Eagles wanted picks, not necessarily Kiko Alonso for LeSean McCoy


The farther we get from the trade that sent running back LeSean McCoy from Philadelphia to Buffalo, the more clear it becomes that the Eagles simply wanted rid of him.

Tucked away in a story by Jenny Vrentas of Sports Illustrated about Rex Ryan’s start in Buffalo is an anecdote that suggests linebacker Kiko Alonso heading back to Philadelphia was kind of an afterthought, though the deal didn’t allow much time for thinking.

The deal came together while the Bills new braintrust (Ryan, some coaches, General Manager Doug Whaley and team president Russ Brandon) took off for a retreat on owner Terry Pegula’s boat in Florida.

Setting the scene as an afternoon following a set of meetings, the Bills officials were on the deck of the boat drinking wine and smoking cigars when Whaley’s phone rang.

An Eagles official asked Whaley if he wanted McCoy, in exchange for some draft picks. Whaley suggested they look over the Bills roster, since he didn’t have excess choices to offer after sending this year’s first to Cleveland in the Sammy Watkins deal.

In less than 30 minutes, the Eagles called back asking if Alonso was available.

Naturally, the Bills jumped all over the chance to exchange a too-small-for-their-system linebacker coming off an ACL tear for one of the top running backs in the game.

“I’m not a red wine guy,” Ryan said, “but that day I drank red wine.”

He should have been popping champagne.

But the fact the Eagles were looking to stockpile picks instead of adding a specific player might also speak to their aims. Whether it’s making a move for a particular quarterback, or a simple desire to get the old out and the new in, coach Chip Kelly’s clearly going for a makeover of a team that wasn’t bad to begin with.

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  1. The more and more I learn about this guy, the more I see why the Eagles traded him. I would have taken a haircut and sandwich for him. I just read about his Tweets to his baby’s mama. Then there’s more coming out about how he treated teammates in 2013. What a D-bag! Not to mention all the sour grapes regarding the trade to Buffalo. Watch out Buffalo, here comes a DIVA!

  2. Even if the Bills didn’t have many picks to offer, I find it hard to believe that with a little arm twisting the Eagles could have gotten at least a 4th to go with Alonso.

    Kelly: Hey guys I got two other teams that want Mccoy and I’ve been offered a 2nd and a 3rd for him alreay but I want to deal with you. I understand you don’t have alot of picks so give me Alonso and a 4th and we got a deal.

    Tell me Rex wouldn’t have jumped off that boat and swam back to shore for that deal. Kelly will soon find out that undercutting his talent and not knowing how to negotiate will come back to bite him.

  3. This is complete rubbish!!! Every Eagles fan will tell you they clearly got the better of this deal. They would gladly take a smallish LB with 2 ACL injuries who tailed off big time towards the second half of the 2013 season over a Top 3 RB in his prime.

    Seriously though, the only part of this deal the Eagles won was the salary cap numbers involved.

  4. That definitely paints QUITE a different picture!!! Lol

    So going against conventional wisdom, it wasn’t all about creating the “Philly Ducks” after all!!!! They sorta got Kiko as a consolation prize!!!Lol

    Be extremely glad Iggles Fans, you could’ve gotten another draft pick leading to another Malcom Smith or worse!!!Lol

    I guess the injury prone(2nd torn ACL) Linebacker may be a blessing in disguise!!!

  5. Well according to Brian Westbrook, shady had a down year behind the eagles offensive line. Buffalo isn’t an upgrade in that department, but Greg Roman ran a good power running game in San Francisco up until last year. Charles clay fits the role of what delanie walker played in that system. Interested to see how shady runs behind the thumping fullback Felton.

  6. Sounds more like a bunch of fans getting together for their annual fantasy draft than the top brass of a billion dollar NFL franchise. Wonder if more things are done this way, while the media does analysis by paralysis. Maybe they could have got a case of beer and some bait thrown in.

  7. I’m a red wine guy – a red wine kind of guy without tattoos of other men on my body.

  8. Why is it that the same people who blast the Eagles for Kiko and Bradfords 2 ACL tears .. are the same people who blast the Eagles for not resigning Maclin ?????

  9. I was going to say that Chip bit off more than he could chew.

    Then I realized how dumb I was for thinking Chip has a limit to his chewing prowess.

  10. Chip Kelly is to NFL coaches as Jerrah Jones is to General Mgrs. Jeff Lurie must squirm like hell everytime he reads something with Kelly’s name attached to it.

  11. McCoy was being phased out in Philly.. His East/West running just doesn’t fit what Chip is trying to do which is make a cut and get down field. McCoy is a great back, no disrespect just not what Chip wants.

  12. McCoy led the league in 0 or negative yard carries the last two years. That is why hes gone. Eagles could never get drives started. When they got that first, first down they started to roll and had good drives. Second/third and longs just killed em.

  13. ” coach Chip Kelly’s clearly going for a makeover of a team that wasn’t bad to begin with.”

    They only had 10 wins and had like 5 Special team touchdowns/defensive touchdowns to start the year… Yes they had a top offense, but the Eagles could have easily started 1-4 or 5… Honestly, I think Bradford’s ceiling is a lot higher. Maclin? Kelly didn’t want to get rid of him, but Maclin got overpaid, in another WR heavy draft. If I was a Eagle fan, I wouldn’t necessarily agree with these moves, but I can understand it… Foles, had a solid 10 games in 2013, but last year, the eagles saw what they suspected of him, and obviously thought he missed a lot of throws.. Bradfords knock is he just needs to stay healthy.. I think the demise of Philly is overrated..

  14. bradfords ceiling is actually much lower, you guys who think tearing both acl’s makes you a better player are ridiculous…foles has been to a probowl and had a much better year than any year bradford has ever had

  15. This could all end very badly for Chip Kelly. He reminds me of the guy who’s new to fantasy football and wants to make all sorts of trades to improve his team, having fun with that process, and then ending up with a worse team.

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