Bucs say lawsuit doesn’t affect draft plans

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On Thursday, a lawsuit alleging sexual assault was filed against quarterback Jameis Winston.  The contention was widely known for months, and a lawsuit always was considered to be a possibility.

So the Buccaneers weren’t surprised, and they apparently are undeterred.  According to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune, Buccaneers officials say that the lawsuit will have no impact on their draft plans.

Technically, this doesn’t mean the Bucs will be drafting Winston.  It just means the lawsuit doesn’t change their plans.  Whatever those plans may be.

Implicit in the information from Cummings is the notion that no portion of the lawsuit will change their plans, including the contention at paragraph 13 that “a second woman had come forward and reported being sexually assaulted by Winston.”  Which implies that the Buccaneers knew about the second allegation, and that they properly studied it in reach the point at which the filing of the lawsuit won’t impact their draft plans.

It’s also possible that the lawsuit and the information in it will indeed impact the team’s draft plans, but that they’d never actually admit that with only two weeks to go until the draft.

Beyond what the Buccaneers knew then and what they know now is the public reaction to the lawsuit.  That could ultimately change the team’s plans, regardless of whether they’ll ever admit that the plans have changed or could change.

71 responses to “Bucs say lawsuit doesn’t affect draft plans

  1. another tainted draft here we go once again I said it 2 times and im saying it again projected first picks:

    1. Jameis Winston – Buccaneers
    2. Marcus Mariota – Titans

    Another tainted draft and another superbowl loss for the designated home team who are 20-29 in superbowls pathetic!! and the reason for that because they haven’t been drafting right they get players that are BUSTS from the draft and it needs to stop!!!!!!!!!

  2. Seems cut and dry to me: Mariota goes #1. Even if you don’t feel he is YOUR guy you draft and then trade because someone will pay up. Winston is smart enough to act mature when he needs to but there is more than enough smoke coming from that smoldering fire to go back up in flames.

  3. Let’s see what the Bucs say at the draft. Winston is a PR nightmare now.

  4. My question is…IF Winston IS found guilty in the civil case(s)….where there is a lower standard of evidence for guilt….can he be disciplined (suspended) by the NFL, or does this only apply to criminal trials?

    If there is a chance for a lengthy suspension, there’s no question about it…go with Mariota!

  5. Go ahead and draft Winston, Bucs GM, coach and owners, and see how quickly you lose fans and sponsors. You’re sending a message with your pick, Bucs, remember that. Bucs fan since 1977 and that ends if the pick is Winston. Only FSU apologists are fine with Winston.

  6. I wonder if the Glazers personally talked to Mr. Winston about the allegations. If so, they could be following Mr. Kraft onto the witness stand though in a civil suit rather than a criminal action.

  7. anyone else beginning to think we are going to hear the words “The Bucs are now on the clock” two weeks from tonight.

  8. Tone deaf clueless franchise. Whether it does or doesn’t – just say no comment or you’re still going through your own processes

    Don’t make it sound like it doesn’t matter

  9. Lucky for Jameis and the Bucs/NFL, the Tallahassee PD so royally bungled the case, no one is getting any evidence anywhere close to proof.

    Funny how that bungling goes in your favor when your famous/rich and totally other way when you’re poor/nobody.

    He ain’t the first, he won’t be the last.

  10. Whoever in the bucs organization who has gone all in on Winston over Mariota I just don’t understand. Throw away the red flags, Winston might be more nfl ready, but the last 2 fsu first round quarterbacks haven’t lived up to the hype. The praise for mariota from Tony dungy and chip Kelly shouldn’t be taken lightly. Even the bucs offensive coordinator is a Mariota supporter. Winston tape is better than mariota? Who’s team won again when they squared off? Weak draft class overall, and I expect as much excitement as opening of free agency this year

  11. Tampa Bay Tampa Bay should be worried about what this does to the trade market on the first pick. Not whether or not the guy is Darren Sharper 2.0.

  12. Draft this piece of crap to be the leader and face of your franchise, you will deserve all the embarrassment and bad fortune that comes your way!

  13. Just kidding, the Bucs, will select Winston on April 30th, period, this doesn’t change anything. Jaws on espn and his buddy merril hoge, will look like clowns on Draft night.

  14. There is a reason why the following chain of events over the past week:

    1. Mayock moves Mariota to #1 QB on his rankings.
    2. Bears, Jets, Rams start to do more internal investigating and private workouts with Winston
    3. Mariota to Bucs has been gaining steam
    4. SD possibly trading for Mariota has been gaining steam.

    Could TB flip Mariota (#1 overall pick) for Philip Rivers??? Would definitely throw a wrench into things!

  15. The buccaneers were pirates who attacked Spanish shipping in the Caribbean Sea during the 17th century.

    Good place for someone with a history of rape and pillage.

  16. The Internet lynch mob’s favorite time of year is undoubtedly the weeks before the NFL draft when at least one top prospect’s character is being assassinated.


  17. To all those that think that JW is a headache now just wait until he becomes a millionaire. Any team that is foolish enough to pick him totally deserves what they get.

  18. Does someone want to explain why Tallahassee PD was going after Greg Dent, a starting WR for FSU, for rape allegations (only to be acquitted at trial) while at the same time apparently covering up for a Winston, who hadn’t even gone to football practice yet?

