No meaningful Bradford contract talks, yet


When the Eagles traded last month for quarterback Sam Bradford, it was believed that efforts promptly would be made to extend a contract that pays him $12.985 million in 2015, the final year of his rookie deal.  Per a source with knowledge of the situation, no meaningful talks have occurred.

The failure of the Eagles to make a significant effort to extend Bradford’s stay has sparked speculation in league circles that Bradford could indeed be traded again, even though coach Chip Kelly insisted that Bradford won’t be used as a bargaining chip.

Bradford currently is willing to sign a new deal that guarantees an opportunity to remain in Philadelphia in 2015 and beyond; if he’s traded again, however, we’re told he won’t do a new deal this year.

He also may stay away from the offseason program, but that would require a more careful analysis of the reality that he’s in a contract year.  To become marketable in 2016, he needs to re-establish himself in 2015.  To do that, he may have to embrace yet another new destination.

Still, that doesn’t mean he’ll extend with a team like the Browns.  He’d play out the contract, recognizing that he could end up being franchise-tagged.  The silver lining would be that he’d then make more than $20 million in cash next year.

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  1. He’ll never play a down in Philly. Forget being traded. He can’t possibly be healthy from the last ACL (2nd). The time table for that rehab can’t b until Oct?

  2. Why would he not sign a LT deal if offered by the next team? Answer, he would in a heartbeat. Agent posturing is not news, it’s just getting the media to play a bargaining chip.

    Bradford with the Browns and Manzel in the arena league makes sense. Bradford would be worshiped in C-town

  3. At least you are not talking about Big Ben’s Steelers negation so. Too bad for garbage.

  4. This trade is one which will certainly be debated heavily next season, but in my opinion Bradford has run out of chances to succeed in St.Louis, and a fresh start is best for both sides.
    Here’s one Rams fan who hopes he has a good season, but hoping Foles has a better one of course!

  5. Supposed franchise QB. Four years and no playoffs. Can’t stay on the field. He’s going to have an excellent year.

  6. Bradford should offer a very team friendly contract starting at $8 million per yr and going up $1 million per year for 6 years. One condition, a no trade clause.

  7. Never expected anything on this contract until 1/ After the Draft (because you know .. ya never know what might happen) and 2/ seeing if his recovery is going as advertised. It would have to be done by July 15 because, if I remember correctly, its the deadline for long term contracts.

    If his recovery has been successful I suspect he will get a 3-5 year deal.. but more on the “average” of 8 mil a year for 3 years , 12 million of it in signing bonus (what he was to get this year anyway) and total of 16 million guaranteed with extension option for 2 years ~ but that does not fly unless he is HEALED first.

    Some will say that is expensive given his history.. and others will say6 it is a stral if he really is mobile again given his abilities this seems like a fair medium IF he has healed.

  8. Only time will tell what’s going on inside of Chip Kelly’s mind. I sense there’s something brewing behind the scenes. But who knows.

  9. Cannot stay healthy, is paid too much & is only worth trading for if he was 5 years younger!

  10. Is this guy Bradford even REAL? I mean, you guys talk about him and every year he is starting for somebody in July/August supposedly, but I have never even seen a highlight much less a game. I think you guys are making up this whole “Sam Bradford” thing to get clicks.

  11. This is the most compelling evidence that there is a looming trade. All other things are just talk. If the Eagles were serious about Bradford they would be moving towards a new contract.

  12. bradford doesnt have an ounce of leverage until he makes it through a season without a major injury, so i dont know why this would be surprising

    i dont think he can negotiate until that happens.

  13. Pretty sure Bradford considered retiring within the past two years, and I don’t think his heart is into playing in the nfl at this point. For the salary he is getting paid, the risk, outweighs the potential reward for a player who is is wishy washy on wanting to even be in the league. I’d stay far away unless you could get him at about half his current salary. If the browns give up a #1 for him it will be a mistake, when he made it clear he wouldn’t sign and extension with them.

  14. Bradford will be playing in Tennessee or Philadelphia. Not Cleveland! Bradford, Eagles 1st rd pick at # 20 plus 2 starting players from the Eagles Evan Mathis (All Pro left guard ) & Brandyn Boykin Cornerback and a 4th round pick this Year. They may even add another player to get the deal done for Mariota.

  15. Browns and the great fans of Cleveland shouldn’t give a second thought to this injury prone Diva.

    Let Philly keep their trash.

