Andre Johnson: Being in Indy “a breath of fresh air”


Colts wide receiver Andre Johnson reiterated on Wednesday that he didn’t sign to play in Indianapolis simply because it would offer him a chance to face the Texans twice a year.

Johnson said again that he has “bigger goals” than beating the only other team he’s played for in the NFL, but the lack of desire to make things about getting back at the Texans doesn’t mean that Johnson left Houston with only sunny memories. Johnson admitted the end of his run with the Texans wasn’t overflowing with good times.

“Being in one place for a long time, the past two years have been pretty frustrating,” Johnson said, via “Just being here is like a breath of fresh air for me.”

Part of that breath of fresh air has to include playing with Andrew Luck after cycling through several quarterbacks while with the Texans. Matt Schaub was the most accomplished player of that group and Johnson showed them all some kindness by putting a unnecessary qualifier on his assessment of Luck’s skills.

“He throws a great ball,” Johnson said. “Probably the best quarterback I’ve ever played with. I’m excited about the opportunity.”

Playing with a quarterback like Luck offers Johnson a chance to return to the playoffs and perhaps make a deep run into the postseason, which would put him on a path to fulfill those “bigger goals” that were never realized in Houston.

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  1. He deserves this – the guy has put up incredible numbers with the most mediocre QB’s his entire career.

  2. I’m happy for Andre Johnson. To go from the lousy qbs he was plagued with in Houston to Andrew Luck in Indy is like going from a covered wagon to a Bentley. I just wish he could have had a decent quarterback while still in his prime.

  3. Matt Schaub. David Carr. Ryan Fitzpatrick. Case Keenum. Sage Rosenfels. T.J. Yates. Ryan Mallett. Jake Delhomme. Tony Banks. Tom Savage. Matt Leinart. Rex Grossman. Now he gets to catch passes from Andrew Luck. So yeah, the air is really fresh

  4. Fresh air? Did Houston stink that much? Luck is a good QB, perhaps the next Brady/Montana/(Peyton)Manning etc, but there’s precious little fresh air in Indy right now. According to The IndyStar/Spotac, Indy were by far the most fined team (over $4M) in 2014 – Indy disputes the exact figures but those figures don’t even include coaching/office fines (eg Irsay’s DUI/$500K), they just list player misdemeanors. And Andre himself has a couple of past fines and an ejection, so maybe its less about fresh air and more about finding the right fit.

  5. Being in Indy “a breath of fresh air”. I’m sure it is. They don’t have any oil refineries in Indy.
    And you have the best QB of your career throwing you the ball.

  6. He has a consistent passer throwing to him. Now if only that consistent passer can get consistent protection from his o-line and link up with a consistent defense.

  7. There was a time I had much more respect for him, until he started missing voluntary workouts, renegotiating his newly renegotiated contracts, walking off the field, now he’s dissing those who he spent time in the trenches with. DeAndre took his spot as #1 so he leaves and starts running his mouth, nice. Glad his attitude the last couple years is no longer in the locker room.

  8. Hey Andre, take a drive through Greenfield or Mooresville. See how fresh the air is FOR YOU in those little hamlets. You were well treated in Houston and no one MADE you take all those millions. And the fans loved you. Be grateful.

  9. cajunaise says:

    “He’s on a better team now. Pretty simple. And undeniable.”

    Uh, yes it is deniable…and I deny that the Colts are a better overall team than the Texans. Indy undoubtedly has the better QB in Luck, and that’s what gets them over the hump time and time again. But defense? Houston has the better one. Running game? Again, Houston. Receivers? Probably a wash, but I’ll give that to Indy, b/c they have the better TEs. And Indy has better special teams. So overall, I’d say Houston is slightly better than Indy, but b/c Indy has Luck & it’s such a QB-driven league, they’ve won the division. Not in 2015, however. Times are about to change in the AFC South.

  10. Anyone else tired of this big crybaby and all his Texans this and Texans that whining. Dude you have been injured every damned year youve been in the league. You’re brittle as Indy is poised to find out. Just shut up already….

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