Todd Gurley scheduled for visit with Patriots

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The Patriots didn’t shy away from taking a player coming off a knee injury in the first round of the draft last year and they’re reportedly set to visit with another player in the same situation for this year’s draft.

Mike Giardi of reports that Georgia running back Todd Gurley is scheduled for a visit with the Patriots this week. Gurley tore his ACL last November and the Pats took defensive tackle Dominique Easley after he suffer the same injury in his final college season.

Gurley got good news during his medical review at the NFL’s combine re-check in Indianapolis this weekend, though, and there’s optimism about his chances of being ready for training camp. That makes it less likely that he’ll still be on the board when the Patriots and the 32nd pick come up on April 30.

New England saw two running backs — Shane Vereen and Stevan Ridley — sign elsewhere as free agents, leaving LeGarrette Blount, Jonas Gray, Brandon Bolden, Travaris Cadet and James White in the mix for backfield roles. The Patriots will likely add to that group before camp, but the need doesn’t feel big enough for them to make the move up it appears it will take to secure Gurley’s services.

35 responses to “Todd Gurley scheduled for visit with Patriots

  1. Oh boy a post about the patriots. Here come the whiners and the big babies, that complain about whatever the patriots do. Psst- it makes them feel better about the team they cheer for.

  2. Gurley and Gordon will be gone by the time that pats are on the board. I’d look for them to get Ajayi if the cowboys don’t snatch him up first

  3. I’ve always wondered if the Patriots– who seem to get a lot out of mediocre RB talent– are smart for rarely investing much in the position, or if they would be unstoppable with an elite talent at RB.

  4. A running back named Gurley makes me think of Johnny Cash and SNL at the same time.

    A boy named Sue…

    The old Girly-man skits.

    I wish Todd much success.

  5. This is an unusual draft. According to a well respected scout, ” There’s 16 top tier players in the draft. After that, my 17 is another good organization’s 53″.

    It also has an abundance of players at one position (RB, OLB and WR) and barren at others (S, TE and QB). I would not be surprised to see lots of movement and several surprises.

  6. He may not be there at 32, but he’ll probably be there for the Jets first rounder that the Pats get for Tampergate.

  7. Smart or not, he’s off the board in the top ten. All it took was good news on the knee.

    GMs have revised the draft board for this guy. It only takes one to think he’s a transformative player and the mad rush starts.

    All ACL tears are not the same. This is not your daddy’s ACL repair. People remember AP’s comeback and he was much older. I expect someone to take the chance with a high pick.

    Yeah, it’s a crap shoot, but aren’t all draft picks? The first team with the strategy of taking the BPA, will take Gurley.

  8. He may not be there at 32, but who says the Pats have to stay there? If he gets into the low 20’s which he very well might, it would probably only take a late 3rd or early 4th to move ahead of Balti, Dallas and Detroit. They have 5 pks in the top 101, and they did it for CJones and Hightower. Don’t think they go there though. I’d be happier with a DT or CB in the 1rst and maybe Coleman or Ajayi in the 2nd.

  9. It makes me nauseous to contemplate taking a RB in the first round. There are just as many successes at the position throughout the draft as in Round 1, and the injury risk is vastly worse than any other position.

  10. Gurley is special. I’m rarely in favor of taking a RB high but he may be the exception. He’s a beast, a true difference maker. ACLs are so common these days I’d roll the dice. Injuries happen at all positions… fear shouldn’t drive decisions.

  11. As a Patriots fan, all of these signings of players who recently had major ACL/MCL injuries makes me scratch my head. It’s going to make me bald

  12. jojovie131 says:
    Apr 19, 2015 1:02 PM

    “Oh boy a post about the patriots. Here come the whiners and the big babies, that complain about”…

    You mean the people who complain that they’re being persecuted for being caught cheating and act like somehow that’s everyone else’s fault? And are the first fans of a Super Bowl winning team to cry like babies about their win?

    There I fixed that for ya.

  13. No way he is on the board beyond 15. The Pats will need to jump the Ravens, Chargers, Cardinals and Cowboys if they want him. Your Division foes in South Florida are open for business.

  14. I might actually respect the Seahawks, if Pete Carroll wasn’t the coach, and the lot of them didn’t proclaim themselves a dynasty before they actually were one. The pride always comes before the fall…

  15. Everyone keeps saying “no way he’s on the board” but let’s not forget that he had a bad leg injury.

    It’s really going to depend on what teams think of his medical situation.

    Both Ras-I Dowling and Dominique Easley were top 10 prospects (the years they came out – at more valuable positions) and neither were taken before pick 29.

    Some teams worry about how much a player can contribute from day 1, which is why they continue to pick in the top 15 every year.

  16. If he is available at pick #32 the Pats can probably swing a pretty good trade. Gurley has a ton of potential and if he didnt have knee problems could have possibly been a top 5 pick. Because of the knee injury I think he could drop to 32 but the chances are low because he is really a special player.

  17. apatfanforever says:
    Apr 19, 2015 8:02 PM

    just kicking the tires . To all the haters , Pats fans don’t care , we just keep winning .
    The AFC East is full of vicarious chest thumpers. Rex is going to play Amaro and mess him up, and apatfanforever also thinks he’s on a roster.

  18. Two things got changed this season on how football is played. Because we all know that the pats are just that good ; )

    One being spotters looking to stop play due to injuries.

    BB is probably plotting with Gurley a scheme in order to get free time outs buy faking injuries.

  19. Let’s not forget…the Pats have Tyler Gaffney stashed away after taking advantage of the Panthers’ “gaffe”. If healthy, he’ll bump on of the listed backfield candidates.

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