Schneider says Seahawks will be cautious in Russell Wilson negotiations

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The Seahawks and quarterback Russell Wilson are talking about a new contract but getting nowhere.  If/when they get anywhere, the Seahawks will get there carefully.

“Every negotiation is unique in and of itself and this is no different,” G.M. John Schneider told KIRO radio on Wednesday, via Terry Blount of  “He’s our quarterback.  We’d love him to be our quarterback.  But the thing is we need to keep as many of these guys together as we possibly can.  What I can tell you is that this is the ultimate team sport.  We have a track record of rewarding our players that we recognize as core players.”

Wilson is one of their core players.  But how much will they reward him, specifically in relation to the top of the quarterback market?  A contract a the top of the quarterback market may conflict with the team’s broader philosophies.

“We want to be a consistent championship-caliber football team, one that the community and the Northwest is extremely proud of every year and has high expectations and hopes for,” Schneider said.  “We have to be able to protect ourselves as we go and make smart decisions in trying to keep this whole thing together as long as we possibly can.

“I think you’ve seen over the last several years now a philosophy of competition at every position and trying to acquire as many players as you possibly can and to make it fit.  We’ve done this since Day One.”

The emphasis on team could require the guy who plays the most important position to put team ahead of the quest to get paid as much as possible.  If Wilson isn’t willing to do that (and, really, why should he be?), the answer could be that the Seahawks will have to find another young quarterback who can perform for three or four years at a level far higher than his compensation reflects.

For now, the Seahawks have begun the process of framing the question Wilson eventually will have to face.  Do I grab every dollar, or do I get fair compensation and allow the team to put other great players around me?

127 responses to “Schneider says Seahawks will be cautious in Russell Wilson negotiations

  1. Unless he’s different than most he’ll want all he can get…it would be a breath of fresh air if he put Team first.

  2. Like, Joe Flacco cautious? Or Phil Rivers cautious? HUGE DIFFERENCE and HUGE different level of accomplishment. Most notably, Wilson has been to the playoffs more than Matt Ryan. Pay the kid already.

  3. Unless he’s different than most he’ll want it all….it would be a breath of fresh air if he put Team first.

  4. How cautious? Like, Joe Flacco cautious? Or Phil Rivers cautious? This kid has ran circles around the league since he showed up, and has won a championship. Matt Ryan is jogging and hasn’t won anything and got paid. Whats the issue here? Pay the kid!!

  5. The Dramahawks are going to nurse this publicity all offseason. Pay Wilson a good amount and have the owner get RW to do more microsoft ads, done.

  6. This is where Schneider earns his money – can he pay Wilson and keep that secondary together? Life is easy when you have a Super Bowl quarterback making chump change.

  7. Schneider knows that once the defense takes a step back and Lynch is on the downside (all coming soon), that all a defense needs to do is corral Wilson in the backfield, using his height against him and suddenly he’s a mediocre QB.

    I still say pay him bank.

  8. Imagine the haul the team could get if they traded him. The return on their 3rd round pick investment would be tremendous.

  9. Blah blah blah…

    Schneider can say whatever he wants, but we all know that keeping Wilson is priority #1A for the Seahawks.

    It’s a QB league. No QB = mediocrity (at best).

  10. Nah, Schneider is no dummy. Before the first kickoff, Russell Wilson will be the highest paid player in the NFL because he has earned it.

    Anything less is an insult to anyone who has watched the NFL the past 3 years. We’ve been told that the Seahawks are prepared to the inevitable day when they would have to pay Wilson.

    Now it’s that time. Since he hit the league, no QB has been better, using whatever metrics that gets you to wins. If wins are what you play for (can you hear coach Herm), then pay the man and get on with the quest to win.

  11. Six years, $36 MM signing bonus, $11 MM per year guaranteed for injury only. Seventh year option for the team valued at $898MM. Total contract value $1 billion. After all, he is worth that and Paul Allen has all that money; Right, Seahawk fans?

  12. You gotta choose your winning QB or an amazing group of stars you will have to pay down the road, most are locked up now but still, Russ is getting at least 110m. Schneider can’t be a cheapskate and expect to have both

  13. translation…. You can’t pay a slightly above average quarterback like an elite one. Schneider is one of the the top GM’s in the league because he’s consistent and sticks with his game plan. Very similar to Ronw Wolf and Theadore Thompson in Green Bay.

