Browns remain open to trading up for Mariota


A day after Browns coach Mike Pettine didn’t shoot down the talk of trading up in the draft for Marcus Mariota, G.M. Ray Farmer acknowledged that his team is open to the possibility.

Asked if he would seriously consider trading the Browns’ two first-round picks — No. 12 and No. 19 overall — to move up and draft Mariota, Farmer said, “Sure, why not?

That’s the same thing Pettine said about Mariota yesterday. And Farmer also echoed Pettine’s comments on Johnny Manziel, saying the team still has Manziel in its plans and denying reports that the Browns tried to trade Manziel to the Eagles.

But if the Browns are considering spending both of this year’s first-round picks on Mariota, that strongly suggests that they’re not sold on Manziel, whom they selected in the first round last year. They can say Manziel is still in their plans, but if they trade up for Mariota, their actions will speak louder than their words.

The biggest question is how much it would take for the Browns to move up for Mariota. Under the traditional draft trade chart, the No. 12 and No. 19 picks would not be enough to convince the Titans to trade down from No. 2. The Browns might have to mortgage their future in order to trade all the way up to get Mariota.

If they’re going to do that, they’d better be positive that Mariota is their franchise quarterback of the future. Which would mean they’re also positive that Manziel is not.

77 responses to “Browns remain open to trading up for Mariota

  1. Call the Bears. I’m sure Pace would happily take those two first rounders off your hands.

  2. At this time of the year if they were truly interested in trading for him they sure as heck wouldn’t come out and say it. Hurts negotiations for them. There was another motivate for these comments and my guess would have to be trying to get Bradford and letting chip know we’re not scared of not getting Bradford and just getting your boy Marcus instead,

  3. Ray Farmer is clearly not the sharpest knife in the drawer ; by announcing that he’s willing to give up both number ones this year , instead of a first and second this year , a first this year and next , etc , he’s painted himself into a corner , and it’s likely whomever he’s dealing with will now think him desperate , and demand even more for the right to draft Mariota.

  4. College QB that has huge bust potential, of course the Browns want to trade away their future to get him. From Tim Couch to Johnny Manziel this team can’t pick QBs. Really wish this team would get some good management, NFL would be a better place if the Browns competed.

  5. Man, they just don’t get it when it comes to the qb position. They are showing the desperation again. Has Mariota ever played a game when the temperature was below 40 degrees? My guess is they’ll mess up the draft again, have a losing season, fire the coach after 2 years and start over for the 10th time in 16 years.

  6. Jury’s still out on this current crop of Browns management, but they need a heck of a lot more than Marcus Mariota to fix that. Standing pat and taking two first-round picks wouldn’t be a bad idea.

  7. If the latest rumors are true about the Bucs shifting their preference to Mariota, then the Browns will have to pay an even steeper price to move to No. 1.

  8. That “traditional trade chart” may not be the end all be all key to unlocking all secrets of the universe.

    It’s not a math question where answers can be resolved with absolute certainty. That “chart” was created by a fallible being or beings, and is, in itself a product of fallible judgment — and therefore not a perfect certainty.

  9. Well, since the Chargers are going to trade Rivers to move up for the #2. I guess the Browns are going to have to figure out how to trade with the Bucs for the #1 if they want Mariota.

  10. I would be wary of Mariota. It’s not easy for a QB from a spread offense to get under center and go through the progressions, etc. If he makes it in this league, one would have to expect it would be a three-year process. There will be no fantastic rookie year, and any team that takes him has to realize that and have patience with him.

  11. Either way the Browns will be awful for the next 10 years. It’s a Moot point. I know KC has not won a playoff game in my lifetime but I’m SO happy I’m not a JETS or BROWNS fan. Ugh

  12. That’s what the Browns need, another rookie QB with promise but no NFL, pro-style experience.

  13. Makes sense. They’ve never even worked him out so, just like Manziel, they’ll let the marketing machine drive their decisions. #factoryofsadness

  14. He gave a good answer to a stupid question. That would be like me asking someone “would you give up your entire next paycheck for a million dollar sports car. In other words to trade up should cost way more than their two first round picks but if they found a GM dumb enough to take the deal of course he’d do it. He should be fired if he doesn’t.

