ESPN reporter complains that Tebow didn’t hand scoop to ESPN

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On Sunday, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that Tim Tebow had agreed to terms with the Eagles. Tim Tebow separately is employed by ESPN.  Which makes the fact that Glazer scooped ESPN regarding an ESPN employee even more noteworthy.

And that has been noticed by other ESPN employees. John Barr of ESPN griped on Twitter about Tebow’s failure to hand the scoop to his other employer.

“What gets me is how people take $$$ from the WWL then let OTHERS break news of their career changes,” Barr said on Twitter. “Lookin at u Tebow & Parcells.”  (Though an unverified account, ESPN has confirmed that it belongs to Barr.)

On one hand, it would make sense for someone who gets paid by ESPN to hand the news of a career development to ESPN.  On the other hand, it’s not required.  It also assumes that, in this specific case, Tebow consciously chose to give the news to Glazer and not to Adam Schefter.  It’s entirely possible that Glazer got the information independent of Tebow.

With or without knowing whether Tebow was Glazer’s source, it’s not the best look for an ESPN reporter to publicly complain about it.  Especially on the same day Schefter explained that, if given commissioner powers over the sports media for a day, he’d have members of the media stop speculating about the sources for reports.

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  1. ESPN is similar to MTV. MTV used to be about music and breaking music related news. Now they desperately air shows to chase ratings. ESPN has the MTV mentality and is a has been sports network.

  2. The people who “report” the news forgot a long time ago that we don’t watch the news shows for them…no one outside of their little bubble cares who breaks the story. Report the news, don’t try to invent it.

  3. All these flavors and you choose to be salty ESPN.

    SMH. ESPN is terrible. As if they don’t have enough material to spew until a viewer vomits as it is pertaining to Tim Tebow.

  4. I remember when Tebow first entered the NFL, and ESPN turned its coverage into “All Tebow, All The Time!”, 24/7 to the exclusion of almost everything else – to the point where ESPN became unwatchable. I feel no sympathy for them.

  5. Must be nice being Jay Glazer or Adam Schefter. Someone gives them information, they tell the public and they get paid great money for being a messenger boy. Some people are incredibly lucky. I wonder what they do in return for all the information they receive from their sources?

  6. In our home we love Tebow and what he represents. In football, he is third or fourth string quarterback. I wish the media would stop giving a backup to the backup all this attention, and maybe there wouldn’t be so much contention.

  7. Glad that little weasel Adam Schefter didn’t get the scoop. Tee-blows better hope it works out this time around cause he’s surely not getting his job with ESPN back if it doesn’t. ESPN sucks and could use a complete overhaul of its talent pool, starting with blowhard Chris Berman and loud mouthed Stephen A.

  8. Most of these espn reporters make McHenry look like a peacemaker. Maybe if they did their homework instead of working on the latest Espy music award show.

  9. Before the internet gained popularity ESPN was really the only option for breaking news and top stories.

    1. PFT
    2. Bleacher Report
    3. NFL Network
    4. ESPN
    5. Fox Sports
    6. Yahoo Sports

  10. Tebow probably thought people wouldn’t believe it if ESPN broke the story

  11. Isn’t John Barr the guy that wrote all those fabricated hit pieces on the Saints and Sean Payton back in 2012?

  12. blowpackblow says:Apr 20, 2015 3:12 PM

    ESPN in basically the NBA network anyway. What do they know about a real sport?

    You got that right. They were unbearable before and now even more so.

    I cannot wait for the schedule release tomorrow so we can hopefully not see any Tebow stories tomorrow.

  13. Um, well I’m guessing he cleared this new job, short term or long term, with ESPN? If not, um he’s got some explaining to do. If he did tell his bosses then ESPN decided not to put out the story.

  14. Tebow wouldn’t be the first E!SPN employee to have little love for the employer… don’t take my word for it (as a broadcasting veteran), just go look on any of the TV insider blogs.

