Furtado, Abreu families await justice in second Hernandez trial


Now that a Bristol County, Massachusetts jury has convicted former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez of first-degree murder in connection with the death of Odin Lloyd in June 2013, a Suffolk County, Massachusetts jury can focus on whether Hernandez killed Safiro Furtado and Daniel de Abreu eleven months earlier.

Via the Boston Globe, the families of Furtado and Abreu held a press conference Wednesday night as a reminder that, while justice has been done for Lloyd, the process is far from complete for Hernandez’s other alleged victims.

“They know that their day is coming,” said attorney William T. Kennedy, who represents the families in a civil lawsuit previously filed against Hernandez. “They’re prepared to do what is necessary to see that justice is done for their two sons. . . . The fact that they’re going to have to now confront again the loss of their two sons is not an easy task for them to take, but it is something that they are committed to seeing is done.”

Prosecutors claim that Hernandez fired five shots into a car carrying Abreu, Furtado, and another man after Abreu bumped into Hernandez in a club in Boston’s South End, causing Hernandez to spill a drink. A trial date is expected to be selected “in the coming days.”

“Justice in America is very strong,” said Safiro Furtado’s father, Salvador.  “I believe in justice in America.”

Justice could be easier to obtain in the next trial, given that the second case against Hernandez includes a murder weapon, eyewitness accounts, and clear evidence of a motive.

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  1. Good luck finding a judge that will suppress all that evidence in his next trial. He was very fortunate to get a judge that disallowed a lot of testimony in his first trial. Maybe his defense team can argue that they shouldn’t allow eyewitnesses because it would harm their defense. Somewhere, Brandon Spikes is confused that there’s yet another trial.

  2. He’s already serving life without parole. Another trial serves no more justice. It just wastes time, energy, and resources. The “closure” would be knowing he will never see the light of day, and that’s already happening.

  3. NE patriots – 1st sports team in history to have a cheating investigation & murder investigation at the same time. Great work guys. It’s just too bad we don’t have a jury decide the deflategate verdict. Instead we have Kraft’s bff & puppet boy roger goodell.

  4. It really is a shame that the new england patriots put their community at risk employing this low character dirtbag all those years.

    The new england patriots and the pittsburgh steelers finish dead even in the contest of the most low character professional sports franchises.

  5. Hernandez is about to release a book
    “How NOT to get a way with Murder –
    A buffoon’s guide to crime”

  6. Already serving a life sentence. Why waste tax dollars with another court case? Oh yeah, because the victims families want money to console them for the loss of their loved ones. It will make it all better.

  7. I guess another reason for this second trial might be that if somehow the conviction gets overturned on a technicality, the 2nd conviction might stand. Strange things happen in the judicial process.

  8. So bumping into this person and spilling his drink is basis for him to murder you and anyone with you?


    Seriously how do you even become something like that?

    It’s hard to think of someone who would do such a thing as a human being.

  9. Not a Patriots fan, but the fact that some of you turn this into an issue to bash Kraft, the Patriots and Belichek is pathetic. The NFL allowed Hernandez to be drafted. He had warnings but at the time no major crimes. A team has no way to know what a player may do in the future. Lots of players have been young and dumb in college and been productive people and players. Hernandez is responsible for what he did. Not Kraft, not the Pats, not Goodell, not the NFL.

    As far as a second trial, of course it should happen. Hernandez can appeal this conviction and based on his defense team’s closing argument, inadequate council could easily be argued.

  10. Even though Hernandez has already been given a life sentence, the system requires the 2nd trial to take place for the sake of closure of the case itself.

  11. Why waste more tax dollars and allow more lawyers to get filthy rich on a guy who will already be spending his life behind bars. Seems redundant.

  12. It is pathetic that the Pats even drafted this guy. Pats fans, players, coaches were all cheering a man who was murdering people in his down time. He shot a man in the face when he was in college.

    Teams passed on this guy for a reason. I am sure many teams took him off the draft board, but not the “classy” Pats.

    The Patriot Way.

  13. All of you that try to make this about the Patriots are really pathetic. Jealousy brings out the worst in all of us. The Super Bowl was brutal for me but I have tremendous respect for the Pats, their ownership, and their coach.
    –Seahawks fan

  14. I’ve heard waking up in Walpole is similar to the concept in the movie Groundhog Day. Everyday you wake up, you know it’s going to be just like the boring previous day you had, with the possible exception of being involved in some prison violence. I’m guessing Hernandez didn’t sleep all that well last night. Good thing he has the rest of his natural life to catch up on it.

  15. How do you get justice for a guy already serving a life term. Justice will be served but sadly its not going to mean much for a guy who is already locked away for life.

  16. Since those Abreu families were “murdered” by spilling drink on Hernandez, probably made it worse by talking trash to Hernandez and not apologizing him..

    Hmm, makes me wonder, If I was Abreu, and I did say sorry to him, will Hernandez still go after me or let me go???


  17. simplegodfather says:
    Apr 16, 2015 2:41 PM
    Since those Abreu families were “murdered” by spilling drink on Hernandez, probably made it worse by talking trash to Hernandez and not apologizing him..

    Hmm, makes me wonder, If I was Abreu, and I did say sorry to him, will Hernandez still go after me or let me go???


    I am far less concerned with a “broken legal system” and far more concerned with the apparent broken educational system… Christ dude

  18. His first kills not his first shot. It set the stage for the guy he shot in the eye,his friend and then Odin Lloyd. He will be convicted in these two also. Then he will kill or be killed in prison.

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