Medical re-check provides good news on Todd Gurley


Former Georgia running back Todd Gurley appears poised to be the first running back selected in the first round of the draft in three years.

Gurley, who looked like a sure-thing first-round pick before suffering a torn ACL in November, had his surgically reconstructed knee inspected by doctors as part of the NFL’s medical-recheck today in Indianapolis. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Gurley’s knee checked out fine and there’s optimism that he’ll be good to go in time for training camp.

That likely means Gurley will go in the first round of the draft, something that we haven’t seen since 2012. In 2013 the first running back selected was Giovani Bernard with the fifth pick in the second round, and in 2014 the first running back selected was Bishop Sankey with the 22nd pick in the second round.

When healthy, Gurley is a powerful runner and kickoff returner with breakaway speed. If NFL teams are convinced he’ll be healthy in time to play a full rookie season, then he should be a high pick.

31 responses to “Medical re-check provides good news on Todd Gurley

  1. Put a STAR on his helmet, Jerrah… Get the next AP, at the rookie rate, and FORGET about that 30 year old model (and his huge contract).

  2. From what I’ve heard not only is he an excellent RB he’s a good kid as well. I wish him the best of luck.

  3. He will be the first RB taken, but not a top 10 pick. Not that he isn’t good enough, but just because those teams picking in the top 10 don’t need a RB right away. He will go somewhere between 14 and 20.

  4. Gurley is the best offensive player in the draft and probably the best player overall. If I had a Heisman vote it would have gone to him. Chubb and the other freshman running back from Georgia were down right impressive, but when Gurley briefly returned there was no comparison. Oh man. Gurley. What a player. Gurley.

  5. Sounds like something Jones would do. Draft a player that is hurt or coming off a major injury. Hopefully the new regime doesn’t think that way. If he got hurt once, his chance of re injuring it is better than before the injury.

  6. Yeah , well , after a team gets burned as badly as Cleveland did , selecting Trent Richardson with the third pick of the draft , GM’s are wary of first round running backs for a while.

  7. Reminds me of a collegiate Jim Brown, Hershel in dominance. An unusual combination of speed, power and angry running style. Walker had world class straight-away speed. Brown was a beast all over the field.

    Gurley is generational, if healthy he is special. The medical report will make him a top ten temptation. Mock drafts and NFL war rooms will frantically revise their boards.

  8. It will be interesting to see if Gurley is available for the Chargers at #17. DL is more of a need, but I definitely would not mind the pick.

    At least the initial mocks showing the Chargers picking Gordon with the first pick is dying down.

  9. Miami would like him, that will depend on what wide receiver is there at 14, and of course if Gurley is also there. The real question is do they need this runner more than a very good wide receiver. Bill

  10. My guess is the 3 top WRs are gone and so is CB Trae Waynes at #14. The Miami Dolphins either take Gurley or trade back with Chargers, Cardinals or Cowboys for him.

  11. Did somebody actually compare him to Jim Brown and Herschel Walker combined? Seriously.. Just lets have the draft… I can’t take it anymore

  12. Too soon. Not even 6 months of recovery time for a surgery that used to have a recovery time minimum of 2 years. See what rushing a player back too soon did to RG3’s career. Not every RB is AP, who had a miraculous recovery ever…don’t expect that from every body.

    Still, I wish him the best as I enjoyed watching him run. But beware, the pro’s are college ball. Some fast LB is waiting to lay the wood on you.

  13. I think Gurley was great and all before the knee injury but the fact a lot of Dolphin fans are screaming for him is beyond me. I am guessing they have never seen Gordon play the past 2 years and Gordon never suffered a serious injury. With our offensive line issues I do not see this pick. It won’t be a sexy pick but they need a top lineman in this draft as Albert is not young and coming off a serious knee surgery and that leaves us with Pouncey and 2nd year started James. The rest is unknown and we have little depth. Build a line like Dallas and you won’t have to worry about who is running the ball. Pick up solid lineman and rd 2 pick up a RB or WR. We can even get Tevlin Coleman or several other backs that haven’t had a blown out knee.

  14. As far as the medical record is concerned, that is just hog wash as the agent is drumming up his stock. Until the actual reports from the actual doctors comment on this, which they have not then its just blah and this was confirmed in Miami on some of the message boards. For all we know it looks good, its healing, he has movement.. there isn’t anything solid yet. Its been 6 months since the injury so do not assume he is all perfect ready to go.

  15. One of the few, if not only players who actually looked NFL ready as a college freshman. He mowed down every SEC defense for three straight years, blocked, caught screens, and returned kickoffs with after burners. Never seen anything like it. If he’s genuinely healthy, he’ll out beast mode Beastmode & every other NFL running back.

  16. the Fins need two more somebodys to block …

    without that Gurley can’t run and RT can’t pass …

    if they can get a starting lineman in round 2 (Cam Erving or ?) then take the shot with Gurley …

    great breakdown of his talents on youtube … search RSP film room … very informative about Gurley’s talents as well as what to look for in running backs during film study in general …

  17. This is a passing league now. Look at the current Super Bowl champ. Running back by committee. Any team that wastes a 1st round pick on a RB is most likely a perennial loser. I’m thinking Cleveland, Jax, Raiders… The usual suspects.

  18. As a football fan, I just hope the kid stays healthy regardless what team takes him. He was a stud in college and fun to watch

  19. Gurley is a once in a decade type of player. He is a complete workhorse back that is stellar in every aspect in his position it’s still up in the air if he will regain 100% form. With that being said he is a risk vs reward player. If he comes back where he left off he is going to be a stud day one. If he loses a step or two he will still have a decent career as long as that knee stays healthy.

    Although not the biggest need I wouldn’t mind one bit if Miami took him 14th overall. Seeing Moreno paired up with Miller (even tho it was for a very short amount of time) it really helped Tannehill’s game and Miami moved the ball on the Pats like nobody’s buisiness. This is a deep draft for receivers and Miami can find one in the later rounds. With Landry, Stills, and Cameron there are some weapons on this team and I think people sleep too much on Rishard Mathews for whatever reason. If miami can land Gurley in the first and say a guard like Marpet in the second this Dolphins team just did wonders for their offense.

  20. Seems to me of all the top prospects he would be the one being there at 14th for Mia. If this story checks out it won’t help keep that hunch of mine to come true.

  21. Gurley won’t go top 10. There may be optimism about his recovery, but he’s still recovering from a serious injury. Given his potential, whomever takes him will be wise to be patient and let him take the time he needs to heal.

    There’s not a lot of room for patience with top 10 picks. Those are players who are expected to be starters and elite players as soon as they arrive.

    Vikings need to replace AP, but they won’t take Gurley at 11.

    I’m thinking he winds up with Dolphins, Niners, or Chargers. Cowboys won’t try to trade into the top 15 for him.

  22. Funny how many “generational” “once in a decade” players come out every year in the draft.
    Kid is a beast (when healthy), but RB in today’s NFL is secondary and only as good as the OL. Any team drafting him needs to treat it like a 2016 pick to let him heal and get adjusted. Not many teams can afford a first round pick that won’t help right away, especially the ones at the top.

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