Could a three-way trade get Mariota to Philly?

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On the surface, it seems impossible for the Eagles to get from No. 20 into the top five, if they remain interested in reuniting quarterback Marcus Mariota with coach Chip Kelly, the man who recruited Mariota to Oregon.

Three years ago, Washington gave up a total of three first-round picks and a second-round selection move up only four spots to get Robert Griffin III.  A move from No. 20 to No. 5 (Washington), No. 4 (Oakland), or No. 3 (Jacksonville) would seemingly require too much.

But the Eagles have something else to add to the mix — something that Washington, Oakland, and Jacksonville won’t want or need:  quarterback Sam Bradford.

Unless and until Bradford signs a new contract with the Eagles, he’s vulnerable to be traded again.  Despite the public proclamations after Bradford arrived that Kelly is the only “chip” in town, rumors persist that Bradford could be a temporary member of the Eagles.

Meanwhile, the Browns have made it clear that the want Bradford, offering a first-round pick to the Rams for Bradford and reportedly/presumably offering a first-round pick to the Eagles the morning after he was shipped to Philly.

So with the Browns holding the No. 12 and No. 19 selections in the draft and the Eagles holding Bradford’s rights and pick No. 20, how about a trade that would send Bradford to Cleveland, Mariota to the Eagles, and a total of three first-round picks to someone in the top five?

For example:  (1) the Browns get Bradford and Philly’s first-round pick in 2016; (2) the Eagles get Mariota; and (3) a team in the top five gets the No. 12, No. 19, and No. 20 pick in 2015.

Alternatively:  (1) the Browns get Bradford and No. 20 in 2015 from Philly; (2) the Eagles get Mariota; and (3) a team in the top five gets the No. 12 and No. 19 in 2015, and Philly’s first-round pick in 2016.

Under either scenario, the Eagles may have to give up more to make it happen.  Possibly, they may have to absorb Johnny Manziel and the bulk of his rookie contract — which may not be a problem for Philly, given that Kelly also recruited Manziel to attend Oregon.  Regardless, it’s possible that, by sending Bradford to the Browns and getting Cleveland to throw the 12th and 19th picks into a three-way deal, Kelly could make the climb for Mariota without mortgaging the future.

In the end, Kelly may be able to pull it off simply by giving up the 20th pick this year, a first-round pick next year, and maybe another pick or two in 2015 or 2016.

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  1. Last year I thought the Titans were the team with the least talent in the NFL. They are sitting pretty now though with that 2nd overall pick – could trade it and turn it into several good young starters.

  2. For Team X to get 3 picks the Browns would have to be giving up BOTH of their First Round picks for Bradford. I’m not sure this scenario passes the arithmetic test.

  3. Skins will take 12,19 & 20 , could trade 19 and 3rd rounder for fowler so deal would end up being 12, 20 1st rounder and fowler for a 5th , 19th and a 3 rd rounder. Sounds good to me

  4. Of course, they also gave up Nick Foles and their second rounder next year. Throw in Kendricks (widely speculated) to the deal and that seems like a pretty major”mortgaging” to me.

  5. I love it. It would make perfect sense. Mostly the Browns making such a dumb move. After wasting first round (and other’s for trade sake), after first round pick after first round pick on quarterbacks who are noticeably falling to later rounds, the Browns management is sitting in a room thinking “how could I anger the fans more than normal” then he reads this article about trading 2 first rounders for a quarterback who has been in the leauge 5 years and never been healthy and all he does is laugh and say like mister burns “exellent”

  6. Manziel, Mariota and Tebow on the same roster.

    And to think, Sanchez is the only one with experience.

    I think I would pay to see how this mess (in a fun way) unfolds…

  7. “People used to think the world was flat, philosophically. Till that guy took the boat and just kept going and didn’t fall off the edge.” ~ Chip Kelly

  8. Cleveland trading 2 first round picks for often injured and often mediocre Sam Bradford? If that happened and if I was a Browns fan I might do something drastic.

  9. When Cleveland was trying to get Bradford from the Rams (before the trade to the Eagles), he said he would not sign an extension with Cleveland. Why would he change his mind now?

  10. Sounds reasonable until you consider Cleveland would totally be getting shafted.

  11. As a Browns fan, I nearly had an aneurysm last year when they passed on the chance to draft Sammy Watkins. This worsened when they chose a DB I barely heard of…and worse yet when took Manziel. If they take Mariota by trading, or if he drops to them in 6th round, I will be switching my allegiance to an equally awesome team. I’m thinking the Jaguars or whatever team lands in London.

  12. Okay, I’ll play. Regarding Bradford, who has stated he won’t sign with Cleveland, if he signs a new deal with Philadelphia, the deal will probably include a no trade clause. Regarding Cleveland, why would you give a first round pick for an injury prone quarterback who, A. doesn’t want to be there and B. you would only be renting for one year? IF Cleveland wants to give up first round picks, why wouldn’t they get Mariota with their own picks?