  14. I applaud the Seahawks for trying to do what’s right for the team. If you look at their success (and failures) over the last couple of Superbowl runs, it’s clear that Wilson was not the only one who contributed greatly to the effort. In fact he almost cost them the game against the Packers and we won’t talk about the ending of the game vs the Pats.
    I say give him one more ‘Show me’ year, don’t just hand him a pile of money.

  15. If I were him I’d just go play baseball. Potential to make even more money and won’t have to have his kids wiping his drool and changing his diapers when he’s 50.

  16. Odd stance. I can see fans expecting Wilson to take less money than he deserves (as a matter of fact, from what I’ve seen in the PFT sampling size of Hawks fans, 95% of them feel it’s a given he’s going to give a huge home town discount), but I find it odd for the team management to feel the same way

    Especially when they have, at the very least, a TE, a RB, a CB, a SS and a FS that all get paid at or near the top of the market for the position.

  17. At the end of the day, this is a lot of posturing………they must be getting near the end of negotiations.

    Nonetheless, I like the sentiment.

  18. In other words: “we don’t want to cripple the team’s cap situation like Drew Brees has done to the Saints”.

  19. Translation: Don’t pay a slightly above average quarterback like an elite one. Schneider is one of the best in the business because he has a game plan and sticks to it. Much like his teacher, Theadore Thompson in Green Bay.

  20. With that crappy Oline they are going to put in front of him, Russell Wilson should be preparing to hold out. He can’t afford to get injured playing behind that bunch.

  21. Wilson should learn a lesson from Brady. Don’t get greedy … you make more money playing longer on a winning team than gabbing the cash and having a weaker team.
    Seriously …. Do you think throwing a pick at the end of the SB to lose a championship really deserve a mega contract.

  22. Do I grab every dollar, or do I get fair compensation and allow the team to put other great players around me?

    Unfortunately for ‘Hawks fans, he should hold out for every dollar after all he has helped accomplish during his rookie deal. I mean, there’s nothing he hasn’t accomplished. Wait; he hasn’t beaten Belichick and the Pats in the Super Bowl. Only 1 QB has done that (twice)…

  23. I am a fan of his, but didnt this guy end the SuperBowl on an interception? and throw four interceptions in the NFC championship??

    how does that translate to NFLs highest paid player. if the dude on the Packers runs back that interception we’re talking about a major question mark on Russell

  24. He should be willing to take less money (and by less, I’m talking indentured servitude wages of $15M to $18M a year) for the good of the team. This insistence on hamstringing a team for the benefit of one player has gotten out of hand. As a 50-year Colts fan, it bugged me when Peyton grabbed every dollar he could. It grates on me when Irsay talks about making Andy the highest paid player in the game. Go ask the Saints how well giving one player 20-plus percent of their cap space is working out.

  25. Schneider can talk that ‘what we want’ crap all he wants. They are going to have to pay through the nose for Russel Wilson. And, justifiably so.

    He has been the biggest deal in NFL and has been making peanuts all along compared to other Super Bowl caliber Quarterbacks. The time has come for him to be well compensated for what he has done for the team and for what he will continue to do for the team.

    Schneider needs to shut the hell up and pay the man!

  26. it’s a passing league. it’s also a win now league that no longer seems to know how to develop q.b. talent. put those things together and you have a position that is going to always be overpaid.
    get the deal done already, you really aren’t going to get anyone better.

  27. That is a hard argument to make after you paid your secondary very handsomely and are willing to pay Marshawn well above league average for the next year or two. There is a price to be paid for having a good young QB. Schneider has to decide what is better for the Seahawks, Wilson with less of an all-star cast or keep the money to build the team and find another low priced QB in the draft. I know Schneider wants to have it both ways, but it just does not work that way.

  28. Trying to sell a Super Bowl winning QB’s agent that the team wants to be careful is silly talk, just pay your guy & hope for some adjustments down the road as needed.

  29. It’s the economics of the current NFL. If you have a high dollar franchise QB, it makes it much more difficult to put together a SB caliber team.

