Which team is most likely to trade up for Mariota?


As the draft approaches, several teams either are interested in trading up for quarterback Marcus Mariota — or are interested in creating the impression that they are interested.

Which of the potentially interested teams is most likely to actually do it? Make your pick below.

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45 responses to “Which team is most likely to trade up for Mariota?

  1. There should be a “none of the above” option as I see a team not even mentioned coming out of the woodwork for him.

  2. Not sure why the Bears aren’t on this list. I’m not campaigning for them or anything. I’m just commenting based on previous reports stating their possible interest of trading up.

  3. Honestly, I believe the Browns are the most likely team to make the jump given the Manziel fiasco and having two first round picks.

    Having said that, I want the Eagles to make the move and get Mariota. It will either be entertaining watching that offense with a QB molded by it or it will be a tragic dumpster fire if it doesn’t work and the Eagles paid a lot to grab him.

  4. As a Chargers fan I really think Rivers is gone.

    I think the moment he came out against the move to LA bigger money came into play than just the cost of one 100million dollar QB.

    Moving to LA and watching your franchise QB retire because of it is not the way the sell those super-expensive PSL’s.

    This is all based on the belief the Chargers will not be in San Diego for much longer.

    It’s not about fanbase you all see to think is lacking. It’s not about ticket sales and blackouts. It’s about big dollar corporate boxes. And that’s why the Chargers will be gone one way or another, if it’s not LA it’ll be somewhere not San Diego that can provide the cheap Spanos family what they want.

  5. why the heck alot people wishing Eagles can get Mariota? Eagle can’t get Mariota at all, since they trade Nick Foles to Rams and get Glass Man (Bradford)… The Jets no way in heck want a Glass man for Mariota.. If you had Nick Foles, it would be done deal.. Kelly is crazy dude.

  6. Chargers are staying in San Diego. It’s the Rams and Raiders back to LA.

    The Rams are going to take Hundley, have him sit in St.Louis for a year and return to LA as the face of the LA Rams.

    Who doesn’t want to see what Chip and Marcus can do together in the NFL, even if it is Philly.

    The Browns need to take a step back from the QB draft and let this season play out with what they have on the roster.

  7. Cleveland has the most ammo to move up and get him, which probably makes them most likely.

    Philly probably wants him the most, but unless they manage to fleece Cleveland into giving them picks for Bradford, it isn’t as likely.

    San Diego trading away Rivers is a possibility, but I still have trouble believing that you trade him this year instead of a tag and trade next season.

    St Louis knows all about teams trading up into the second slot to grab a mobile quarterback, and I don’t think they want to see six captains sent out to the coin toss next time they play Tennessee.

    The Jets have so many holes that they can’t afford to chase after another quarterback so soon after Geno.

    The Bears deserve an honorable mention, but they aren’t unloading Cutler on anyone.

  8. Eagles. Chip Kelly will do it, it will fail. he will get fired and go back to the college ranks in two years. And the franchise will be left to pay for his mistakes.

  9. Titans will take him at #2.

    If not i think the Saints do not want to pay Drew Brees 28 million year after next. Let Mariota learn for the year.I think they will make a move…..To me Titans will take him….next years QB class is even weaker than this one.

  10. You left off the Skins. Would anyone be surprised if they trade multiple first round picks to move up a couple slots to be assured of getting him?

