Karlos Dansby: Johnny Manziel’s issues were “suppressing him”


With teammates admitting that Johnny Manziel needs to earn back some trust in the locker room, they’re at least hopeful that his recently completed stint in rehab will allow him to do just that.

I just knew it was distracting his game,” linebacker Karlos Dansby said of Manziel’s issues, via Nate Ulrich of the Akron Beacon Journal. “It wasn’t allowing him to be himself out on the field. It wasn’t allowing him to express himself the way we all have seen him play at the collegiate level.

“Whatever he was dealing with was suppressing him. So him being able to check himself in and try to get that relief, I think it was huge.”

For a quarterback who projected so much confidence in college (which was built on having success on the field), Manziel never had any swagger on the field, losing both starts and leading the Browns to just three points in six quarters as the started. But Dansby said he hoped Manziel’s willingness to check himself in was a sign the on-field maturity will follow.

“It took a lot for him to take that step, and for him to make that step shows that he’s maturing a lot as a man,” Dansby said. “And he’s growing as a person. I’m anxious to see what he does and how he comes out.
“I know it’s going to make him a better man, and that’s all I’m worried about is him being a better man at the end of the day. Everything else will take care of itself.”

The Browns are hedging their bets, by signing veteran Josh McCown and apparently working to make a move for Marcus Mariota. But Manziel’s recovery as a player is going to require work as tough as anything he did in rehab to get his life in order.

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  1. Too little too late. Manziel’s skill set can only be described as marginal for the NFL, at best. His impromptu running around and chucking the ball down field for 6’5″ Mike Evans, does not work consistently enough to be successful in the pros.

    A tiny guy with 4.67 speed cannot escape DEs &LBs running 4.5 forties. That was already against him. Then to come in and defiantly declare, “I’m not gonna change” and move on to prove it by partying like he didn’t care, was just too much.

    The odds were against him from jump. They just got even greater. He’s waging too many wars on too many fronts.

  2. Dr Karlos should consult with Dr Jerrah in Dallas before making his diagnosis.

  3. Perhaps his realization that his skill were not going to translate to the NFL was a little distracting.

    His entire game in College was using his legs and making pre-snap reads. His speed (4.7 40) and lack of size and arm strength aren’t going to make for an easy transition to the NFL. And add to the fact that he has terrible work-habits and has been enabled his whole life…. Well, let’s just say it’s along shot for this guy to be anything more than another College hotshot who failed in the Pros.

    But so what? He has done more in his 22 years or so than most people can dream of. More power to him for getting the monkey off this back. That is really the most important thing in is life. Cause until he kicks his addictions, he won’t have a life.

  4. If his recovery stint was successful, the football part of it will be a “piece of cake” for him. And, you and the Browns can take that to the bank.

  5. Am I the only one that realizes scrambling for your life after making one read and then heaving it up for Mike Evans to make a miracle catch just doesn’t get it done in the NFL? Manziel was over-drafted. End of story. He’s never showed, ever, any sort of game that is NFL relevant.


  6. Whatever happens with the Browns’ quarterback situation after the draft, whoever becomes the starter, whatever Manziel does to prove he belongs in the league, the Browns have him now, he’s under a rookie contract. It’s not like they’re into him for a ton of money…so might as well keep him and see how he turns out over the next couple of years. What do they have to lose now?

  7. Never been a fan and thought he was a first round reach. That said, I hope he has learned from this and puts his life together both on and off the field.

  8. It wasn’t distracting his game… it’s his attitude that distracts him from the game, he was so worried about his next party.

    Poor preparation leads to pis poor performances.

  9. As a Patriots fan I’m just so blown away by how poor the decisions the franchise makes over & over again….isn’t that the definition of insanity?? Doing the same thing over & over again without changing something & expecting a different result….

  10. I’ll Drink to that… Cheers…
    But seriously, I do wish him well. He showed more maturity in the last few months, than he did the last 3 years.
    Perhaps he will translate it to the NFL,
    Good Luck
    Good-By Johnny Football, Hello Johnny Manziel…..

  11. “But Manziel’s recovery as a player is going to require work as tough as anything he did in rehab to get his life in order.”

    Good to know that the struggles of improving as a football player are not only comparable to overcoming addiction, but that they’re also on the same playing field.

  12. I didn’t want them to draft him, but considering Haslam forced the front office to take him, we’re stuck with him. We probably could’ve had him in the 3rd round.

    I generally never root for anyone to fail. Hopefully his stint in rehab was genuine and hopefully he can stay clean, which is never a given.

    He owes a lot to the Browns and the city of Cleveland. I hope he puts in a genuine effort and tries to make something of himself in the NFL. Football needs to be his life, or else they should just get rid of him.

  13. Alcoholism is terrible. I have a brother that lives in Cleveland and alcohol has/is ruining his life. It’s a shame… they should just legalize marijuana so people can get some relief without killing themselves and/or others.

  14. I really am not too fond of Johnny Football right now, but I’ll definitely cheer him on if he becomes as humble/quiet as possible and really does everything he can to succeed (i.e. not party the day before a game and to actually learn the damn playbook).

  15. How many clues were there that he was distracted from the game? First it was okay he was partying it up because camp hadn’t started yet, then when he was partying during camp it was because he was so much better in games, and all this going on with the Browns’ brass actively trying to shoehorn him into the starting lineup no matter how bad he looked in practice. They got what the deserved with the kid.

  16. The moment he checked himself into rehab, I did a one-eighty and started pulling for him.

  17. He’d be wise to ditch the Johnny Football catchphrase and simply become John Manziel. Adam Jones ditched the Pac Man nickname because it was synonymous with “scrip” clubs and arrests.

  18. I am a Vikings fan but I really feel for the Browns fans. It is time you Folks catch a break. and you
    have supported your team through more INCLUDING getting the team ripped from you, than any other team I can think of! While other teams fans Troll and Flame these boards, I don’t see it from you so much.
    I hope he works out, It looks like Teddy Bridgewater will turn out for us.
    I’d love to see Johnny be the exciting play maker many thought him to be! He could have
    covered this up, but he stood up and took it like a man, not only that, he stayed in the program by being honest with them, and not leaving earlier than he did.
    I hope he gets a solid second chance! I think much of his past attitude was a bi-product of his issues. It seems to me he has accepted and embraced the reality check.

  19. Don’t anybody make the mistake of thinking that his substance problems (and all the environmental, physical, familial and mental causes of those problems) are over just because he’s out of rehab. If he truly wants to change all that stuff, he will battle it every moment of every day for the rest of his life, regardless of what’s going on in the football part of his world.

    Secondly, it’s important to keep this in context. There are tens of thousands of people in his age group who are struggling with similar issues. Very few, if any, of them have supportive families, fans and organizations behind them. Most of them can’t afford rehab – certainly not a two-month stay. And almost none (if any) of them have a 7 or 8 figure income like Johnny M does.

    So sure, be supportive of JM, but don’t make him a hero or a martyr yet. He’s just doing what countless other people are doing. The ONLY difference is that compared to the others, Manziel’s resources and support network are vast and virtually unlimited.

    Whatever happens in his football career, I wish him a happy and productive life. Same thing I wish for all the others who struggle every day without an iota of the resources or support that JM has.

  20. Hope Johnny is putting some money away so when his football career is over in another season or two he’ll be able to continue to party all night. Who knows, maybe he’ll go hang out with Hernandez

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