    There are a lot of folks who work for E!SPN who positively DREAD going to work every day, and it wouldn’t surprise me terribly if Tebow didn’t think much of the place he worked, nor some of the folks he worked with.

    Good luck, kid. Not many people get a second chance, and particularly in the NFL. Make it count.

  15. Espn your obsession with Tebow is disturbing. All the insider information and unnamed sources, it’s become time for a fact checking group to do a study on espn. As someone brilliantly stated above, once upon a time mtv was about music, just as espn was about sports.

  16. ESPN has become so insignificant. I watch NFL network the majority of the time anyway.

    ESPN also wants people to pay for their “insider information” – give me a break

  17. Since when is getting any news first about a has been overrated loser considered as a scoop?

    Don’t worry ESPN. I’m sure you’ll get your scoop on something of even more relevance some other time.

  18. This has been a bad year for sports reporters. From all the crying from reporters for Marshawn Lynch not jumping through hoops to accommodate them at the superbowl, to a reporter getting his panties in a wad for Aaron Rodgers turning him down for an interview at the NCAA final four, to this Tebow nonsense….not a good look reporters. Get it together.

  19. Frankly, I have no problem with someone calling someone out. Our society is so nervous to ever say it like it is.

    God forbid someone’s feelings get hurt.

  20. All sports networks are ridiculous. It’s really pathetic when sports reporters think they are “stars” or more important than the sports they report on.

  21. Maybe the shine is coming off ESPN’s halo and they’re really not the WWL in anything. Even if you did get the scoop, most people get their sports else way.

  22. So if ESPN is similar to MTV (as in it used to be about sports but no longer is), what is it like now? I an genuinely curious, as I haven’t watched ESPN in about 5 years and there are many more places to find news like NFL Network or even here on PFT. It seems like I’m always reading about ESPN people complaining or something though.

  23. I had heard that all the other reporters would rush to get to the cafeteria before Tebow, leaving him with Lime Jello as his only choice for desert.
    Thats what you get for sticking Timmy with the Lime Jello!

  24. vdogg says:
    Apr 20, 2015 3:13 PM
    The people who “report” the news forgot a long time ago that we don’t watch the news shows for them…no one outside of their little bubble cares who breaks the story. Report the news, don’t try to invent it.
    Totally agree. This is the same reason we get misreported articles all the time and intense speculation. Everybody wants to be the one who “broke” the story, but the fans really don’t care.

  25. Glazer got the scoop from the Eagles. Tebow didn’t tell anyone. ESPN is so dumb.

  26. I was a SportsCenter watcher back to the days of Chris Berman and Gayle Gardner… and of course Dan and Keith made the 11pm cast must-watch. But for the last 8-10 years, I haven’t watched anything on the station beyond that week’s NFL game, or if my team is on Sunday Night Baseball since it’s exclusive. I don’t even watch pre-game or post-game.

    ESPN got the equivalent of a big head and forgot it’s about the sports, not the broadcaster. Just give us the games and a simple score/highlight wrap-up.

  27. I haven’t read that Glazer said it was Tebow himself that told him could the possibility exist to this guy at ESPN, Barr, that there are 2 other parties in this that Glazer would have sources with and that being inside the Eagles or the NFL front offices? Just a thought!

  28. What ESPN didn’t have the scoop on their other employee…Britt McHenry either TMZ broke that, you know they had the video.
    I stopped watching ESPN when they stabbed Rush Limbaugh in the back.

  29. Sounds like if it doesn’t work out in Philly, Tebow can go over to FOX Sports Channel.
    Can’t blame Tebow, all ESPN did during his career was say that he sucked on every broadcast.
    Jaworski, Hoge, Berman and on and on.

  30. Maybe if ESPN had a leg to stand on this would matter but they’re tired and without direction or class so I’m sort of happy that Tebow did that.

