Demario Davis being the next Ray Lewis, and Woody and the rest of the team wanted to escape the shadow casted from the clown tent you put over us from 2011-2014”

    I’m pretty sure there was a clown tent before 2011, in fact I’m pretty sure there’s been a clown tent since Woody has had the team (and even before to an extent).

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