Jameis Winston’s attorney on lawsuit: “This stunt was expected”


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have already said that yesterday’s civil suit filed against Florida State quarterback Jameis Winston would have no bearing on their decision at the top of the 2015 NFL Draft.

So it stands to reason that Winston’s side has reason to be confident, if they weren’t already.  The full statement from attorney David Cornwell was one which carried the swagger of the quarterback himself.

“This stunt was expected,” Cornwell said in the statement, a copy of which Cornwell has forwarded to PFT. “[The accuser’s] false accusations have already been exposed and rejected six times. This time will be no different. Mr. Winston welcomes the opportunity to clear his name with the truth.

“Mr. Winston is looking forward to the upcoming draft. He will not permit this ploy to distract him as he begins the journey of fulfilling his lifelong dream of being a championship quarterback in the National Football League.”

Cornwell had previously suggested a counterclaim if the suit was filed by the woman who claims Winston raped her.  Criminal charges were never filed.

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  1. An ESPN article indicates there was a report from Fox Sports which suggest collusion between the university, the police, and Winston’s attorney to make this go away. If true, a civil case has the best chance for success.

  2. This is what happens when a star QB rapes a girl and then the local police cover it up for 9 months.

    If anyone reads the facts of the case they will clearly see that she is telling the truth.

    Proving it in criminal court is a different matter.

  3. this girl is seriously ignorant. its my understanding that winston presented a binder full of cell phone records that proved his encounter was consensual.

    this woman is trying to get a payout for whatever reason. its sickening and an obvious ploy.

  4. “Mr. Winston welcomes the opportunity to clear his name with the truth.”

    Really? Then why has Mr. Winston been fighting the filing of any charges since he hired your character-assassinating a**??

  5. No matter what happens here, this guy has bust written all over him.
    The next Akili Smith/Ryan Leaf/JaMarcus Russell.

  6. Of course. Everyone expected it. As for the counterclaim, Winston cannot as yet show damage. However, after the draft if he falls, they get 1 front office person to go on record saying “We would have draft Winston higher if not for the lawsuit” it will be on like donkey kong.

  7. People keep saying this woman is a gold-digger…but if money was the aim the smart move would be to stay quiet until Winston was the #1 overall pick and had the highest contract possible.

    This is clearly a punitive move.

    All I can say, personally, is that I’m glad my team has a QB and isn’t forced to make a choice between a system-player whose personality can most charitably be described as bland in Mariota…or a potential sociopath in Winston.

  8. A stunt is standing on a table yelling stupid things or firing bb guns at windows. Bucs wont take this guy. Although there recent incompetence is pause for concern. Publix enemy # 1. Should slide

  9. I don’t understand why all of the Winston supporters could possibly question the integrity of a woman who has changed her story numerous times to the police, who hospital doctors and nurses said that she had no head injuries (actually the only injuries the kit found were to her knees) when she said she was hit on the head, the toxicology screen showed no drugs present in her system even though she said that she was drugged, she said she was drunk when the drug alcohol level in her system was .04 when the legal limit for being drunk in Florida is .08, etc.? Don’t all of the Winston supporters know that the Hospital Doctors and Nurses, the University of Florida Crime Lab that the FBI uses (remember, when you say you are kidnapped and falsely imprisoned that is automatic FBI jurisdiction) and was used to screen her for drugs, the Tallahassee PD, the FBI, Federal Democratic DOJ, State Republican DOJ, Republican appointed Judge, Democratic appointed judge, etc. are all in on a grand conspiracy? I mean, Republican leaning and Democratic leaning people agree on most things all of the time, don’t they? Jesse Ventura is going to do a show about this pretty soon, right? Don’t all of the Winston supporters know that all alleged victims of sexual assault tell the truth?

    Rolling Stone-UVA
    Al Sharpton-Duke Lacrosse

  10. ‘After my scumbag client raped another chick on campus, we fully expected this stunt to be pulled’

    ‘When the next stunt is pulled, please don’t believe any further accusations either, because we expect them….therefore they can’t be true’.

    Mr. Winston is just a victim. Always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Again and again.

  11. Wait….which stunt are yoo referring to?

    The stolen crag legs, the alleged rape, or the profanity laden rant on sexual preference at his college…. please enlighten us.

  12. I’m sure the draft had nothing to do with the timing of the suit’s filing. Nothing more than a PR stunt. I can’t see Jameis’ lawyer advocating a settlement so there’s zero reason for her attorney to counsel her to file now. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was instigated by a team who wants Jameis to slide down far enough where they could draft him.