    So FSU/TPD is covering up for athletes that have yet to throw a pitch or a pass, but are prosecuting actual, current stars?

  19. This guy just doesn’t look good enough to waste the time on when you look at all the crap he has done. Then all the alleged stuff he has done as well. The Bucs should either try to move back or take the best OT and move forward with Glennon at QB.

  20. If this guy had any more flags raised about his behavior/character he’d be a flag pole in front of the UN.

  21. Winston will be a BUST BUST BUST!! Why on Earth anyone thinks otherwise is beyond me. You probably didn’t hear it here first because it’s obvious to most idiots around the world that he is the second coming of JaMarcus Russell. Have fun Tampa!

  22. This makes me think the Bucs will pick Mariota. The idea that someone else could come forward with another sexual assault claim combined with Winston’s off-the-field history suggests that the Bucs have decided on Mariota if that hasn’t affected their decision. I just can’t imagine the Bucs taking someone with this many legal issues

  23. Imagine if all it took was being accused of a crime to actually be considered guilty of that crime in the eyes of the law and the judicial system.

    As one can gather from perusing the comments section of a PFT article about Winston, that is clearly all it takes in the court of public opinion.

    Thankfully, that is not the case to those who matter (ie. Law enforcement, the judicial system, the NFL in this instance). They don’t make frivolous decisions or judgements.

  24. It doesn’t alter their draft plans because they’re not drafting Winston. Unless they’re complete morons..

  25. Ray rice is being sent to investigate a possible 2nd victim. Noting an elevator ride won’t fix.

  26. Admittedly, we don’t know what Tampa Bay is going to do with the first draft pick. However, if the Bucs are stupid enough to draft Winston at #1, they’ll deserve whatever they get–and it won’t be pretty. There are red flags all over the place with that guy. Why put yourself in such a vulnerable position if you don’t have to?

  27. Is Glennon that bad where you can’t just roll with him and draft Leonard Williams #1?

  28. I’m a bucs fan for many years, creamsickle uniforms and such – nearly back to Steve Superior being the QB. With that said – drafting this turd may be more than I can stand.
    Character COUNTS!
    If TB is smart (not real likely) they will draft Mariota – and then look and grin at Kelley’s table – and then trade Mariota to Philly for all they can get. QB isn’t the problem for TB.

  29. Perhaps the bucs wised up and have decided to pass on the raping thief. If that’s the case, then this lawsuit surely doesn’t affect their draft plans.

  30. You would hope that being an alleged rapist whose school hindered and covered up for him would somehow affect his ‘reward’ of multi-millions of dollars. Let’s hope Karma gets him and gets whatever team picks him.

  31. “Bucs say lawsuit doesn’t affect draft plans”-It doesn’t affect their draft plans, Mariotta is going number one, more skill, more professional and far less of a pain in the a#!………………………………..

  32. Guess the Bucs planned to take Mariota #1 already…and now Mettenberger just got his starting job back!

  33. Great smoke screen or bucs are really stupid. You could trade down and still take this thief 10 or 15 if they really dont care about fan base. Take williams or trade out. Biuld a defense listen to dungy

  34. Bucs are taking Mariota….I heard this from the 3rd shift janitor. He saw their draft order on the balckboard and wiped off Winston name and wrote in Mariota’s. The janitor is a pretty smart guy.

  35. Pls go ahead and draft this piece of crap. Dump 30 million dollars down the toilet, and ruin possibility of winning, while he sets in jail.

    Hernandez 2.0 in domestic violence.

  36. @moneymike 23 bro you are so right, Winston is they ONLY guy in the NFL who this has happened to so it must be true. But lol if the 3RD SHIFT janitor said there taking the safe pick in Mariota then there it is

  37. So the 3rd Shift janitor wiped off Winston’s name and wrote in Maritoas, wow Imma go get the Chargesr 3rd shift janitor and tell him to Trade Rivers crybaby self

  38. This guy will be the face of their franchise. Right now, FSU has to deal with the PR mess, INCLUDING A LAWSUIT, and now Tampa will be taking over from here.

    What should Tampa do?

    I honestly think that their best bet is to pull a trade with San Diego and get Phillips, plus their draft picks. Now you suddenly have a playoff caliber, veteran QB, plus a bevy of draft picks. That’s the best play here.

  39. For you non-Bucs fans, IF we dont draft Winston or Mariota, we will NOT be drafting Leonard Williams. We would be trading down. We have more than enough depth at that position, why would we use the #1 selection on DT when we have so many other needs.

    For the folks thinking this is a new case, you are also wrong. This is the same girl that accused him back in college. Everybody knew this was coming. She knows what she is doing timing this 2 weeks before the draft.

    It drives me nuts to hear all these football “fans” stating the Bucs should draft Mariota. Do you watch football or just look at the stat lines? Does a circle fit into a square hole? Mariota wont fit in our system and any knowledgeable fan knows this. I understand the criticism for Winston’s off-the-field issues but there no QB in this draft even comes close to him talent wise.

    The Bucs are taking Winston…count on it. Hate all you want now but he is the best player coming out this year.

  40. mariota is the dude anyway… a month ago i felt differently but the more i read and think about the draft i feel like mariota is the safer pick here. takes better care of the ball, is a team guy, his coaches from oregon can’t say enough good things about him… of course jimbo says things about jameis but i cant trust a dude named jimbo for some reason

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