Steelers announce cornerback Ike Taylor’s retirement


While this one won’t draw the attention of the last one, the Steelers are dealing with the retirement of another longtime member of their secondary.

The team announced that veteran cornerback Ike Taylor was retiring.

Of course, unlike safety Troy Polamalu, Taylor was a free agent and had a chance to go elsewhere, but didn’t.

Longtime safety Ryan Clark also announced his retirement in March, starting the parade to the door.

Taylor was drafted by the Steelers in the fourth round of the 2003 NFL Draft, and stayed there his entire career, helping them win a pair of Super Bowl titles.

Taylor was initially open to the idea of changing teams (and positions), but seemed to realize there wasn’t a market for his services recently.

While his 2014 season wasn’t one to remember (he was eventually benched after coming back from a broken arm), Taylor’s long and productive career with the Steelers is still worth remembering fondly.

53 responses to “Steelers announce cornerback Ike Taylor’s retirement

  1. He JUST mentioned this was gonna happen the other day when speaking of Troy and said he wasn’t far behind him… Ike was a damn solid corner for Pitt but it was def time for him to go!! THANKS IKE24!!!

  2. Ike in his prime was a fantastic cover corner. He didn’t have the ball skills to be one of the games best CBs, but he could shadow any WR with the best of them (just don’t ask him to pick the ball off!).

    Congrats Ike

  3. To begin his transition to life outside football, Ike will be opening a chain of restaurants; “Ike Taylor’s International House of Burnt Toast”, with talking Tim Tebow statues taking drive-through orders. Second-and-third level WRs all over the league are weeping at losing their chances at being in highlight reels and making historic plays.

  4. love to see the Steeler faithful retire with the team.
    you don’t see that loyalty these days in sports.
    and i feel its right cause the rooney’s stuck with them also

    thanks for what you’ve done Ike. Paved the way for other Steeler greats to follow

  5. In a proud steelers hater but I respect the game and great players. Both guys will truly be miss my NFL fans around the world. Best of luck to both and my friends we are getting old

  6. In the last 40 years, there have been just 2 Steeler CBs that have been elite:

    Mel Blount
    Rod Woodson

    This goes to show that it’s not easy to just draft and plug in a talented CB (see Chad Scott, Ron Johnson, Anthony Washington, Liffort Hobley, Delton hall, Deon Figures, Chris Hope, Ricardo Colclough, Bryant McFadden, Curtis Brown)

    All of those guys have failed to impress.

  7. TebowedOutOfThePostSeasonAndNeverToReturn says:
    Apr 14, 2015 9:35 AM

    Everybody’s abanonding this sinking ship.
    Amen man- I’d retire too after the shame of being Tebowed out of the playoffs, and then losing to the Ravens on their own playground in the playoffs last year.

  8. It was well past time for Ike to make this call. In his prime he was acceptable, but he hasn’t been in his prime for 3-4 seasons now.

    At least there won’t be a debate between which Raven Ike would have to compare to in order to get into the Hall of Fame.

  9. Thanks, Ike – for busting your ass like you did to work from RAW prospect out of Louisiana-Lafayette to the MAN who locked up in single coverage every team of that era’s best Number Ones (e.g., WRs Chad Johnson/Ochocinco, Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens, Andre Johnson, Larry Fitzgerald, etc.).

    Huge respect to Ike for leaning on hard work to extract a wonderful career. Every dollar Ike made, he earned.


  10. “Everybody’s abanonding this sinking ship.”

    Just an FYI, Ike Taylor wasn’t under contract with the Steelers. So he wasn’t on the “sinking ship” (2014 AFC North Champions, no losing seasons under Mike Tomlin, if that’s a sinking ship than 90% of the other NFL teams are already at the bottom of the ocean).

  11. I will never forget him getting worked over on that big OT play by Tebow to Demarius Thomas… poor Ike looked like he was chained to the field on that play.

  12. Steelers better draft smart this year. Of course, they’ll be sitting on their hands during the 4th and 5th rounds waiting for the Ravens to scoop up all the remaining talent.

  13. Please steelers draft, or trade for, or do whatever you have to do to get a fast, healthy replacement who can tackle and catch. Oh yes, he should also be young. Thank you.

  14. He was faithful yes, but couldn’t cover a pot of chili ! He was one of the most over rated corners in the league and was beat more than an old rug on a clothesline. He got Tebowed and started the playoff curse with that 85 yard TD he let go by him with a weak ass stiff arm by the Denver receiver.He fit the way Colbert does business, by taking the cheapest available player.He was a hot head getting big penalties at the wrong time.Thanks for the memories Ike, mostly all bad.