  13. As long as the fines for submitting a false charge is a slap on the wrist the upside on filing false claims on these players far out weights the penalties. If an accuser is blatantly caught making false accusations they should do the time the accused would have done if convicted. When I read stories like this I think of Brian Banks. His accuser never did a day in jail.

  14. Money grab. Times must be hard for her. The facts in the story contradict everything this women has said. She is a liar. This is why it is hard to tell when someone is actually a rape victim. Too many lie about it.

  15. As much as I DON’T want anybody with the character flaws that Jameis Winston has on my team, I have to admit that Cornwell is probably right.

    Who gets raped and waits two years to sue – less than a month from the Draft? That smells as fishy as a handful of crab legs.

  16. The accuser’s false accusations have already been exposed and rejected six times I’m guessing by the law which is crazy. I hope she gets help and he continues to mature!

  17. Winston slept with this woman on numerous occasions. When he told her she was going to have to lay low this weekend because his girlfriend was coming, the charges were first filed. That is why he hasn’t been charged.

  18. I guess if there is such a thing as karma, lawyers like Cornwell will find themselves in similar situations one day with their own daughters or sons. It’s a shame that we have reached an era when fame and fortune trump having to adhere to the laws of the land.

  19. You can just tell by looking at that pic that he’s one of those d-bags that gives lawyers a bad name.

    But in honesty, if this gal is after maximum payment, wouldn’t it make more sense for her to wait until after he’s drafted rather than to try and tank his draft stock? The higher he goes in the draft, the more money he’ll have for her to go after.

  20. If it was a false claim and a money grab, why did the girl report the rape immediately after the incident and before she knew he was a star football player?

  21. arcross12042004scorp15 says:
    Apr 17, 2015 9:18 AM
    Winston slept with this woman on numerous occasions. When he told her she was going to have to lay low this weekend because his girlfriend was coming, the charges were first filed. That is why he hasn’t been charged.
    Actually no that is not true at all. Check your facts. She was a freshman and met Winston that night

  22. What’s laughable is that he believes Winston is going to be a championship quarterback. He has bust written all over him.

  23. Questions:
    If this were a money grab why interfere with Winston being the number one pick and why no counter claim?
    A couple of points:
    1.) The university’s police chief obtained original police reports from Tallahassee police at least four days before the case was turned over to the local prosecutor responsible for investigating serious.
    2.) School administrators, by their own admission, did not attempt to interview Winston until 2 years after the fact.
    A lot of people are questioning discrepancies by the accuser but what about the discrepancies by Florida State and local law enforcement. But of course there could not possible be a cover up because, as we’ve seen recently, Law enforcement and colleges are infallible.

  24. Jameis, if you’re read this, don’t let this law suit steal your joy. Focus on getting ready to live the most important moment in your life, your dream as
    Famous Jameis. From legal status, you’ve already been cleared; from the rape kit, the injuries and other things that was to suppose to be present, didn’t add up; she claim she was druged, no drugs found. And know this, there are more people for you than against you. Don’t allow the enemy to rent space in your mind. All the medias, the haters, they’re just doing their job, and now it’s time for you to do yours. We love you, we support you, and know without a doubt, this too shall pass.

  25. Don’t you hate it when you hit the lottery and the Chump refuses to pay. Look at poor Gibson, she hit for $1.2 million and the chumps paid. It was too bad she couldn’t keep quiet, otherwise Brian Banks would still be marked for life as a Convicted Sex Offender. My point is this, Jocks, tout the Mormon line on sex and save yourself the grief of false accusations by these so-call “Lottery” winners.

  26. Like I’ve said, you should listen to him. He’s been telling you what would happen for nearly a year now, including the timeline, the reason for the delays to the Code of Conduct hearing, and what’s going on now. It won’t end well for Kinsman though since we might finally get which one of the 6 different stories she’s going with into a court of law. Also, people should use their brains on this one. This is the culmination of her lawyers trying to get paid, and Winston and his people saying no dice.

  27. If the Glazer family drafts this tool at #1, they’re in for years of bad press.

  28. cafetero1075 says:
    Apr 17, 2015 9:25 AM

    Why doesn’t he counter the lawsuit. He can win . That chick doesn’t have the money to keep up.

    I’m guessing the Plaintiff’s lawyer is working on contingency. That’s when they work for free for a percentage of whatever the Plaintiff collects. She doesn’t need money.

  29. I don’t necessarily like Winston, and I don’t believe he’s 100% innocent, but I seriously doubt that this will go anywhere.