  13. At this point I would love to see Mariota in Philly so long as I never have to see Timmy set foot on a football field again. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good young man, but he is NOT an NFL QB!!!

  14. Your suggesting that Cleveland would be okay trading both first round picks this year to receive Philly’s first rounder next year and Bradford? I’m not seeing it.

  15. RG III, Kapernick, Manziel,Bradford ….doesn’t a name mean anything to you anymore? This draft could see more trades than any other draft.

  16. I think all teams would be open to that trade. #1 -5 would have to think twice about making that deal….if that deal was to be offered to Reggie , I am pretty certain he would pull the trigger. Good chance Amari Cooper/Kevin White/ Devante Parker /(Trae Waynes) could be there at 12, Vic Beasley at 19, and Marcus Peters/Landon Collins (Jaleen Strong/Nelson Aghalor) at 20

    2nd and 3rd round D-line, and oline

  17. All well and good but the fact TB has not declared for Winston , with the draft a week away, kind of is the monkey in the wrench right now.

  18. Bradford does not want to sign a long-term deal with the Browns, can’t blame him. So I would think that is a deal breaker for Cleveland.

  19. All of that and the Eagles get a bust, the Browns get an often injured QB that rarely sees the field, and some lucky team in the top 5 makes out like a bandit with all of those picks. Judging from history that’s the most likely scenario.

  20. If the Browns trade for Bradford they should make sure they get a 2016 first rounder in return as well. They’ll be looking for a new qb next year too.

  21. chip got bamboozled into the bradford for foles trade and the rams even got a 2nd round pick too

    now its time to see if chip can bamboozle the browns into turning a profit for mr glass

  22. Why help the guy to get the qb that he wants. What if his system and Mariota work in the nfl. They could kick butt for the next 10-15 yrs.

  23. My gawd, could Chip really be that obsessed with getting Mariotta ?? Do the Browns really want “Brittle Bradford” that badly?? I have no stock in this game but now i’m curious to see how this all turns out. I can’t wait for the draft to END this madness……………….

  24. If it didn’t involve Cleveland… and giving up not one but TWO first round picks to obtain an always hurt, not very good to begin with, never been to the playoffs overpaid QB like Bradford that no team in it’s right minds would want…

    But, hey, it’s the Browns Mike’s talking ’bout so you never know.

  25. The 2016 eagles first round pick could vary greatly. They could easily have the first overall pick or the last. The eagles will have the first pick if they wind up cutting Tebow. They’ll have the last if they make him their starter.

  26. If any team in the Top 5 trades that pick for 12, 19 and Philly’s first round pick next year, the fans of said team should march on the facility with torches and pitchforks.

    Not even close to enough. We all appreciate your trying to spice things up a little, but let’s try to stay somewhere in the vicinity of planet earth with our speculation.

  27. If I’m Ruston Webster I trade the #2 pick for the No. 12, No. 19, and No. 20 pick in 2015 without blinking. That would be a huge get for the Titans.

  28. So one has way too much time on their hands, not a chance this pile happen.

  29. Seems like too much to give away for Mariota. Bradford can probably revive his career in Philly with most qbs doing somewhat well in chip Kelly’s offense, mark Sanchez for example.

  30. Nobody but Chip Kelly is crazy enough to give a #1 draft pick for Bradford, unless he’s just thrown in with two #1s and a #2 in return. The guy is not trade bait in any way, he’s been in the league for 4 years and has shown nothing other than the ability to get real hurt, real bad, real often.

  31. I’m not a fan of any of those teams but if this scenario was to happen it would make for a darn interesting draft day trade.

  32. Rotfl the browns are not giving up the #12 and dropping a spot down for Bradford.. this is known by now.

    That’s just dumb. The Browns rather see chip kelly give up his next 2 drafts than get involved with that

  33. EGG on the face of everyone who promotes the Mariota to Eagles scenario. Kelly really wants Bradford. Geeze, you guys.

  34. It would be intriguing but the idea of Kelly trading Foles, a 2nd round pick, this year’s 1st, and next year’s 1st seems like a stretch. Not to mention the fact it would potentially breed a lot of distrust between him and Demarco Murray prior to a down of football even being played. At this point though, nothing with Kelly can totally be ruled out. The other variable, as always, is the Browns maybe they’ll just bundle their 2 first rounders with Manziel to Philly for Barkley, Tebow and Sanchez. I mean one of the three have to work out, right? RIGHT???

  35. The problem: why in THEE hell would anyone, the Cleveland Browns included, want to give up 2 first round picks for Bradford and a later 1st rd pick…especially when they could draft Mariota or ANY other QB with either of those picks?

