No talks between Chiefs, Justin Houston


In February, the Chiefs applied the franchise tag to linebacker Justin Houston, who piled up 22 sacks in 2014.  The two sides negotiated (unsuccessfully) not long before the tag was imposed.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, no talks have happened since then.

Owner Clark Hunt has said that the Chiefs eventually will get Houston signed to a long-term deal.  They have until July 15 to do it, or they’ll have to wait until after the regular season finale to try again.

In the interim, another team can sign Houston to an offer sheet, if that team is willing to give up a pair of first-round draft picks.  That’s not expected to happen before the 2015 draft; however, the window for signing Houston to an offer sheet extends beyond the 2015 draft.  Which means that an offer sheet from another team accepted by Houston and not matched by the Chiefs would result in Kansas City receiving 2016 and 2017 first-round picks as compensation.

That’s precisely what the Vikings planned to do in 2008, when they eventually sent a first-round and third-round pick to the Chiefs for defensive end Jared Allen.  But for that trade, the Vikings would have kept those picks, putting first-round selections in 2009 and 2010 on the line.

It’s unclear whether anyone will take that chance with Houston.  Every year, plenty of coaches and General Managers sit on the hot seat.  All it takes is one G.M./coach to roll the dice with draft picks they may not be there to use, anyway.

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  1. I was in college and loving life, living the dream when the Vikings traded for Jared Allen and we finally found a pass rusher. Now I am graduated and sit in a cubicle all day paying off student loans and realizing how much life after college is going to suck. My entire generation has been swindled.

  2. If i was a 3-4 team that was real close to being good, like the Steelers, Eagles, packers, or a few other teams i would wait till after the draft and take a shot at this guy… worst comes to worst you made the chiefs pay more than they may have wanted to and if you get him, Houston is going to probably make way more impact on a team than two late first round picks.. I don’t why teams don’t do this more with how many top picks that fail…

    If i am the Patriots i would all over this … They’re going to trae back with their firsts anyway since BB never met a first round player he liked.

    @ bottom round picks for the best pure pass rusher in the NFL with a ton of prime years left… I would do that in a second… Chiefs better get to work.

  3. The Vikings paid a first round pick and TWO third round picks, not one for Jared Allen. One of the 3rd round picks turned out to be Jamal Charles.

  4. AZ Cardinals fail at obtaining AP with the cap money they have freed up, that money would be well spent at their other glaring need at OLB. They really have a short window to make use of Palmer and Fitz for a shot at a Super Bowl. Two firsts is a killer, but this is a good team and the 2016-17 firsts should at least be low firsts. Imagine that team drafting Gurley in this draft instead of trading for AP, then doing a successful offer sheet for Houston.

    That offense with a healthy Palmer and Ellington which just added Ipuatui at LG, moving Jonathon Cooper to RG, would be able to run and pass adding Gurley. That defense will be adding Daryl Washington back at ILB and just signed a healthy Weatherspoon as well. An OLB putting pressure on QBs like Houston would make Peterson crazy good at CB1, and Honey Badger, Buchannon, Calais Campbell would be free to wreak havoc.

  5. As a Chiefs Fan, I would love to have J Houston rushing the qb for us for many years to come, but the dude needs to wake up and either sign the franchise tender or move on. 13 mill for 1 season isn’t chump change.

  6. Rumors around here that the Raiders will make an offer to Houston but after the Draft , I’m all for it .

  7. Clark Hunt will pay up; he’s signaling that he will. What I’m curious about is his timetable. I figure Houston is signed long term around August 10th or so.

  8. tuckrulesurvivor says:
    Apr 17, 2015 9:35 AM

    Rumors around here that the Raiders will make an offer to Houston but after the Draft , I’m all for it .
    Oakland drafts top 10 nearly every year they have a first round pick to spend. I don’t see it.

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