  30. Thanks Rev Al, and it couldn’t have been said any better. No matter what, God didn’t bring Jameis this far to leave him. Where ever you are, keep your head high and keep moving forward. Welcome to the life of a celebrity, just let it roll off.

  31. How the hell does drugging women in 5 different states compare to textes from the both of them to each other saying the sex was wanted by both of them with each other make him like Sharper? You people are so judgemental that it sickens me but I guess her false claim that has been denied 6 times doent make him like Brian Banks?

  32. The Hernandez trial also “was expected.” That didn’t make him innocent.

  33. So she does not want the future NFL QB in jail. She is just is in need of his money. If Winston is out of jail with a huge contract she can get paid. So what else is new in the NFL…….

  34. “Mr. Winston welcomes the opportunity to clear his name with the truth.”

    He had that opportunity at his hearing before the School’s disciplinary council thing and he took the 5th. Read a prepared statement and refused to answer questions.


  35. After the Rolling Stone debacle, you should look at EVERY high profile rape case with a VERY skeptical eye.

    Innocent until PROVEN guilty, friends.

  36. C’mon guys , if this is just truly a money grab it’s kind of a long con don’t you think?

  37. The alleged victim didn’t just ‘wait’ 2 years to sue, she had to wait almost that long for the shoddy police investigation to be completed. yYu know the one that took over a month to even bother to identify Winston and another 2 weeks to politely contact him to give him a heads up that he was going to be interviewed, that didn’t bother to collect DNA or phone records or interview witnesses for almost a year, that spent more time investigating the alleged victim than the alleged perpetrator, etc. , that investigation?

    I’m not going to say Jameis Winston is certainly guilty or call him Darren Sharper here, per the rigors of our justice system he is absolutely innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. But I will say that this kind of preferential treatment by big football Universities and half hearted ‘investigations’ by police are absolutely the way that the ones who ARE guilty, get started on the path that people like Darren Sharper was able to continue on without reproach for the many years that he did…

  38. How did guys like Charlie Ward, Chris Weinke, and Christan Ponder manage to survive 4 years in the spotlight at FSU without getting besmirched by these types of allegations? At some point, despite the elaborate protective womb surrounding a star athlete/valuable commodity like Winston, a normal person has to figure, through all the obfuscation tactics, that where there’s smoke, there’s a pretty good chance of a fire.

  39. Anyone who can state as fact that she was or wasn’t raped necessarily had to be a party to all of the events that occurred.
    The facts concerning the flawed and apparently biased investigation is, without question, cause for questioning what actually happened.
    Solely based on JW’s character and that of his accuser, how could anyone truly assert he did not rape her?
    The JW spinners have been hard at work. Let the girl be heard before you call her a lying piece of garbage!

  40. If it was a false claim and a money grab, why did the girl report the rape immediately after the incident and before she knew he was a star football player?
    She initially filed the claim because she was pissed that he didn’t want anything more than sex from her. If he really raped her, why would she ride home on his scooter with him? The only marks were on her knees, she wasn’t drugged or drunk, was a known “cleat chaser”, had DNA from two guys in her panties, she waited a year until he became famous to hire an attorney (a UF alumni). So at first it was “woman scorned” and then when it was obvious he was going to be worth a lot of money in the very near future it became about that.

  41. “If anyone reads the facts of the case they will clearly see that she is telling the truth.”

    There is NO WAY that any sane semi-intelligent rational human being would read the facts of the case and come to that conclusion. I would LOVE to debate the case with the person who wrote this.

  42. “If it was a false claim and a money grab, why did the girl report the rape immediately after the incident and before she knew he was a star football player?”

    Exactly! If the police department / etc were all in on some huge coverup; then why was all the primary evidence (rape kit / tox kit / etc / initial account of accusor) done standard as in any other rape case?!!?

    I mean that was the primary evidence that never lined up with any of the accusor’s account (which changed multiple times as new evidence was released). Surely they had a hunch the night of the incident that it MIGHT be Jameis Winston even though the description of him was incredibly off; and obviously they doctored her blood and paid off the nurses that examined her. I mean that is logical.

  43. i took the time to research this case and in my opinion this girl is full of it. this is just a blatant cash grab.

    anyway, i can understand not liking winston but lets not make him out to be an ultra bad guy because he stole some crab legs and screamed a popular internet meme in public. i know guys who did far more dumb BS than that back in college. winston is just a goofball. i hope he overcomes the slander from that girl and tears it up in the nfl.

  44. sdchicken says:
    Apr 17, 2015 10:50 AM
    How many 20 year olds have their own lawyer?


