NFL tries to concentrate the bad draws against each other

The NFL has proven beyond the shadow of a doubt that they can promote anything.

But they’re also pretty good at hiding the bad inventory on a low shelf.

Since each team gets a prime time game this year, the NFL has at least done some damage control by making the, shall we say, “less-attractive commodities” play each other.

As noted by Greg Auman of the Tampa Bay Times, five teams got just one prime time game each: The Buccaneers, Jaguars, Titans, Rams and Raiders.

Four of those were concentrated into a pair of, cough, sorry, cough must-see games — a Jaguars-Titans clash on Nov. 19, and a Bucs-Rams game on Dec. 17. Both games are part of the group to only be shown on the NFL Network, as opposed to the eight Thursday games which CBS will carry also.

The Raiders get their only appearance on Christmas Eve against the Chargers, meaning we already know who is on the naughty list.

Granted, any of those five teams could exceed expectations, particularly the Rams, who have been competitive without a quarterback for some time.

Otherwise, lumping the unappealing teams together at least allows the league a chance to have competitive games, even if they resemble a pair of one-legged men in an extra point-kicking contest. From the 15. With narrow goalposts. And a swirling wind.

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  1. Thanks DG. It’s not how you start, but how you finish. The perfect ending and just what is needed to end one’s day. Laughter is great medicine!!

  2. As a bucs fan I am Truly disappointed that I will only see one prime time game👿😥… However the last years prime time game and all the others over the years have been bad.. Like last years blow lost to ATL in week 2 or 3.I understand but do u know how many teams still got blown out in prime time last year. Can’t think of any off the top of my head. It’s no different then the saying of ANY GIVIN SUNDAY… Or Monday or Thursday

  3. There are always surprise teams every year. There’s always a chance these these may turn out to be important worth while games!

    …probably not.

  4. This is a key year for the Titans and it’s fan base. They’re already expected to not be better than 8-8, and if they blow another draft, the apathy will be set in concrete.

  5. Where are the jets? About last year or so there was a map of the US going around based on the favorite team of every county in the country pulled from facebook and twitter postings. The jets were the only nfl team who couldnt even win one county in the US, not a single one. I was expecting the jets here.

  6. Rams, raider’s and bucs could be fun to watch depending on what happens in the draft.

    Now that the rams have the best qb in their division and a very good defense, they could push Arizona for that division.

    The raiders need to find 3 staters in this draft but they had a few games that were entertaining last year.

    And of course if the bucs do get Jamison then they will be must watch TV.

  7. “… even if they resemble a pair of one-legged men in an extra point-kicking contest. From the 15. With narrow goalposts. And a swirling wind.”

    Nice, but I’d say that’s insulting the one legged field goal kicker.

  8. It seems unfair to deprive NFL fans of “unappealing” teams the opportunity to watch them play on prime time. These fans, just like any other NFL fan, are spending tons of money on merchandise and walking around like human billboards advertising a product/business. They deserve the same chance to watch their team win or lose (more than likely lose) on television.

    During the first half of the season, I don’t consider any team “unappealing”. The teams that are labeled “unappealing” get named so by playing poorly. Poor performances usually lead to lots of off-season personnel changes, early draft picks, etc. That’s why (and I’m sure most of the trolls who post comments on and provide no real constructive criticism at all will disagree) I feel that prime time match-ups involving teams that have been under-performing in previous years should take place in the early half of the season. Early in the season, there’s still hope for any team and there’s still hype for off season FA pickups/draft prospects to perform. I would think true fans of football would watch whatever game was available to them, regardless of if the match-up seems good on paper or not (especially early in the season when teams still have the chance to show their improvement). It’s still football. It’s still that sport we have been waiting for months to start back up again. This could be a possible way to more evenly distribute the prime time games among the teams not normally shown on TV. Otherwise, year after year we’re just going to see the same 4-5 teams playing on prime time. That, to me, is less appealing than mixing it up every once in a while.

    I’m a Jaguars fan who lives in NY, yet I still watch all of the Buffalo/Giants/Jets games that air on Sundays because that’s what’s local and available. It’s completely different if you have multiple games to pick from on TV. But since this article is about prime time, there aren’t normally too many other options during the prime time games. Personally, I’m not going to skip over a game on prime time just because a team I don’t find interesting is playing. Those beer and anti-domestic violence advertisements are still being crammed down my throat despite the fact I may not like the match-up. Sponsors products are still being viewed, and the NFL and cable networks are still making their money.

    I know ultimately it comes down to sponsors. Sponsors will be more likely to invest for time slots during games that will have more viewers. And the NFL wants to have more sponsors, so it can make more money as a business. So, I understand it’s in their best interest to try to place the most “appealing” games on prime time. But, the point I’m trying to make is, just because the match-up involves a team(s) that have been labeled “appealing”, or successful, doesn’t always result in something appealing. Upsets still happen, teams still choke, etc. There have been plenty of games that were supposed to be competitive or that had the “appealing” teams involved, that turned out to be extremely one sided and/or awful to watch (e.g. the Super Bowl 2 seasons ago). Guess who kept watching? This guy.


    A very hopeful Jaguars fan sick of 1 (2 at most) prime time games in a season who would much prefer to see his favorite team play on TV and not on a streaming website riddled with malware/viruses/pop-ups.

  9. Even when the Raiders are bad, they’re hardly “unappealing”. Just look at the size of their fan base across the country and around the world. It’s one of the larger ones in the league despite the horrible play over the pat thirteen years, so obviously they appeal to a lot of people. They don’t call them the “Raider Nation” for nothing.

    The Chargers on the other hand, are a team that nobody seems to care about no matter how much they win or lose. “Unappealing” could be used describing them, but as for the match-up between the two teams, “unappealing” can not be used as it’s always a battle no matter the record of either team.

  10. The Rams appear to be slowly (and quietly) building a pretty decent team. Look at some of the beasts that comprise their front 7 (and some of its depth): Quinn, Long, Brockers, Fairley, Donald, Laurinaitis, Hayes, Ayers, Ogletree. They have some good DBs too.

    The OL could use some love, but Foles, Mason, Britt, Austin and Cook have upside.

    I think the Rams are sneakily on the rise — and that is meant in a very positive way.

  11. Thursday night games are a joke in my opinion. I would prefer not to have any primetime games than to have one bush league Thursday nighter. It’s honestly feels like slap in the face.

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