    Or if you sign a defensive lineman for a huge contract – same deal (eventually).

    As much as people like to call Wilson overrated, what he’s accomplished is pretty remarkable. It’s a fact of NFL life, though, that QBs usually get more credit than they deserve, and take more of the blame than they deserve. Wilson is in a position to get paid. Regardless of whether you think he “deserves” it or not.

    But, also, no one should kid themselves into thinking that if Wilson left they could just plug anyone in at QB and get the same results. Even finding a moderately reliable QB isn’t easy. Look at what the FA QB market was this offseason.

  30. Seahawks players are in Hawaii right now for a week of practicing, with no coaches around, and bonding. It’s the third year in a row that Russell Wilson organized the trip and leads the practices.

    That’s who Russell Wilson is. That’s who Schneider drafted in the third round. The deal will get done.

  31. This is all just posturing and, frankly, normal contract negotiation rhetoric. Wilson will be very highly paid because he deserves it. The Seahawks are prepared for that. And they will not consider looking for another QB because Wilson is pretty much everything you would want to have in a young QB. He is that good.

  32. Russel Wilson is a good QB, perhaps a great QB. However without that Defense and Beast Mode Lynch he would not be the success story that he is.

    Put him on the Colts team for example, and put Luck on the Seahawks. In my opinion the Colts would be 8-8 and the Seahawks would be 14-2.

    Not trying to take anything away from this kid, because he has a lot of talent. Just don’t see him getting Tom Brady or Aaron Rodgers type money.

  33. I’d say the kid has played pretty well considering his best receivers have been Golden Tate, Sidney Rice and Doug Baldwin.

    All these people talking how “overrated” he is are just Packer “fans”.

  34. Lol yall kill me with overrated thing, he does his job and has a great running game, average OL and WR’s and a very good defense so that’s his fault? He lost a SB just like many other QB’s have and will do including your boy Manning getting blown out. Brady cant beat the Giants in the SB so I guess he’s overrated as well?

  35. Either find a way to fully compensate him without losing the core value of the team to Cap Space Problems or just play this next year out and franchise him next. At that point, either the cap space bar has risen enough to keep him, you have developed other options in other positions that you can release a few high priced veterans, or you come to the conclusion that you have to move on at that position. Either way, no need to panic for the next two years.

  36. They know he is a glorified game manager aren’t aren’t going to have him comprise the strength of team which is the defense and running game.

    He will regret leaving there for the biggest payday possible as he will be exposed on another team when he has to pass 30 to 45 times a game like QBs who carry their team routinely do.

  37. It’s hilarious they refuse to pay the qb that helped put them in 2 super bowls. Seattle, you have NO respect for a guy that has been a great leader on and off the field. Teams have shown (Denver, NE) that you can pay top dollar for the qb and still compete.

  38. Honestly, who actually NEEDS $20 million + a year? I mean, I understand that it is a “free market” thing and players can go to the highest bidder. But acting like it is an insult to give a guy $14 million a year to remain competitive is an insult is a bit silly.

  39. when its all on the line, and you have paid this guy over 100 million dollars…and you need 1 yard….will he throw the touchdown or the interception….10 times out of 10 he will throw the pick….#noclutchgene #luckcanonlygetyousofar

    downvote if you agree

  40. Since he has been grossly underpaid(when comnpared to his production) for the last two years, it’s time for the franchise to provide a reasonable raise, comensurate to his production, AND backpay.

  41. Be smart kid, get it front-loaded. Those Team friendly back-end contracts generally means they will either be cut or asked to restructure. Look at Brees team friendly back-end loaded and now Drew is looking at a rebuilding team. Same with Mr. One And Done, he gave up $5 mill this year and be cut next year when the Broncos are busted this year…

  42. Us fans of teams without franchise QBs feel absolutely ZERO sympathy for these teams who, (crybaby voice) “Just want to keep everybody together.”

    Tommy boy keeps giving the Patriots discounts and it’s KILLING US!

