Dez Bryant has attorney send cease-and-desist letter to adviser David Wells


David Wells served as an adviser for Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant through the last few years while Bryant continually ran into problems off the field.

Now Bryant is trying to cut some of his ties with Wells.

According to Jean-Jaques Taylor of, Wells was sent a cease-and-desist letter from Bryant through lawyer Jordan Siev in order to end their formal business relationship. It also noted that Bryant had previously revoked power of attorney privileges for Bryant from Wells.

Per the report, the matter is part of the reason why Bryant has yet to get a new long-term deal with Dallas as the Cowboys want Wells to remain involved with Bryant.

Wells has helped Bryant stay out of trouble after multiple incidents that included being barred from a Dallas area mall and a domestic incident involving his mother. He has also assisted in securing marketing deals for Bryant in the past. Bryant now wants that handled by his agency, Roc Nation.

24 responses to “Dez Bryant has attorney send cease-and-desist letter to adviser David Wells

  1. Dez your a grown man make grown man decisions! Love your game and attitude for your desire to win don’t let these haters try to say other wise! Keep that focus , Jerry will give you what you have earned! #BESTWRINTHENFL

  2. Sounds like someone who is moving out of his parent’s home after turning 18 YOA…..Dez obviously feels his agent can handle his everyday operations and he is a grown-up……Lets’ hope so.

  3. Just ran this through my translator:

    I’m sick and tired of someone stopping me from acting like a fool and once I get a huge payday i should be able to act however I want.

  4. I seems odd to me that “keeping a guy out of trouble” would require the signing of a power of attorney.

  5. Sounds like Bryant is reverting back to his usual…I.E. knucklehead ways.

    You have a guy who covered his messes, kept him off the police blotter, and made him some extra dough. Now Bryant wants to surround himself with “yes” men and rappers. Stupid doesn’t even begin to cover it.

  6. Huge lifelong Dallas fan here. Dez is a beast on field, but a mental midget off… His new reps are really starting to sour me on him re-signing. I feel like everyone in his life takes advantage of him. Its just sad. If im Dallas im looking for trade parteners…

  7. Roc Nation. Laughable. What’s that stand for? Robbing Our Clients? I see some sort of bankruptcy or multiple lawsuits for bad investments on the horizon.

  8. With exception of that bogus Wal-Mart parking lot claim, you haven’t heard negative reports regarding Dez off the field in years. That goes for on the field as well. Wells could have a good part to do with this. Cutting ties with an adviser that may be having such positive effects, gotta say concerns me.

  9. OK. So you’re getting away from the guy who has helped you rehabilitate your image and going with the upstart agency run by some hip hop clown.
    What could go wrong?

    And, yes, I know Jay Z is fabulously wealthy. All that proves is how easy it is to separate dumb people from their money.
    He’s built an empire on that fact.

  10. This isn’t the same David Wells who used to be a wild-man left-handed pitcher for the Yankees, is it? Now that would be funny.

  11. Hiring David Wells, the pitcher, as an adviser and crisis manager, would be like hiring Richie Incognito to conduct sensitivity training.

  12. This is the beginning of the end for Bryant. Odds are that if he is signed at all next year it will be by another Franchise tag. Then it will be over. He’ll join the other nomad WR divas around the league.

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