  16. Honestly, I know the Browns QB situation is grim, but knowing our luck, Bradford goes 3 for 3 on years in a row he tears his ACL. Without a doubt he would want to retire then go through the rehab again and we are right back to the awful situation we started with.
    Let Fat Chip go knocking on another teams door trying to sell his damaged goods.

  17. Why would they trade Foles for Bradford if they were just looking to trade Bradford? Foles had better trade value to begin with. If they trade Bradford it is just proof Kelley has no idea what he is doing.

  18. Can someone, anyone, please tell Bradford and his agent: He’s accomplished jack squat in the NFL.

    He is milking the final year of his contract salary and hoping for a franchise tag salary the year after NOT because the Eagles, Browns or other teams aren’t good enough for him…. but because Spam Bradford knows deep down that in two years he’ll be lucky to be a backup.

    You’ll never have a bust in Canton, Spam, but don’t worry…those are small busts anyway. As a consolation, you’ll be remembered in history as a huge bust.

  19. You don’t trade away what the Eagles did to aquire Bradford, just to make him a trade piece. If so, the football gods will not respond kindly

  20. If Chip trades Bradford it sends a terrible message to other free agents and makes Philly a less desirable destination (cue stupid anti-philly comments). Players and agents know it’s a business but why would a free agent player willingly put himself in a situation where your team views you as a simple commodity.

  21. Increasing salary cap, QBs more important than ever thanks to the whines of Indianapolis getting the rules changed, We are about to see the pay for these guys really skyrocket with some nutty contracts over the next couple years.

  22. This fate was sealed when Philly traded Foles for him. The deal is done. Tennessee will draft Marriota then trade him for Bradford, Phillis #20, and a few other players. Kendricks, Curry possibly even Demarco Murray or Ryan Mathews( Eagles don’t need both). This way Chip gets his man and the future has not been surrendered. All the players or deal can’t be announced because Tampa Bay has the ability to screw it up.

  23. I can’t imagine the profit margins of NFL owners, especially if/when they are seriously going to talk contract with a guy who will have to do a lot of disproving of doubters where his play and durability are concerned. must be nice to be able to ‘take a chance’ with $30 or $40 million.

  24. I don’t buy that not doing a new contract is some sort of signal that he might be traded.

    Why in the world the Eagles would extend his deal now? All logic would seem to dictate that the Eagles would wait to see what you have before throwing more money at it, and Bradford would have no incentive to renegotiate and take less this season.

  25. Why would they extend a guy that hasn’t played a snap in their offense?

    Don’t look for an extension until midseason.

  26. I guess I know why Kelley is waiting to make trades so he doesnt show his hand to quick to make sure he doesnt give up too much but to say he isnt trying to get HIS guy is an outright lie!

  27. I don’t know if it is Fisher, Sneed or a combination of both pulling all the strings and making the finale decisions on their trades but they sure have a way of fleecing other teams when it comes to getting the best end of a trade.

  28. How does he even have trade value??? He is made of glass, why would you give up anything of value for a guy that will probably only play a handful of games?

  29. What’s the big rush to extend Bradford? Let him prove that he’s healthy first. If Chip Kelly fails in his attempt to get Mariota (don’t let anyone tell you that he won’t try) then you may see some negotiations begin with Bradford on an extension. But the draft will have to play itself out first.

  30. “Tennessee will draft Marriota then trade him for Bradford, Phillis #20, and a few other players”

    Nice speculation, but if such a deal was already agreed on between Philly and Tennessee, don’t you think it would have leaked all over the media by now?

  31. What Chip doesn’t understand is that he is stuck with Bradford. He got TOOK on that deal with St. Louis because he was tricked into believing that there is real demand in the League for Bradford – LOL!

  32. In 2011, the Broncos were 1-4 with Kyle Orton the first five games, then Tebow took over and led them to the playoff with one win against the Steelers. In 2011, Bradford led the Rams to a 2-14 season when he was healthy, but Bradford couldn’t stay healthy after that. Who’s the winner here? Obviously, it’s Tebow. If Chip Kelly wants to win games, he should start Tebow, not Bradford.

  33. Bradford is not worth anything close to $12.985 Million a season let alone $20 Million a season. The guy’s knees are shot and he was immobile prior to his injuries! Now he is literally a statue in the pocket. Chip Kelly is an absolute idiot!

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