  43. its a little harder to tell him to take less $ for the good of the team when he has made so little compared so far in his career compared to other starting qbs. His backup was paid more then him last year, he should demand to be compensated for those years

    and in the process screw the seahawks salary cap for years to come

    RW- 20M
    Sherm- 14M
    Jimmy- 10M
    Beast Mode- 10M

    thats half the cap on 5 players right there, goodbye depth

  44. Wilson has a ton of leverage, the question is, how far will he go to use it?

    Two SB appearances, one SB win. In just three years in the league. This is a QB-driven league, it’s ludicrous to argue that he has simply been along for the ride. Lynch is more important to the offense between the two, but Wilson is a close 2nd.

    No other QB on the roster with any regular season game experience.

    Possibility of playing baseball if negotiations break down.

    Underwhelming alternatives in the 2015 draft beyond Winston or Mariota, both of whom are too distant from their current draft position to be a credible alternative.

    Lots of cap room. Maybe it means letting some guys go, but they’ve already shown a willingness to do that anyway. Clemons was a cap casualty, as was Golden Tate.

    So pay the guy. At best, offer a higher guarantee in exchange for a slightly lower sticker price.

  45. I sure didn’t hear the Seahawks talk like this when they gave Richard Sherman the largest contract for a cornerback. It sounds like they’re trying to set the tone to screw their most important player!

  46. Couple things at play here. Wilson has been exactly what the Dr. ordered for this Seattle team in terms of leadership, stability and occasional playmaking. But that’s far different than top of the league performance, which is what they have in Lynch, Sherman, Thomas and Wagner. QB is a premium position (THE premium position) so salary range will be inflated but he’s not a player you break the bank for. There is/was already some bad feeling there from the pass v run disaster in the SB where players thought coaches were setting Wilson up to be the hero rather than Lynch; how would it appear if mgt played hardball with Lynch over money then broke open the bank for Wilson, when by all accounts inside and outside that locker room Lynch is a more valuable player on the team?

    A deal will certainly get done to keep him there, I think he’s worth more to that team than any other, but there’s more than money at play here IMO.

  47. Oh its not over, its just getting started. By trading him to the Bucs, the cap is, for all intents a and purposes, gone. Marriota can make the throws Russ does, and runs maybe as well if not better. And even you could hand off to Lynch. When the defense gives you the ball at midfield all the time, all things are possible.

  48. #2 All time passer rating, regular season.
    #5 All time passer rating, post season.
    2 Super Bowl appearances first 3 seasons.
    1 Super Bowl victory.
    3 playoff appearances in first 3 seasons.
    Most playoff wins in last 3 years.
    Most wins in last 3 years.
    One of only 3 players to throw 50 TD passes in first 2 years. The other two were Peyton Manning and Dan Marino.
    84 TD passes first 3 years. More than Tom Brady.

    Yeah, he’s “overrated” all right…

  49. I love what they’re doing. Their entire team is signed, all they need to draft for is offense at this point and stop gaps on defense which they do amazingly on with late picks. Next few years they can draft o-line and wr’s especially considering wr’s are dominating right now and probably will into the future considering the college schemes. If they let him walk, draft o-line, wrs and rbs. They can find another qb that get them to the playoffs with this team. Wilson is amazing and will get paid one way or another but they can still make the playoffs and have a decent shot at the sb. Not as good as they’ve had but a decent shot with a qb that is not Wilson caliber.

  50. Dear Ruston Webster,

    Forget Philip Rivers. Please get on the phone RIGHT NOW and offer Seattle your #2 overall pick and your #1 next year for this young star QB … one they’re devaluing as we speak.

    – Titans Fan

  51. He’ll get signed. Schneider is not stupid. I can only imagine the response in Seattle if we don’t get this done. This is a good kid and has not reached his prime yet. Plus Schneider, with your talent in the draft room, what are you worried about!?

  52. So let’s say you graduate from college as a hot shot lawyer or engineer. The rules of your occupation says for 4 years you will get paid less than 20 times what the better senior associates are paid and you can’t get paid a penny more until after 4 years. But for that 4 years you hit it out the park. As a lawyer you win your firm some of the biggest cases in the country and you attract more high price client to the firm. As an engineer you invent a product that greatly increases the company’s value.

