Carson City Council unanimously approves $1.7 billion stadium

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The return of football to the Los Angeles market took another step forward Tuesday night.

According to Nathan Fenno of the Los Angeles Times, the Carson City Council unanimously approved the $1.7 billion stadium proposal that would potentially serve as home of the San Diego Chargers and/or Oakland Raiders.

“Football is coming to Carson,” Mayor Albert Robles declared after the decision was announced.

While that optimism may still be a bit premature, it certainly seems like it’s a matter of when, not if, the NFL returns to Los Angeles at this point. Inglewood unanimously approved a stadium plan on the ground that formerly was home to Hollywood Park in late February as well. Like the Inglewood proposal, the vote by Carson allows the project to skip environmental review processes.

With the Carson project moving forward and the looming potential of the Chargers to move north, it could potentially speed up trade talks for quarterback Philip Rivers as well. His former teammate, LaDainian Tomlinson, said Rivers doesn’t want to be in Los Angeles. If that’s the case, the idea of dealing Rivers to Tennessee for the No. 2 overall pick and the rights to select Marcus Mariota in next week’s draft may not be such a long shot possibility after all.

17 responses to “Carson City Council unanimously approves $1.7 billion stadium

  1. Oh great, more public taxpayer funds being extorted for a billion dollar for-profit private enterprise that should be going to cops and schools and parks instead.

  2. It’d be nice if the Buccaneers were able to get Rivers. Wouldn’t it appeal to an aging QB to go to a division where the winner was7-8-1 (I believe)? There’s no state income tax, he’s better right now than Winston or Mariota, and he could reunite with V Jax.

  3. Still gotta get people to pay for it through taxes right? Doesn’t the St. Louis guy want to build it himself in inglewood? Sounds like that has a lot better shot of working out?

  4. Like the Inglewood proposal, the vote by Carson allows the project to skip environmental review processes.


    Political/Corporate synergy at its finest.

  5. It will take a while to move to LA … in all probability his career will be done by then.

  6. Trading Rivers while he still has value would be a good move. What have they won with him?

  7. @ shortmandan,

    I agree 100%. Get what you can while the getting is good !
    S.D. doesn’t appear to be committed to assembling a S.B. quality team. They haven’t drafted very well and the F.A.’s they’ve signed are ok, but not exceptional at their positions.
    They should have been in contract extension talks with Rivers 2 years ago if they really wanted to keep him. A trade makes a lot of sense for S.D. They wouldn’t have to pay Rivers $20+ million / yr, and that extra cap room allows them to either pocket more profits, which I believe is what the owner wants, or extend your better players and go after some top F.A.’s next off season. Let’s call it a rebuild on the fly.

  8. @ silkyjohnson937
    That’s not a far fetched idea ! Tampa gets Rivers, SD’s #1 and #2, and then SD gets the #1 overall pick and choose between Winston or Mariota.
    Tampa needs a QB bad, and a draft pick is no guarantee. Rivers is ! Tampa needs more than just a QB and the extra picks gives them the ability to fill some other holes.

  9. I just hope the Chargers hurry and make up their mind on Rivers before I make the final installments on my season tickets. I’d rather hold onto the money than have to ask for it back.

  10. The City of Oakland… now on the clock….tick, tock, tick, tock, tick tock…..better gett your butts in gear.

  11. This is sickening.. If the Raiders move to L.A., they’ll have to move to the NFC…. Double Negative!!!


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