Greg Hardy asks for expungement of his criminal case


In February, criminal charges against Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy were dismissed on the first day of trial, after his accuser failed to show up in court — which happened after Hardy reportedly reached a settlement with her.  Hardy now wants the State of North Carolina to pretend that none of it ever happened.

Per multiple reports, Hardy has filed a request that all records regarding the case be expunged.

“He’s been found guilty of absolutely nothing and he’s entitled to have a record of that charge eliminated,” attorney Tony Scheer said, via WSOC-TV.

If granted, everything related to the case would be removed from the Mecklenburg County court system — from Hardy’s mugshot to the conviction issued by a judge at the conclusion of a bench trial last year.  Given the intense coverage of the case and the long memory of the Internet, it’s a meaningless gesture; the accusations against Hardy will live a much longer and more noticeable life beyond the walls of the Mecklenburg County courthouse.

Most importantly, they’ll live long enough at 345 Park Avenue to result in a potential suspension of Hardy for the outset of the 2015 regular season.

30 responses to “Greg Hardy asks for expungement of his criminal case

  1. Sets him up to sue the NFL if they try to punish him. Sorry, but that’s how our justice system works when you have money.

  2. Hardy isn’t the first guy to buy his way out of trouble, and certainly won’t be the last. Lacking the benefit of a fat bank account, I try to just stay out of trouble.

  3. The judges guilty verdict is more like a grand jury finding probable cause for a trial than an actual trial. In NC., for a misdemeanor charge, you have to first have a bench trial by judge to test if there’s enough evidence for an actual trial by jury. Last I checked. Everyone, including NFL players, have a right to a trail by jury before being CONVICTED of a crime. In reality, that’s all Hardy’s guilty verdict means is in the opinion of the judge there’s enough evidence to have an actual trial by jury. For all the people condemning Greg Hardy there really is no evidence that he did anything other than break-up with her and ask her to get out of his apartment. This so called poor little innocent drug using victim thought an all expenses paid shopping trip was more important than having him convicted and punished by actual jury trial. Think about that for a minute.

    In my opinion, those pictures and that evidence should should not and can not be used against Hardy by the NFL. For an alleged first time personal conduct violator he’s already missed an entire season, most teams won’t sign him, earned opportunity for a contract close to 100 million with 40 to 50 million guaranteed and some of you all now want him BANNED for life? I thought GODell was the worst. lol I have no idea what those photos show but I’m sure if she has a scratch or bruise on her even if she was falling down drunk, Hardy will get penalized for it. The NFL has become judge, jury, and executioner.

  4. There are other reasons why someone would want this. Specifically, as a gun owner, fwiw

  5. No remorse and still trying to get over on the system by buying his way out. He learned nothing and it won’t be the last time we here from James Harding.

  6. His record SHOULD be expunged. If he was so guilty, the D.A. would have tried him again. Why should these charges hang over him?

  7. I may be wrong on the timing, but if he succeeds in getting the case expunged, perhaps that prevents the NFL from getting any of the records? (I can’t remember if they already did.)

  8. 20 years ago, I was arrested and charged with second degree assault. On the first day of trial I was adjudged “not guilty”. Ever since, I have suffered from having to explain or just being labeled a woman beater, despite the “Not Guilty” finding. Why should this guy have his record expunged and not all the rest of us that ended up with this stain? Because he is rich? Because he is famous?

  9. The NFL can and will use the pictures from that case in determining his status of employment. Just remember OJ was found innocent as well …. Dosent mean he that he was.

  10. Yeah, it’s not like he was convicted after the facts and witness testimony were presented to a sitting trial judge or anything. Oh wait. . . . .

  11. Yep. He don’t want to have that record hanging over his head the next time they haul him in for slappin’ his babe around.

  12. @dcapettini 10 years ago I assaulted a make with his girlfriend nearby and after being arrested for the assault on the guy found out the female was pressing charges on me as well for assaulting her too. On my trial date with no evidence whatsoever (because I never laid a hand on her) and both the male and his lying girlfriend telling 2 completely different stories on how I “assaulted” her I was found guilty. I understand your point but my point is some people don’t realize how easy it is for a woman to accuse a man of assault and most people including the court system will take her side regardless what evidence and common sense says

  13. Sp let me get this straight Hardy pays this accuser with a verbal agreement I’ll give you this much if you go away or don’t go show up in court. She says ok give me this much and I’m gone. Must be nice

  14. You can’t expunge the fact that it happened. The legal system may remove their records (or check them “inactive”, more likely), but everyone else remembers…and the NFL doesn’t live by the legal system. He has “tarnished the shield” and will receive some form of punishment as a result.

  15. “Hardy now wants the State of North Carolina to pretend that none of it ever happened.”

    But that’s just it – NOTHING HAPPENED. The accuser is well-known around here as someone who is willing to do whatever she has to do in order to get a big payday. The reason they got into the fight was because Hardy cut her off because he found out she was sleeping with Nelly (who owns a piece of the Hornets and is in Charlotte frequently). And I say again – if Hardy picked up a 120-pound woman over his head and threw her down 2 separate times, she would have multiple broken bones and bruises all over her body. She showed up at the bench trial looking like an America’s Next Top Model contestant. SHE MADE THE WHOLE THING UP. Hardy’s people, realizing that lots of money is her only life goal, offered her some in exchange for not putting her sordid sex life on public display. She took it and ran.

    So yes, Hardy’s record should be expunged. And Hardy should not be suspended for one second by the NFL.

  16. “I have no idea what those photos show but I’m sure if she has a scratch or bruise on her even if she was falling down drunk”

    So…you admit you have no idea what you’re talking about, yet you’re confident that Hardy is completely blameless.

    Must be a Cowboys fan

  17. For all of those who are saying that you have to be rich in order to get an expungement; you don’t have to be a millionaire, you just have to find an attorney willing to expunge your record on a payment plan. In total, you are looking at less than $3k.

  18. “I have no idea what those photos show but I’m sure if she has a scratch or bruise on her even if she was falling down drunk”
    So…you admit you have no idea what you’re talking about, yet you’re confident that Hardy is completely blameless.
    The photos were not taken at the scene or even taken that night. They were taken the next day. The young lady did not go to hospital after the incident and the police officer that interviewed her did not note any injuries.

    The concierge in the lobby of Hardy’s building described her and her female companion as being quite drunk. The concierge actually called 911 for them because they were both too drunk to dial.

    Given her level of inebriation and her possible use of cocaine that evening, actually she could have “a scratch or bruise” and “Hardy could be completely blameless”.

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