Jameis Winston: “So many people try to dehumanize me”


Jameis Winston has prepared himself for scrutiny as much as he’s prepared himself as a passer leading up to the 2015 NFL Draft.

And that preparation seems to have steeled him, to have made him more resolute that he’s worth the risk, if he’s a risk at all.

In an ESPN Magazine story by Kurt Streeter that details his controversial past, Winston spoke before the Scouting Combine between his two kinds of trouble — the young-and-dumb, and the more serious kind.

Beginning with jumping on a table in the student union and blurting out a popular internet obscenity, Winston admits to playing to the crowd.

“I was with my friends,” he says. “I was quoting — it was a meme. Like it’s just something people say, and me being, wanting the attention, I burst it out. I got a bunch of laughs. You know, that’s childish, but I did it. I’m going to own that. That was stupid.”

Then he asked the reporter: “So what other off-the-field issues am I having?”

In order to help him and the questioner out, this was his way of transitioning to the rape allegations at Florida State, for which no charges were filed.

“So many people try to dehumanize me,” Winston said. “They say, ‘Off-field issues.’ They say, ‘The sexual allegation stuff.’ People view me as a convict, and I didn’t even do nothing. People say, ‘How does he play like this and all this stuff going on?’ Like by me playing well during that adversity, that made people think about me worse, thinking I’m a sociopath.”

Winston said the allegation “hurts the women that I respect,” a group which includes his mother and grandmother (the one with diabetes he’s skipping the draft to be with) and his girlfriend, a high school sweetheart who “remains by his side” (despite what is at least his stepping out with another woman, and perhaps something more sinister).

And summing up the charges, Winston couldn’t or wouldn’t say the word.

“I’m not, . . .” he said, with a pause, “You know what I’m saying?”

Winston’s football ability is clear, and he’s tested appropriately at every level. The Buccaneers, who pick first, have indicated they trust him as it relates to off-field issues, and that might be the only one that matters.

But he’s also smart enough to know that he has a long way to go before he convinces everyone, as that will only come with time.

113 responses to “Jameis Winston: “So many people try to dehumanize me”

  1. You “dehumanized” yourself when you raped that girl, now wear it and shut up.

  2. Aww, poor baby Winston! However, I just cannot imagine him feeling at all more “Dehumanized” than the two girls who feel he raped them…!

  3. Does he even know ,what the word means or did he hear the word from his agent ? Lol I really can’t stand this guy. I

  4. I don’t know if he raped the girl, only he and the girl do.

    All I know is he is extremely immature for a 21 yr old to be saying foolish things like that standing on a table.

  5. THis is another AP situation. He’s put himself under this scrutiny through his actions. If he wasn’t an FSU player, he wouldn’t have skated through some of this stuff like stealing the crab legs – yes, for the rest of the world “forgetting to pay” means you stole something.

    He is not a victim. If he wants it to go away, stay out of trouble, be a good citizen. Simple as that. All high profile draftees go through this intense scrutiny.

  6. Based on the facts its more likely that he didn’t rape anyone. Yet he’s called a rapist daily by idiots all over the internet. I’m sure the majority of rational people would feel exactly the same way about how’s he being treated. By most accounts from people that know him well Winston is actually a really good guy. That doesn’t fit the narrative though…

  7. Dehumanize: deprive of positive human qualities.

    Being famous and soon-to-be rich has its draw backs. Thicker skin might go on your shopping list once you get that new salary.

    Good luck in the draft!

  8. Own up to your shortcomings and stop playing the victim already! You put yourself in this position, not others! The fact is, the only reason you aren’t sitting in jail is because you can play football!

  9. I can’ t agree that his football ability is clear. I am not convinced that he is a future franchise QB in waiting.

  10. I don’t think this has steeled him at all. I think it simply shows that people/media/whomever have already gotten inside his head before he’s even taken an NFL snap. Not a good sign.