  15. These are the people who watched Josh McCown play last year, and still thought he was worth signing. Nothing they do will surprise me, no matter how dumb it is.

  16. First, has any team that pulled off a major draft day trade announced it a week prior to the draft? Of course not. It’s all part of the game. So far there are a good number of teams who have made noise about being interested in Winston or Mariota, but not all of them really are.

    I agree 100% with natureboy123 above – there are plenty of holes to fix on this team. They already took a QB in round 1 last year. Regardless of whether Manziel is a viable option in the future or not, it’s far too expensive to move up for Mariota.

    The Browns need to relax on drafting QBs this year. Build up the team in other areas of need, and wait for the opportunity to come to you.

    My hope is that they actually have observed and learned something from the RGIII deal.

  17. NOOOOOOOOOOOO this cant be true PFT only has CHIPACHEK being able to get him 1

  18. So the Browns want to sell the farm to get Mariota.. a guy who isn’t a pro style QB.. Then they want to be limited in there ability to surround him with talent in the next couple of years.. Hmm .. Interesting strategy towards building a dynasty.

  19. Every year I say “Crap, the Browns have a solid roster! They could do something.” then every off-season I say “What happen to the Browns…”. Without fail though we seem to split with them each year. I hope they find a QB. That’s all they are missing.

  20. I feel they’re going to either sit-tight or trade-down in the hopes another team desperate for a high pick will want the Brown’s picks as ammo. They should stock up on weapons through the bottom of the first / top of the second, still plenty of value at WR and RB, give Manziel more pieces to work with.

  21. The Brownies need to have some steel in their nads and wait. If Tennessee doesn’t take Mariota or otherwise trade the pick, #12 and #19 is enough, under the chart (2075) to trade up to #4 Oakland (1800) or possibly #3 Jacksonville (2200). Neither Jacksonville nor Oakland will draft Mariota. I’d bet real money Jacksonville will trade down to stock the cupboard.

  22. So in the last two years you’ll have had four first round picks, and spent two on quarterbacks? Admitting Manziel is a bust after only a few games starting? If Mariota doesn’t pan out for them the whole front office should be fired. Four first round picks in two years is a huge opportunity to land key players to turn your organization around.

    Personally I think they’re bluffing. No team publicly tips their hand like that. They’re trying to give the impression that they’ll take Mariota to teams that want him in hopes of acquiring a trade partner. My two cents anyway.

  23. The Browns would likely be better off standing pat, letting the draft come to them, and not trading away a bunch of picks for yet another 1st round QB that may or may not become an NFL star.
    Let Josh McCown start, with the re-habbed Johnny Manziel working in behind him, and see what if anything you have, before embarking on more desperate machinations.
    If things work out well for them, it’s all to the good. If not, they’ll almost certainly be in good position to take one of the top QB’s next year.

  24. It’s sad the Browns just don’t get it. It doesn’t matter who they get on their team, they will always be Cleveland. As long as they are Cleveland, they will never win.

  25. Has anyone been worse than the Browns with first-round draft choices in the last decade? The only ones that have really panned out for them were Joe Thomas, Alex Mack, and Joe Haden. Check this out.

    2005 – Braylon Edwards (#3)
    2006 – Kamerion Wimbley (#13)
    2007 – Joe Thomas (#3) and Brady Quinn (#22)
    2008 – No pick (traded to draft Quinn)
    2009 – Alex Mack (#21)
    2010 – Joe Haden (#7)
    2011 – Phil Taylor (#21)
    2012 – Trent Richardson (#3) and Brandon Weeden (#22)
    2013 – Barkevious Mingo (#6)
    2014 – Justin Gilbert (#8) and Johnny Rehab (#22)

    Not a good track record for getting value from your first-round picks. It’s ironic that they’ve drafted three QBs at #22 in the last seven years. They better hope the last one works out better than the first two.

    Maybe they should just trade their first-round pick away or at least select an OL since that has worked out for them.