    Well, geez, how many 20 year olds have won a national championship,a heisman trophy award,and is predicted to go #1 overall in a NFL draft?

  45. Is she going to sue all the other dudes whose DNA was found in her panties? If not – they must not be high-profile enough to go after. Were you drugged or not? Were you drunk or not? Go away already, Ms. Kinsman.

  46. i think the attorney meant to say” mr. winston did rape the girl and we have been expecting this lawsuit to come up…”

  47. Mr. Cornwell has a great money maker in that scumbag Jameis. He will be making himself a bundle defending Winston until he gets kicked out of the NFL in 3 years.

  48. I’m not saying Winston is guilty, nor am I saying he’s innocent. What is sad is that we will never know more of the facts since the Tallahassee PD and FSU did a piss poor investigation, so the evidence was lost. This evidence could have proved Winston innocent, or guilty, but we will never know. I feel bad for any parent that has a daughter going to FSU and something like this happens. I do believe where there is smoke, there is fire. It makes more sense that this was a cover up, then nothing happening at all. Winston has had several off field incidents, there is another woman that may also sue him, and, in the mean time, Winston has a girlfriend that I guess doesn’t mind him screwing around. I just rather the QB make their headlines on the field, not off it, therefore, I hope the Bucs pick Mariota, Winston is just bad news IMO.

  49. No matter Winston’s guilt or innocence, for a lawyer to say filing a civil suit is a “stunt” is incredibly ignorant and could be considered unprofessional conduct.

    Citizens have a legal right to bring suit for damages in civil court. (This is the only way OJ saw justice.)

    Now having the legal right – only provides the venue, and not a positive decision. Keep in mind that Winston has not been exonerated in a court of law. If the evidence, truth and facts support him then he should look forward to the proceedings.

  50. As none of us were there lets not say she is ;making it up or a gold digger.

    Why did she wait till now well lets see two years ago he was a college kid now is about to be an instant Millionaire so does that make her a gold digger or smart.

    The good news to me is my team does not need a QB as we have a two time two time Super Bowl MVP behind center and do not have to go swimming in the swamp that is winston.

    I would not want to be the GM who has to draft him as he can go south in a minute the next Arron Hernandez is on his way to the NFL

  51. Jameis needs to countersue Erica Kinsman and drag her name through the mud. Don’t stop shaming her until she’s bawling like a baby. The word stunt definetly applies here, right before the draft? It’s not a coincidence

  52. Winston told Chucky that he “learns from every mistake”. This guy must be a rhodes scholar by now.

  53. Something happened. This guy shouts obscenities standing on tables and shoplifts. The girl and her lawyer will settle for a hundred grand. I suggest Winston just pay it, otherwise it’s going to be a story all through his rookie year.

  54. I think both Winston and Kinsman are to blame. He’s definitely an immature goofball (like most 21 year olds) and she has changed her story multiple times, negating any sort of consistent plausibility.

    It is best for him to pay her a fair settlement so they can both put this behind them and move on with their lives. I do find it disturbing that the majority seems to be ignoring not only the evidence of this entire ordeal, but all of the former Buccaneer players who are rallying around this kid.

    If they believe in him and A-plus citizens like Mike Alstott are impressed with Jameis Winston’s demeanor, then he has my vote, too.

    21 years old. Some of us, like myself, have been there. Others here may not even be 21 yet.


  55. “False imprisonment”? Was she imprisoned at some point? Or do I misunderstand the term? This is not a rhetorical question. I genuinely am curious.

  56. I don’t know about the timing of the filing of the suit. But it wouldn’t be the first time an angry female looking for vengeance reached out to attempt to hurt another when all other attempts have failed. Why not file just before the draft when she knows her filing will have the greatest impact on Winston’s being selected and when…Why? To hurt him, why else?

    There’s only 2 people that know the truth…and folks are talking as if they too were in the room and saw everything from start to finish. Closed minded and judgmental much?

  57. The District Attorney stated on the day he decided not to press charges that if this case would have been investigated appropriately that he may have had a case. He never once intimated that he did not believe a sexual assault did not take place but he admitted the complaint was not investigated properly by the TPD, FSU Campus Police and the FSU Athletic Department. Winston has admitted he had sex with the woman. All she has to do is prove beyond a preponderance of the evidence that the sexual encounter was not consenual. That means when Winston’s friends were videoing the sexual encounter and she told Winston to stop and he continued it was at that point a sexual assault. Winston and all of his “friends” will be forced to testify under oath for the first time in this case. The “Kangaroo Court” that FSU held on Campus doesn’t count just because a retired judge was sitting at a desk. It meant absolutely nothing in legal terms. Winston will be found liable for sexual assault. Nice way to start your NFL career!
    The Man is a Menace!!