  11. ‘The sexual allegation stuff.’ People view me as a convict, and I didn’t even do nothing.”

    Double-Negative? Was that on purpose. He seems to have a good grasp of the English language any other time, so that has me wondering.

  12. There was Elroy “Crazy Legs” Hirsch, and now Jameis “Crab Legs” Winston.

  13. Isn’t it hilarious that Winston has a marketing rep who thinks that by staying away from the draft HQ to ostensibly “be with his mother and diabetic grandmother,” people will forget about his baggage?
    Take the money and run, Jameis. You can steamroll people and thumb your nose at the law and get away with it. That should be enough to allow you to sleep well at night.

  14. I wonder how “dehumanized” the young lady in question feels through all of this.

  15. They are just taking their cue from Winston. I’m sure his rape victims felt dehumanized as well.

  16. Sorry Jameis, I’ll put it straight for you.

    There are said to be 2 women that will file a civil suit for sexual assault. And that wont be a distraction for an NFL team.

    Yes you’ve been young and dumb. But if you did anything that they claim you did, with the current NFL tolerance of crimes involving women and children, you’ll be suspended.

  17. “Winston’s football ability is clear, and he’s tested appropriately at every level”

    Yep 18 picks in the lowly ACC, major bust waiting to happen. No way should this guy be a first round pick, maybe a 3rd or 4th

  18. When the most important athlete in a major NCAA school is exonerated of serious allegations by highly vested interests like the local police and the school itself, that athlete was most assuredly the beneficiary of some Mickey Mouse, Mayberry-style “justice” — victim be damned.

    The “protection” afforded to athletes like Jameis is gross. He has a history of bad decisions and a history of his “handlers” making excuses for him. Those who can look past these things and say “BOY, CAN HE THROW A BALL!” make me ashamed to be a sports fan.

  19. You mean to tell me that you are a leader of men on the football field and you care what people think of you?? Come on Man!! Dude, I have been one of your most ardent supports, but maybe what others are saying is true?? Dude, you had better man the h$ll up!!

  20. Maybe he should not have put himself in the positions that he did. I dont see anybody trying to dehumanize any other top prospect in the draft. This is because he put himself in this position by some really poor decision making. Suck it up and reap what you sow

  21. This is just some whining by a dude misusing a word he obviously doesn’t know the meaning of. Shut up already and go get your big bucks while you can.

  22. Does anyone remember when they were 19-20 years old ? Are there any things about your time in college that you are glad no one knows about ? Maybe the haters just never got caught. I know I was an idiot at that age. Give this kid a break ! People just pile on this young man so they can make some funny remark for others to see. Is that dehumanizing OR is it Bullying ?

  23. Wow, thats truly amazing that your g/f is sticking with you even though at the very minimum you cheated on her. She must just truly love you and it has NOTHING to do with the millions of dollars your about to make!

  24. No, Jameis–when you engage in shoplifting and things like rape, no one needs to dehumanize you: you’re doing a fine job of that on your own and without any help.

  25. For most, it’s not dehumanizing him, it’s pointing out that he thinks being an elite athlete makes him a superior life form to the rest of us and that rules and societal norms don’t apply to him.

  26. I mean, in a way he’s right. I remember an article here on PFT last week excoriating him for preemptively meeting with the commissioner. I guarantee if he hadn’t done that others would have been skewering him for not being proactive and meeting with NFL officials.

    I’m not saying his record is clear, but still dude can’t win no matter what he does in the media’s eyes at this point

  27. Sure Winston it is everyone else’s fault. Perhaps if you would quit acting like an asshat those murmurs/claims would go away

  28. Winston will show the needed maturity when he is man enough to admit that he brought this on himself. There is a reason you don’t see Marcus Mariota with these problems.

    Just like last year’s draft, Johnny Manziel did things off the field that drew attention to himself for all the wrong reasons. After one season, the pick of Manziel looks at best highly questionable, while the selections of Carr and Bridgewater look very smart.

