La’el Collins scheduled for visit with Dolphins

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The Dolphins have visited with some of the top cornerback, running back and wide receiver prospects during the pre-draft process, but they haven’t been ignoring their need for offensive line help.

Several of the top blockers in this year’s draft class have spent time with the Dolphins and another one is slated to meet with the team next week. According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, LSU tackle La’el Collins will visit with the team in the coming days.

Collins started at left tackle in Baton Rouge the last two years, but that’s not a spot where the Dolphins are in need of immediate help with Branden Albert back from last year’s knee injury. They’re also in good hands on the right side with 2014 first-rounder Ja’Wuan James, but they need help at guard and Collins opened his college career playing on the interior.

If the Dolphins do take an offensive lineman in the first round, it would be the fourth time in the last eight drafts that they’ve taken a blocker to open their draft.

17 responses to “La’el Collins scheduled for visit with Dolphins

  1. They know who they want at 14 and if these players aren’t there they are trading down.

  2. It is a need but I would not be happy about this especially making him a Guard. I recently read that only 2 Starting Guards in the entire league were 1st rounders (Warmack & ?). So it is a waste of a #14 selection.

    If Parker or Waynes is not there, take Gurley or Trade back with Chargers, Cardinals or Cowboys… because they want Gurley and pick up another 2 picks. Many 2-3 round OLine, CBs and Wrs to be had. Collins will be a good player for some team though. Dolphins need playmakers. If selected the Fins would have 4 of 5 Oline as 1st Rounders with 2 Pro-Bowlers and still ranked near last as in the 2 past years.

  3. If Waynes, Parker and Landon Collins are gone, La’el Collins would be a logical pick…assuming there isn’t a trade down.

    I know most fans disagree, but I’d still jump on Todd Gurley. His longterm impact is just much, much higher than any linemen, and there are some quality OG’s in the 4th/5th round range.

    But that said, I wouldn’t be upset with La’el Collins. He could start at OG for a year, then move to LT when Big Albert retires.

  4. ncphinsfan says:
    It is a need but I would not be happy about this especially making him a Guard. I recently read that only 2 Starting Guards in the entire league were 1st rounders (Warmack & ?). So it is a waste of a #14 selection.


    Your source is incorrect. Cooper, DeCastro, Martin…those are the most recent ones to go along with Warmack. In fact, Martin was maybe the best rookie last year on offense.

  5. Miami needs online, been saying it all week..all month. If we signed this guy and then Marpet in round 2 we would have a line that is both young and talented. We don’t have a 3rd so everyone saying that we need to get a WR we did already with Stills. Don’t like the move? Me either but adding starters on the oline is what we need. You can add Gurley or Cooper to this team but without a line to block, they will be worthless. This year should be about fixing the line period then go in the draft next year add the sexy pics.

  6. NCPHINFAN.. Glad you are not the GM.. Phins need playmakers but its not as simple as that. Miami needs to have a solid line. They don’t so adding these playmakers is just pretty much saying lets shine a turd. You can buy a bentley body kit as it looks nice but under the hood, its just a tempo.. If you have a crap line, your QB will get hit, hurt, hurried, the rb has no lanes to run etc. So fix the GD line then add players. Dallas was smart laying off the sexy picks to fix their line. They have the best oline in the league and they can add playmakers. Miami isn’t there yet and i rather have a solid foundation then seeing my QB get stuck every game.

  7. Patskrieg says:
    Apr 19, 2015 11:49 AM
    What a great way to show you draft well then by picking an OT the year after spending a first and third on OTs.
    The Fins has to completely rebuild their O-line two years ago after bully-gate. Not to say Ireland’s drafting was spot on either. Of course, since you just jumped on the band wagon this year, you wouldn’t know that.

  8. head1994 says:
    Apr 19, 2015 11:28 AM
    We really need a guard. Dallas Thomas is horrible and Albert is getting older…… The Dolphins are on their way to the top
    Thomas was bad as a tackle. As a guard he is ok

  9. OL, CB, WR, S, LB, RB in that order, IMO are our “needs”. My “wants” are WR, RB, CB, LB,S, OL. But taking playmakers first is not the best approach for a Championship team. Build a strong foundation along both lines and the “playmakers” will come to you in FA. Unfortunately I don’t think Philbin or Coyle are the answers at HC and DC. With NY and BUF getting stronger this offseason, our destiny lies in the hands of the coaching staff now more than ever. Looking forward to the draft and upcoming season. JUST PHIN BABY!

  10. All comes down to Waynes or Scherff if either are there. Then Collins or Parker.

  11. Dallas is a weird player. He did so well vs the Broncos at tackle and players horrible vs the bills… Idk if you watch preseason games but he got killed by Greg McCoy and embarrassed by George selvie at guard. I think he can be a good player but needs to solely focus at guard

  12. The Dolphins will be going WR and OL in the first two rounds of the draft. They may even pick up Jennings if they can get him at the right price.

    The need for those two positions are so obvious!

  13. Getting an offensive lineman is probably the right thing to do. But it is so mundane.

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