  11. I really don’t see the Eagles trading up that far to grab Mariota. I think its all the Mariota talk is just made up news in order to build up the QB prospects entering in this years draft because I know I can’t be the only person that thinks there isn’t a NFL worthy QB in this draft. Yeah they will get drafted in Round 1 but compared to like Andrew Luck….. they most likely wont even be in the same category when they’re veterans in the NFL. Andrew Luck, now that is a true #1 Overall Pick, Winston and Mariota are just the best QB’s entering in the draft but all these rumors and posts on ESPN, NFL.com, PFT.com, rotoworld.com and every other sports page are building them up to be better than what they most likely will ever achieve. Plus all this talk about Chip Kelly moving up in the draft to get him, I just don’t see. Yeah Chip Kelly is going to have nothing but great things to say about him he recruited and coached him and Mariota did amazing in college, any recently former college coach that was on a winning team is going to have nothing but the best things to say about his QB, they have a relationship. But that doesn’t mean he is going to trade everything to get him. Plus with how many #1 picks the Eagles would have to give up it would be insane, when those #1 picks could be used on positions we really need the help with like CB, S, O-Line or WR. Plus all the Sam Bradford haters that say if he can stay healthy……ACL tears are fluke accidents 99% of the time so that doesn’t make him injury prone. He is a competitive player that has always been on a crappy team and still didn’t turn over the ball all the time like most QB’s would do in that position. He is a Pocket QB not really known for being mobile so I don’t think the ACL tears are going to affect him as much as others would like to think. I think Eagles Sam Bradford is going to shock everyone and show everyone why he was drafted #1 in 2010, He might be a little rusty at the beginning of the season but he will settle down and behind better Offensive Line and actually have some targets that can catch! He is gonna change the way people have been talking about him as of late. Oh and to all the Eagles fans that thought Foles is better because he had that amazing season when he first started being the starter, well you all where pulling your hair out when he was a turnover machine at the start of last season, Foles is okay but he single handedly almost made us lose to jacksonville opening day! That right there is reason enough to be traded in my opinion. But hey what do I know lol, sorry for the rant just speaking my mind. Plus I am Drunk. Beer and Football!!!! GO EAGLES!!!!

  12. steelerben says:
    Apr 15, 2015 4:01 PM

    The Jets have so many holes that they can’t afford to chase after another quarterback so soon after Geno.

    Yoo, gimme that thing ya smoking.. Jets only biggest issue is QB.. Defense is solid with 3-4 entire player, plus Secondaries is set.. Offense lineman is okay, RB is good, WR is very good, TE is good.. so, what holes?

    OH OH OH!!! you meant Steeler has alot of holes, right.. Safety, Free safety, Cornerbacks, Linebackers, and on?

  13. I wouldnt be surprised to see a team trade up for him but if a team does indeed trade up its going to be a team trading up to select him at the bottom of the 1st.

  14. It’s funny seeing so many people believe the Eagles have interest in mariota. They don’t want him people! They traded for the quarterback they wanted. Geez…

  15. Unless another team decides to dump a truckload of picks on the table, the Browns two 2015 first rounders(and a few mid-late round picks) should get the job done.

  16. The Browns are stupid enough to mortgage the farm in order to draft Mariota. Then they can throw him on the pile of bustouts they have accumulated over the years at QB. Couch, McCown, Anderson, McCoy, Quinn, Weeden, etc.

  17. People say the Eagles.
    While pick value charts vary…
    the 2nd overall pick values at 2600pts
    The Eagles 20th overall values at 850.
    Their 52nd overall values at 380.

    Since they have won 10 games 2 straight seasons, under Kelly we’ll say they win 10 again, and give rate their picks values the same. 850+850+380+380= 2460. Add in this year’s 3rd round pick #84overall @ 170 points for a 2630.
    I say do it, but I think it will fail which is why I say that. that’s 4 starters and a core special teams/sub package guy minimum.

  18. I can see the titans trading out with the chargers for rivers and the chargers first round pick. Whisenhunt had success with Warner late in his career, titans could target a much needed offensive lineman with the first round pick. The titans have some nice pieces, defensive coaching staff that can get a lot out their talent. Rivers back close to home as he closes out his career.

  19. Which team will trade up for him? Probably the most foolish one will reach for him instead of waiting it out.

  20. I watched, nicely done. My home page is PFT, since the beginning of PFT. You have gotten clicks for every google search for trial info and my fishing gear purchases.

    I like that you went with a trade in the first round (rare in mock drafts) and the way your panel disagreed with each other. More honest then most outlets. I do not agree, but it was honestly different then most shows.