    Will Winston ever get it? I’d hate to be the GM that has to bet his future on someone who, at present, still hasn’t figured it out.

  29. He is just a kid and made some mistakes, but name me another NFL player with the same type of record that made it past his rookie contract. If you can, the list isn’t very long.

  30. Start the countdown to failure. The off-field issues aside (if that’s possible) look how he reacts on the field and sideline when things don’t go well. Things are not going to go well the first few years in the NFL on a bad team. Go back and watch his interaction with his head coach when things went south against Oregon. He will absolutely melt down in the NFL.

  31. Mark Twain once said,

    “It is better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than to open it and remove all doubt.”

  32. I’m not convinced. Still a character risk. Where there is smoke there is fire…
    Mariota is still the safer pick – maturity wise anyway…

  33. “Winston’s football ability is clear”

    Here’s what’s clear: on a team loaded with talent, he threw 18 picks. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

  34. High School girlfriend sticking with a cheater who is going to be drafted in the first round and make millions of dollars. Not hard to imagine. Especially since she’s…..well, you know, of the culture that values money/status over all else.

  35. Well you know, being a accused rapist will do that for someone. When your alleged crime is covered up by the school you attend and are a star at – that tends to have people look down at you. Looking at the crime reports I know I would not want my favorite teams to have you on the team. And you can still find the case files online. Also the sports people who gloss over your behavior are despicable and every one who glosses over what you are in favor of your potential QB skills are reprehensible.

  36. “People view me as a convict, and I didn’t even do nothing.”

    No Jameis, you didn’t even do ANYTHING.

    Yeah, he smart – FSU smart.

  37. How many different variations of “nothing is ever my fault” does this guy have to spew before “red flag” becomes “taking him off our board”?

    He only takes partial blame for the least serious incident, and even then acts likes it was no big deal.

    All I know is that I won’t have an ounce of pity for whichever desperate franchise wastes a high pick on him.

  38. Would also love to get the list of similar attributes of the two QB’s from the “Winston is Jamarcus 2.0!” crowd.

    Since it’s such an obvious and foregone conclusion in their minds, shouldn’t be difficult I imagine.

  39. “Winston’s football ability is clear”

    Here’s what’s clear: on a team loaded with talent, he threw 18 picks. Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

    Did you even watch Florida State’s games last year? He had 1 experienced reciever, 1 solid tight end, and a rush attack that ranked 80th in the nation…not exactly a loaded team. At least half of those interceptions were due to those inexperienced receivers getting lazy in their routes or running the wrong ones. Those picks were analyzed, and five were Winston’s fault.

  40. What does it say about someone who believes in accusations and “alleged” acts when there is little evidence to support such accusations? And in fact there is quite a bit more evidence that flies in the face of such accusations.

    What does it say about that person? Might it point to them actually wanting such accusations to be true? I believe so.

  41. onermedboxer says:
    Apr 15, 2015 8:53 AM

    you can call him a product of the South

    Typical North East BS, I work in south Louisiana with colleagues from all over the country, they arrive here thinking we are dumb, simply because of the accent and laissez faire lifestyle that they see depicted in the nationally ran media… leave realizing that they are just as ignorant as they once perceived us to be.

  42. Okay, so in summation, he is a thief(Crab legs), an attention hound (admits to playing to the crowd.) and willing to cheat on his girlfriend (perhaps something more sinister).

    “Gosh…sounds like a stand-up guy and just the person we are looking for to be the face of our franchise.” said no GM ever.

  43. Has all the markings of an entitled athlete.
    Once he hits the bigtime $$$$, watchout!

  44. Oh boo hoo.

    He has no one to blame but himself for the consequences he has faced and will face because of his behavior.

    I can accept once instance of poor judgement (the Student Union incident). That is stupid, but a minor youthful indiscretion.

    But the alleged rape (which we will never know the truth because I do believe that some degree of protection was afforded him by the cops and the University), and the crab legs heist, make me question his judgement and maturity.