  36. And apparently Cleveland is willing to do this for a one year rental on an injury prone aging qb that has already refused to even talk contract extension with the Browns. Makes sense. Good article.

  37. I sure wish the sports media pundits would give the whole Mariota thing a rest. The Browns would be stupid to get into such an arrangement. Better for them to keep their powder dry and shoot for a fellow named Cardale Jones in 2016. Y’all need to get a life!

  38. What makes anyone thing the Browns would give two first round picks for an often injured glass kneed QB whose last live fire action was in a pre-season game where he blew out a knee against those same Browns?

  39. The more I think of it, even as crazy as it sounds, it makes some sense. Cleveland would be getting the short end of the stick, at least in my opinion. Then again maybe Mariota doesn’t work out like everyone in Philly expects. Tough Fans in Philly ya know ! Cleveland gives up 2 quality picks for a damaged QB looking for a new contract. That’s the potential deal breaker.

  40. Browns trading #12 and #19 for a guy with 2 ACL tears in his career and that has said he wouldn’t sign a long term deal with the team? Not very likely to happen, even with a 2016 first rounder thrown in.

    Even if Bradford changes his tune and says he would sign a long term deal, I can’t see Cleveland giving up more than #12 and maybe one of their 4th rounders (or possibly Manziel) for Bradford.

    IF Bradford were, then I could see this 3 way deal – Cleveland gets Bradford, Philly gets Mariota and a 4th rounder, and a top 5 team gets #12, #20 and likely a Philly 2016 early pick. Or, your Alternate plan, but not your first one.

  41. Chip can’t make all of these (genius or head scratching?) moves and then stand pat at 20, no chance. He is the owner in your fantasy football league who craves action, and makes trades just to make trades. Should be a fun wild ride next week.

  42. We will take 3 1st round picks in this years draft AND someones 2nd rd and 4th rd picks in next years draft for #4 overall.

    RAIDER NATION!!!!!!!!!

  43. Don’t think it will happen, but if it happens (Eagles getting Mariotta), this will be how it is done. Bradford and next years 3 for #12, #12, 20, and a 1 next year for Mariotta. This would make the long story, 2 1sts, a 3rd, a 2nd and Foles (I think that 2nd would fall to a 4th, since Bradford wouldn’t be on the Eagles and it’s conditional).

    If 2 months ago, you told Eagles fans they could get Mariotta for their 1st this year and next, plus Foles, their 2015 3rd and 2016 4th for Mariotta, they’d of done it and been pretty happy about it.

    For those asking “if this was going to happen, why wouldn’t they just move Bradford now?”. Well, because Chip would rather have Bradford and #20 than #20 and another pick. If he’s not able to get Mariotta, he’d rather have Bradford than anything he can get at that point in the draft

    Again, I don’t think this will happen. I feel like Chip has, begrudgingly, accepted that the price for Mariotta is just too high. But I don’t think it is a totally ridiculous scenario either

  44. I can’t see the Browns giving that much for Bradford – and anyone in the top 5 having 3 1st round picks better hope they can get enough later round value for 1 of them; a challenge in itself.

    I think something goes down with the Titans, Eagles and the Chargers, with Rivers landing in Tennessee, Bradford in SD, and Mariota in Philadelphia. I believe the Titans would be happy to ride with Rivers for a couple of years and see how future drafts play, or free agency with RG3 or Manuel.

  45. I mean… Everyone knows Bradford is totally broken right? that he can’t stay healthy and he’s one of the biggest draft busts in modern NFL history? I feel like everyone involved here is smokescreening, because how these men ascended to these places of power in the NFL without the ability to see how worthless a player Bradford is, I just can’t reconcile

  46. One would think, with so many teams fighting for Mariota, that the Titans would just draft him. He’s that good of a quarterback prospect, and those guys don’t grow on trees.

    So expect the Titans to once again do something foolish in this draft and trade the pick for nothing. Getting more picks in this weak-to-mediocre draft and passing up a potential franchise quarterback is stupid, but that would fit the Titans franchise model, sad to say.

    I love the Titans but I hope all of this pre-draft trade stuff is just a smokescreen.

  47. I have an alternate theory. A top five team, such as the Titans, may be reluctant to trade Mariota when this year’s draft lacks any other quality QB’s. They may want both a QB and picks. I believe the Tebow signing is a cue that the Eagles must trade Matt Barkley and Sam Bradford, in order, to move up to get Mariota.

    It’s the timing of the Tebow signing that makes me think this. After all, Tebow has been available for quite a long time. What motivated Kelly to sign him now when he has 4 other QB’s on the roster?Clearly someone must go.

    Here’s a scenario that involves trading both Bradford and Barkley:

    Barkley, 2015 2nd rd pick and a 2016 conditional pick goto Cleveland for their 2015 1st rd pick #12 overall.


    Bradford, pick#12 and pick#20 go to a top five team for Mariota.