    At the end of the 4 years you’re ready to break the bank and get paid. You know if you were to leave the company there would be company after company on the open market falling over themselves to pay whatever you ask. But your company after getting you at a TREMENDOUS discount for 4 straight years starts talking the way Schneider is. What do you do? How would you feel? Especially after you saw other people in your company get paid top end market contract?

  53. Why do you have to take a team discount to maintain winning?

    Why isnt the franchise held accountable for not paying wilson to ensure they continue their success?

    For some reason, Wilson wants to earn his max contract rather than winning?

    Why cant it be both?

    Or better yet, look at it the other way, Are the Seahawks going to cheap out on winning or pay Wilson and continue the success.

  54. For all I like Wilson (which is a lot) I’m still not certain he could carry a team by himself like you see with a Brady, Manning, etc. I’m not sure how you put a value on him but if it were my money I’d balk at making him the highest paid QB or anywhere close to that.

  55. Wilson is a cool guy but not worth more than 13 to maybe 15 a year… Anything more and I would be drafting a new QB.

  56. To all of you who say Russell Wilson is overrated and does not deserve to be paid like a top QB, you are crazy! And obviously do not know the value of a QB in the NFL. You think good QB’s grow on trees? If it were me, I would make him one of the 5 highest paid in football.

    I sure hope Seattle makes the mistake of letting him walk, that could set the franchise back 10 years.

    If that happens, my Broncos and Mr. Elway will be right there to give Wilson $15-20 mil a year, watch!

  57. He should and will get paid. Overall there is a serious lack of solid QBs out there. He is probably a littl(not a lot) overrated but still proven. No team wants to be starting from scratch at QB when they could overpay a little for a known quantity.

  58. Wilson is a great leader and a great athlete who does/ says all the right things… having said that, he’s a good QB, not great, that benefits from the best Def and RB in the NFL. He’s worth $15mm p/year, not a penny more…

  59. This is a tough one. I like him a lot and if I’m the Seahawks I most assuredly want to sign him long term. He deserves to be paid as much as, say, Flacco but there’s one large concern; the Seattle defense.
    They’ve been #1 three consecutive years; one helluva benefit to any QB. What happens when that’s no longer the case (as it inevitably will) and the Seahawks offense has to carry the teams’ fortunes?
    Is Russell Wilson THAT type of QB?

  60. All those Seahawk players tout themselves as brothers. I’m sure guys like Chancellor, Lynch, Thomas and Sherman will gladly part with their cash to keep baby Russ. Right?

  61. That interception in SB saved the Hawks probably 2-4 million at negotiating table. Maybe he will do what Brady did and take chump change. They will reward him with a helmet that has communication well past allotted 15 seconds.

  62. Russell Wilson is one play away from a serious injury that can end his ability to make his big pay day come true.

    The average player in the NFL is only there for 3.5 years. Get all of the money you can!

    Many teams with franchise QB’s pay big bucks for that privilege and still find the money to acquire a good supporting staff. Most make it to the playoffs every year.

    Pay the man!

  63. There’s no way Seattle will be able to pay Wilson what he wants and also keep their secondary happy. Look at the big deal Revis just got. Sherman is going to want that kind of money.

  64. Wilson is more then a game manager but not good enough to carry the team. I hope they break bank and have to bow up the team, then we can stop hearing about the Seahawks.

  65. Translation….

    Continue talking Mr. Wilson about a posssible future with baseball and we’ll talk about being cautious with your contract.

    In other words…be serious with us and we’ll be serious with you Mr. Wilson.

  66. 30 million a year, 90 million guaranteed. He is the team, try to find a franchise QB, look at your own track record and half the teams in the NFL– lose, lose, lose year after year until you find that guy. The 2000 Ravens were the exception. Defense was the difference.

  67. Schneider knows how to talk to the media, just like he knows how to find talent in the draft. What did he say? They reward “core players”. But, they need to be cautious to not break the bank on any one player. Over the years the QB market keeps getting artificially inflated with stupid GMs giving unreal contracts to the likes of Jay Cutler, among others.

