Could Titans take a receiver at No. 2?

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The Titans could trade the second overall pick to the Chargers for quarterback Philip Rivers.  Or the Titans could take quarterback Marcus Mariota.  Or they could stick with Zach Mettenberger, as they reportedly plan to do.

Assuming they decide to stick with Mettenberger, what will they do with the second overall selection?  Many think they’ll take USC defensive lineman Leonard Williams, beefing up the interior of the defensive line after keeping pass rushers Derrick Morgan and adding Brian Orakpo in free agency.

But the Titans need stars, too.  Specifically, they need players who’ll sell tickets and jerseys and make the team interesting enough to merit something more than a perfunctory Thursday night game against the Jaguars.

And that’s prompting some to think that, as the draft approaches, the Titans could target a receiver with the second overall pick, with Amari Cooper and Kevin White being the primary candidates.

Sure, they could trade down and take a receiver.  But if they don’t get an offer they like and if they have to make the pick, don’t be shocked if instead of Williams the Titans opt for a pass catcher who could either become a star on his own or help Mettenberger become a star.

Or, ideally for the Titans, both.

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  1. I hope the Titans stick with Zach, and go for Amari Cooper in the draft. It wouldn’t take much to be competitive in this division, don’t you think?

  2. Leonard Williams is clearly best player available at 2 (actually he’s best player available at 1). I realize the Titans are desperately in need of some star power, but games are still won in the trenches and I can’t see passing on a talent like Williams as a real sound strategic move.

  3. At the top of the draft you got for players in premium positions you can’t get or afford to pay in free agency.

    Stud Pass Rushers, QB’s and LT’s. Everyone else can be bought.

    Trade the pick or use it wisely…

  4. Unfortunately for Titans fans, Whiz & Webster will feel the need to do the best thing for their job security. If they get Rivers somehow, that pretty much keeps their jobs for them for the next 3-4 years at least. But after 2-14 & not much talent on the roster, their seats are starting to get warm. If they still try to build with young guys it likely gets them both fired unless there is a miraculous turnaround. If they get Rivers, then they can win 8-9 games at least & keep their jobs for a while. So if it’s possible, they will likely get Rivers, & they will likely overpay for him.

    The best thing for the team is to use the pick or trade down for more picks. I’d be ok with the Rivers deal so long as they don’t give up too much. Swapping first rounders & getting Rivers is the limit for us IMO.

  5. I think they will make the trade for Rivers. probably this years first round pick and a conditional 2nd next year that will become a first rounder if they make the playoffs.
    And I think it will be a win-win for both teams.

  6. SD went to Oregon and took a long look at Mariota. The logic that implies is trading Rivers and their #1 to Tenn for the #2 pick of the draft, then taking Mariota.

  7. I don’t think “stars” are the biggest need that franchise has.

    NFL teams make the bulk of their money on television, not on jersey sales, and as someone said above, winning is what brings in the fans, not divas.

    If they build the best all-around team they can, the rest will take care of itself. If they just want to sell jerseys and continue to pick high in the draft annually, they can draft a “star.”

  8. Trade down but just a couple of spots. Let some sucker take either of the over rated QB’s, get some players and picks for the #2, and pick up a star reviever anyway. QED

  9. Rivers wants out of San Diego before the team becomes a casualty of the NFL in the LA fiasco and has worked with Coach Whiz. Whisenhunt has proven what he can do with an experienced and more mature QB when he had Warner with the Cardinals, and an experienced Vet such as Rivers would be an excellent mentor for Mettenburger to learn behind. There are plenty of WRs out there either later in the draft or who will be cut from other teams heavy at that position, that the Titans can still land. Right now they are in the Cat Bird’s seat and hopefully they will use it to pick up the kind of talent that can turn things around. Transformations don’t happen over night (or in one year) and Whisenhunt and Horton are good at what they do…IF they have an organization and front office who are at least marginally competent in getting the talent needed to accomplish the task.

  10. Or they could trade with the eagles and basically get a Williams type player thats proven and get other compensation. So they get the same type of player as Williams (but is already proven in Fletcher Cox), get a QB to compete with Zach (or have Bradford traded to Browns and get the 19th pick instead), plus could get a 20th pick this year and maybe even get a little more. Of course as an Eagles fan at this point it’s Marcus or bust (If chip thinks thats his franchise QB then fine do what it takes and go get him but you better win with him) so I think this is a fair deal.

  11. Trade down and get more picks, don’t be stupid Titans brass. The team is a dumpster fire right now with too many pieces to add to the puzzle. Go with Zach at QB and start building our team through the draft.

  12. I’m not a big fan of the Rivers talk… It really doesn’t make sense for the Titans other than what someone else said. Just for Webster and Whiz to extend their own jobs for another 3-4 yrs. but if they go that route then we better get Rivers and SD’s 1st rd pick too. I really hope the Titans aren’t that stupid to give up a lot for a soon to be 34 yr old QB with injury concerns.

  13. In a perfect world,yes I’d love to have either Coop or Kevin White on our roster. That said,I’m hoping we take Williams with that pick and hope a pass rusher lands in our lap at the top of the 2nd round.

  14. Hopefully they trade out of the 2 pick for 2 #1s and get a receiver with the first pick in the 2nd round.

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