    In this scenario, the picks that the Eagles give up are similar to your proposal, and the team also avoids mortgaging its future.

  48. And I prayyyyy it’s to the Redskins. Having 3 firsts in this years draft would be something Scot could build a championship team around for years. One can only hope..

  49. I just don’t see the Browns letting go of both of their first round picks to basically just come away with Bradford..

  50. Bradford is actually a pretty good fit for Chip’s offense. However, given his injury history I would love to see either of these trade scenarios occur. I know there is talk about moving Kendricks in a trade, but since he is a proven commodity I really hope Kelly doesn’t trade him away unnecessarily. Getting Mariota through a trade like this would be worth it, and seeing how deep this draft class is at our positions of need (DB, WR) we would still be in good shape. Trading Bradford (and his ridiculously high cap number) would also free up cap space to extend Fletcher Cox and Kendricks. PLEASE make this trade happen Chip! Eagles fans deserve that Lombardi!

  51. Not mortgaging the future:

    Let´s summarize what Philly gave up under each scenario

    Eagles give up 1st 2015 (No20 overall) and 1st 2016 and Bradford= Nick Foles + 4th 2015 and 2nd 2016)

    So it`s:
    1st 2015, 4th 2015, 1st + 2nd 2016 + Nick Foles

    That´s a hole!

  52. Think about it….Mariota , Manziel and Tebow Are Chips quarterbacks in 2015……LOL!

  53. Nothing in this trade makes since for the Browns. Why over pay for a broken down Bradford. SB is to brittle to play a whole season.

  54. Well, there is the small problem of Bradford stating he will not sign an extension with Cleveland. That brings this whole trade scenario to a full stop.

  55. You are ignoring that Bradford has said he will not sign an extension with Cleveland. Why would the Browns take that kind of risk? Why would the Browns think Bradford is worth two first round picks when they have so many other issues?

  56. I understand the Browns take a lot crap nationally, and I get it, but NO WAY they are that STUPID to give up 2 first round picks for Bradford, come on Mike you’re than reporting something like this!

  57. Dream on. The Browns have been hot for Mariota long before Bradford came into the picture. CLE will just simply trade their picks for Marcus themselves. They don’t need Philly. Besides, Bradford (his agent) has already said that they don’t want to talk to CLE. Heck, nobody does. And nobody wants Johnny Flop in any kind of deal.

    Dream on Chippy. You’re stuck with Bradford and his glass body.

  58. So, as we discuss this scenario and the RGIII deal, have teams learned nothing from how that’s worked out?

    I really really don’t want the Browns to do one of these stupid megadeals for Mariota. They need to be more conservative, not more aggressive, in the draft with regards to QBs.

    Haslam made them draft Manziel – and they needlessly moved up to get him. So now we’re going to throw that all away to get another guy who may not work out in the NFL?

    The Browns have been through this over and over. Draft a QB in the first round and talk about “letting him develop”. But really just put him in as soon as possible to get killed and have his confidence destroyed. Call him a bust and move on.

    When young QBs are “busts” in the NFL the teams are more culpable in that result than the players themselves.

  59. Sounds just crazy enough to be plausible. Also, Tebow and Manziel on the same team would probably break the Internet.

  60. Regarding “absorbing” Manziel’s contract, he only counts $1.3M against the cap and the Browns have $27M in cap space. Other than the drama, Manziel is not a liability to have on the roster. If they haven’t cut Josh Gordon yet, I don’t think they are going to simply unload JFF for free.

  61. Wasn’t it reported the Browns were not willing to give up the 12th pick to get Bradford, let alone both the 12th and 19th? I’m guessing Fisher would have traded with the Browns to begin with if had they offered both picks.

    I’m guessing I’ll be rooting for Johnny one more year.

    Go Browns!

  62. How about the Browns trade their 2 picks and get Mariota themselves? Better option then injury prone Bradford.

  63. my head is about to explode….many in Philly feel the same way…….let the season begin already!

  64. Hmmm…. interesting… won’t be Washington though, can’t see Philly making that trade within the division…. Oakland and Jacksonville already have young, competent QBs… and Tampa will most likely take Winston which leaves….

  65. Everyone wants Bradford in Cleveland except Cleveland. They inquired with St. Louis but we saw what happened. I’m sure they’ve come to their senses. More to gain with picking 12 and 19 than wasting them for a guy who has bad wheels and a suspect shoulder.

  66. One other possibility I could see is a four-way trade that does NOT involve the Browns but involves but involves the Chargers, Bears and Titans, especially with Phillip Rivers likely not wanting to play in LA (if the Chargers move there) and preferably wanting to be close to home in Tennessee.

    That scenario would likely work like this:

    Eagles: Get second overall pick in the draft from the Titans and a second round pick from EITHER the Bears (39th overall) or Chargers (#48).

