Antonio Brown: I’m spending time with my newborn, can’t wait to be back with team

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Steelers wide receiver Antonio Brown isn’t working out with his teammates at the team’s offseason program and reports on Monday indicated that he was looking for a new deal from the team.

That may be the case, but it also may not be the only reason why Brown hasn’t decided to take part in the opening week of the team’s voluntary workouts. Brown sent out a tweet on Tuesday evening that said “I’ll be there” and added a pair of tweets on Wednesday explaining that he’s spending time with his new child and making no mention of his contract.

“Just enjoying my new born Ali can not wait to get back with my teammates! I am dad first and working to be best player I can be,” Brown wrote.

The next few months will determine how much Brown will push for a new deal after signing a six-year extension in 2012, but the Steelers have had a policy of not negotiating a new deal for non-quarterbacks with more than a year left on their deals. We’ll see if they change their minds if Brown misses mandatory work but, for now, Brown’s own words don’t suggest a long holdout is in the offing.

22 responses to “Antonio Brown: I’m spending time with my newborn, can’t wait to be back with team

  1. Haha! Those people on the local sports talk radio must be in tears. I love today’s media, speculate and created rumors, you people look so darn silly.

  2. Antonio Brown: ” I’m spending time with my newborn, and I CAN wait to be back with the team that can’t even beat Tim Tebow in the playoffs and now is under the Tebow curse”

    There, I fixed that for ya!

  3. He likely changed his mind about holding out once he heard Jimmy Smith will be with the ravens for a few years.

  4. whitetrash69

    Fans are the same way. All it takes is one speculative article and they’re all over it.

  5. Reese, I agree 100%. Its funny that the media with all their sources never once considered this and instead called him greedy and made him out to be the bad guy. They should apologize on air.

  6. reesesteel23 says:
    Apr 22, 2015 2:09 PM

    Fans are the same way. All it takes is one speculative article and they’re all over it.


    See Jamies Winston

  7. Sad the way people turned on this man without hearing from him first. And he didn’t miss anything of value.

    I’m glad people exposed themselves though.

  8. I am confused. So does this mean he is not looking for a new deal? With all the money these “Experts” and “reporters” in the media get they sure do screw up a lot.

  9. Same thing plaxico, santonio tried and wallace tried.

    And what happened to them after they left?

  10. Just as I thought. I said two days ago we needed to wait to hear from AB himself before jumping to conclusions that are not supported. Funny there are no apologies from the knee jerkers and Tebow trolls……that would take guts!

  11. Brown is smart and classy enough to know you don’t strong arm yourself to a new deal on a team with only a small amount of cap room. The cap will jump substantially again next off season and I suspect he will be rewarded by the Rooney’s for his patience.

  12. If you believe this, then you really do believe Tomlin was distracted by the Jumbotron and Big Ben was a victim of circumstance.

  13. I have a feeling it was both…. Just a guess though.

    After the backlash, maybe he thought better of it. Then again, it could all be misinformation. Rarely are these reports 100% true, or false.

    Though I do hope he gets paid what he’s worth, but I also hope he goes about it the right way.

  14. if the guy wants more money he probably deserves it.
    remember when everyone was asking why the steelers gave brown a contract and let wallace walk.
    I’ve read a lot of neagtive posts about the steelers front ofice but they hit the target 8/10 times which is a lot better than most teams

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