  15. Ike Taylor-2 superbowl rings. Not bad for a late round draft pick. It was time for Ike and Troy to both move on, now the steelers can bring it new young talent to wreck havoc in the afc north. That doesn’t bode well for floppo, duckton or rehab.

  16. It’s about time. He’s been stinking up the burg for several years now. As it could get worse!

  17. this guy was not that good!! Had difficulty making tackles and simply lived off of others reps!!! He is the one who was burned by Thomas against the Broncos and Tebow. I’m glad he is gone now get some real players!! They will never replace Polomalu

  18. Thank you for the great years Ike and Troy. We will miss you. It was time to go. I’m excited for the Steelers man. They are young and building. That is pretty good for a team that just won the AFCN last season. Get your swag on Steelers. Haters hate on. If we can have a strong draft at CB and SS and LB everyone else better watch out because it will be on like donkey kong.

  19. It’s the nature of the game, but still hard to watch them go. Yes, Ike’s skills have declined in the last couple of years. But he’s always been a loyal Steeler and was a tremendous asset in his best years. He wasn’t the once-in-a-generation player Troy was–few are. But he was family, and I’ll miss #24. God bless you, Ike. May retirement bring you all good things.

  20. Overrated? I wasn’t aware people thought Ike was anything special. He had above average speed and cover skills but horrible hands. He was a good corner, not great. Thanks for everything Ike!

  21. Good choice. Like Troy, You’re days of being a top player were over a couple years ago. At least Troy didn’t make an a** out of himself like Ed Reed and continue playing, and sucking after he should have retired

  22. I will never forget him getting worked over on that big OT play by Tebow to Demarius Thomas… poor Ike looked like he was chained to the field on that play.

    That play was the Safety’s fault. Ike was responsible for the outside and deep route. The Safety jumped towards the line of scrimmage before the snap and it was easily a TD at the snap of the ball with the WR running a quick inside slant behind the safety and with Ike backing out. However, Ike was responsible for 2 other deep plays where he severely mistimed the lob passes thrown.

  23. Was great in run support and good coverage guy during his 3 to 4 peak years. Bricks for hands though. He’d have 20 more picks in his career if he could just catch the damn ball.

  24. He had some bad post season outings, but he was one of the top cover guys in the NFL in the 08,’10, ’11, and ’12 seasons. Seriously, he was the top cover guy on the best defense of his era. Solid career, great work ethic, but awful hands. Would have been a consistent pro bowler if he could catch. It’s always tough to see an all around good guy go.

  25. Thanks Ike and good luck to you in the future, he was a solid corner for years and will be missed. #24

  26. Not many people will realize this but Ike and Charles Tillman both played at Louisiana-Lafayette and both were drafted the same year.

    Now both have had great careers and nobody can take that away from them. As someone who watched both of them since going to college with them I’d have to say Peanut had the better individual career but Ike has the rings. You can’t really knock either player. Both were durable (until late in their careers), both were stars in the league (until late in their careers), and both played for some of the better defenses in the league.

    The main difference between Peanut and Ike is that Peanut was proud to say he was a Ragin Cajun no matter what and Ike was all about himself and his swag. Peanut has been back to the school several times, has given back to the school in more ways than anyone can count all the while Ike has done nothing for his alma mater. To me that is what separates the two. You can dispute who the better player was but the question of who the better person is isn’t even close to being debatable. (See Peanut’s Walter Payton man of the year award)

    Still would like to wish Ike a healthy/prosperous life after football!

  27. Well this will even up the playing field. Joe Flacco has no one to throw to and the Steelers have no one left to stop him.

    Wow is this post loaded with so much football insights I can’t wait for the next comment from this genius.

  28. Ike tailed off the last few years, but up until then he was outstanding. He’d routinely take the other team’s best WR and cancel him out. You never heard about the “great” Ocho Cinco lighting it up against the Steelers.

    Too bad Ike had hands of cement.

    He’d have made the Pro Bowl every year.

  29. If old drool couldn’t insult someone he wouldn’t have anything to post. Absolutely no football knowledge.

    Funny that you post an inane comment with no merit yet feel you are full of football insights. Try getting some insight on what a hypocrite is and improve from there. You’ll sleep better at night.

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