    Bears: Get Sam Bradford and his expiring contract from the Eagles and possibly the second pick of the third round (#66) from the Titans.

    Chargers: Get Jay Cutler and his salary from the Bears plus the first pick of the second round (#33) from the Titans

    Titans: Get Phillip Rivers from the Chargers PLUS first round picks from the Bears (#7) and Eagles (#20) AND whichever second round pick (#39 from the Bears OR #48 from the Chargers) DOES NOT go to the Eagles.

    This would get even more interesting if the Browns came into the mix as a fifth team to make it a five-way trade.

  67. The first example is crazy. Per the trade value chart, picks 12, 19 and 20 have a combined value of 2,925. The #1 pick is worth 3,000 and #2 is 2600. Tennessee would jump all over that. After that, the trade would get even more lopsided: #3, 2,200; #4, 1,800; #5, 1,700. Cleveland’s picks are worth 2,075. If they want Mariota, they can get him at #4 or #5.

    Here is the more likely scenario. The #12 pick is the key to getting Mariota. Philly sends Bradford to Cleveland for #12. Philly then sends #12 and their #20 (2,050 points) for #3, 4 or 5. They would have to throw in something extra to get #3.

    Just because Washington was ignorant and blew the chart up doesn’t mean other teams will do the same thing. They follow it. And they will this year, too.

  68. I’d laugh if he turned out to be a bust and watch all the Chip lovers hate him even more after the McCoy trade

  69. I watched Mariota in that national championship game vs. Ohio State. Am I the only one that is wondering what the big deal is with this guy? I’m just not seeing it. Didn’t look like a franchise passer to me.

  70. Why would the Browns give up #12 and #19 for Bradford? Between his injury history and his refusal to sign an extension it just doesn’t make sense at that cost. If they’re going to give up both first-rounders, they might as well go after Mariota themselves.

  71. The browns want to give up a first round pick for a QB that has a losing record and cannot stay healthy?

    Although, it is better than what they did with their two first round picks last year.

    When will they start selling Bradford jerseys? Those new arena-football jerseys are great.

  72. So in both scenarios Cleveland would be giving up 2 first round picks and gaining 1 lower pick and a QB in Bradford that hasn’t stayed healthy in 5 years when they can just stick with Manziel, who BTW i cant stand but he was a first round pick last year, and use those picks to I dunno draft 2 very talented players like a RB and a WR that can help Manziel succeed. That makes more sense than wasting another first round pick on a QB.

  73. Why would the Browns want Bradford over Mariota? Consider minor issues such as health, talent, and contract, then tell me why. I don’t buy that Ray Farmer sits in his office and thinks, “Yeah, I can win a Super Bowl with Sam Bradford.” Ray Farmer doesn’t do that. Nobody does that.

  74. Why not make it a 4, 5 or 6 team trade? That has just as much possibility as a 3 team trade.

    **IF** anything happens at all regarding a trade it will be with one team w/multiple picks from the eagles.

  75. The Eagles are a losing circus every off season. Then they win 10 meaningless game and celebrate. Meanwhile, the rest of the East is still laughing at you. No one cares that you win in September and October. You simply can’t get it done when it matters.

    Eli: 2

    Your franchise’s entire existence: 0

  76. Beyond insane, Florio. By some stretch of the imagination Cleveland would give up 12 and 19 for a QB who already said he won’t sign a long term extension there. A much more likely scenario is them trading 12 and 19 to go get Mariota themselves.

  77. 12, 19 and 20 for pick 2.

    If I’m not sold on Mariota I do that in a flash.

    You’re every chance to add 3 blue chip prospects – say a pass rusher at 12, one of the best CBs at 19 and maybe an OT at 20. WR in the 2nd rd. RB in the 3rd and if you do what’s hard but not impossible and hit on every pick you’ve got probably half the young talent you need secured for 4 (and some 5) years.

    That can really make a team. You then get the chance to sit back and wait for the QB you really like at the right price.

    Nick Foles might be nothing better than a replacement level QB. Yet with good draft hauls he might have enough talent around him at St Louis to win 8-10 games. He could easily win a weaker division.

    If he doesn’t look like winning a superbowl you can then draft your QB of the future in to a team and orginisation that has benefitted from years of solid roster building, good leadership and smart stable management. Sure they’re all talented, but a lot of super bowl winning QB’s are that because of where they were drafted in terms of the quality of the rest of the team and coaches – Eli Manning, Big Ben, Flacco, Russ Wilson.

  78. A lot of speculation but it would make for an interesting draft for team “C”

  79. The first scenario makes no sense. I’m an Eagles fan. I like Bradford don’t love him. But for Cleveland to essentially give up 12, 19, and 20 for him is laughable. Maybe they offered 19 for him. But to even think they would give up 12 and 19 is a joke. Can’t wait for the draft so this nonsense is over.