    Fact of the matter is Russell Wilson deserves to make at LEAST top 10 QB money. And yes, we all know he doesn’t air it out for 6,000 yards a season. And everyone thinks he’s a game manager. Those things are true, for the most part. But, unlike most game managers, when the game gets away from Wilson, Wilson can go in and basically take the game back single handed by scrambling for must-have first downs and short dump-offs to the outside. He can turn a game around in surprising short order.

    He’ll want to be paid like the only QB to take his team to the Superbowl two years straight in the last decade, and why shouldn’t he. The team wants to pay him like he’s the 10th best QB (meaning less money per year). They will meet in the middle, probably leaning more towards getting Wilson in the top 5 in terms of paycheck.

    The REAL problems won’t start until we find a wide receiver that can consistently stretch the field and score 15 TDs (minimum) per season. If we have to pay top ten money to the Cornerback, Safety, QB, and WR… well, it’s just not going to happen.

  68. Lots of armchair GM activity here…must be waiting to get called for interviews…

  69. well this is what happens when you go into a negotiation fresh of losing a superbowl on the last play. not the best position to be in.

    sure sounds like the GM knows something I do…Wilson isn’t a great QB and can be replaced.

  70. I’d love to see Wilson on a different team, particularly one where the defense can’t make up for his limitations as a QB.

  71. widerightyouloseagain says:

    He’s very overrated, but the casual fan can’t see it, they point to useless stats.
    Haha, “useless stats” like wins, QB rating and touchdowns? Do I need to throw in more “useless stats” like 4th quarter comeback wins?

    You trolls just keep talking. The Seahawks will just keep winning.

  72. I am a Packer fan and I think Seattle should pay the man what he is worth no argument from me. But Seattle’s GM has to be careful here because the hardest part of having a winning team is keeping it together. Players are all going to want the coin they deserve and you have to walk that fine line between paying someone and keeping that “core” together.

  73. If Seattle is going to play games Wilson should just play out his weak contract, play the franchise tag game for a couple of years, then hit the free market. Paying a Superbowl winning quarterback less than a million dollars a year is wrong. This guy is the most underpaid player in the league going on 3 years now.

  74. The awesome thing about the most recent CBA and its rules regarding rookies is when situations turn into this: RW is still under his rookie contract and if the team chooses, does not have to extend him yet. While everyone thinks that he “deserves” it, he really owes the team he signed a contract with another season of stellar play. If I were the seaFrauds, I would tell him to “earn it” again. That would be the business savvy decision. The way the rules are set up now, a team doesn’t have to break the bank on top-tier drafts. While they might not get another Wilson replica, they can draft another very serviceable system-QB who will work out just fine while they keep the more important pieces of the team intact.

    Or tell him to go field grounders in Texas.

  75. #1 way to prove you don’t watch any football outside of your own team:

    Saying Russell Wilson is overrated or not all that good.

    When I hear that, I just laugh. I especially laugh at those people who say he threw 4 INTs to Green Bay, so he must suck. Never mind that he put up 21 points in 3 minutes to win the game. You don’t see Brees or Manning do that, or any of the other “elite” QBs people seem to think are better.

    Oh, and the one about Andrew Luck making Seattle better made me laugh the hardest. Andrew Luck – the same guy who’s thrown like 10 INTs in the postseason and cost his team all those games? Freaking hilarious. Colts fans are good for a belly laugh.

  76. Wilson isn’t asked every week to throw for 400 yards and 4 td’s to win like Manning and Brady.

    He doesn’t have to though. He makes consistently good decisions with the football, is smart running with it and allows his defense and running game to make hay. He has mediocre recievers but is still fearless with the ball in clutch situations. His leadership is excellent as well. People say he is overated and they are idiots.

    There is no easy answer for this, I see both points of view. In the end, Russell deserves to be paid like a top 5 qb and Seattle knows it. He doesn’t have the mind blowing passing stats but look at the one column that matters…Wins.

    If you put Russel on Oakland the would win 6 or 7 games. You put Jay Cutler on Seattle, they win 6-7 games. It is an intangible combination that just works harmoniously together.

    Seattle has gotten amazing production and unheard of value for Wilson’s first three years. Wilson has earned his payday but he should keep in mind that he has had amazing talent and a great organization behind him too.

  77. If Wilson’s so overrated and the Seahawks know this, why wouldn’t they just say, “Here’s what we’re gonna pay. Take it or leave it.”