  31. I am all for a good Tebow bashing but in this situation Tebow is best served to act like he would if he wasn’t working for ESPN and just wants to play football. Sounds like Tebow separated “Tebow the Football Analysis” and “Tebow the Football Player”. If he is giving scoops to reporters what else would the Eagles or other teams have to guard themselves against.

  32. Not a good few days for ESPN here. The draft can’t come soon enough for them, I’m thinking.

  33. Yeah, because this news wasn’t going to come out and be known to all anyway, right?

    These little nerd reporters act like they’re investigating & breaking the Watergate scandal or BALCO labs or something – they’re basically just fighting each other for the right to say “First!”

  34. The most likely scenario is that Tim Tebow was told to not speak to the media at all, and that Jay Glazer of FOX SPORTS got the scoop independent if Tebow. I did hear on ESPN earlier today that Tebow will not be granted ANY interviews to the media anytime soon. I’d bet that this was direct orders from Chip Kelly.

    That all being said, what I find ironic about the ESPN whining about “The Scoop” is that just about all day long I have listened to one talking head after another on ESPN poo-poo this whole Tebow signing. Saying Tim Tebow will either never make the roster, or joking that he was signed to be the waterboy, or flat out questioning if Chip Kelly has lost his mind or that Kelly’s ego is driving him to, as they put it, sign Tebow when “he clearly is not NFL material”. I say, ESPN go F yourself. Tim doesn’t owe you ANY scoop — especially if all you’ll do is turn around and trash him anyway. I hope Tim Tebow stays far away from the media — they have done him no favors anyway — and do nothing but focus on the task at hand which is wowing Chip Kelly and winning a spot on the roster.

  35. “it would make sense for someone who gets paid by ESPN to hand the news of a career development to ESPN.”

    Not really. Especially when you’ve been treated like little better than pond scum most of the time. The loyalty ended where it began—near zero.

  36. It’s entirely possible Tebow gave the ‘scoop’ to another ESPN reporter and he didn’t feel it was newsworthy.

  37. Maybe the reporter Tim Tebow gave the scoop to told him he is talentless bum who is is awful on Gameday , went to a worthless school like Florida and also told him to learn a football baby boy.

  38. sychosam28 says: Apr 20, 2015 3:22 PM

    Must be nice being Jay Glazer or Adam Schefter. Someone gives them information, they tell the public and they get paid great money for being a messenger boy. Some people are incredibly lucky. I wonder what they do in return for all the information they receive from their sources?

    This is a good question with an easy answer. In order to get information to report, these guys get information that their sources want them to report. That’s the trade off. They will make sure you can report that someone was traded for a conditional 7th round pick in 2018 first in exchange for reporting things about players during contract negotiation days. Management will give you the scoop to make a player’s value go down or get him to sign, and the agents will use the reporter to get a bigger offer for their client. Reporters only care about being first. Doesn’t matter if it turns out wrong, and it doesn’t matter if the information isn’t worth anything. All about being first.

  39. ESPN News Break Tim Tebow signed as Eagles 4th string quarterback …. .now you may return to Australian Rules Football or sports center constantly repeating this story all day long.

    There will be no news regarding Tim Tebow and football ever again

  40. As inept as ESPN has become it wouldn’t terribly surprise me if Tebow had told one of his co-workers about this and they’d dropped the ball in reporting it.

  41. It has only been a day and we’re already tired of this Tebow garbage for crying out loud. He’s a 3rd string QB… Get over it ESPN.

  42. This guy needs to realize… That even if he broke the “story” of a 3rd string QB getting another chance …I still wouldn’t know who he

  43. So I suppose Tebow will be joining the NFL Network after Chip Kelly’s Philadelphia Experiment is over.

  44. I’ve listened to so much Tebow bashing coming from ESPN over the years, how could Tebow possibly do anything that ESPN thought was newsworthy?

  45. ESPN is an entitled Blue Whale. Their “content” today is more about propaganda and social indoctrination than sports reporting. Tebow knows because, after all, they hired Tebow…..

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