  80. Perfect, so the Vikings go ahead with trading Peterson to Oakland for the #4 pick and MN trades the #4 for the #12, #19, and #20 leaving them with

    #11 – Trae Waynes
    #12 – DeVante Parker
    #19 – Landon Collins
    #20 – Todd Gurley

    In the 2nd they pick Benardrick McKinney filling the last of their remaining holes.

    Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?

  81. Let it go…

    The most irksome thing about this is; if it happens all the writers will say “see, we told you so” but WHEN it doesn’t none of them will write the “well we were wrong” article.

  82. This sounds like it was written by a Philly fan. Why are teams going to give Philadelphia a sweetheart deal to move up to the top 5. They would have to pay way more than this, in terms of future draft picks.

  83. Every scenario (reasonable or not) has been discussed ad nauseum at this point, except for the one that will actually happen. Stop throwing crap at the wall.

  84. Let me see if I understand this, essentially Philly is giving up 4 1st round picks for Mariotta? (3 in 2015 and 1 in 2016)

    That’s crazy!

  85. Trust me. If this offer is made to the Titans, they WILL take it. They’re not over the moon about any of the Top 5 prospects, including Leonard Williams. … That said, will Marcus Mariota turn out to be a poor man’s Aaron Rodgers and win one or two Super Bowls? Probably. (After all, entering Steve McNair’s last season, the Titans passed on Rodgers himself, instead taking Pac-Man Jones.)

  86. The one thing to me that’s strange is why do all these browns continue to come on here and say no way the browns offer a 1st rounder for Bradford. THEY ALREADY HAVE….TWICE!

  87. So my Browns could look even DUMBER?

    Only way that could be good is of that 2nd 2016 first-rounder GUARANTEED us getting a franchise QB next draft.

  88. Should have put this story out there 2 days ago – at least then you could have blamed the hippie lettuce. You’d have to be smoking something to think anything like this is going to happen.

  89. The trade that makes the most sense professionally and personally is San Diego and the Titans.

    San Diego will get Mariota with trade to Titans for Rivers/12th pick. Rivers doesn’t want to go to LA so might as well cut bait with him.

    Both QBs will be the close to where they grew up. Mariota from Hawaii and Rivers from Alabama.

  90. Perfect, so the Vikings go ahead with trading Peterson to Oakland for the #4 pick and MN trades the #4 for the #12, #19, and #20 leaving them with

    #11 – Trae Waynes
    #12 – DeVante Parker
    #19 – Landon Collins
    #20 – Todd Gurley

    In the 2nd they pick Benardrick McKinney filling the last of their remaining holes.

    Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?
    IF! IF! that were to happen, it would be the greatest draft in the Vikings or any other team’s history.

    That being said, it won’t happen. But what a way to get rid of AD.

    PLAYOFFS! PLAYOFFS! if I remember.

  91. Philly is collecting 1st round QB busts at an impressive rate. Manziel would fit right in.

  92. If the Browns waste their time and money on someone like Sam Bradford, they will be the stupidest franchise in the NFL. They have 2 first rounders again this year and instead of wasting the pics, add key players and value to your team. I would hate to be a Browns fan. They seem to make the dumbest moves and this article would be a huge mistake if they really planned on signing Bradford.

  93. I think the Alternate would be the closer possibility and I think you have to be certain you’d get Mariota too so it’d have to be to #2 which requires MORE compensation. So I think the Eagles would HAVE to give up next years #1 to do this deal ….. I’d say it might go something like this:

    Browns get: Bradford and Eagles 2nd Rd pick this year and 2nd Rd pick 2016
    Titans get: Browns #12 (yes the higher pick), Eagles #20 pick, and either Browns or Eagles 2016 1st round “which is higher” pick.
    Eagles get: #2 pick and Mariota and Browns 2nd rounder this year (the 2nd round swap)

    So if the Browns suck more than the Eagles next year the Titans get the Browns pick and the Browns get the Eagles pick …… vice versa (Browns keep their pick)

    So in effect the Eagles would have to give up this and next years #1’s and a 2nd rounder next year and Bradford to get Mariota and a higher 2nd round pick this year (that they’ll use on a young stud receiver).

  94. I cannot for the life of me believe all of the wild rampant speculation and the millions of words that have been typed or spoken all based around a single fact:

    Chip Kelly coached Marcus Mariotta in college.

    The media has literally created a cottage industry out speculating on how much Kelly wants Mariotta, how he can get him, what it would cost. Meanwhile, NOT ONE SINGLE THING that the Eagles have done this offseason in any way signals that they have the slightest interest in doing anything whatsoever to get him. Nothing.

    If you made two lists, one being all of the reasons it looks like the Eagles want Mariotta and one list being all the reasons that they don’t, this is what the two lists would look like:

    Reasons the Eagles appear to want Mariotta: Kelly coached him in college

    Reasons the Eagles don’t appear to want Mariotta: Everything else

    Marcus Mariotta will be lining up for his first snap as a pro on another team, and the media will STILL be speculating on how Kelly will get him to the Eagles.