    And if he leaves it, they get to find another qb.

    Seriously, the overrated argument is so…well, overrated.

  78. Get paid big, big, big, and go to the bank.

    Get paid mid,mid,mid, and perhaps go to the HOF?

    Its a gamble for RW too. The team that surrounds him is good. And if they were not as good as they were he would not be at the same level of wins etc. He also plays a large part in the new winning tradition. He’s done what no other Seahawk QB ever did before.
    Schneider is balancing out the equation

  79. Seahawkboymike
    Apr 16, 2015, 2:28 PM EDT
    widerightyouloseagain says:

    He’s very overrated, but the casual fan can’t see it, they point to useless stats.
    Haha, “useless stats” like wins, QB rating and touchdowns? Do I need to throw in more “useless stats” like 4th quarter comeback wins?

    Wins should only be contributed to the coach or the whole team. A QB can’t win by himself but he can lose a game by himself.

    You trolls just keep talking. The Seahawks will just keep winning. He has a good QB rating because he is careful with the ball., 72 TDs to 26 INTs with another 11 rushing TDs and 27 fumbles losing 8. Again the 10 4th quarter comebacks is a team stat not a RW stat.

  80. Just offer up $80 million guaranteed over 6 years. No other money in the contract.

    That is not much hit on the cap and it’s by far the most guaranteed money ever in the history of the league. It’s a good deal for both sides and only a cap hit of $13 million plus per year.

    THAT’S A DEAL!!!

  81. I laugh at people talking about Wilson being in 2 super bowls in a row, and claim that makes him worth top paid player money.

    Wilson is not even average as far as quarterbacks go. Put him on the Brown’s or Jags and how good is he? What if he were starting in Oakland? Think he takes those teams to the super bowl? Playoffs? Makes them instantly better? No? No? And No?

    Wilson is the type of player who fits in the scheme where he is. He is not a good passer. He can run some, but how long can he cash a check doing that before he is crippled up like RG III?

    I mean, hey, I don’t care if the Seahawks pay Wilson 30 million per year. The more they pay him, the sooner the Seahawks will be at the bottom.

  82. @DrSteveBrule

    The Eagles would trade the farm for Wilson, and he might just be worth it.

    I’d rather he stay in Seattle

  83. He should have stuck with baseball where a slightly above average player makes huge $$$, can play 20 years, retire healthy and play golf to pass their time.

  84. I love some of these comments,way too funny.Wilson is the ultimate team player and a dam good QB,but I guess haters will do what they do best – Hate !! You tell me any other QB that has done as much as him in their first three years ?? He took the whole team to Hawaii this past week with his endorsement money.Wilson is the real deal,like it or not. Go Hawks !!

  85. Russell Wilson has been way UNDERPAID for his production. It’s time for him to get paid. John Schneider sounded like a JERK. Schneider seemed to forget the Seahawks didn’t go anywhere with Lynch and that same D before Wilson get on board. I’d be so pissed if I were Wilson. Let’s see he can make the Broncos, the Rams, the Bills an immediate SB contender.

  86. Over his first three years, Wilson is the NFL GOAT at QB.

    Better than Brady or Manning or Montana stats and success.

    Just look it up.

    He’ll be signed and he’ll be a Hawk and we’ll be back for another SB.

    Sorry – but by now you should be getting used to it.

  87. GMs need to do what’s best for the team, not what’s fair for the player in question. If they can get a decent QB for 12M less per season than Wilson, and use that 12M wisely to address other needs, they will probably be better off overall.

  88. “Overrated QB carried by his defense. Tom Brady proved that. If Seahawks defense fails Russell can’t win”
    Wait a second. Did you turn off your tv before the 30 second mark?

    What happened at the 30 second mark you ask?

    Clearly you didn’t see Brady’s defeated expression as Kearse hauled in the pass at the 10 yard line. Brady’s expression clearly said: Awww man….I just lost my 3rd straight SB!!!

    3rd straight SB….LOSS.

    And now you’re hear talking trash as if that didn’t happen?
    Brady didn’t prove anything. Brady played against the worst Defense the Hawks have been in the past 3 seasons. Why? Due to injuries to the defense. And still the Pat’s should have lost.

