Which playoff team is most likely to start 0-2?

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The schedule is out (in case you hadn’t heard), and the challenge becomes coming up with an angle different from the many other angles that media companies are angling to present.

Here’s one, which will be the poll question for Wednesday’s Pro Football Talk on NBCSN:  Which of these playoff teams from 2014 is the most likely to start the 2015 season 0-2?

The finalists are the Cowboys (Giants, at Eagles), Ravens (at Denver, at Oakland), the Steelers (at New England, San Francisco), the Lions (at Chargers, at Vikings), the Packers (at Chicago, Seattle), and the Seahawks (at Rams, at Packers).

(I realize that the other playoff teams — Patriots, Colts, Bengals, Broncos, Panthers, Cardinals — may start 0-2, but I had to draw the line at six.  If you disagree with the teams I put in the hopper, say so in the comments.  As if you need an engraved invitation.)

Tune in at 5:30 p.m. ET on NBCSN for the outcome.  Along with plenty of other stuff.  Followed by NHL Live and NHL playoff action.

54 responses to “Which playoff team is most likely to start 0-2?

  1. Really? Dallas swept NYG last year, and drilled the Eagles when it counted. Heck ANY team could start 0-2, but Dallas isn’t even facing a playoff team in the first two games.

  2. The Steelers start out with a difficult first couple of games, and they’re assured of having no Le’Veon Bell for either game.

  3. Well I say lets check back on this poll after the preseason. The draft will have happened, the 2nd wave of free agency will happen, and preseason injuries unfortunately take place.

  4. What no Eagles…you mean they didn’t get into the playoffs with Chip Lombardi as their coach?? How is that even possible? After all, Chip is Lombardi, Landry, Walsh & Noll wrapped into one if ya listen to Eagle fans. Chip’s postseason record in his two years as coach: 0-1. All Eagle fans see is 20-12 REGULAR season record, which proves Chip is a good a head coach as Buddy Ryan. .

  5. I agree with what BringBackTheFlex said, so let me get this right, when TeamCowboys wasn’t very good, they talked about us now that we’re on the verge of being good again, they still wanna spew hate

  6. Maybe it’s just because I hate the Colts, but I could see them losing to the Bills and Jets

  7. Packers usually start slow (2-3, 1-2, 2-2) before getting on a big roll in October – November.

    But then again… Cutler.

  8. I put the Packers mainly because playing at Chicago, a divisional game where you never know which team will show up, and home for Seattle. Packer fans may not like it but remember it’s a long season and anything can happen.

  9. It’s going to be a “welcome back to reality” kinda year for the Dallas pro football team.

  10. I’m a Seahawks fan, but looking at that list, I’d have to pick us. Playing in STL is never a joke, and the Packers will be out for revenge. That said, I could see us coming out 2-0 as easily as 0-2…it’s just that I don’t see the other teams opposition as being as tough.

  11. Definitely Dallas especially when the Dez Bryant Walmart assault video comes out in a month and he’s put on that career ending commissioner list.

  12. I’d have said Panthers. How can you not automatically assume the ONLY playoff team NOT to have a winning (or even tied) record. Plus the season before that the Panthers went to the playoffs and started 0-2.

  13. How about 0-3? The Bears start with the Packers, Cardinals, and Seahawks. Ouch. The first two of those games are at home but being at Soldier Field didn’t help them a whole lot last year.

  14. And on a side note.. why in the He** do the Bears rate for getting their first TWO at home?

    Freaking Vikings have started ON THE ROAD for 7 of the past 8 years.

    I swear this should be weighed more heavily in scheduling.

    Nothing is more crucial than a good start to an NFL season.

    Teams are at a serious disadvantage playing on the road, and especially in Prime Time for their opener and/or following games.

  15. Steelers. With Bell facing suspension and as long as Pats secondary are playing well together with all that left in free agency and if 49er’s can put all the distractions of last year behind them and play football again like a team united then the steelers will have their hands full and could drop 0-2.

  16. Being a Rams fan I would love to say the Seahawks will be 0-2 and we do play them tough at home. Here is the problem- 1. The Rams almost always lose their season opener and 2. They will have no home field advantage because the fans are already convinced the team is bolting to L.A.

  17. The biggest reason any afc north team had a winning record last year was because they got to play the nfc south and the steelers and Ravens got to play the Browns and the bengals. I could see any of the afc north teams going 0-2 they, are not very good

  18. Seattle gets to wear the target on their backs. They start out in Ram t territory against a good qb and then travel to Packerville against a healthy great qb

    Earl Thomas – torn labrum
    Lane – a gimpy arm and a leg
    Byron Maxwell – gone
    Paul Richardson – starts on IR
    Offensive line issues remain unaddressed

  19. If you have any brains then you know Denver is DONE. Manning won’t even last the year if they do they win maybe 4 games. There is a swing in AFC WEST as well as AFC SOUTH..
    the 2 worst teams for a decade are now going to be the 2 best teams…Well Raiders will at least win The AFC WEST. Rivers and Chargers break up will destroy that team, Chiefs are terrible and Alex Smith sucks and like I said Manning is done and Raiders are n the rise with Carr..
    Jags will be able to compete now in the south. Colts are way OVER RATED as you seen in that AFC championship game, Luck is OVER RATED. Texans have no offense and Titans will go nowhere so this is the year Jags and Raiders 2 teams that have been losers are going to turn around the NFL..
    Who knows it could be Raiders vs Jags in AFC CHAMPIONSHIP…
    The only people that don’t see this are dumb people that play off the past. Like a Patriots fan for example. They finally got lucky and won a super bowl but if you ask 90% of them they still think Wes Welker is on their team and Teddy Bruski

  20. don’t see steelers beating NE and , while SF may be down, they will be better than steelers without Bell and with suspect secondary. Of all the teams listed I’d say steelers are most likely to go 0-2. what a bummer

  21. The seaFrauds and the Stealers will both start 0-2. They will both be HUGE disappointments this season.

  22. The challenge was “which team do you think will start 0-2”, NOT “which team do you HOPE starts 0-2.”

    I think it’s the Lions. That loss to Dallas really took a lot out of them. The fans still haven’t stopped crying so you can imagine how hard it was on the team. The defense is going to be a sieve to any decent running game. Chargers and Vikings tear ’em up.

  23. So why would it be a disappointment for the steelers to start 0-2. Every year you people pick the steelers to win only a few games. In 2013 they started 0-4 and were a missed field goal from making the playoffs. The next year they win 11 games and the afc north. It’s the same nonsense every year. Just remember folks that Tomlin has never been under .500 and the steelers have not won less than 5 games in a season in over 43 years. 43 Years!

  24. Well I know of one playoff team that’s a notorious slow starter that has to play an 11-5 and a 9-7 team in their division. The patriots. 0-2, book it.

  25. It’s hysterical how people just vote on the team they hate the most and not on the actual question. Steelers and the Cowboys, both teams have combined to go to 16 Superbowls and to win 11 Superbowls. So of course, they are 1 and 2 in the poll above. If I picking on pure hatred it would be the Giants but since I’m not 12 years old, I am going to say the Lions because they do not play away very well at all.

  26. An 0-2 start for the steelers means a 17-2 final record. That’s not so bad.

  27. “Steelers and the Cowboys, both teams have combined to go to 16 Superbowls and to win 11 Superbowls. ”

    What does that have to do with this season?

  28. Dallas lost their run game and we all know how many wins Dez and Romo are worth.

    Plus they have defensive issues and Dez might get suspended.

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