Alex Boone dramatically changes his tune about 49ers dysfunction

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49ers guard Alex Boone now says that former 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh wore out his welcome in San Francisco.  Previously, when Harbaugh was still the head coach of the 49ers, Boone reacted aggressively to the suggestion that Harbaugh may have worn out his welcome in San Francisco.

“I’m really kind of sick of everybody talking about my coach, especially because he’s like a brother to me,” Boone told reporters after a game in October 2014.  “So if I were everybody I’d just keep their mouth shut because they don’t want me coming after them. Especially Jay Glazer, Deion, all these guys. I’m kind of sick of it. Leave my coach alone.”

Asked why reporters were questioning Harbaugh’s future at the time, Boone said, “Because they’re losers.”

Boone’s comments to Andrea Kremer of HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel become somewhat stunning in light of his past remarks.

“He does a great job of giving you that spark, that initial boom,” Boone explains.  “But after a while, you just want to kick his ass. . . .  He just keeps pushing you, and you’re like, ‘Dude, we got over the mountain.  Stop.  Let go.’  He kind of wore out his welcome. . . .

“I think he just pushed guys too far.  He wanted too much, demanded too much, expected too much.  You know, ‘We gotta go out and do this.  We gotta go out and do this.  We gotta go out and do this.’  And you’d be like, ‘This guy might be clinically insane.  He’s crazy.’ . . .  I think that if you’re stuck in your ways enough, eventually people are just going to say, ‘Listen, we just can’t work with this.’”

Still, Boone’s comments from October are understandable; Boone and the rest of the 49ers wanted to get through the season without distraction or disruption.  So Boone zealously dismissed reports regarding tension between the team and Harbaugh, even though they were accurate.

And that’s the message going forward.  Those predictable, perfunctory denials of reports that could undermine a team’s ability to focus on the task hand may be far more false than the reports under attack.

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  1. ““He does a great job of giving you that spark, that initial boom,” Boone explains. “But after a while, you just want to kick his ass. . . . He just keeps pushing you, and you’re like, ‘Dude, we got over the mountain. Stop. Let go.’ He kind of wore out his welcome. . . .”

    His team never won a Super Bowl. What mountain did they get over that it was ok to just start coasting and not bother pushing for more?

  2. Alex Boone shut your fat mouth you held out like a punk last year and it affected our offensive line all season even when you came back you didn’t make an immediate impact . Garb aught helped make you the player you are today so appreciate it him and stop being a coward and talking on radio shows and whatever your doing he’s out of the NFL loser.. And u better block your ass off this year the team atleast deserves that from what you did a year ago

  3. It was obvious the players couldn’t stand that psychotic charlatan. Fraudbaugh had the ego of a Jimmy Johnson except with zero credibility to back it up. “Who’s got it better than us?! Noooobody!” must have gotten absolutely insufferable when they could point out that the Seahawks and Pete Carroll in their own division got it better than them when they won the damn Lombardi and crushed their spirits en route to doing so.

  4. ‘Dude, we got over the mountain. Stop. Let go.’ He kind of wore out his welcome. . . .


    I’d say winning a Superbowl is the mountain, not beating injury plagued Packer/Panther squads, but whatever.

  5. Haha jim harbaugh was trying to get them a superbowl and the players wanted no part of it

  6. Although I feel Harbaugh’s style of coaching is more suited to the NCAA than the NFL, it’s become clear he was demanding excellence from a group of guys who are just in it to get paid. He wanted them to keep getting better and many of them thought they were already good enough.

  7. In the season, you publicly support your coach.

    After he’s gone, you give an honest, frank opinion.

    I really don’t see the big deal here.

  8. X-Ohio State player that failed to get drafted because he was a drunk, hating on his ex head now Michigan coach. No ulterior motive there. Win with class Jed

  9. This why he is a better college coach. Those guys are with him four years and then they are gone. He can push a kid to be a man then he is out the door.

    Then the NFL coach is chill in comparison and they have the self discipline to work on their craft by themselves without a coach still trying to treat them like freshman while they make millions…which doesn’t work.

    Imagine the change for Sherman and Doug Baldwin going from Harbaugh in college to Pete Caroll in the pros. So different…but they needed coach Harbaugh as well to become men enough to last in the Pete Caroll system.

  10. He said:
    Although I feel Harbaugh’s style of coaching is more suited to the NCAA than the NFL, it’s become clear he was demanding excellence from a group of guys who are just in it to get paid. He wanted them to keep getting better and many of them thought they were already good enough.

    Spot on.

  11. Jim Harbaugh said in interviews that he likes the college football profession better because he sees the players for only two to four years while in the NFL the players that he coached would tired of his speeches after a few years. Harbaugh now has his dream job at Michigan.He would laugh at the critics on his former football today.

  12. An average coach would have been successful with that much talent on the team. That’s how bad Mike Singletary and, before him, Mike Nolan were.