  26. As a Redskins fan, I hope we can trade our number 5 pick for the Browns 12 and 20. But it would stupid to trade those picks. This draft is loaded with so much talent. The Browns should for there own good , keep the picks and pick two guys that can be immediate impact players. #HTTR

  27. Looks like Farmer is making the media his pre-draft personal toy again this year and, starving for something useful to write, they are lapping it up. Looking at a lot of the comments above, it would appear that many others also have fish hooks firmly lodged in place as well.

  28. Just think, the Browns could’ve drafted Derek Carr or Bridgewater last year… Poor Browns…
    -Raider fan

  29. If you can get Mariotta you trade Manziel regardless of how you feel about him

    aren’t you assuming anybody would give you anything for him? 21 teams had the opportunity to draft him last year, including yours before you took him. Why would anybody give up anything for him?
    I realize you are getting all these extra picks from trades but it seems to me you shouldn’t just piss them all away

  30. @WhenWillItEverEnd

    That’s unbelievable, each year they drafted a QB @ 22, that was their 2nd pick… wow!

  31. If gilbert doesnt get his crap together (not saying he wont), and Manziel is who we think he is, then they trade both picks for mariotta and if he flames out (not saying he will)… that seems to be enough to get a GM fired.

  32. Won’t happen the browns need to come out of the draft with at least 3 starters, WR, OL, Pass rusher. They can pick up a QB like Grayson or Mannion in the 3rd or 4th round. Then let the competition begin between Manziel, McCown, Shaw, other to determine the 2015 starter. This is the year to solidify the roster and add depth, not throw all your good picks rolling the dice that Mariota may or may not end up being a franchise QB. 2016 will have a deeper crop of Potential franchise QB’s, and really hoping they can grab Cardale Jones in that draft. The fun begins in 7 days.

  33. I keep thinking is that Mariotta that good that you mortgage the future for him? Not saying he wasn’t good in college or that he won’t be good (only time will tell) but I just don’t know if he is that good that you don’t have future draft picks.

    My second thought is who would trade for Manziel right now? you have a guy who was very immature, admitted he didn’t apply himself, and has had issues that led to rehab. Again, not saying he won’t bounce back and become what some think he can be but do you trade for a small QB who has so many question marks?

    If I was the Browns I would stand pat and see how the draft unfolds. And if Mariotta drops you can work a trade for more picks and go out and get a Petty if you are dead set on a QB. Or you could use those picks to get the whole team better.

  34. Uh oh…… You could give the Browns 10 picks in the first round and they’d find a way to draft the wrong guys.

    The Browns should trade all their first round picks to stockpile picks in the future so they can go into next years draft with all the cards in their hand and totally rebuild in 1 year.

  35. #12 and #19 aren’t enough to get to #2? Good god teams need to do away with this ‘chart’ stuff and use their brains. Unless there’s a better offer on the table I’d take that in a heartbeat if I were the Titans.

    Mariotta is just not that much of a lock.

    The Manzial train-wreck-in-the-making just keeps rolling along. The fact the Browns are even contemplating this means they’ve pretty much made up their minds he’s not ‘the guy’.

  36. If they would have just kept Weeden this would all be irrelevant and they could be filling needs at other positions instead of blowing draft picks on QB’s every year.

  37. They could trade their two first rounders to pick up Mariota, and send Manziel to Dallas for Jerry’s first rounder. You know JJ still wants him, and he needs a QB.

  38. kcchefs58 says:
    Apr 23, 2015 11:39 AM
    Open the “Johnny is a bust” floodgates, even though he hardly stepped foot on the field last season.


    Actually, the fact that when he did set foot on the field, including 2 starts, he went 18 for 35 for 175 yards, no td’s, 2 picks, and lost a fumble is the exact reason why people are calling him a bust.

    Not to mention that instead of hitting the football books and perfecting his craft he was constantly seen wasted, and once even appeared to be doing blow, then admitted he is an addict and went to rehab. I truly hope he conquers those demons, and I am not saying that substance issue = a bust, but it certainly isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for the guy to be the leader of a franchise either.