    Being a talented quarterback is not enough to be successful in the NFL. And it remains to be seen whether Mr. Winston will be the savior or downfall of which ever team selects him in the upcoming draft, but the road to NFL stardom is littered with the corpses of would be stars that failed miserably (Ryan Leaf and JaMarcus Russell to name a couple). I believe for a quarterback to be successful in the NFL takes not just talent, but the drive to be good if not great a la Tom Brady.

  45. I hate the ‘he’s just a kid’ excuse. He’s an adult.
    We all might have done juvenile things at his age, but being accused of rape is more than ‘boys will be boys’.

  46. onermedboxer says:
    You can call him a poor decision maker and immature, you can call him a product of the South, but he is not dumb.


    I agree 100% that he isn’t dumb, but that is the scary part about him. He’s not dumb and put himself in situations to risk his future. It shows that at moments he just doesn’t care.

  47. Look, just throw that ball real purity and make us forget our troubles for a spell, ok kid?

  48. By and large QBs that have big personalities like his tend to fall flat in the NFL. Look at guys like Russel Wilson, Andrew Luck and Aaron Rodgers. They don’t have big, brash personalities and look at all of the success they’ve each had.

  49. Winston dehumanized himself with his off field antics like running out of that supermarket without paying for crab legs lol

  50. If you actually read the testimonies, you’d know that his accusers had more holes in her story than her…well…

  51. blurting out a popular internet obscenity

    I would say you’re not hanging out anywhere useful on the internet if this is common.

    This guy has a big payday coming soon, someone should tell him to just shut up until he gets it.

  52. Winston and AD should be best friends. They both think they are victims when they have brought this all upon themselves 🙂

  53. Boo-frickin’-hoo. How about just getting drafted and playing well, aye? Already on the train to being easily distracted and trying to blame everyone around him for things. Does not bode well for his playing future.

  54. I feel like Randy Gregory should be the only one complaining about being “dehumanized” before this draft, although getting baked when you know you have the most important drug test of your life coming up is a pretty major bonehead move.

  55. And summing up the charges, Winston couldn’t or wouldn’t say the word.

    “I’m not, . . .” he said, with a pause, “You know what I’m saying?”

    Ya, Big Ben wasn’t one either. Heck, he even got married and had a kid! Great guy.

    And no, I don’t know what you’re saying.

  56. daldevs says:
    Apr 15, 2015 9:22 AM
    What does it say about someone who believes in accusations and “alleged” acts when there is little evidence to support such accusations? And in fact there is quite a bit more evidence that flies in the face of such accusations.

    Actually there is only one accusation of many where there is “little” evidence. Yes, it’s the most serious allegation, but it doesn’t change the fact that there are incidents in his past about which there is NO dispute.

  57. Winston is a train wreck in the making. He is delusional. Any team would be crazy to take him. He’s clearly not mature enough yet for the NFL. Another Johnny Manziel.

  58. Was he convicted of rape? Some of you are acting as if no one has ever been exploited before..

    The racial undertones in this comment section are disappointing.

  59. The Bucs or whoever drafts him will protect there organization with written verbage in his contract making him bet on himself to continue to do whats right and not to be a clown. Most teams do that now.

  60. bernieknowsfootball says:
    Apr 15, 2015 9:20 AM
    You get what you act like Jamie
    If this were the case then ALL of us would be getting the same harsh reality as this kid is getting for doing way more dumber stuff, I know I would and that just being honest, some of us forget were we have come from and how far we have came in making ourselves better people!

  61. Well Winston you need to understand that teams are going to leave no stone unturned to determine if you are a risk to them before they give you millions of dollars. They need to know if you are just young and dumb or there is a pattern there.

    They are going to pick apart and question your QB abilities, they are going to question the choices you have made, they are going to question if you have the ability to handle fame etc. Get used to it.