    Give it up.

  95. Stop it, this is embarrassing already.

    The Eagles have no chance of landing Mariota unless he drops out of the top six. It’s that simple.

    Sam Bradford is barely worth a first round pick and is most certainly not worth two first round picks, not even the Browns are giving up that much.

    And to speculate a scenario in which the Eagles have to ‘absorb’ Johnny Manziel to get the deal done…stop it. There is no way a single football team will roster Mariota, Manziel and Tebow.

    This isn’t Madden 15, fellas.

  96. Looks to me like Bradford is going to be traded. Here in Philly you can’t find a Sam Bradford jersey ( no, I wasn’t going to buy one) and he has been here almost 2 months. But a THIRD string QB number 11 named Tebow who just signed 2 days ago has Jerseys all over every local sporting goods store in the area. Bradfords contract hasn’t been extended yet hint 1. M. Kendricks isn’t showing up for Voluntary workouts ( maybe he knows he’s getting traded )…I think a trade is already in the works and it involves Kendricks ( because we signed Alonzo to replace him)..maybe even Fletcher Cox and 3 number 1s. ..until another team drafts Mariota. I’m guessing we draft him.

  97. The buck stops with Sam Bradford indicating he will NOT sign an extension with the Cleveland Browns. Let’s think about this for a second. Why would any QB who has control over his own fate want to go to the Quarterback graveyard known as “The Factory of Sadness”. Since they ruined Tim Couch, how many QBs have been labeled Cleveland’s starting quarterback. More than I have fingers on my hands.
    The only thing guaranteed in Cleveland is that, You will get killed behind the line of scrimmage, play outdoors in brutal weather, never win a Super Bowl and will wear a helmet with no logo unlike the other 31 teams in the NFL. I don’t blame Sam.

  98. Sounds like a Chip Kelly, Eagles…DREAM TEAM???

    thegregwitul says:
    Apr 22, 2015 10:28 AM

    And to speculate a scenario in which the Eagles have to ‘absorb’ Johnny Manziel to get the deal done…stop it. There is no way a single football team will roster Mariota, Manziel and Tebow.

  99. There’s waaay too many people in this scenario overvaluing Mariotta and Bradford.


    Bradford was a first round pick in 2010.

    Not in 2015.

  100. No draft picks or players needed. I was under the impression that the cost of a 3-way was $600?

    Warren Sapp

  101. That won’t be necessary because Mariota will fall to Philly at #20.

    No one really wants Mariota. He’s an example of why draft season is BS season.

  102. Eagles get #12. Browns get 2015 #2, #3, 2016 #1 and#2. Eagles send Bradford, #12 and # 20 to top 5 team for Mariota. Browns pick Grayson this year and can get #1QB in 2015 if he doesn’t work out.

  103. I think all of this hinges on the Browns willingness to pull move on from Manzel.

    And it also hinges on the value of Mariota.. Is he (or Winston, or any other player this year) perceived as so special they’re worth making all these trades for.

    And frankly, I think.. the answer is no.

    There is no Andrew Luck in this draft. Nobody is worth that type of deal.

  104. “Unless and until” a bit overused, ya think?
    This is the worst possible deal for Cleveland: two picks for nothing. They have to get more.

  105. Did I miss the NFL rule change that states you must carry 5 QBs on your roster this year?

  106. Bradford has done nothing as a QB, Bradford is made of glass, and Bradford has made it clear he doesn’t want to extend his contract for the Browns. Rivers won’t extend his contract either. So, please stop all the crazy talk.

    With two #1 picks, the Browns could fill several holes (once again). Or, keep one #1, and trade the other for additional picks this year or next. We have too many holes to give away any.

    Ray Farmer knows football talent, and he knows what the Browns need. Let’s give him a chance to take that next step (provided we can keep Haslam out of the draft room). Yes, I wish we had taken one of the better WR’s last year but, everyone had CB Gilbert as the best talent at that position, last year. I believe he will still blossom. QB Manziel was Truckstop Jimmy’s pick and PR stunt. He may still be a servicable QB.

    Once again, we have too many holes to fill (once again) Maybe we can tank the season, ala Colts, and get our QB next year.

  107. Why in the hell are they referencing the RGIII trade? That doesn’t make ANY sense.

    Everyone knows the RGIII trade was a one sided trade where the Redskins OVERPAID.

    But, they overpaid for what exactly? Oh that’s right a franchise and generational talent. That’s how he was viewed… backed up by his 4.38 40 at the combine.

    So MAYBE if there was a physical specimen with that sort of talent on the board and people wanted to talk about overpaying for him the context would be right.

