Cowboys have a schedule conflict with high school title games

The NFL wasn’t able to keep the lid on its big schedule unveiling last night, as we exceeded the over on leaked games well before their three-hour television special went live.

But that doesn’t mean there weren’t surprises.

Via Corbett Smith of the Dallas Morning News, Texas high school officials were shocked to learn that the Cowboys would be hosting the Jets on Saturday, Dec. 19, since they had already scheduled three state championship games for AT&T Stadium the same day.

The UIL, the governing body for high school football in the state, holds a one-year extension to an existing agreement with the stadium, which has hosted state championship games since 2010.

In 2013, they drew 54,347 fans to watch Allen and Pearland, and last year’s Allen-Cypress Ranch game pulled in 52,308, the two largest crowds ever for a Texas high school game.

But as big as Texas high school football is, the NFL’s not going to change the schedule for them, so they’re probably going to have to look for another place to play.

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  1. There was a 3 hour TV special for the release of the schedule? Wow, the NFL’s hubris knows no bounds. Who watched that outside of the media that is now reporting on the schedule?

  2. If they have a contract with AT&T stadium it could get interesting. I’m pretty sure contacts that have been signed for half a decade are pretty legally sound. My guess is the NFL had no clue they were gonna step on toes with a game that day. If I was the Texans I’d be calling asking if they’d like to use our stadium

  3. Are you kidding me? Somebody in the NFL should have known that this was a conflict and not scheduled it then. Even if the NFL has the clout, it doesn’t mean they should push everyone else out of the way. I am extremely disappointed in this, and I am not even from the state of Texas.

  4. “NFL > High School Football”

    You must have never been in Texas. While that is still probably true even in Texas, that greater than sign is pretty small there.

  5. The scheduling software is built to take into account other activities going on in any given NFL venue (such as the the A’s schedule in Oakland) or even nearby (such as the Mariners’ home schedule across the street from the CLink). Looks like they either didn’t get the info or didn’t input it.

  6. One other explanation is that they *did* use the info, but they calculated the schedule based on the game being played on Sunday. If that’s the case, this is an issue with the networks themselves divvying up games.

  7. Unfortunately, everyone who is suggesting things like playing early or playing on Friday don’t realize those ideas won’t work. The UIL has 10 State Championship games. They are played on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Saturday has three games scheduled (the three largest classifications, with the largest crowds). Also, it is against UIL rules to play on Sunday unless some very extenuating circumstances apply (usually weather related…and even then that is almost something like baseball or softball).

  8. NBC can’t even flex that game to Sunday Night Football because it’s on Saturday…and trust me, both teams will have good records by the time they play in week 15.

  9. NFL teams are use to cutting players in the middle of their contracts I guess the Cowboys figured that’s how contracts always works.

  10. NRG is a four-hour drive from AT&T. Some of these schools and the spectators might have to travel less than four hours, but my guess is that other schools and spectators will have to drive five or six hours. Putting over 50,000 people on I-45 to spend more than half their day on the freeway traveling to and from a football game is nuts…why are people here suggesting they play at NRG?

    The whole reason why these schools near Arlington contracted with AT&T is because of the sheer number of people who want to go to these games, and the high school stadiums have very limited seating: the larger HS stadiums in Texas can only accommodate between 15 to 23 thousand people (yeah, their stadiums really CAN seat four to eight times as many people as your old HS stadium).

    High school football is almost like a religion in Texas. Even if it was an Away game for the Cowboys, scheduling a Cowboys game to compete with state championship games? NFL made a huge mistake with this one, there are a lot of very ticked off Texans this morning.

  11. The NFL announced it’s too expensive to find out what dates stadiums are unavailable but they will continue investigating ways to do so.

  12. I think that is something people don’t understand. Football in Texas is more then a sport or a religion as some are saying. Its a way of life and Friday Night Nights showed that. Allen High School built a 8 million dollar stadium on campus that has the capacity of 25.000+ and they fill it.

    Drive though the streets of some Texas towns on Friday night and the places are ghost towns. Then, you come up to the stadium and its like the Raiders Black hole or Cleveland’s Dawg Pound. Its an experience you will never forget.

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