  39. Unless Tennessee does the nasty with San Diego, I still think the following will happen. Cleveland trades #12 to Philly for Sam Bradford. Philly trades #12 and #20, and a little extra, to Tennessee. Voila’.

  40. Can’t you people tell a ruse? At this point before the draft teams will say anything to throw off other teams and the public as to what their plans are. Petine and Farmer say the exact same thing? Take it with a grain of salt.

  41. If I am Mariota, I am in church saying powerful novenas to keep me away from the mistake by the lake. Meanwhile, all I can ask is…..uh…Johnny who?

  42. I would love for Mariotta to be sitting there at #7 when the Bears pick.

    Trade him to the Browns for their two first rounders and draft two Defensive starters like Danny Shelton, Randy Gregory or Landon Collins.
    Still plenty of good WRs left in the 2nd round to replace Marshall.

    I would also go ahead and trade Cutler and Forte for 2nd round picks and just draft the best players on the board.
    If you are going to rebuild then don’t half ass it.
    5 picks in the first 2 rounds should give you some quality players.

  43. Open the “Johnny is a bust” floodgates, even though he hardly stepped foot on the field last season.


    His performance against Cincinnati alone was enough to bench him for the rest of the year.

  44. topcide says:
    Apr 23, 2015 2:17 PM

    Actually, the fact that when he did set foot on the field, including 2 starts, he went 18 for 35 for 175 yards, no td’s, 2 picks, and lost a fumble is the exact reason why people are calling him a bust.

    Not to mention that instead of hitting the football books and perfecting his craft he was constantly seen wasted, and once even appeared to be doing blow, then admitted he is an addict and went to rehab. I truly hope he conquers those demons, and I am not saying that substance issue = a bust, but it certainly isn’t exactly a ringing endorsement for the guy to be the leader of a franchise either.
    Yes, two starts. Nothing else really needs to be said.

    The people calling him a bust are the typical people who latch on to an athlete and hope for his demise. There is at least one rookie every year that it happens to. That is not to say that Manziel didn’t bring some of it on himself, but the media and masses continue to take these things way too far. Once they latch on, they’ll ride him to the ground. It’s rather sickening, IMHO.

  45. “Which team will have more 1st round QBs on their roster – Eagles or Browns?”

    More like, Which team will have more 1st round QBs on their roster & not make the playoffs in 2015 – Eagles or Browns ?

  46. Oh, yeah. He brought “some of it” on himself… The rest was the MEDIA’s fault. Hahahahahaha.

  47. They can’t cut Johnny Rehab. Cutting him in the next two years would result in 11M dead money and a negative 7M cap hit.

  48. I love all the Clowns fans saying “You guys can’t take a joke/smoke screen” No, what you don’t understand is what a joke your team is to outsiders. We DON’T know what to expect except that it will be terrible for your team.

  49. when teams have a bad player first thing they think of is ” trade em to the eagles they will do it” LOL i bet the eagles have had a ton of calls from teams trying to unload losers !!!

  50. kinda like when Chip said ” we wouldnt of got Bradford had he not been injured” ummm yeah u would of they were open to a trade for awhile now heck even when healthy last year there was debate f they were gonna even start him …… they lost confidence in Bradford long ago but had no other options really but healthy or not he wasnt getting a new deal trading him was exactly what they wanted to do and they got a 2nd for him ! Johnny to the Eagles for a 1st? and Chip can tell us ” hey look if he wasnt in rehab we wouldn of had a chance to get him”

  51. Saying that Manziel is in their plan for the future could simply mean that the Browns want to keep him as a solid #3 QB.

  52. kcchefs58 says:
    Apr 23, 2015 11:39 AM

    Open the “Johnny is a bust” floodgates, even though he hardly stepped foot on the field last season.

    I don’t know that’s it’s “Johnny is a bust” in the football sense. Maybe he truly can play like a Manning or Brady but if his personal issues get in the way of his great play, then we’ll never know, and that’s on Johnny.

  53. Let me give you clueless morons(the Cleveland Browns) a good reason not to trade up for Mariota.

    He stinks and will be a bust just like all the other QBs you mensas have drafted since 1999.

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