    Did Brady intercept the pass that should never had been thrown to the interior of Pat’s defense, instead of where only a Seattle receiver could catch the ball?

    I get so sick and tired of folks coming here attempting to rewrite history. Everyone saw the game. Stop making yourself look foolish.

    RW and TB are 1-1 in head to head competition. Stop acting like Brady has accomplished so much against Seattle. He’s the beneficiary of a win by default….only. Lynch gets the ball at the 1 and we’re not having this discussion.

    That said…pay the man….he’s earned being paid already. This is our house and Seattle business….be concerned about your own team and your franchise QB.

    Or, in the words of Jack Nicholson: Go sell crazy someplace else….we’re all filled up here!

  89. skawh, I’m sorry but your comment makes it seem like the Seahawks won the SB. Brady is 1-1 against Wilson, but who cars about a regular season win? If the defense were injured and banged up they shouldn’t have played. Your making excuses and rewriting history just as much as anyone else.

  90. skawh, and it no guarantee Lynch scores from the one. On the season and in the game he wasn’t great in short yardage.

  91. All I will say is how many Super Bowls did Seattle win before Russell Wilson, Stop hating on that dude and pay him what he has earned

  92. Wow… Hatin a good kid… At least he’s not stealing crab legs, beating his spouse/GF, he’s not carrying guns, getting DUI’s, etc…. Give him a break… He’s broken QB ratings his first 3 years with #3 WR’s maybe #2 with Doug. (Tate, Rice possibly #1’s). And all of this with a less than stellar OL. And all he ever says in front of the camera is how great his teamates played… Bottom line, if you are performing as your bosses have asked you to do and at times gone beyond… You get paid.. I’m sure they’ll figure out what’s fair… Schneider, Wilson and certainly not the top dog of Microsoft, are stupid.. Very smart guys that will get it done.

  93. 31 teams want Wilson to get the big contract …

    No, 31 teams want the negotiations to fail. That’s what all these posers are trying to hide with their wannabe assessments. They’d love nothing more than to get Wilson for their own team.

    I can’t help the Saints’ GM being an idiot and killing their Salary Cap for years…nor can I do anything about the senile lich-lord in Dallas…or the guy desperately throwing money at FAs in Miami. Them’s the breaks. John Schneider isn’t that stupid. I’m figuring in the $22.5 million/year range, but I won’t be surprised if it ends up more than that, nor will I be disappointed if he agrees to less. Whatever it ends up being, it will be workable for the team.

  94. If the Seahawks sign Wilson to a mega deal they can look forward to playing SF for the higher draft pick every year as the rest of the team crumbles. They won’t be able to keep that defense together – that’s already crumbling. And the OL and running backs will be looking for more money and there won’t be any.

    I still don’t understand why teams are so willing for fork over big bucks for QBs. Seriously, you watch the SBs, and defense and running win games more often than QBs have the impact.

  95. Trade him for Rivers and a first and third round and get it over already! Geeeesh! Then draft another young one to shadow Rivers.

  96. i love all of the “wishful” hate from fans who’s team is years away from being competitive, yet alone super bowl contenders. The Seattle Seahawks have represented the NFC in 30% of the superbowls in the past ten years, and they have theor core paid and ready to go for a few more. let the hate flow, us 12’s love it. its a sweet mix of hoping they fail, fear, jealousy, and well, another pinch of jealousy and hoping they fail. If you’re not a pat fan, what joke or trash talk could you possibly have to say about this situation? nothing.

    “hawks are done”
    “So much for that dynasty talk. One 1-2 in the SB. It’s over.”
    “He’s very overrated, but the casual fan can’t see it, they point to useless stats.”

    jibberish, jibberish, and even more left field jibberish.

    Schneider nor Wilson are stupid, this is all a leverage game. A deal will get struck, and they both understand they need a complete team for all parties involved to be successful. Keep wishing on Seattle’s downfall, seeing that since they’ve been in the bowl two years in a row (one game away from three) that’s the only straw you have left to pull. RW is overrated. ha!!!! thanks for the laugh! Go Hawks!!!!

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