Lee Remmel, who spent 62 years around the Packers, dies at 90

Lee Remmel, a Green Bay icon who was there for the days of Curly Lambeau and Don Hutson, of Mike McCarthy and Aaron Rodgers, and of everyone in between, has died at the age of 90.

Remmel, who worked first as a reporter for the Green Bay Press-Gazette and then for the Packers as a PR man and team historian, spent a total of 62 years working with and around the team.

In Remmel’s first season as a reporter, in 1945, Lambeau was the coach and the team hadn’t yet moved into the Field that bears his name, playing instead at Green Bay’s City Stadium. That year Hutson led the NFL with 47 catches, and the Packers finished 6-4, three games behind the league champions, the Cleveland Rams.

By Remmel’s last season before retiring as team historian, in 2007, McCarthy was the coach and Brett Favre was wrapping up his final season in Green Bay, with Rodgers waiting in the wings.

Former Packers CEO Bob Harlan remembered Remmel as a loyal member of the Packers family.

“He had a tremendous love for the organization, a tremendous love,” Harlan said. “Everyone had great respect for his ability as a writer, and certainly if you wanted a quick point in history, there was not a better source than Lee. Many times he and I would sit and talk about old, old times — the Curly Lambeau era and when Vince Lombardi first came to Green Bay. I was always fascinated with the stories he had about those times.”

Now we’ve lost one of the few people who still had stories to tell about those times.

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  1. Absolute GIANT in the community and well loved by all the players who’ve come through GB.

    He’ll be missed. Damn, this sucks.

  2. This guy was almost as iconic to the Green and Gold as any player or coach. He bled team colors with the best of them and could answer any trivia question anyone might have about Packers history.

    RIP Mr. Remmel. You will be missed.

  3. They’ve been picking his brain for a while thankfully and documenting those stories. One of my favorites is McGee and Hornung got caught after curfew and Lombardi fined them $500. Vince says the next one’s $1000 and if you find something that good….I’m going with you. RIP Lee, say hi to Vince and Max.

  4. “He’s a Packers icon. There will never be another like him. His knowledge of the team and its history has always been impressive. He is sharp as a tack when it came to those things – truly impressive.” – Brett Favre (source: Wikipedia)

  5. RIP Lee, Our Packers will continue to play football as one of the most respected football organizations and make you proud.

    Best and most historic NFL Franchises in NFL History:

    1)Green Bay Packers
    2)Chicago Bears
    3)Pittsburgh Steelers
    4)New York Giants
    5)Cleveland Browns

  6. Best wishes to Mr. Remmel’s family in this difficult time.

    This guy was a pro’s pro and very classy.

    I lived in Wisconsin from 1983 – 2005 so I’m familiar with his story.

  7. A tremendous loss to the community and Packer Nation. Rest in peace Sir and thank you.

  8. I got to meet Lee briefly back in the 90’s – he was a very nice man. We didn’t have a chance really to talk, but I told him how much I envied him – the people he’d met, the history he’d witnessed, all of the incredible first-hand memories he had. What a life. Rest in peace Lee.

  9. Didn’t know of him, but lots of respect for a man like him.

    I am sad that even on a story like this that there at least a few trolls that give thumbs down to comments about him. I would say grow up, but you guys are probably too old to change now.

  10. How can anyone click on the thumb down with these comments about such a wonderful human being?

  11. Learning that Green Bay has lost Lee Remmel is truly like hearing that a favorite member of the family just died.

    My own family moved to Green Bay in 1953–when I was eleven years old. The Packers were awful. Lombardi came to town in early 1959, and I can recall always looking forward to reading Lee Remmel’s column in the Green Bay Press-Gazette.

    Lee became a Green Bay sports incon in his won right and one of the most highly respected members of the Packer organization.

    As noted, I hope that the organization and the community took full advantage of the opportunity to record as much oral and/or video history from him as possible. He was one of the very last living links to the history of the Packers and the city of the 1950s and before that time.

    Goodbye and God bless, Lee.

  12. I wish he had written a book before he left us. His mind was an encyclopedia of first-hand Packers knowledge, and now it’s gone forever.

  13. I had bought the “Go You Packers Go” print which had figures of Packer Legends and the music score for the song mixed in. I wanted to get it autographed. I came to the conclusion Lee Remmel was the one. He is the legend of the Green Bay Packers. I got the opportunity at an Assoc Bank Packers luncheon. He was stunned I wanted HIS autograph and I told him there was no one else more fitting for this particular print. He signed it with best regards, pulled out his business card case, gave me his card and told me to call him. He wanted to show me around the hall of fame.
    WOW !! Such a humble man, walking encyclopedia of the history of the Green Bay Packers. God Bless !!

    I had his card set into that print which hangs in my man cave.

  14. Lee Remmel was a great reporter and story teller.
    Unlike a lot of the clowns who report on sports today, he was a reporter in an era where the reporters didn’t feel the need to have to be part of the story by having some gimmick to promote themselves.
    R.I.P Lee and say hello to Curly, Vince, and all those great old time NFL players.

  15. Wonderful man and a fantastic storyteller.
    Photographic memory of every game, every score.
    But, it was the warmth of the stories involving the true characters of the game that I’ll always remember about him.

    He will truly be missed.

  16. I got to meet him at the HOF game about 10 years ago and he was the most genuine guy you would ever meet. He made a point to shake my hand from the press box.
    RIP Mr. Remmel!

  17. Great man! Definitely part of Packers history. Well loved in the community and throughout Wisconsin.

  18. This guy just exuded class, represented the Packers professionally at all times and had probably the best seat in the house to watch the unfolding of pro football history.

  19. By my calculations, using the top 20 or so posts to this article as the data, there are approximately 6-8 Viking trolls on this site that will thumbs down any story related to the Packers, even if its a death to a non player.

  20. From a life-long Viking fan, rest in peace, Lee. Hope the Packers put up a well deserved memorial in your honor. You have certainly earned it.

  21. fwippel says:
    Apr 17, 2015 11:08 AM
    From a life-long Viking fan, rest in peace, Lee. Hope the Packers put up a well deserved memorial in your honor. You have certainly earned it.


    Classy post, Vikings fan. I tip my hat to you.

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