    Most most mock drafts hit like 5-6 picks because of trades and reaches. No one will be correct until the morning of April 31. Thank you for the well done show and site.

  21. There’s only one team where Mariota is likely to start and be effective right away and that is the Eagles because the offense is similar to what he’s already played and he’s already familiar with what the coach expects of him.

  22. I really hope the Eagles move up. It will keep them in the cellar for a decade. Please! Please! Please, move up!

  23. I’d like to see him as an Eagle. I want to see what mad scientist Chip Kelly really can do, without the option of using “I didn’t have MY GUY at QB” as an excuse.

    Though, I’m a Titan fan, and wouldn’t want to drop that far in the first round. I want Leonard Williams, or a trade down a few spots.

  24. The only way the Skins pick Mariota is if he is @ 5 or if Scot thinks he is the BPA, The days of the Skins moving up are done now that we finally have a real GM.

  25. I think the past is influencing the present. I think a lot of teams got scared after Washington traded so many picks for RGIII and it didn’t work out. I could be way off, but I think many teams aren’t that enamored with either Mariota or Winston. I think they are creating false impressions that they are because they would like to trade down and get a haul of picks. I know it only takes one team to fall in love with someone but there may be only one team in love. Wouldn’t be surprised if teams aren’t willing to give up a ton to move up so one of these QB’s could drop further than anticipated.

  26. Only Chip Kelly has the mental acumen to pull it off; the man truly is a genius. Time to dust off the Super Bowl trophy shelf. Go Eagles!!!

  27. lega1eagle says:

    Only Chip Kelly has the mental acumen to pull it off; the man truly is a genius. Time to dust off the Super Bowl trophy shelf. Go Eagles!!!

    First off, what has Kelly ever done to make anyone think he’s a genius?

    Second, no hurry on dusting that shelf. The dust must be 4 feet thick by now.

  28. Bringbacktheflex: maybe taking a 4-12 team and turning it into a 10-6 team with a division title in his first year? And going 10-6 again with a backup qb? 20-14 with 4 starting qbs? Do you just talk about football without watching it? Top running game in the league and 2nd best offense (only to denvers record breaking offense) his first year, and 3rd offense his 2nd year with mark sanchez and 11 starting lineman. What a joke you are.

  29. skinssuckbutcowboysworse says:

    Bringbacktheflex: maybe taking a 4-12 team and turning it into a 10-6 team with a division title in his first year? And going 10-6 again with a backup qb? 20-14 with 4 starting qbs? Do you just talk about football without watching it? Top running game in the league and 2nd best offense (only to denvers record breaking offense) his first year, and 3rd offense his 2nd year with mark sanchez and 11 starting lineman. What a joke you are.

    Kelly did those 10-6 records with Reid’s team. The FOUR previous seasons to Reid’s last lame duck season when the team quit on him he had a top ten offense each year with essentially the same team. Of course you’d know that if you didn’t have your nose so far up Kelly’s behind. So Kelly had some success running a gimmick offense. The Wildcat was the offense of the future at one point. Now it’s just a gimmick play. The run option was going to revolutionize football, TWO YEARS AGO.

    Kelly runs a hurry up. That’s all it is. He’s never won a championship on any meaningful level with any offense. So I hope he goes all in to get Mariota. That should set the franchise back 3 more years and send Kelly back to college to learn some more football.

  30. Draftniks: What guarantee is there that MM is any good? I see him as a system QB. Probably the only system in the NFL he could flourish in is the Eagles. But this isn’t Oregon State across the line of scrimmage. He looks frail to me and only semi-athletic.
    Remember the “RGIII can’t miss” just a few years back?
    Winston is the better PRO qb prospect. This isn’t a great year for QB prospects. Neither one of the ‘top 2’ is equal to Andrew Luck coming out of college.

  31. I hope Tampa Bay takes him #1 then everybody else can scratch their heads and think about if Winston is worth it.

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