  58. Yes you do not have to be put in jail for “imprisonment.”

    It can be as simple as holding a person in a place they do not want to be against their will. It could be as ominous as keeping your child in the basement for years.

    Google is your friend for a better explanation.

  59. For those of you hiding behind the “we don’t know what happened” nonsense, have you read over the mountains of evidence taken that night within hours of this encounter happening. Not weeks later or even days later, but hours after this happened? Anyone who has and has a brain can come to a logical conclusion that no rape occurred as everything lines up with what Winston has said from the start. Now, if you take that into account, would you be rah rahing for someone like the chick who falsely accused the Duke lacrosse players of rape going through with a civil trial farce with a mountain of contradictary evidence to her claim? I don’t think so; therefore, you should hold this young woman to the same standard.

  60. ays:
    Apr 17, 2015 2:12 PM
    I think both Winston and Kinsman are to blame. He’s definitely an immature goofball (like most 21 year olds) and she has changed her story multiple times, negating any sort of consistent plausibility.

    It is best for him to pay her a fair settlement so they can both put this behind them and move on with their lives. I do find it disturbing that the majority seems to be ignoring not only the evidence of this entire ordeal, but all of the former Buccaneer players who are rallying around this kid.

    If they believe in him and A-plus citizens like Mike Alstott are impressed with Jameis Winston’s demeanor, then he has my vote, too.

    21 years old. Some of us, like myself, have been there. Others here may not even be 21 yet.

    Totally agree. Drunken college sex where the girl later says she was raped is not uncommon. That could be what happened. Maybe not. If it were all about justice, then why didn’t she file a civil suit immediately? She waited until after he decided to enter the NFL draft. Why did she do it before the draft? Did she want his stock to plummet or was she looking for a quick settlement? Now as to the “facts of the case,” there are people on here claiming to know the facts of the case, and making opposite claims. For example, one person on here says that she did not report the rape for a year. Another says she reported it right away. Both claim to know the facts of the case. So, let’s find out the real facts.

    As far as crab legs and the internet meme, it proves James was a very stupid college kid. It doesn’t prove he was a rapist.

  61. bonniebengal,

    All of this stuff is public record. She went to the hospitl as soon as she got back because her friends were wondering where she’d been since her boyfriend (the one who left the other DNA sample in her pants and who Kinsman refused to name to the state attorney when questioned, which points to some wierd taboo “we don’t date outside our race” type stuff going on in her family) had been trying to contact her with no success and her friends who of course told him they didn’t know where she was. So when she gets back, she tells her roommate that she was raped, and the roomate takes her to hospital after calling the police. This is all public. This explains the “I don’t know who he is” nonsense, the stalling, and everyting else including her TWEETING about Winston a couple of weeks before this accusation first came to light. This was pushed by her family, and she’s cowardly gone along with it. Unfortunately, there’s no consequence for that.

  62. some facts on all the above;

    …The second woman in the aforementioned, has stated she WAS NOT RAPED, yet she had a disturbing experience. It is her option to change said report in the future.

    …Book it. To make the first accuser go away, a settlement is forthcoming, whether Winston goes one, or twenty one. No way either teams of council want to see Erica Kinsman on the stand. It would be very, very ugly. Winston would have to testify again, and Kinsman would have a nightmare on the stand.

    …Kinsman may be counter sued soon though, as her movie speak, contradicts everything she has stated under oath. This in addition to 8 contradictions before that.

    …let’s be clear, Erica knew of Winston before their dalliance. Erased twitter post will prove that. As well as the erased phone messages via Kinsman’s team.

    …Kinsman DID id Winston 40 days after the event. She was offered to transfer out of Winston’s class, post identification… She declined, and stayed in his class.

    …when the infamous “this is a football town” quote came forth via the kinsman team in November 2013, Kinsman was asked why report this now and not 10 months ago?… after Winston was on his way to the Heisman? Kinsman’s team had no response.

    …Kinsman, Mat Baker of the Tampa bay paper (who covered Kinsman in high school), TMZ, and Kinsman’s Auntie had 10 months to make the case public, to sue, to press charges…NOPE…not until Winston shredded the Clemson tigers, and success was in the future of the 19 year old Winston. THEN the case was made public by TMZ.


    …if everyone who tosses out the word RAPE on these post, would educate themselves on the case, we would all be able to debate within the scope of reality.

    0 0

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