  62. Quote by profantasyplyr says:
    Apr 15, 2015 10:22 AM
    Was he convicted of rape? Some of you are acting as if no one has ever been exploited before..

    The racial undertones in this comment section are disappointing.
    I agree that famous people are open to false allegations of wrongdoing in order to be extorted. However the initial rape allegation against Mr. Winston was made before he was even a starter for FSU (December 7, 2012).

  63. Jameis, “just shut up”! You haven’t been accused of a crime or misdemeanor for a couple of months and now your the “victim”! This guy needs to just shut up and play football.

  64. I too am from the south, and by “product of the South,” I was referencing his dialect which a lot of people point to as an example of him being dumb, which is just a myth of regionalism

  65. A college kid…KID…said a stupid meme in front of other people. That’s stupid no doubt, but really not a big deal. He’s a kid, and kids do some stupid things. He was ACCUSED of rape…ACCUSED…it was investigated and dismissed. Do you honestly believe that in today’s climate of rape hysteria, especially on college campuses, that law enforcement would try to brush such a serious allegation under the rug if there was any evidence to support it?

    How many of you would have been in the news for the boneheaded crap you pulled when you were his age, if anyone cares what you were doing at that time?
    It’s really easy to dig through someone else’s closer for skeletons and pass judgment when no one cares enough to dig through yours.

  66. Can’t wait to see all the shrunk back losers just like we saw when Cam Newton broke all kinds of rookie records. Must be a hard life sitting around hoping someone is going to fail who won’t.

  67. Yeah, kind of odd that people think he’s a criminal or something. If he wins games in the NFL, this will all go away, just ask Kobe and Ben about Rape allegations. FSU fans insist he’s innocent and play the old ‘haters hate’ routine, I guess that is what a college education buys you these days, a short vocabulary. Luckily his friends who filmed it managed to lose their cameras, the Police gave them a year to get rid of their phones, so that kind of helped. The civil trial should be interesting, my guess is he pays up and the civil trial goes away, so he remains innocent, and pure, just like FSU fans, the college, his lawyer, and the Tallahassee Police department keep telling us. Meanwhile, back in the real world ……

  68. It’s hard to like a guy who is accused of rape. It’s that much harder when there is another potential pending case of the same kind involving him, where intimacy between him and a woman took some kind of southward turn, leaving the other partner questioning whether their interactions were mutually desired and consensual. That is really, really troubling!

    But OK, let’s put that aside for a moment. Let’s just look at the actual interviews that he’s been having.

    What I don’t see in any of those is real regret. What I don’t see is something that makes me feel that something has been learned or that it’s at least an issue that will not be coming up again.

    What I do see in those interviews reminds me of when children who think they are more clever than the person who caught them are trying to talk their way out of trouble.

    They only want not to get in big trouble, and are trying to figure out what to say that will satisfy any inquiry enough to close the discussion fast and without penalty.

    “Alright. I told you something like what you want to hear. Are you buying it yet? Can we just not talk about it anymore? I don’t know who took the cookies but I promise you won’t catch me taking cookies in the future, OK?”

    We have to ask ourselves:

    Are we not going to catch him with the cookies because he’s truly penitent?

    Will it be because he’s at least concerned enough about the penalties involved to stay away from that trouble?

    Or is it because he’s not necessarily stop with the cookies, but that he’s just going to do more in the future to make sure that when he does go after the cookies that he’s not caught with them?

    That is the issue I have with Winston.

    And the level of maturity lacking in those interviews, the sense of a juvenile attempt at deception based on the premise that no one will call him on his BS is troubling beyond ethics alone.

    It speaks to the legitimate question any pro team has to ask itself as to whether Jameis can handle the challenges that come with being the face of a franchise, whether that be externally with the media or internally with team players and staff.

    At the top of the draft I would have some very serious concerns about rolling my dice on Winston for those reasons alone. Factor in not just the professionalism concerns but also the ethical ones and regardless of athletic potential I simply don’t want to risk my pick on the guy.

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