    Jimbo is suppose to be the “QB Guru” and the “QB Whisperer”, but he screwed up the most important position in sports. And for who? A clown like Kaepernick? Jimbo doesn’t have a clue what skill set a QB needs to succeed in the NFL. Good riddance.

  13. Boone probably felt what he recently told Andrea Kremer but last fall, in the heat of the battle you have to back your leader unless the ship is sinking which clearly was not the case.. I was a big supporter of Jim but the last two seasons I saw him, the Offense and the team regress substantially. Jim got out coached regularly on Sundays. His Offense collapsed with him on the headset. Perhaps his best coaching fit is college. Jim had the opportunity to coach numerous other NFL teams yet took the Michigan job before any NFL team could even make him on offer. Jim has been successful at every coaching level but I don’t doubt for a minute he is a complex guy that most of us will never really understand..

  14. Think of some HOF coaches in any sport. Most are demanding and push there players to get the most out of them. Lets see how the 49’ers do this year. Will these overpaid athletes just coast now?

  15. There are times when players need to simply take the high road. Unfortunately, Boone hasn’t learned this lesson. And now he’ll be part of laughing stock of the league (or Jed’s way of winning with class).

  16. Look, my NFL team has been the 49ers for 30 years + and that’s not going to change. I grew up in Michigan though and I’ve supported the Wolverines for even longer. A unique situation as it relates to the “Harbaugh situation”. Jim was exactly what SF needed AT THAT TIME. Anyone who wants to argue that the 49ers sucked, under-performed or were no good under him are just plain stupid and their comments are simply coming from a place of ignorance. That being said, his time was up there. The Niner fan in me thinks it sucks because he restored their winning ways and helped bring them back to relevancy AS IT SHOULD BE. Whether you like how he went about his business or not, the man is a WINNER. Michigan got the best guy for the job and I have no doubt he’ll bring the respectability that U of M has always been known for back. Boone? He’s a lunk – a quintessential “big, dumb football player”. For all we know he’s using this chance to take a shot at the coach of his Alma Matas biggest rival. He knows Jimmy’s about to level the playing field in the Big 10 against his big, bad Bucknutz and he’s just nervous…

  17. “We got over the mountain” did we Alex? Did we win a Super Bowl when I wasn’t paying attention? No? Then maybe instead of whining and complaining about how hard he made you work for those millions of dollars, you should have shut up and done what he said.

    If that’s the attitude this organization has, none of the people who work there deserved Harbaugh.

  18. Was that muslin ponder back to say more moronic things? I thought he disappeared with the rest of the band wagoners when that team lost its second Super Bowl last year. That must suck to have lost MOST of your title chances, I’d be stuck on Niner news to of that was my reality

  19. So in a nutshell Harbaugh was pissed off for greatness, and he challenged the 49ers to relentlessly chase greatness, but they werent built for it. They were too soft so they had to get rid of him.

  20. It was the “years of misery” that actually had more to do with the success during Harbaugh’s tenure than his actual coaching. A decade of failure had allowed previous HCs and administrations to stock-pile the roster with high-value players (Gore, Willis, Bowman, Justin Smith, etc.). Any HC should have been able to come in and win one SB out of 4 years with that roster. The 49ers just had the lack of foresight to pick the one guy who was never going to win the big game.

    So, now that stock-piled roster is beginning to fall apart and people will blame the successor for what is really Harbaugh’s failure. He stood in the way of an open window, and now it’s closing.

  21. According to Boone, his contract doesn’t read you have to work HARD to get paid…Simply stated Harbaugh made you (BOONE) better than you really are…

  22. This dude better be lights out this year. If the 49ers don’t perform as well as they did he is going to look even dumber than he does now. It’s your job to take orders from your boss and if you don’t like it you can leave not him. Clown

  23. Oh how I miss that first year of 2011 when there was a lockout and Harbaugh couldn’t even meet with his players and camp Alex was happening at San Jose State. And Harbaugh said you’re my guy and snuck him a play book and every single one of us said why is Alex still quarterbacking this team. Harbaugh then leads a team with all new coaches a first round bust of a QB with basically no training camp to a 13-3 season to the NFC championship. If Kyle Williams doesn’t muff the punt the Niners go on and win the Super Bowl. Only Harbaugh could’ve pulled that off. Sure he wore out his welcome but what a great run and a great ride. Gore would’ve got in the endzone against Baltimore too! Sooo close to winning 2 maybe 3 Suoer Bowls. It’s over for now! Harbaugh was amazing and everyone involved should shoulder some of the blame. But the niners never would’ve realized their potential without him. He even made Seattle the best team in football by his mere presence. Leave him alone he was awesome!

  24. 49er’s would have won the SB against the Ravens if they hadn’t been so persistent to go to Crabtree on what seems like ever bleepin down on that last red zone trip. Should have hit Vernon Davis in the end zone for the win!

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