“No doubt” Chargers will have contract discussions with Eric Weddle


General Manager Tom Telesco said Wednesday that the team’s “plan and intent” is for Philip Rivers to remain their quarterback for the foreseeable future, which was the only update about the ongoing questions regarding Rivers’s status with the team after speculation that the two sides might part ways.

That wasn’t the only player whose outlook Telesco was asked to address during his press conference. Safety Eric Weddle, who is in the final year of his deal with the club, hasn’t been part of the team’s first week of offseason work and said that he feels “highly, highly disrespected” by the lack of movement toward a new contract.

Telesco said that the team was in draft mode at this point, but that they were open to talking about a new deal.

“We’ll have discussions at some point. No doubt. … He’s a major part of our football team,” Telesco said, via Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego.

Weddle, who turned 30 in January, has started every game for the Chargers over the last five years and has missed just four games since the team made him a second-round pick in 2007. He’s set to make $7.5 million this season.

12 responses to ““No doubt” Chargers will have contract discussions with Eric Weddle

  1. There isn’t a safety in this draft better than Weddle, so you may need to get your priorities straight and get his deal done.

  2. As a Charger fan this is all bad news. It’s obvious that the Chargers are completely unsure of how to move forward in the immediate future. They can’t decide whether they want to try and be competitive the next 2 seasons or totally rebuild for a move to LA. What good organization goes into an important season without even engaging their best two players, who will both be free agents, in contract talks?

    This team is not championship quality right now, but a good draft definitely puts them in playoff contention and once you make it in, anything can happen. As a fan I wish they would go all in and give San Diego one last run at a championship before they move away and rip everyones heart out. As a realist, I know that won’t happen and its more likely they suck on purpose in order to rationalize their ultimate decision to leave. What a mess.

  3. I love Weddle but this is a business. If he wants $8 million plus a year I believe the Chargers feel they can get a better deal in free agency next year and draft someone this year to replace him. He got paid last contract and unfortunately he will have to go to another team to get another big contract.

  4. Get to work Weddle.
    Lol. Weddle hasn’t missed a start in 7 or 8 years. How many of you guys call in sick every time you have a tummy ache?

  5. Earth to Weedle you’re ” highly highly disrespected.” You are making 7.5 mil per year and you are just above average. Ronnie Lott made 2.2 mil per and you aren’t even on the same planet as him. I know it was 20 years ago but Lotts net worth is 5 mil and you Weddle are going to get 7.5 mil this year. Hell Ronnie today would be 21 mil per year. Weddle you’re riding the success players before you created so you get paided alot. That being disrespected, by you. You’re make 3 times as much as Ronnie did. My pay hasn’t tripled during that time. Pro players live in a fantasy world. Wish I had HGH back in the day I would have been able to ball too. Next time you see Weddle sucking on the Oxygen let me know when you saw Air Jordan doing that. Like never and thats being in shape not like these NFL clowns.

  6. Now my Chargers are alienating Weddle? I am going to miss the San Diego Chargers next year. Weddle may be the best safety out there right now, and Polamolu owes him a ton of monery for his last contract. Weddle is one of the heart and soul guys of the defense who make people around him step up there game. Weddle stat, he has had only five penalties called against him since 2007. Even though any safety who looks at a receiver wrong gets a flag, he does not. And still makes a high number of plays. Not saying hes perfect, but he is damn good. Sad to see him in another uniform next year. But when they move to L.A., I hope they change all the uniforms.

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