    But we’re talking about Winston and Mariota. There’s talk, and rightly so, that NEITHER are franchise QB’s. If it turns out they are, NO ONE is going to say they are a generational talent.

    So why would anyone use the RGIII trade as a baseline to trade for Mariota?

    Luck and RGIII coming out were 10x more talented then Winston and Mariota. It’s not even the same ballpark.

    So not only should you focus on trades that aren’t over the top, you should only pull them out if the contemporary examples are close to the previous ones, and Winston and Mariota are no Luck and RGIII.

  108. mnfaninil says:
    Apr 22, 2015 8:50 AM
    Perfect, so the Vikings go ahead with trading Peterson to Oakland for the #4 pick

    Hey, a guy can dream can’t he?
    – – – – – – – — – – – – – – – – — – – – – – –

    you can stop right there…….only vikings fans think a 30 year old rb with a 13 million salary is going to get traded for a first rd pick. Not sure what is that water in those 10,000 lakes, but whatever it is , it’s not in the other 31 teams water……Said it once , i’ll say it twice, maybe if your luck a late 3rd rd pick, or maybe the top of the 4th rd pick from the raiders…..that’s just the harsh reality of today’s nfl which is all about the rookies salary….esp. running backs.

  109. People saying Bradford sucks are stupid. Ability wise he could be a top 5 qb. Just injured always thus far

  110. Not going to happen because according to Sam Bradford’s agent, Bradford is not going to listen at all in terms of a contract extension if he goes to the Browns. They would be fools to give up picks to get Bradford if he doesn’t want to play in Cleveland.

  111. If I’m the redskins and Williams and fowler are off the board then I’m all in for trading down. I’d take the #12 and #19 all day. Get Ray/waynes/Shelton at #12 then Collins/flowers/peat at #19…maybe even trade the 19th pick down for #25 or #26 and get a tackle then plus a second round pick

  112. If the Eagles are dumb enough to trade their first round pick ,Bradford,Kendricks and Cox for an unknown QB they nuts.Sam Hinkie and the 76ers will win an NBA championship before the Eagles win a Super Bowl.

  113. youngs79 says:
    Apr 22, 2015 8:55 AM
    Let me see if I understand this, essentially Philly is giving up 4 1st round picks for Mariotta? (3 in 2015 and 1 in 2016)

    That’s crazy!
    you didn’t factor in what Philly paid to get Bradford too. Basically in the end of this scenario Philly would have given up:
    (3) 2015 1sts
    (1)2015 4th
    (1) 2016 1st
    (1) 2016 2nd
    to gain:
    (1) 2015 5th &
    (1) 2016 4th(the conditional pick from STL seeing Bradford played 0 snaps for Philly)

    if this scenario goes down Chip needs to be fired asap

  114. You guys are double-counting those 2015 first round picks. Yes, team X will be getting three 2015 first round picks, but two of those picks are Cleveland’s.

    Philly would give up:
    (1) Nick Foles (2012 3rd Round)
    (1) 2015 1st Round (#20)
    (1) 2015 4th Round
    (1) 2016 1st Round (high 20’s?)
    (1) 2016 2nd Round

    Philly would receive:
    (1) Marcus Mariota (2015 top-5 overall)
    (1) 2015 5th
    (1) 2016 4th

    Cleveland would give up:
    (2) 2015 1st Round (#12,#19)

    Cleveland would receive:
    (1) Sam Bradford (2010 #1 overall)
    (1) 2016 1st Round (high 20’s?)

    Team X would give up:
    (1) 2015 1st Round (Top-5 overall)

    Team X would receive:
    (3) 2015 1st Round (#12,#19,#20)

  115. I would seriously lose my $h!t if the Browns gave up 12 AND 19 for Sam Bradford!!!!

    I’m getting tired of the talk about the Browns giving up 12, 19 and who know what else to grab Mariota! Thursday night cannot get here soon enough.

  116. How about this….

    Eagles trade Bradford and Boykin to SD for Rivers (who’s said he wont sign if they move to LA… which they will).

    Eagles flip Rivers to the Browns for #12 and #19.

    Eagles trade #12, #19 and #20 to Tennessee for #2 and draft Mariota. Everyone wins. (except SD maybe)

  117. I just don’t see the Browns giving up 2 first round picks for Sam Bradford. They would be better off dealing with the Skins or Titans directly. They have 2 first round picks & next years first rounder and a few 3/4 defensive players that Titans DC Horton probably covets. Why even include the Eagles?

  118. Simple. Because Chip Kelly values Mariota more then any other coach in all likelihood. You deal with the person who’s going to give you the best possible return. If I have a 1952 Ford for sale and I am dealing with multiple buyers, who’s most likely to give me the best deal? The guy who wants it the most. I dont think too many people will argue that Kelly wants Mariota more then anyone else (although, I guess I cant garuntee that).

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